17 Mar 2020 20:24:03
chicago: Saad, entwistle, krys 2nd round pick
ottawa: Jaros, reilly + 3rd.

close? ottawa has some cap space, gains a couple prospects and a pick. chicago gets rid of saad contract.

1.) 18 Mar 2020
18 Mar 2020 03:05:36
Honestly not bad. Saad is only 27 but going to ottawa his numbers will drop. I think it's worth it compensation wise, pretty good proposal!

2.) 18 Mar 2020
18 Mar 2020 16:36:54
I could see something like this happening, not bad imo.

3.) 19 Mar 2020
19 Mar 2020 13:49:29
Why would cheapskates Ottawa ever consider taking on old man saad and his contract? They don't even want to pay their own good players.

4.) 19 Mar 2020
19 Mar 2020 19:36:24
st louis fan. old man saad? he's only 27, and i'm pretty sure his deal is only for another year if i remember correctly.

mike. i could see his numbers dropping in ottawa too, but then again look at guys like duclair and namestnikov who went there and their numbers were great this year.

5.) 20 Mar 2020
20 Mar 2020 17:45:49
And how old is the team they are wanting to build around? Why would Ottawa want a 27 year old free agent? If you want to dump old overpaid free agents you got to pay. It cost Leafs a 1st to dump Marleau. Saad is a bit better but Ottawa still won't want him.

6.) 23 Mar 2020
23 Mar 2020 04:34:58
St Louis Fan. saad is 27 and in the prime of his career. his contract is high sure but it's not like he's in his twilight years like marleau is. saad still has at least 5-6 years of good hockey left in him. a change of scenery could be all he needs.

7.) 28 Mar 2020
28 Mar 2020 10:55:45
Are you a used car salesman? Because that's what you're trying to do. Sell me a used hockey player. Ottawa is only in the market for shiny new model hockey players.

8.) 30 Mar 2020
30 Mar 2020 19:25:52
Confirmed @St. LouisFan is a teenage boy.

"Why would cheapskates Ottawa ever consider taking on old man saad and his contract? "

How about the fact that Ottawa is shedding $24 million in contracts off the books this summer. When the salary cap increases, rebuilders will still need to reach the cap floor somehow without necessarily taking on long term contract commitments. UFA's don't typically sign 1 year deals unless they're trying to prove they're still relevant in the NHL, something you can't really pull off in Ottawa with the current situation on that team.

How about the fact that 1 of those UFAs they're losing this summer is LW Mikkel Boedker whose 3 years older than old man Saad and if they did this trade, Ottawa would be acquiring a winger whose put up 20 more career points in 121 less games than Boedker?

A top 6 of:

Tkachuk - White - Ryan
Saad - Tierney - Duclair = looks good enough to be another season of rebuilding while staying competitive.

Thank you for trying to compare an NHL trade offer to buying a used car. Fortunately a lot of players still have thousands of miles left in the tank at 27 years old.

9.) 31 Mar 2020
31 Mar 2020 18:55:21
What is the average age in the NHL? Last I checked it was just abiut 27. So while Saad might not be old in real life, he is overage for NHL. Players start going downhill at 27. Sometimes rapidly. Ottawa has no use for Saad. End of story.

10.) 31 Mar 2020
31 Mar 2020 18:58:03
They don't want to stay competitive. They are trying to tank. Tanking teams try to be the worst they can. That's why they are trading all their UFA's away.

11.) 01 Apr 2020
01 Apr 2020 13:27:23
I wish you would have brought some facts to the table, there's no validity to claiming that players start going downhill at 27.

In comparison, I believe the average age a defenseman takes to fully develop in their position is 26. In any case, I'd say an overwhelming majority of players in their mid to late 20s are just reaching their prime or slightly regressing, unless they've had an injury history that's catching up to them and rapidly regressing their performance.

"Ottawa has no use for Saad. End of story. " = See that's the thing, they have many uses for Saad that you're just overlooking because you haven't looked at the bigger picture. he's younger than half the free agents they're losing this summer. There are only 7 players on Ottawa that have produced more points than him so far this season (2 of them were traded at the deadline) . If he's not a player they can see working for them after 2020-21, he's another pending UFA next year that they could trade for picks/ prospects.

Ottawa has many uses for Saad. Next!

"They don't want to stay competitive. They are trying to tank. " = Again I wish you would have brought some facts. A team with an aged goaltender, poor defense and few forwards that can produce more than 30 points is not deliberately tanking, they're doing the best the can with what they've got right now (see Detroit Red Wings, my favorite team) . I can promise you there is absolutely no NHL team that is trying to be the worst the can.