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13 Aug 2019 16:33:47
STL- Joel Edmondson Ivan Barbashev 3rd

Buff- Risto.

13 Aug 2019 16:56:52
Some guy had a rumour and specifically mentioned the following players during his video blog.


He never mentioned that there were talks.

13 Aug 2019 17:06:28
They get top pairing Physical LHD can play top pairing minutes. and They get a 3rd line tough play making center that can move up if needed.

13 Aug 2019 18:59:14

A news article said ''he’s looked more like a bottom pairing or seventh defenseman who shouldn’t be trusted in high-pressure situations. ''

He collected just nine takeaways to 41 giveaways, the worst ratio on the team by far.

Okay, this is Colt 100%.

13 Aug 2019 20:24:10
Ya it’s Colt for sure.

13 Aug 2019 20:26:55
TyBa4. He played the previous 2 years with Petro on the top line. Last year he had a bad year but still spent most of the year with petro. SO yeah he has and can be top pairing. While you are at it why don't you look up his previous two years and use all his stats not just one you cherry picked.

13 Aug 2019 21:16:57
I actually don’t mind Edmondson but that’s not enough for Risto in Edmondson you’re getting a a potential bounce back dman who can play 2nd pairing, Barbeshev is a solid bottom 6 forward and a 3rd for a top 15 PP dman who is one of the most physical players in the NHL.

13 Aug 2019 22:51:26

Oh, the stats I ''cherry picked''?
His corsi % is average. Not horrible, but not good. Simply OK. Which is normal for somebody that is a fringe top 4 defenceman.
Show me the stats you want me to see.

14 Aug 2019 00:46:59
Table scraps and garbage for a top 4 RHD. I don’t think so. And where does Risto play? 3RHD? Or does St. Louis trade Parayko or Pietrangelo to make room for him? Stupid proposal.

15 Aug 2019 21:25:12
An oilers fan trying to educate the stanley cup champs about defence lol. This is too easy lol.

16 Aug 2019 18:39:59
the oilers have better defence than the habs.

16 Aug 2019 19:09:51
OH really? And when exactly did this happen?

16 Aug 2019 22:30:56
I mean. It's kind of common sense?
Weber is always injured (never even played one full season for the Habs), terrible contract and will be untradeable in a couple of years.
Petry is mediocre and overpaid.

Weber, Petry, Mete, Chiarot, Kulak, Folin
Nurse, Larsson, Klefbom, Russell, Bouchard, Benning

you're pretty funny, you're like the french Colt lol.

I mean Bouchard would literally be your guys' second pairing defenceman right now.

17 Aug 2019 02:00:25
Like where are all those stats and facts you were going to destroy me with? If you can't find them at least explain how anyone on the oilers defence is actually better then petry. i mean I like nurse and klefbom and of course they are younger which gives them the edge in the long term but really what have they done so far that makes them better? Also if he's over paid then I guess Larson is too right?

17 Aug 2019 02:07:17
Not trying to defend habby or anything but Bouchard has played a handful of games in the NHL. Chances are he’s going to be good but right now he’s a question mark. Weber is an absolute stud. Yes the injuries have been taking a toll and yes his contract is nuts, but you were talking about talent, not contracts. Petry is a pretty solid defenseman that Edmonton should’ve kept. The Oiler fans keep saying their d pool is deep so I’ll believe you. I’ve admitted before that I don’t know a lot about prospects, it’s probably the only reason I stay on this site. Some of you are very smart when it comes to the young kids. I definitely don’t stick around for the childish crap.

08 Aug 2019 15:23:14
Edmonton Oilers:

- Ivan Barbashev (RFA)

St.Louis Blues

- Matthew Cairns (D)

- 2020 3rd round pick

Edmonton Oilers get their 3rd line forward who is projected to sign from the 1.5-2M per year range.

Ivan Barbashev hasn't worked out for the Blues, so a fresh start would make sense for both.

Barbashev is currently an RFA, and with his right's being gone, the Blues can sign Pat Maroon to a deal.

Cairns is a solid but underwhelming prospect. At the draft, his potential was to be a Parayko type of player but recently began to drop. He was selected 84th overall in 2016.

08 Aug 2019 16:19:05

Do you just make sheet up? Barbashev not working out in st. louis. LOL he is part of one of the best 4th lines in the nhl that was shutting out top lines in the playoffs and his physicality was needed to get through the west. LOL isn't working out. Please show me one article that states this.

08 Aug 2019 16:38:11

You just proved yourself wrong. ''He is part of the best 4th lines in the NHL. ''.
Barbashev is not a fourth line player. For his entire career, he was a scorer first.

When he was just 16 years old, he posted 62 points in 68 QMJHL games. Then surprised everybody that he fell to the 2nd round when he was projected to be a lock in first rounder.

