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18 Apr 2018 00:45:35
Car hanifin

Buf mittelstadt

Or jets kyle connor

Buf mittelstadt

If you where buffalo gm would you keep him or trade him for one of theys 2

18 Apr 2018 02:13:53
This left me speechless. Middlestad is going nowhere.

18 Apr 2018 02:43:09
Why would buffalo trade their top line winger with great chemistry with Schiffle and Wheeler for a prospect Center when they have centers?
I think Hanifin has more value than Middlestadt as well, Right now anyways.
And don't get me wrong, I really like Middlstadt and his world junior performance. But I would value the other guys more valuable right now, to their team (that part is important)

18 Apr 2018 07:11:45
Winnipeg*. So sorry.

18 Apr 2018 11:18:24
If i'm mtl if Mittelstad is up fpr trade because Buffalo have a very good center depth, i'm offering my first (top 5) and maybe small add for him. he's exacly what mtl needs and they can't just draft it because they're is no centers in worthy of the top 5 in this draft unless u count Brady Tkachuck but he proably won't be a center at the nhl level but avery good winger that Buffalo might use the pick to draft.

18 Apr 2018 23:49:28
@Colt, he has hardly played a shift at centre in the NHL. You have no idea if he’s even a centreman. A lot of skilled forwards are drafted as centres and then are wingers when the reach the NHL (Marner, Nylander, Kane, Gaudreau, Drouin etc) I would pick someone that is for sure a centreman before making that trade. You already traded a really good young Dman for a winger you thought would be a centre.

19 Apr 2018 03:47:32
Wheeler getting the older Same as little they would set for the next 8 years or so down the middle

Shiffle middlestadt vesalinen rasvoic.

19 Apr 2018 04:42:47
Since when are Connor and Hanifin valued the same? Also no from Winnipeg and Carolina. Connor has great chemistry with the line he's on and they have no need to move him, same with Hanifin.

11 Apr 2018 05:52:57
Canucks: Hutto, Granlund and beiga

Coyotes: Domi

Canucks: Edler and gagner
Canadiens : Valiev and winnipegs 4th round pick

Canucks: Nilsson and Tanev
Hurricanes: Darling and Bean

11 Apr 2018 06:09:23
Uh why does Carolina do that?

11 Apr 2018 07:14:52
Cause scott darling sucks his past 2 years he has 0.88 sp and is makeing 4.15 million a year and nilson a making 2.2 and has better stats.

11 Apr 2018 13:06:26
Darling is one of the worst contracts in the NHL he’s an AHL player being payed 4 million and Bean isn’t anything special he might be worth a lower mid first he isn’t meeting his expectations. They cancel each other out in value. Then Tanev Is a great stay at home 3rd dman on a solid contract huge no from Vancouver.

11 Apr 2018 16:06:53
@vbb, how does darling and bean cancel each other out? They’re on the same side of the trade lol I’m confused with your reasoning here.

11 Apr 2018 17:15:42
No from Canucks on all three, wow.

11 Apr 2018 20:17:56
Darlings nagitive value. As I stated he has one of the worst contracts in the nhl.

23 Mar 2018 19:24:21
FLA: Barkov
WPG: Laine

23 Mar 2018 19:45:54
Barkov is good. but , no from Jets. Laine is one of the true few players in the league that are untouchable.

23 Mar 2018 20:57:57
Same as last time someone put up a laine trade. I forget who it was for but it was also a young centre. Barkov is great but they have scheifele. If they lose laine, they’re looking for 40+ goals (maybe 50+) a year for the next decade while having two good centres fighting for ice time. Makes no sense for jets.

24 Mar 2018 07:15:47
I'd rather have Barkov, Jets would never trade Laine tho.

24 Mar 2018 08:30:21
Laine is an amazing goalscorer and will probably be one of the biggest profiles for the next 15 years. he's basicly a new ovie.

Barkov is a complete player, dominant in all 3 zones. A leader and center you can build a team around. Also on a great contract. he's the new kopitar.

