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12 Jul 2019 20:32:19
Mtl- mete-reilly-hudon-2nd pick

Vegas- tuch

Then habs gardiner 6year 36M

Vegas free caps to sign gusev, get a good young D in mete, a good draft pick and 2 depth player



Extra thompson-folin

13 Jul 2019 00:12:42
Habs should not trade Mete.

13 Jul 2019 00:45:20
Tuch is so valuable to Vegas. I can’t see them trading him unless it’s an overwhelming package, which this one isn’t.

21 May 2019 23:57:32
Toronto Trades

Ottawa Trades
ANilsson (UFA)
2nd Round Pick 2019 (Florida's Pick)

Ottawa then buys out Marleau and Marleau resigns in Toronto for a 1 million one year deal, similar trade Washington did Trading Orpik to Colorado and his buyout and resign in Washington.
Clears Cap Space for the Leafs and gives Ottawa some assets.
ANilsson would also be a perfect backup to FAndersen but they will need to resign him being a UFA.

Thoughts ?

22 May 2019 00:40:59
pretty sure they fixed that loophole after the orpik trade happened? and i'd imagine ottawa would just use marleau to get to cap floor and have him as mentor to the kids.

22 May 2019 02:01:27
The loophole has been fixed and Marleau won’t waive for Ottawa. He’ll 100% be a Leaf next year with his full salary counting against the cap.

22 May 2019 04:17:26
Marleau has a no mouvement clause he won't waive for ottawa.

22 May 2019 10:26:47
Lol, zaitsev is a huge dump on top you add Marleau. Hahaha. And want a second in return for that crap.

22 May 2019 18:26:09
Marleau will nix this trade.

23 May 2019 03:50:28
Two cap dumps, a fourth line center who is not very good, and a backup goalie who is not very good, for a 2nd round draft pick and a backup goalie who is better than the crappy backup goalie named Sparks? I do not think this is a good trade for Ottawa. No, they will not accept this trade. Toronto can keep all those guys that do nothing to make Ottawa a better team.

26 Mar 2019 15:00:57
Washington: Andrei Burakovsky

Carolina: Trevor van Riemsdyk, Lucas Wallmark.

22 Feb 2019 23:19:13
Montreal: Hudon + 5th round pick 2019

Washington: Burakovsky

Bergeron said last time the ask was lehkonen and he stopped that call right there so Hudon (23) and Burakovsky (24) both are around the same age have got 30ish pts before, both not having a great season and could use a change of scenery and systems but Hudon isn't quite as good so he adds one of the three 5th round picks this year.

23 Feb 2019 00:47:43
Dumb for caps imo.

23 Feb 2019 02:11:25
If the caps were intending on making another deal and needed to clear some cap it might make sense.

22 Feb 2019 16:16:20
Read from Twitter:

Oil: Chiasson

Isles: Ho-Sang

Would islanders consider this? I know the asking price for Chiasson is supposedly a 2nd round pick (he’ll probs get a 3rd if that) but he’s had a career year and certainly has playoff experience from caps last season.

Oilers would accept this trade for many reasons.

Would a trade like this work out or what fixes could be made? Islanders do have an andundant or young prospects and Ho-Sang clearly hasn’t worked out and he recently went public and said he’d accept a trade. P.

22 Feb 2019 17:18:53
If this was an option i'd really hope oil take it rather than a pick.

22 Feb 2019 17:19:20
But i mean i hope this could be an option haha even if oil add like a 5th or something.

22 Feb 2019 23:58:00
good change of scenery deal. i like it.

18 Feb 2019 00:15:47
At deadline
Mtl : Benn
Dal : 2019 3rd rd pick

Mtl : Niemi
Vgk : 2020 4th rd pick

Mtl : Lehkonen, 3rd 2020 and 5th 2020
Wsh : Burakovsky

Gives Washington some cap space to acquire a rental

18 Feb 2019 03:35:57
Why does montreal add two picks when they are giving up the better and cheaper player?

18 Feb 2019 16:33:54
I don’t think Benn is worth a third. Oleksiak just went for a third (again) and he’s a much better player.

17 Feb 2019 19:13:34
NYR: Namestikov


WSH: Burakovsky

17 Feb 2019 21:07:02
Washington can’t even afford the $1M difference in salary. They changed their demands for Burakovsky as well. Now they want futures for him. They probably want to free up cap space to get a good rental.