Does that scream ''4th line hitter'' to you?

08 Aug 2019 18:24:34
Ryan Reaves scored 110 goals in pewee AA does that make him an elite scorer at the NHL? QMJHL stats mean just as much handicap in golf when comparing to the nhl for an example Jordan Schalmltz was a top offensive dman in his minor days now he plays a shutdown role in the AHL with top PK time.

08 Aug 2019 19:24:55
Oh my god. That might be the dumbest thing you have ever said VB.

08 Aug 2019 21:59:21
The point is player adapt and Barbeshev adapted to a 4th line checking role.

08 Aug 2019 22:30:40
Vb did you just agree with me. Wow he'll froze over. Lol. Seriously though vb makes a tremendous point. As players move up they tend to break out for points or take on roll playing. As for probing your point are you trying to suggest that he will score a ton moving up 1 line. the sheet you spew is just dumb.

09 Aug 2019 05:25:44
Redwing agrees with vbb’s when he praises a Blues player? Crazy!

09 Aug 2019 07:00:40
Fair trade

09 Aug 2019 16:19:03
Blues will not trade barbashev great bottom 6 center. Can and has swung up to play 2 line and is great PKr. So why on earth do blues downgrade LOL.

10 Aug 2019 20:11:36
Because they get LW/ RW depth with Maroon, as well as a 3rd round pick and a C level prospect.

Is the difference between Maroon and Barbashev a 3rd round pick and a C level prospect?
I think so. Considering you're calling Barbashev a bottom 6 centre.

22 Jul 2019 20:34:37
To STL - Marner
To TOR - Parayko, Fabbri & 3rd

Hyman - Tavares - Kapanen

Johnsson - Matthews - Nylander

Moore - Kerfoot - Fabbri

Petan - Spezza - Shore

Rielly - Parayko

Muzzin - Barrie

Dermott - Ceci

22 Jul 2019 21:34:07
There is no way this works cap wise. Let me say this though. Blues value parayko at 5.5 mil than marner at 10 11 mil. Dmen like parayko do not grow on trees. Him and jaybo essentially shut down every teams best lines in the playoffs which allowed the lower scoring blues to win games. So no not even straight up.

22 Jul 2019 21:51:07
No from both teams value wise from leafs and the blues just win the cup.

23 Jul 2019 00:06:28
Parayko has on off year, but he is still a great defenceman.
However if your trading a franchise player, you better be getting a franchise player. I don’t think Parayko is a Franchise defenceman.

23 Jul 2019 01:38:15
Is redwing colt? Just curious

23 Jul 2019 02:49:50
I can't see it.

23 Jul 2019 05:06:52
You say marner is a franch8se player cause he got a bunch of assists. How did that work out for the leafs in the playoffs. Parayko shut down entire top lines. You can say whatever you want about him. Blues are not trading him.

23 Jul 2019 12:24:26
Well Marner has 17 points in 20 playoff gam.

23 Jul 2019 15:12:27
Hockey is a team game colt. I’m sure St. Louis is not trading Parayko but your comment about Marner and the playoffs is absolutely moronic. I’ve come to expect that from you.

23 Jul 2019 16:42:10
is it, is it really I get its a team sport but a goalie can't steal a game. A star like Schwartz can't score a hattrick and beat a team. I understand just fine. I have played my entire life, But to sit here and say 1 player can't change the course of a game or series is BS and you know it. Parayko was the best defenseman in the cup run for the blues. He may have only gotten 12 points in 26 games a +6 and had 25:07 TOI. This kid also killed Bishop with his blast. You look at Dallas, Boston, Sanjose and Winnepeg. You will notice that their top lines just were not scoring at all. Bostons perfect line didn't do squat. So to sit here and say marner is more valuable because he gets assists. Also Parayko for a defenseman playing mostly defense zone starts had .46 PPG% and marner had .57 pp%.

Marner was also a -4 where colton was +6

Also I thought per tor fans that TOR was a way better team than the blues.

Any way The blues don't win Stanley cup with out parayko. Marners offense doesn't mean anything if your defense can't stop the other team from scoring. So in no world would I trade parayko for marner and his 10 - 11 mil contract LOL.

23 Jul 2019 18:24:28
If anyone wants to see something funny. click on the fantasy tab for this site and you can see colt posted:
Parayko, Thomas, 3rd

I think it is the second post down.

23 Jul 2019 19:39:40
Hahaha Turkey that's great stuff.

23 Jul 2019 20:09:48
thunder turkey you should probably look at that again. That says Mathews.

23 Jul 2019 21:31:24
I do agree tanky that a player can take over a series. Marner did his best to do just that. He had a good series at both ends of the rink and threw himself in front of blasts from the point to protect the lead. The leafs failed to finish the Bruins off once again but Marner was the best player on the team IMO. I’m going to ignore the rest of your post because I said that “I’m sure St. Louis is not trading Parayko. ” I didn’t see a lot of St. Louis games but I heard he was good.