You can win a cup without a laine type of player but i don't think you can win one without a barkov type.

Don't think either team would make the trade though.

24 Mar 2018 20:45:42
Barkov is a complete center but Laine is more consitent offensively and has 60 goal potential. Barkov, will be a 60-70 point center for year to come with a couple ppg season. Laine will always have 80+ seasons but his plus minus won't be as good as Barkov. Overall Laine is the best player but not by far.

26 Mar 2018 00:05:18
Ovie vs Kopitar=Laine vs Barkov.

22 Mar 2018 19:27:24
OTT: Karlsson, Hoffman, 1st 2020
WPG: Laine, Connor, Morrisey, 1st 2018,

22 Mar 2018 19:47:09
No way Laine gets traded, probably not even for Karlsson. Also Connor > Hoffman.

22 Mar 2018 21:17:11
Way too much from Winnipeg! I understand Karlson is a premiere defence but they already have trouba, buff, and Myers on the right side. Not to mention Connor is having a really good year and will continue to get better and I don’t even need to mention liane. Too much young talent for slightly more talented (arguably) players that are s year or two away from being 30.

22 Mar 2018 21:43:18
I wouldn't give up just laine in that deal. That trade would set winnipeg back 10 years.

23 Mar 2018 02:01:48
Wow, Laine>Karlsson with contract status on EK remaining an unknown. This is pretty bad.

23 Mar 2018 17:25:54
Why would WPG trade their shiny toy that scores 40+ goals, for 1 year of Karlson and two of hoffman.

25 Mar 2018 21:07:06
As good as laine is why in the world would ottawa even consider this laine is a slight upgrade on Hoffman and much younger sure. but the 2 guys wpg giving don't get EKs autographed stick as far as I'm concerned and no way ottawa downgrades their 1st on top of all that. get real and feel your head.

25 Mar 2018 21:09:33
And Conner greater than Hoffman comment is laughable at best. who the heck is Conner? Hoffman is a proven goal scorer no matter how you look at it.

05 Apr 2018 18:08:29
Connor has 30 goals this year and is a 35+ goal scorer for the next handful of years. Already better than Hoffman and is 7 years younger.

26 Feb 2018 15:26:52
CGY - Brett Kulak
WPG - 4th Round Pick

CGY - Adam Fox + Garnet Hathaway + 2nd Round Pick
VAN - Tomas Vanek

CGY - Matt Stajan + Dalton Prout + 3rd Round Pick
PIT - Carl Hagelin

CGY - Sam Bennett + Oliver Kylington
BUF - Sam Reinhart

Gaudreau - Monahan - Reinhart
Tkachuk - Backlund - Frolik
Ferland - Jankowski - Vanek
Hagelin - Lazar - Brouwer

26 Feb 2018 15:36:11
Huge overpayment for Vanek. That guy disappears in the playoffs. Are you sure you're a Flames fan?

26 Feb 2018 16:24:41
#2 not possible, Flames have no 2nd round pick for years.

#3 Believable

#4 Sounds like a reasonable deal for both teams.

26 Feb 2018 16:48:38
#1 is ok #2 is brutal for the Flames #3 is pointless and #4 would actually benefit both teams. I'd be ok with it.

27 Feb 2018 21:36:22
Your trades convince me that you hate the Flames.

26 Feb 2018 13:04:31
ARI: Domi
WPG: Petan, 2nd Round Pick 2018

26 Feb 2018 13:33:17
I would think Ari would want more than that. A 1st and probably a better prospect. Although, unless Domi can play center, I don't see the Jets wanting to spend the assets required to get him.

25 Feb 2018 21:14:00
Ottawa: Cole
Winnipeg: 3rd round pick 2018.

25 Feb 2018 22:43:10
That could work.

26 Feb 2018 00:28:01
I heard that Ottawa may even get a 2nd. I mean if plekanec got all of that, who knows

26 Feb 2018 05:38:16
Possible, but crazy attack, plekanec got a second round pick and 2 guys that leafs wanted rid of for roster spots and they retained $3mill cap hit. He didn’t get a lot lol.