17 Feb 2019 04:08:47
LW Marcus Johansson

2019 2nd round pick
conditional 2020 2nd round pick (if Mojo re-signs or if WSH wins 2019 Cup)

Devils try to maximize Mojo's value before UFA. I don't think Washington ever wanted him gone; it was a numbers/cap move

17 Feb 2019 05:15:59
Too much. He was originally traded for only a 2nd + 3rd. Now he’s a pending UFA and injury prone and isn’t producing at the same level. The conditional pick isn’t necessary as Johansson isn’t going to be a major reason Washington wins again.

17 Feb 2019 06:08:21
1) He was a cap squeeze. Washington was out of money after the Kuznetsov extension and needed to make a move fast. Mojo was traded within hours of that announcement

2) 2nd and 3rd vs. 2nd and conditional 2nd? Seems even if not in favor of the first go

3) Pending UFA is more valuable – leads to more flexibility for cap constrained team

4) Mojo: 5 in his last 4, 10 in his last 12.injury prone is one thing but Washington isn't buying him on an 8x8. He has 4 months left on his contract. Worse than when he was traded? Yes, but that was a career year for him and I don't think Washington is concerned about who they would be acquiring

5) If WSH wins the cup, the Devils do not want to trade Mojo for #62 overall. That's not worthwhile. Without conditional 2nd, Devils don't make that trade, would either trade him for a prospect or try to re-sign him.

18 Feb 2019 01:11:43
I don’t even think he is worth a second. Grabner went for a 2nd. He is a lot better.

30 Jan 2019 00:54:23
EDM- Russell (1 mil retained)
BOS or CBJ- 2019 2nd, 2019 3rd
-Russell would be a good defensive D that can play up the depth chart if there’s any injuries. He’d be perfect for a playoff push and after being retained he’d make 3 million for 2 more years.

EDM- Talbot, 2019 4th
PHI- Laughton
-Philly needs better goaltending. Instead of overpaying in free agency they can see if Talbot works out and sign him at a little bit of a discount.

EDM- Chiasson, 2019 5th
WAS- Burakovsky
-Rumour is Washington is looking for a veteran top 9 forward for Burakovsky. Who better than a guy that won a cup last year with them and is on pace for 34 goals.

EDM- Rieder, 2020 4th
DAL- Nichushkin
-Similar to the Cogliano Shore trade. Dallas gets a more proven player while Edmonton gets a player that has fallen out of favour but still has potential.

EDM- Petrovic
MIN or COL- 2020 4th
-Petrovic is a UFA at the end of the season. Just a mid pick for extra depth to a playoff bubble team.

30 Jan 2019 04:13:19
Would love if all those could happen.

30 Jan 2019 04:43:56
@McJ, I know it’s not very realistic for a team to make 5 deadline deals but do you think those are realistic/ fair?

Those are all playoff teams looking to add at the deadline except Philly but that could be a smart move for them.

30 Jan 2019 05:18:10
I definitely think Russell could get moved and if we could get a 2nd round pick and get 4m in cap off that would be sweeeet. Also if it’s true Washington is looking for a veteran then that trade would be really nice for oilers even tho we take on cap so idk if that will work out.

30 Jan 2019 18:34:14
if keith can move atleast 3-4 of the following contracts with taking back minimal salary back i'd call it a huge success:
-Benning, Russell, Petro, Manning, spooner, reider, kassian and talbot.

30 Jan 2019 19:11:00
@notdelusional, Petrovic, Rieder and Talbot should all be easy to move because there UFA’s. As for Benning and Kassian I actually like them on the team even though there slightly overpaid. Lastly Manning and Spooner are on the team because of a bad GM but yeah I’d love for them to be gone.

31 Jan 2019 01:43:41
How long is it going to take to climb out of the hole Chia has dug for the oilers? I’m not seeing a ton of reasons to be optimistic for a quick turnaround.

18 Jan 2019 09:08:55
EDM- Rieder, 2019 2nd
WAS- Burakovsky

Capitals gain cap space and a good pick for a guy that’s falling out of favour.

EDM- Spooner, 2020 3rd
DAL- Nichushkin

Similar contracts, similar stats and both have been healthy scratched.

