23 Jan 2018 23:49:20
Read that Edmonton is a team doughty would accept a trade to. Would oilers fans be willing to give for doughty? I was thinking Hopkins and nurse. I realize that he could be had after next season in free agency but if there was a sign and trade senerio in place would you want Chiarelli to pull the trigger or take a chance that'll you'll be able to sign him if he hits free agency? Would knowing that you could for sure get him be worth giving up the likes of nurse and RNH possibly draisatl straight up?

1.) 24 Jan 2018
24 Jan 2018 00:18:51
If it's out there that he wants to come to the team and that's known then I wouldn't give Nurse or Drai. Nuge and Klefbom, sure. But if it's known that he wants to come and could welcome signing when he's a UFA then I'm not giving Nurse up. he's having a great season and is our untouchable D man I would say, especially moving forward.

As much as I dislike Doughty, I think he would welcome coming to play with McDavid. He would also be the missing piece for the Leafs, It I thought he was a Leaf fan growing up and being from there that would be his homecoming, but I read he wasn't even a Leafs fan growing up and doesn't even care about that.
So I don't know. I do have a feeling he isn't staying in LAK for some reason tho.

2.) 24 Jan 2018
24 Jan 2018 02:14:34
With Kopitar and Carter, would they even want or need Nuge? Those are two super good centres.

3.) 24 Jan 2018
24 Jan 2018 02:36:55
They won’t want Nuge. Drai and Nurse would be more like the ask and there would be a bidding war I’m sure. Great Defense man for sure and I would hate to see Daughty with the Oilers.

4.) 24 Jan 2018
24 Jan 2018 03:34:31
I read that his list of teams he would accept trade to are: Toronto, Chicago, Edmonton, Boston, Nashville, Columbus, Washington and Tampa.

5.) 24 Jan 2018
24 Jan 2018 04:26:15
Hey Borje buddy. You should try commenting on other post besides only Oilers stuff for once. Never know, You might enjoy it.

6.) 24 Jan 2018
24 Jan 2018 05:39:51
Why’s that Yup? Buddy.

7.) 24 Jan 2018
24 Jan 2018 06:32:58
Even if this is true, which I seriously doubt, Doughty is going to command 10 million a year. With 21 Million tied up between 2 players currently, does having 3 players combing for 31 million sound like a championship built team? Didn’t think so.

8.) 24 Jan 2018
24 Jan 2018 11:17:58
If nothing else it would set the bar on a Karlsson deal. I think EDM has to sweeten the pot. I don't think RNH is a fit for LA.

9.) 24 Jan 2018
24 Jan 2018 11:18:01
Doughty resigned for Ryan Nugent-Hopkins + Kailer Yamamoto + 1st Round Pick

10.) 24 Jan 2018
24 Jan 2018 11:21:28
There would be pretty close to 29 other teams who would offer more than RNH and Nurse for Doughty.

11.) 24 Jan 2018
24 Jan 2018 13:25:12
Reality is that most teams are going to have 3 players making around 30 mill in the next few years. Superstars are making 10.5-12-5, really good players are making 8-10. Anyone signing their top players after this offseason is going to have a really hard time keeping them down because all these guys will find some kind of a comparable in the 8-10 range. If cap keeps going up, I’d nhl keeps stuffing overhyped outdoor games down our throats every month, should be fine.