26 Feb 2018 12:39:37
Isn't Rychel good tho? 12 points in 37 nhl games all with different team isn't bad for a guy who most of those games played foeuth line minutes.

26 Feb 2018 13:03:03
Rychel is really good hopefully he fits in mtl. 12 points in 37 nhl games mostly ape t as a fourth liner is good.

26 Feb 2018 17:36:14
@Colt There’s a reason he’s a 4th liner in the AHL 5 years after being a 1st round pick and it’s not because he’s ‘really good’ lol.

25 Feb 2018 16:35:28
3 team trade

NYR trade:

WPG trade:
1st 2018

TML trade:
2nd 2018

NYR acquires:
1st 2018
2nd 2018
WPG acquires:

TML acquires:

Not sure on the actual value of some of the players, but I feel the trade makes sense for each team. Rangers get picks and prospects, Jets get top LHD and top 6 winger and a RHD for the bottom pairing, Leafs get a top 4 RHD with elite potential and a speedy forward that can fit anywhere up and down the line up.

25 Feb 2018 18:31:08
So the Jets are trading Trouba, Petan, Stanley and a 1st for McD and two players we don't need at all. No thanks, don't call back.

25 Feb 2018 19:04:09
Is it just me, or is Nick Petan pretty much in every rumour pertaining to the Jets.

25 Feb 2018 06:31:14
Jets trade: Trouba, 3rd round pick

Rangers trade: Mcdonagh

Rangers get a solid young D while jets get the LHD they need

Mcdonagh byfuglien
Morrisey Myers
Enstrom kulikov

If jets could get another centre that would be Nice too

25 Feb 2018 07:48:41
Sounds pretty fair to me. McDonagh is a solid defenseman that could push Winnipeg over the top. Trouba is much younger and still has a lot to prove. The pick also helps the retooling.

25 Feb 2018 08:56:56
I don't think Jets need to add the pick. ,

25 Feb 2018 18:33:50
No from the Jets. You don't trade a really good young D-man for a really good old D-man.

25 Feb 2018 19:43:24
The older guy is better right now Joe and teams do this all the time when they’re going after a cup. Once again, nobody is good enough to attain the services of a jet player. Trouba for Mathews work for you?

25 Feb 2018 20:46:40
The older guy may be slightly better, but not enough to trade a young 1RHD for. The 2 hardest positions to fill are 1C and 1RHD. We have 1 of each. Why would we trade one?

Montreal traded a good young D for a good old D. How did that work out for them?

Just because other teams do stupid things all teams should?

25 Feb 2018 02:45:10
Three team trade:

WPG to TOR: Trouba
TOR to CAR: Marner
CAR to WPG: Hannifin

25 Feb 2018 04:52:39
Lmao you’re not gett Hanifin for Trouba.

25 Feb 2018 05:55:18
Actually, you're not getting Trouba for Hanifin.

25 Feb 2018 06:11:20
Ughh Joe it's Marner for Trouba here bud.

25 Feb 2018 06:31:23
Except yup, the Jets end up with Hanifin. I could care less who the Leafs give up, I only care what the Jets get and Hanifin doesn't cut it.

25 Feb 2018 07:32:49
How does he not cut it Joe?

25 Feb 2018 09:12:48
If I'm giving up Marner. I'd rather have Hanifin.

25 Feb 2018 10:14:51
I agree Jpaps. I think this deal is a lil more complicated than these 1 for 1 for 1.

25 Feb 2018 12:45:22
Joe is another FT4A with every reply. One of his replies is that Karlsson couldn’t even get Trouba, wouldn’t even be considered. A team wins a few games and people think their roster is untouchable on this site. Most of us are fans if Canadian teams, who have been garbage for years. No reason to think every player is a god.