I don’t know if it’s the best asset management trading a 2nd and a 3rd for two guys with a combined 16 points this season but at least they have potential to be good players.
I really don’t want Chiarelli making big trades. The small trades he makes are bad too though. He’s already traded a decent third line centre into Spooner who he’s trying to trade already. Traded a good depth forward in Cagguila for a bad contract who gets healthy scratched. And traded a 3rd+ for Petrovic who isn’t very good.

18 Jan 2019 14:12:55
I wish both these could work.

18 Jan 2019 14:12:55
I wish both these could work.

18 Jan 2019 15:07:40
caps gain cap space, but oilers need more cap space more lol.

18 Dec 2018 22:12:25
Andre Burakovsky has been a healthy scratch and the Capitals are looking to trade him. The asking price is thought to be a speedy veteran forward that can play up and down the lineup and they are not looking for picks or prospects. This is according to the Washington Post

This came to mind I believe it'd be mutually beneficial for both organizations.

Washington: Andre Burakovsky

Montreal: Paul Byron

Washington- Gets exactly what they're asking for he could fit anywhere in the lineup and plays with Heart.

Montreal- they get the younger player with more potential who needs a change of scenery. Byron is good but Montreal isn't competing ( in the long haul ) so a younger player like Burakovsky can pay off long term and even has potential to make an impact as soon as the change of scenery.

18 Dec 2018 23:31:51
Byron is also locked up for a few years and burakovsky is not let's say he comes to montreal and starts showing that potential we then have to pay him a bigger contract then byron. Then who is to say with his history of being inconsistent comes back next year and scores 35 points for the year and is getting paid 5mil.

If I'm the habs if I can't get him for hudon and a prospect or something along those lines I'm not even listening. I'm sure Washington would like to add some cap room this way they free up over 2 mil. Adding burakovsky for byron doesn't really improve the team right now and it only possibly helps it in the future that's not good enough for me.

19 Dec 2018 00:55:34
Deal from both teams.

19 Dec 2018 01:21:14
Well first of all that’s false, Washington is not looking to trade him. They are listening to offers aka doing their due dilligence, they are not shopping him.

But anyways for the trade I’d say no from Washington based on the age and skill difference between the players. Caps can get better offer imo.

19 Dec 2018 03:11:18
Its interesting . pretty decent VB. I'm going to agree with Habby on this though. If I was more of a gambler, I'd be all over it .

19 Dec 2018 10:57:45
Actually you’re wrong mcjesus he is actively being shopped and they’re trying to get rid of him before the trade freez for the holidays. Soooooo uummmm. what?

29 Nov 2018 21:04:57
Tor: Nylander +2nd
Washington: Bowey+Vrana +eller (to balance salary? )

28 Nov 2018 20:27:49
Chicago: anisimov
Washington: 3rd round pick

Chicago: Seabrook (25% Retained)
ottawa: Wolanin or Gagne

Chicago: Crawford + 2020 2nd
Buffalo: Ukko-Pekka Luukkonen.

28 Nov 2018 20:54:26
Washington absolutely cannot afford the Anisimov trade without losing salary.

Ottawa re-building seems like a strange destination to send an aging and deteriorating Seabrook.

Buffalo already has 32 year old Hutton. They may be looking to replace him, but not with Crawford, who would make for very expensive backup, or 1b tandem.

28 Nov 2018 22:22:33
what would you suggest for alternate destinations for anisimov and seabrook then? and i think the buffalo deal is fair, maybe send back hutton for another piece as well?

28 Nov 2018 23:19:57
Think anisimov would be a good fit in Washington, but ya, they only projected have a few hundred thousand dollars at the deadline. Always thought Edmonton would be a good spot Seabrook. But that would probably mean probably 50% retention. he's worth more than 3.5mil now but not when he's 38-39-40, he's already lost a step so its going to be ugly in a few years, never mind 5-6 years.

29 Nov 2018 00:50:39
Hutton and Ullmark are a huge reason for Buffalo success right now. Not a chance they trade one right now.

29 Nov 2018 02:35:47
Seabrook is untradable unless it’s for Lucic.

29 Nov 2018 03:57:24
Anisimov to New Jersey Devils for 3rd round pick; salary Dump and devils have cap room.

29 Nov 2018 04:45:33
Forget the untradable Seabrook for now and consider Duncan Keith while there is a chance to move him.