24 Jul 2019 10:10:11
he said second post down redwing

its right there for everyone 2 see

you flip flop on trades like you flip flop on teams. your a fair weather fan.

24 Jul 2019 13:39:15
FT4A stinks

I have never in the history of being on this boards every wanted to trade parayko. Its obvious you have no effing clue about me. I have always and will always be a die hard blues fan. Marner is a great 90 pt winger. He could be the best Toronto has to offer, But I don't want him and his crazy contract over PArayko. But hey what do I know, parayko was only instrumental in getting the blues a cup. If I remember correctly when the blues were last in the west I was on here saying that blues shouldn't make trades and all they needed was a new coach and new goalie. You all laughed then. Who is laughing now.
Also to leafs 17 I get that you think you know hockey but to say that Robert Thomas is looking like a bust just goes to show how much you really know.

24 Jul 2019 14:40:08
"I have never in the history of being on this boards every wanted to trade parayko. "

Its obvious you have no clue about urself becuz you clearly posted a trade for him+ for marner. its still there. every1 can see it hahaha. i'm laughing now

do you have alzhymers? is that why you forgot u were supposedly a st louis fan and started cheering for detroit? who u going to cheer for this year when detroit struggles?

fair weather fan.

25 Jul 2019 00:46:46
Hey dummies did you read it it says Mathews and it was to piss off leaf fans. You should try to reading sometime.

25 Jul 2019 00:48:38
Ft4a I was banned and created redwing1 to get back on the board. But hey say what ever makes you feel better. I will just enjoy the cup.

25 Jul 2019 04:28:26
Paryanko alone for Marner is funny enough but Pary Plus. lololol.
Leaf fans. So so amusing.

25 Jul 2019 18:05:50
this board doesn't ban people. so that was a lie. and you won't enjoy crap u a red wing fan now made your bed lie in it hahaha.

26 Jul 2019 02:23:47
Mr editor can you please confirm that people can and have been banned here before. Thanks.

19 Jul 2019 04:05:13
NYR: Chris Kreider

STL: Robby Fabbri, Klim Kostin, 2020 2nd round pick

19 Jul 2019 10:08:08
Don't think Kreider is worth that much, Kostin is a very solid young player.

19 Jul 2019 15:17:59
Retain 50% on kriender.

22 Jul 2019 21:38:37
Blues say no thanks. Can't take on salary and lose elf contracts.

06 Jul 2019 03:35:46
It's RFA season

Marner to Colorado 11.5 M

Tkachuk St Louis 9M

Point Columbus 11 M

Provorov Edm 4M

Laine Van 7M

Rantenen ...9M ..matched by Colorado

06 Jul 2019 04:28:29
I'd think every team matches except point and tkachuk.

06 Jul 2019 04:41:54
LOL at Provonov at 4 million he’ll probably get around Aho’s contract. Same with Laine.

06 Jul 2019 05:30:53
Definitely agree with vbb on that. Philly would easily match.

06 Jul 2019 06:12:17
Yeah the provorov deal is the easiest of all to match.

06 Jul 2019 07:10:06
Conroy said tkachuk isn't signing any offer sheets so that's good

06 Jul 2019 07:40:52
Tampa would probably match point at 11 tbh, and if not that’s probably 4 lottery picks. I don’t seem him signing an offer sheet for what it’s worth, he already turned down Montreal.

06 Jul 2019 09:34:18
Point turned down an Offer Sheet from MTL, why would he sign one with CBJ now?
Also Provorov going to get more, although VB saying he'll get Aho money is fairly insane, too.

06 Jul 2019 11:29:25
Maybe Montreal only offered 5 million to point? It’s pretty stupid to infer that because he declined 1 offer he wouldn’t sign another. Montreal probably low balled him.

06 Jul 2019 14:17:40
No point came out and said MTL offered a good contract but I don’t want to leave Tampa.

06 Jul 2019 16:08:28
VB at worst Montreal offered Point what they gave Aho. It wouldn’t make sense for them to go lower, when they realized they weren’t going to get Point they pivoted to Aho.

06 Jul 2019 17:21:35
@jbs So now that you can see the difference of how two players acted when approached with an offer sheet could you now admit that aho was at least slightly intrigued by playing in Montreal lol.