25 Feb 2018 18:39:05
I'd make that trade if I was Ronnie, Hanifan is a number 5 defenseman at best he is currently a minus 15 and plays against teams 3rd and 4th lines.

25 Feb 2018 18:45:40
@sosahabs What is the incentive for the Jets to downgrade to Hanifin?

@Leafs17 In regards to the Karlsson trade. The Leafs have been crap for 30 years because they constantly traded young assets for broken down assets. The Jets aren't that stupid. You don't trade a good young defenseman for an old one that is breaking down. Pretty obvious.

25 Feb 2018 19:44:33
Are you really sticking to that story? You wouldn’t trade Trouba for Karlsson?

25 Feb 2018 20:53:07
Why? EK hasn't been the same since his foot surgery, will want a ton of money when his contract expires? May not want to sign in Winnipeg and is on the downside of his career.

If you want him so bad make an offer for him for the Leafs.

25 Feb 2018 23:33:07
I guess we’ll see if he ever becomes a top RH d who can get more than 30 points and stay healthy. Right now you over value every player on your team and Trouba is nothing special.

26 Feb 2018 01:13:29
For a player who is "nothing special", he sure does garner a lot of trade offers. There is pretty much weekly offers from the Leafs begging for Trouba.

Quite funny actually.

24 Feb 2018 23:31:04
WPG: 1st Round Pick 2018, Petan, Stanley
OTT: Duschene

25 Feb 2018 01:16:20
I don't think Ottawa wants to get half what they paid for Dushen after a month lol. Dushene is worth two late first to start. Jack Roslovic is a start.

25 Feb 2018 01:45:01
Ottawa needs to keep their core players, not sell them even if its a rebuild

25 Feb 2018 03:03:59
lolllllllllllll nooooo wth.

25 Feb 2018 04:30:37
Would be great for the Jets but it won't happen.

25 Feb 2018 05:57:56
Duchesne's contract would mean the Jets are spending far too much money at center.

25 Feb 2018 13:49:27
There's petan again, lol.

24 Feb 2018 13:34:53
To Winnipeg

Nick Leddy
Brock Nelson

To Islanders

Toby Enstrom
Micheal Hutchinson
Marco Dano
2nd round 2018
4th round 2019

24 Feb 2018 14:02:54
Islanders are not getting enough. Why would they part ways with Leddy? And for that price?

24 Feb 2018 16:08:38
None of that is appealing to isles to lose 2 good players. Hutch is barely an upgrade on what they have if at all, Dano had potential but when a guy in his early 20s on his 3rd and 4th team and hasn’t put it all together yet, you have to start assuming he never will, and 2 picks late in the 2nd and 4th round for a top 6 forward and a top 4 D lol

Greiss, Ross Johnston, 2nd and 4th


Little and Morrisey?

24 Feb 2018 19:30:30
May as well ask for laine too if you're going to ask for stupidity. No way jets part with their number 2 center and number 1 LHD not when they are in a run fpr the playoffs and 1st in their division.

24 Feb 2018 21:02:43
@nhlfan4life. That’s the point lol I was being sarcastic in comparing the deal. Y would islanders trade a top 6F and a top 4 D for a back up goalie, a bust of a prospect a 2nd and 4th if jets wouldn’t do the same?

24 Feb 2018 22:32:37
Lol. he must be new here Jim.
NHLFan. are ya New.? If so, we can tell ya who is legit and who are silly asses lol.

25 Feb 2018 12:05:28
Islanders not trading their best defenseman for a downgrade. They have enough problems on the back end.

23 Feb 2018 16:25:16
If Trouba is still not looking to resign long term in the Peg.

To WPG: Karlsson

To Ottawa: Trouba, Petan/ Dano, Vesalianen, 1st in 2018, Appleton (if needed)

Petan and or Dano could use a fresh start and have potential. Trouba gives Ottawa a solid RHD to replace Karlsson but with RFa Status. Vesa and appleton give ottawa top prospect talent they desperately want.