28 Nov 2018 01:01:27
If Nylander re-signs

Leafs trade Kapanen
Washington trades Vrana.

28 Nov 2018 12:23:52
why would they trade kapanen just to get another forward?

28 Nov 2018 13:04:18
LW vs RW because RW is stronger, especially once Nylander returns. I wouldn’t do it, but I’m sure that’s his justification.

28 Nov 2018 17:26:40

That’s exactly what I was getting at. Lol.

Kapanen is a wasted asset on third line, which he will be playing when Nylander comes back. We could try him LW, but if that doesn’t work well, we could consider trading him to shore up thy side. Vrana is an equally capable player. Brings Cup pedigree, which would be nice to have.

Why wouldn’t you make this trade? Value seems to be about equal?

14 Nov 2018 18:26:11
It was rumord the last few days LAK GM Rob Blake wanted to make a move. Pearson for Hagelin straight up. Decent for both sides?
Pearson $3.75 for this and two more seasons.
Hagelin $4M UFA after this season.
Pens retain $250K on Hagelin so teams caps don't change at all but they take on two more years of Pearson.

14 Nov 2018 18:43:03
Isnt Pearson quite a bit younger? And how old is Hagelin now? I think of anything Kings should look at going a lot younger.

14 Nov 2018 18:46:42
Lol. Jus read that it happened.

14 Nov 2018 21:15:58
Doesn’t seem like a good trade for the kings IMO. Maybe a little over payed but Pearson’s contract isn’t that big. He’s 4 years younger and scored 24 goals two seasons ago.

14 Nov 2018 21:17:30
I'd rather have pearson but neither guy is tearing it up or anything.

14 Nov 2018 21:42:11
I’d rather Pearson too, but that’s looking from the outside in. Pearson isn’t fast, neither is just about anyone on LA besides Kempe.

Watching the leafs play them twice in the last few weeks, they look so so slow. I know the leafs are a very quick team, but I don’t see the kings, as they’re constructed, outskating any team and that’s the way games are won now. It’s tough to make a splash when Doughty, Kopitar, and quick won’t be traded. Brown and Phaneuf probably can’t be traded. What do you do? Pearson and toffoli (I guess Muzzin/ Martinez too) are the only guys that are kinda core pieces that could be moved. They don’t gain or lose money and add a player that helps their glaring weakness, lack of speed.

14 Nov 2018 21:49:22
LA needs more speed and he’s the fastest player in the game. ( yes he is the fastest skater ever )

15 Nov 2018 03:30:12
Ever Heard of McDavid Larkin Barzal and Mackinnon.

15 Nov 2018 12:31:18
Hey KFC, VBB is just over exaggerating trolling there looking to start arguments, it happened a lot here.

15 Nov 2018 12:45:09
He’s litterly the fastest skater ever look it up he just never shown it at a all star game.

15 Nov 2018 12:50:55
No actually I’m not exaggerating Haglin is the fastest skater in the NHL his time he took in Sweden ( no running start ) beat Larkin with a running start and McDavid he’s substantially faster then McDavid without the puck. With that being said he can’t play the game at that top speed.

15 Nov 2018 15:08:09
Hagelin is super fast but I don’t even think he’s top 5 fast in the league anymore.

15 Nov 2018 17:15:50
When Hagelin was deemed the fastest top speed skater in the NhL, he beat Grabner, hall and all the fast guys. But that was in 2014. Something happened in June of 2015 that changed that lol mcdavid was drafted. I don’t know exactly all the speeds, but Larkin, mcdavid, Hagelin, Grabner (slowing down a bit) and a few younger guys like kapanen, Miles Wood and others are all super fast. Regardless Hagelin is a hell of a lot faster than Pearson and just about everyone on the kings roster so it’s obvious what the plan was.

15 Nov 2018 19:01:51
Well the reality is Haglin holds the record for fastest skater ever. McDavid may be more explosive but he’s not faster.

15 Nov 2018 21:29:59
Thanks Nhl discussion.

14 Nov 2018 04:37:18
So, interesting proposal I read elsewhere that I wanted to bring to attention here and see what the thoughts were.

Last year, Washington traded Orpik and Grubauer to Colorado, who immediately bought Orpik out, who then re-signed with Washington for less money. Can the Leafs do a similar trade involving Marleau?

2019 off season (after July 1 bonus is paid)

Colorado trades 2nd
Leafs trade Marleau, Bracco

Colorado immediately buys out Marleau and he re-signs with the Leafs for $2M.

Leafs save $4.25M in cap hit, thereby avoiding cash crunch.

Marleau makes more money, because he gets the money from the buyout, plus whatever he gets when he re-signs.

Colorado has more than enough cap space to absorb the full $6.25M cap hit Marleau will be carrying (35+ contract), and would only be on the hook for $4M in salary total payable. In return they get Bracco, or whatever other pick/ prospect you think they deserve for doing the Leafs this $4M favour (Orpik was a $3M favour to Washington in exchange for Grubauer) .

Remember, it smells suspiciously like cap circumvention, except Colorado has already done this before with Orpik.


14 Nov 2018 05:21:11
Well. . I think they deserve a lot more than Bracco for doing the Leafs a favor. it's this kind of thing, and whatever it is Arizona does with Datsyuk ect. that I hope the next CBA gets rid of. Some sort of way to make teams not cheat the system.

14 Nov 2018 05:27:36
Why would any team do this to just take Bracco?

14 Nov 2018 06:05:36
The difference is in the Washington trade colorodo actually got something in return lol.

14 Nov 2018 12:33:41
Lol what the heck is this nonsense? 😂 Maybe change the 2nd to a 1994 Toyota Corolla.

14 Nov 2018 12:39:37
Ya Bracco isn’t worth the second alone, they aren’t giving a second for Bracco and to do the leafs a favour. Gives them 2 years of extra cap and puts them at max buyouts if I’m not mistaken giving them less flexibility there, while not getting anything in return. Think Kapanen with a 3rd going back.

14 Nov 2018 13:16:36
Marleau signed in Toronto because of that 3 year contract. Toronto offered the 3rd year to get the guy they wanted. Very well knowing that third year was the first year of Marner and Mathews first years of their big deals.
Colorado says thanks but no thanks, that's not even close to enough to make them consider. At least with Orpik comparison they recieved Grabaur who some said was the best backup and could challenge for more starts in net which was a big want for Colorado, someone to challenge Varly.

14 Nov 2018 14:07:14
1st of all it would Definitely would take more to get avs to do that. Secondly, Colorado has the best line in hockey but lacks depth. I think in the next year or two they will be active and use their cap space to build a roster to compete around Mack and Rantanen, not use it as cap relief for another team. Also remember that Colorado offered Dubas the job of running their whole hockey operations of the team last year and to be Sakics boss before the leafs pulled back permission to talk and promoted him. I don’t assume they want to do us any favours.

14 Nov 2018 14:27:05
Sheesh. Guys. It clearly says that instead of Bracco, Colorado can have someone else who is worth the 2nd and $4M bucks. Hell, they can have Johnsson if they want. He’s not doing a whole lot right now. The emphasis here should be on the concept, not the prospect player.


We poached Tavares from Lou and he still took Martin off our hands. It’s a big business. I don’t think Sakic would hold it against Dubas that he got promoted.

14 Nov 2018 14:49:11
Didn't they just speak to dubas about posdibly becoming the Gm? Idk but that's all I heard.

14 Nov 2018 15:24:48
“Dubas is not going to Colorado, but here is my understanding: The contact being made was from Colorado ownership. The contact with the Leafs and Dubas was in hopes of getting Dubas to come in and run the entire hockey operation of the Colorado Avalanche. What that means for everybody else there, and what the timing on all that is, I’m not sure. But we do know now that Dubas isn’t going to Colorado; at least not now. ”

That’s from the article at that time when leafs pulled back permission quoting Bob McKenzie. I know some people have an isssue with TSN, but I have a lot of faith in what Bob McKenzie says he knows. He’s pretty careful of what he reports and what he doesn’t.

14 Nov 2018 16:16:30
Yeah I agree bob mckenzie is still one of the best. So did he mean they wanted him to be director of hockey operations? like what was the job title?