23 Feb 2018 17:44:08
would have to be Trouba, vesalianen, kyle connor, 2018 1st, 2019 1st.

23 Feb 2018 17:54:11
Don't think Trouba is anywhere clost to be the main piece in a deal involving Karls0m. Start with Scheiffle. Add after that. It's that simple. karlson is a proven star and although I can't stand the guy and live in Ottawa but hate they're hockey club. Big no from Send he's the reason why people still care about the send in Ottawa. Karlson.

23 Feb 2018 18:12:18
Absolutely not from Winnipeg. No chance Trouba for Karlsson is considered. Have people not learned anything from the Subban trade? You don't trade a really good young D-man for a really good old D-man, especially when the older D-man is showing signs of breaking down and will want a ridiculous amount of money to re-sign.

As for Colt's suggestion to start with Scheifele. dream on, you have no chance of landing him.

23 Feb 2018 20:10:29
I’ve said it before, scheifele is one of the hardest players to trade for in the entire league because an 8 year deal at 6.1 mill. That makes him close to the Mcdavids and Matthews when they’re making 11.5-12.5 mill

Also if Trouba wasn’t happy wanted out of wpg (rumoured to a team in the states) and was pissed that they didn’t want to pay him to be a top 4 because he was their 3rd best on the RS. I don’t see Ottawa being confident enough in him being happy there to re-sign and I don’t see Melnyk wanting to pay him what he feels he’s worth.

23 Feb 2018 15:55:17
NYI Patrick Maroon

Edm Flames 2018 1st

Winnipeg Patches

Montreal 2018 1st 2018 5th(Bos) & Josh Morrisey

23 Feb 2018 16:17:59
You nuts? Winnipeg is already weak on the left side of the Defence. Why would they trade their best LHD?

23 Feb 2018 17:44:43
maroon isn't getting a first.

23 Feb 2018 18:14:11
Jets don't need Patches and Montreal doesn't have the assets required to land Morrissey.

23 Feb 2018 19:03:18
Wow that's incredible I could have sworn I saw the same poster claim that GM's were no longer trading 1st round picks for rentals. I guess that does not apply when it's the team you're a fan of.

No bias there.

23 Feb 2018 20:26:48
Nothing applies the same to oilers as anyone else. Get used to that @Unsportsmanlike.

22 Feb 2018 16:18:40
Frederik Gauthier C
Josh Leivo LW
3rd 2019

Boone Jenner C

Martin Marincin D
3rd 2018

Tyler Myers D
(Jets retain 1 million)

22 Feb 2018 17:21:10
Lol from CBJ
Lolololol for Winnipeg.

22 Feb 2018 17:35:05
Ya. Can't see jackets giving up Boone

And no deal there for Winnipeg. marincin has no value.

22 Feb 2018 18:10:19
wth? What is wrong with Myers that you think would have the Jets trade him for a guy who can’t crack an NHL roster, and retain on the deal? He’s a solid top 4 d man on one of the best teams in the NHL.

Columbus also declines.

22 Feb 2018 18:08:30
LMAO from Winnipeg!


22 Feb 2018 18:23:17
I’m assuming this is a troll because the CBJ one is bad and the jets one is worse.

22 Feb 2018 22:10:12
HAHAHA Meyers for Marincin. that's funny.

Jets are serious cup contenders with a lot of cap space.
Why would they downgrade before a serious cup run? AND retain?

22 Feb 2018 22:50:00
Dermott is the best thing that happened to the leafs this year, mainly because he took Marincin’s job. He’s terrible.

19 Feb 2018 22:03:19
WPG: Trouba

TOR: Gardiner, Bozak, 2018 2nd (TOR), 2018 2nd (SJ).

Leafs get a top pairing RHD to play with Rielly, while Gardiner slots in on the LHS on the Jets second pairing (they are way deeper on the RHS). Had a score mobile update stating the Jets are looking to add depth at forward at the deadline. Bozak would upgrade the third line. Added the two seconds as Trouba remains an RFA at the end of the year, while Gardiner only has one more season on current contract.