14 Nov 2018 17:49:32
Don’t think he ever said an exact job title, but I remember at the time they had talked about that his duties could include deciding if sakic stayed or left. So I would assume some sort of president or whatever, I don’t know.

14 Nov 2018 17:54:06
Like shanny runs the entire hockey operations for us and he’s president. Different organizations and different owners call it different things, but It was compared, power and say wise, to that. Once shanahan realized what they were talking to dubas about, they pulled his permission to talk and neither shanny or dubas would say if a promise was made that day, but we all know Lou was replaced by dubas a year later.

14 Nov 2018 18:07:31
Possibly I guess but I'd have to question the avs thought process on that one. I mean I just don't think they even consider bringing in anyone who would consider moving out joe sakic or even allow them to have that power. the guy has pretty much done nothing only real good things for the organization for most of his life. And not meaning to be a knock against dubas but compared to sakic especially up to that point what has he done to be considered higher up then joe? Now I could have seen the initial report of the avs looking at him for the Gm position happening and then promoting sakic.

14 Nov 2018 21:54:26
Yeah, I don’t know the thought process but it was apparently done directly by the owner and sakic denied it was happening. Later it came out that sakic wasn’t lying when he denied they were talking to dubas, he really was unaware.

Dubas is known as a big analytics guy, my only guess is the owner got it in his head that he wanted his whole organization run like that like they did in Florida when they canned Tallon and immediately regretted it. I’m a hybrid thinker when it comes to that, I think there’s real value in analytics, but also a real hockey guy like Lou, tallon, shanahan or sakic is important.

So maybe that was his plan? Not sure, I just know we (leaf fans) were following the story at the time because most of us assumed dubas would be GM here eventually.

12 Oct 2018 05:55:14
Leafs trade Nylander, Kadri

Washington trades Niskanen, Eller, Vrana, Burakovsky

Marleau/ Matthews/ Kapanen
Vrana/ Tavares/ Marner
Burakovsky/ Eller/ Hyman
Johnsson/ Lindholm/ Brown
*Ennis, Jooris

Rielly/ Niskanen
Gardiner/ Zaitsev
Dermott/ Hainsey
(Sandin/ Liljegren)

Why Washington makes this trade:

Nylander and Kadri add to an already potent Washington offense. I mean, do I really got to say more?

Why Leafs make this trade:

First off, because we acquire Niskanen. A true 1RHD, he still has three years left on his contract at just under $6M, and is an excellent choice to hold that top line until Liljegren is ready.

The rest of the guys really strengthen up that LW, which I feel is weak compared to RW, and give us a lot better depth. We improve overall as a team.

12 Oct 2018 10:51:44
Is Niskanen a true 1 RHD? I wouldn't think so.

12 Oct 2018 11:39:06
Niskanens good, but not some i'd trade Nylander for. i'd be looking at a Pesce, a Manson, possibly Ekholm, whether LD/ RD, and if we had to add to Nylander, so be it. Then to upgrade our wing, trade Gardiner, not Naz for that. Gardiner coukd bring in some wing prospects as so desired, considering that hell most likely walk at the end of this year.

12 Oct 2018 14:43:51

I like Niskanen better than Carlsson.


Virtually every proposal I’ve floated in last six months has had Gardiner in it. Just keeping it fresh. We need to look at other possibilities.

12 Oct 2018 14:51:43
I’ve traded Gardiner for virtually everyone I can possibly think about trading him for. Twice. And Nylander is right behind him. These trades don’t have to take place this year. All I’m doing is pointing out where the bottlenecks are in our cap situation and suggesting ways to alleviate that before we run into a bigger cash crunch. Kadri and Reilly both have more value if we trade them before their contract year when they still have some term left for the receiving team. We get a larger return that way.

08 Oct 2018 00:15:19
Not my normal route, but here we go:

New York Trades: Kevin Hayes (C/ LW - 50% Retention - 3.00 Million x 1 Year)
Toronto Trades: Josh Leivo (LW - 0.75 Million x 1 Year) + Trevor Moore (RW - 0.925 Million x 1 Years) + 2019 2nd Round Draft Pick.

- Hayes is a pending UFA. Considering what they got for guys like Grabner, and the transaction records for guys like Patrick Maroon (similar caliber to Hayes), this seems about right. Hayes is a solid, big guy who would add some much needed size to this Toronto lineup, replacing a small Tyler Ennis. New York gets back a replacement in Leivo who is a step-down for sure, but also acquire a 2nd and one of the Leafs better prospects in Trevor Moore (Low-Risk, Medium Reward Player, almost destined to become a 3rd liner, with not much potential beyond that) . I debated between Moore and Grundstrom but Grundstrom has a higher ceiling, and is too much of an add-in for a UFA.

Toronto Trades: Jake Gardiner (LD - 4.05 Million x 1 Year) + Eamon McAdam (G - 0.925 Million x 1 Year) + Frederik Gauthier (C - 0.675 Million x 1 Year)
Washington Trades: Madison Bowey (RD - 1.00 Million x 2 Years) + Connor Hobbs (RD - 0.75 Million x 1 Year) .

- Washington upgrades their defence in a major way for the time-being. Running Carlson/ Kempny, Orlov/ Niskanen, Gardiner/ Djoos would bea very solid dcore imo. Gauthier and McAdam are roster bodies, nothing more. Toronto downgrades their defence in general for this season, but acquires TWO RHD, which are good commodities. Bowey can step in as a physical presence this season, and get more minutes than in Washington (Stuck behind Carlson, Orlov, etc. ) Hobbs goes to a stacked Marlies team and can develop alongside Liljegren as RHD.

Toronto Trades: Martin Marincin (LD - 0.80 Million x 1 Year) + Andrew Nielsen (RD - 0.675 Million x 1 Year)
Ottawa Trades: Magnus Paajarvi (LW - 0.85 Million x 1 Year)

- Ottawa could use more defense, Toronto could use a veteran 14th forward. Nielsen and Marincin don’t have futures in Toronto, Paajarvi doesn’t have one in Ottawa. Simple trade.

William Nylander resigns, hopefully for a reasonable estimate of appx. 6.55 x 8 Years [52.5 Million Total]

Patrick Marleau - Auston Matthews - William Nylander
Kevin Hayes - John Tavares - Mitch Marner
Zach Hyman - Nazem Kadri - Connor Brown
Andreas Johnsson - Par Lindholm - Kasperi Kapanen
*Tyler Ennis, Magnus Paajarvi

Morgan Rielly - Madison Bowey
Travis Dermott - Nikita Zaitsev
Ron Hainsey - Igor Ozhiganov
*Justin Holl

Frederik Andersen
Garrett Sparks

Maybe not a better team atm. But a bigger, more physical team. Forward depth has zero holes now (Ennis may have been one before), and defense is younger, cost-controlled and has tons of cheap RHD upcoming (Bowey, Liljegren, Hobbs, etc. )

08 Oct 2018 05:05:08
I like Kevin Hayes. A lot. Big kid that can bang in the pick and put up solid numbers. He would look good beside any of our theee centres. Not sure NYR make this deal, but if they would, Leafs would be foolish not to jump on it. We could even afford Hayes at his full salary this year. No need for NYR to retain. That may be a further incentive for them to move him.

Any trade that involves trading out Gardiner is a good trade in my eyes. Not sure Dubas feels the same way. If it makes the team weaker in any way, you can be sure he won’t do it. Even though I agree we should be dumping Giveaway for picks/ prospects rather than lose him for nothing.

Paajarvi is a monster. A real bust, he probably wouldn’t have much of a future in Toronto either. But he’s huge. And in my mind, bigger is better.

Well done TopShelfSlappers. I like your lineups. The forward group is especially solid. Defense as you said looks a little weaker, but trading Gardiner is addition through subtraction. And the guys you suggest all have talent and can make us better long term. A one step back, two step forward move.

08 Oct 2018 05:23:03
Not sure Washington would be up for trading young Bowey. Just my thought tho.

08 Oct 2018 15:30:51
Ty @LG, I do prefer this, especially as Hayes does provide some size to a small team.


I felt the same way, but Washington would want to upgrade to keep their cup. Gardiner is a step up on Bowey for sure, and would allow them to cycle three d units. Gardiner is worth at least a first imo, and Bowey is basically that. Plus, Bowey will be stuck behind Carlson/ Kempny/ Orlov/ Niskanen for at least the next two years, and Djoos is also there, as is Johansen, both solid d prospects.