CAR: Hanifin

TOR: JVR (extended), 2018 1st (TOR).

Deal is conditional on JVR signing an extension (Carolina has lots of cap room and is eager to add scoring) which he may be willing to do as his brother plays there.

Leafs finally fix their leaky D:

Rielly Trouba
Hanifin Hainsey
Dermott Zaitsev
Carrick/Borgman/Polak (extras)

Have at it.

20 Feb 2018 01:19:48
Still don’t understand how Trouba has so much value lol.

20 Feb 2018 01:20:17
Also Carolina wants more imo they can be greedy especially when it comes to Hanifin.

20 Feb 2018 01:30:25
Toronto’s finest.

20 Feb 2018 01:58:43
Winnipeg laughs at you.
Carolina says no, Better chance getting Faulk than Hannifin.

20 Feb 2018 02:56:13
these are terrible. way too much from toronto.

20 Feb 2018 03:21:44
LOL from Carolina.

20 Feb 2018 09:52:12
2nd Trade is definitely a no from Carolina.

20 Feb 2018 15:04:30
Hilarious trade offer from Winnipeg's point of view. Absolutely no chance that would ever be considered for Trouba.

20 Feb 2018 16:33:07
Too much for trouba, although those pieces don't really help winnipeg aside from the picks and not enough for hanifin but again i don't think either of these players should be leafs targets. stud RHD or do nothing.

20 Feb 2018 17:24:48
Both deals a no go

Gardiner is too poor defensively
Hanufin worth way more than that.

18 Feb 2018 02:05:38
To Arizona

Shawn Matthias
3rd round pick

To Winnipeg

Max Domi

18 Feb 2018 04:54:36
Hahahaha bruh.

18 Feb 2018 11:21:19
To winipeg
Matt martin
Josh leivo
To toronto

See how biased you seem with that proposal.

18 Feb 2018 13:15:25
Not a hope in hell.

18 Feb 2018 14:43:16
Hahaha not a chance in the world.

18 Feb 2018 18:29:44
randy, the only thing. scheiffle >> domi.

18 Feb 2018 19:03:01
PKane, He wasn't comparing players in any way. He was comparing how delusional the deals are.

19 Feb 2018 15:07:30
What kind of deal is that Randy?
Where's the draft pick to go with it LOL :P.

17 Feb 2018 23:46:22
Oil: Nuge + Klefbom
Yotes: OEL

Oil: Maroon
Boston: Frederic

Oil: Letestu
Jets: 3rd.

18 Feb 2018 02:15:50
Id say a bit much from Edmonton on the first one, espec considering OEL wouldn't be on an extension.

Second one is a no from Boston, Frederic was a 1st before, don't think Boston gives him up this early.

Third is fine imo.

18 Feb 2018 05:07:05
A 4th or 5th, maybe even a 6th is more in line with Letestu's value.

17 Feb 2018 09:50:28
OTT: Smith
Bos: spooner

Ott: Ceci/hoffman/Anderson
WPG: Myers 1st 2018 perreault

Ott: pageau/paul

Van: vanek

17 Feb 2018 13:00:56
Horrible for jets. Don't need goaltending
Anderson has had a bad season.

2nd trade doesn't make sense for either team.

17 Feb 2018 21:53:00
I agree with tyhockey, you're offering a bottom pairing D-man, a winger the Jets don't need and a goalie the Jets don't need for two good players and a first. No chance.

17 Feb 2018 05:47:18
Oil: Maroon
Jets: Lemieux or Appleton.

17 Feb 2018 14:42:21
Totally believable however I'm a big fan of both players so I personally wouldn't do it, I'd rather trade Petan.

17 Feb 2018 21:56:38
No from the Jets. You're offering a player the Jets don't need for one of two that may play for the Jets in a year or two. It would have to be a mid round pick or C, D prospect.

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