08 Oct 2018 18:28:36
Sore Gardiner is an upgrade right now for this season but age and contract I wouldn't make this trade if I was Washington myself. Gardiner older and a UFA at seasons end with rumors of maybe wanting upwards to $7M per year long term on the next deal. I get what you're saying for this year, go for the cup again, And I think I'm now on the fence with all things considered. Leafs are the ones who need to upgrade D not downgrade. Can't win every game 7-6.

24 Aug 2018 00:56:35

24 Aug 2018 18:33:36
Caps are fine for goalies and Leivo doesn't get Hobbs or a 2nd imo. Holtby, Copley, Samsonov is a nice top 3 for goalie depth.

24 Aug 2018 20:38:44
Samsonov is a good prospect for sure, but if I were running the caps, he would be playing a lot, whether in the AHL or Europe (not sure of his contract situation) . Backing up Holtby who is going to play 60+ games isn’t ideal for a young guy with that potential and Copely rocked almost a 3.00GAA and under a .900 save% in 41 AHL games last season. Doesn’t exactly scream confidence for 18-22 games this season with holtby on the bench (More if he gets hurt) . A back up needs to go .500 on a good team, I would t bet on that with him. Not sure if this is the right deal for them but saying their goalie depth is good for this upcoming season isn’t exactly true. Losing Grubrauer really hurt.

24 Aug 2018 20:52:44
I don’t know value wise of Hobbs really but I think Leafs are a good place to shop for a back up goalie. Mchillinney was good last season and is a proven veteran, I think Pickard is a capable backup and an upgrade on a few back ups and Sparks although not getting a chance to prove it in the NhL, he’s 52-18-1 in the AHL over the past 2 seasons with a combined 1.88GAA .929sv% and then went 14-5 with a .915% and a 2.22 gaa to win the Calder Cup. That’s as good of resume as you’re going to find on a guy that hasn’t got to prove it in the NHL. He’s not a guarantee at all, but he has value to teams looking for depth at that position.

24 Aug 2018 20:54:50
Yeah but Caps don’t need an unproven back up for next season like Sparks. Samsonov will play lots wether it’s in the KHL or AHL and when he’s ready Holtby will be backing him up/ traded just like Fluery and Bishop. They can sign a veteran free agent goalie if they need.

25 Aug 2018 04:59:59
Would Howard @50% retained from Wings be of interest to Caps? Looking for at least a 3rd, maybe becomes 2nd if re-signs or Caps make conference finals

Also if they no longer want Copley, we can take him to play back up and help us get Jack Hughes (I can dream haha)

Another option could be Lehtonen, would be a decent back up.

11 Jul 2018 21:20:26
Washington: Tom Wilson/Andre Burakovsky, Lucus Johanson and 1st 2019

Columbus: Antrimi Paniran

* Capitals have over 8 million in cap space with only Wilson to sign

Washington- gets the best player in the deal and one of the most skilled players in the nhl. Would be ridiculous on the 2nd line. Could finally break out and become Washington's highest producing player.

Columbus: Wilson is one of the best in the NHL at what he does ( torts would love him ) and Bura is a young player on the uprise. They also get 2 1st round picks.

Top 9 for caps-
Bura-Eller-Smith Pelly

12 Jul 2018 05:18:08
1) the value of wilson and burakovsky are way different
2) if you want to suggest a trade you should be able to spell the guy's name. Panarin*.

12 Jul 2018 13:06:19
Good work, vb. Is this offer for an extended Paniran or not?

12 Jul 2018 13:35:36
No it’s not for an extended Paniran but if he were willing to take a discount around 7 mil the caps could resign him.

12 Jul 2018 13:42:41
PKane88- maybe provide some imput on the actual trade instead of stating the obvious? I sware I went on cap geek to Copy his name but I totally forgot lol. Anyway what’s your imput on the value.

12 Jul 2018 15:43:04
I think the jackets could do better even without an extension in place for panarin. I also think he will get paid at least 9 mil or more.

13 Jul 2018 03:50:12
You butchered his name lol

13 Jul 2018 13:03:59
Way too much for wsh to give up wilson and a first is plenty.

13 Jul 2018 13:38:21
VB- I said that burakovsky and wilson value is way different, if it is wilson i'd say fair deal, if burakovsky i'd say huge overpayment by washington.

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