07 Jul 2019 02:21:32
Every team could match but Toronto. they don't have the cap space to match 11M.

07 Jul 2019 03:54:29
Never said he wasn’t intrigued, but the deal he accepted screamed he was just trying to hurry it up with Carolina and says nothing about him trying to get out of Carolina by any means possible. Not to mention maybe Point would have accepted the same deal knowing Tampa would accept, Montreal got the feeling they wouldn’t get Point maybe Point would only accept something he knew Tampa would match while Montreal was really banking on that front loaded bonus structure with Carolina.

07 Jul 2019 06:31:24
IVe actually been hearing over the last few days that Tom dundon told some player agents from the team that he wouldn't be giving out any signing bonus on contracts so there is that too. I haven't really took the time to verify this but I have read or heard about it a few times since the offer sheet. maybe it's just another rumour but it is picking up a little steam In the ole mill.

07 Jul 2019 08:04:49
Thanks, jbs delivering the basic logic VB apparently wasn't able to grasp. So much for "stupid", hihi.

08 Jul 2019 18:06:14
Toronto has the ability to match virtually any offer sheet put towards Marner. If there was even the slightest doubt about Toronto’s financial position, Marner would have been OS’d already.

08 Jul 2019 18:16:25
This debate is pointless. Edmonton needs Draisaitl a lot more than they need Marner.

04 Jul 2019 12:27:02
Honestly FOR THE RIGHT VALUE I'm kinda warming up to the idea of trading Mitch Marner for the sole reason of cap troubles.

Here are some trades that could benefit both teams

Toronto: Mitch Marner, Fredrick Andersson And Joseph Woll/Ian Scott

Anaheim: Hampus Lindholm, Rickard Rakel And John Gibson


Toronto: Mitch Marner And Cody Ceci

Islanders: Ryan Pulock, Noah Dobson and 1st 2020

Maybe add Timothy Lilijgren for Wahlstrom, Bellows or Ho Sang to help the Depth on the Right side

What do you guys think?

04 Jul 2019 14:55:52
With the Cody Ceci and Alex Kerfoot deals officially signed the leafs now have 3.77 mil in cap space and 9 mil with Horton on LTIR more moves will likely be coming.

04 Jul 2019 16:43:13
It seems like there signing everyone BUT Marner. Who’s someone they’d move? Nylander?

04 Jul 2019 17:18:43
Probably trade (or more likely waive, as I doubt anybody wants them) a scrub or two to free up an extra mill or so.

04 Jul 2019 18:01:25
Yes players like
Marincin, Moore etc.
Can be moved to the AHL list.
Plus besides Horton, Hyman and Dermott can be moved to the injured list as well which Free's up 13m.

04 Jul 2019 18:19:56
I don’t see Nylander getting moved as no one would Bay the price.

04 Jul 2019 20:20:19
You got to start the season cap compliment pinball. So is your theory sign marner after the season's started? Or why you even bring that up? They really need to sell nylander for whatever they can get. Wont be much.

04 Jul 2019 21:24:41
They can sign Marner and still be cap compliant.

04 Jul 2019 22:40:29
Shoots. They can be 10 percent over the cap until the start of the season. At that point they can move contracts to make up that 10 percent.

04 Jul 2019 22:41:50
Ltir only kicks in 1st day of the season, Horton's contract and whoever else still counts till then and still need to be under the cap at the start of the season including those contracts. do I have that wrong?

04 Jul 2019 22:45:51
And can sign marner and be cap complient cause it's the offseason unsportsmanlike . 3.77 mil left in cap space so think nylander is probably a goner if they can find a fool gm to take it.

04 Jul 2019 23:08:46
They can sign marner for how much and still be compliant?

05 Jul 2019 12:01:54
Yes Mcgee, I believe you have that wrong (don’t feel bad though because it’s complicated AF; i thought the same thing as you up until a few weeks ago) . Basically, LTIR can be used in the offseason for players like Horton.

As per Capfriendly:
To use off-season LTIR the team must provide doctors proof that the player in question will continue to be injured at the beginning of the regular season for 10 NHL games and 24 calendar days.

Given the nature of Horton’s issues (he’s never playing hockey again) he would qualify.

04 Jul 2019 07:33:07
St. Louis Blues:

Brayden Schenn

Winnipeg Jets:

Jack Roslovic

Simon Lundmark

1st Round Pick 2020

Conditional 1st Round if Schenn Resigns.

04 Jul 2019 11:59:42
Why would they.

04 Jul 2019 17:08:28
No from Winnipeg.

04 Jul 2019 18:11:54
Why would the Blues trade Schenn?

04 Jul 2019 23:55:13
Is that a first and conditional 1st or just a condition on the one first? No reason to trade schenn but if you're saying 2 possible 1sts that probably would be a good trade for STL but think they want to keep the band together.

24 Jul 2019 14:16:31
Huge over payment for a soon to be UFA, no no no!! for jets that is

03 Jul 2019 10:05:28
Stl - fabbri schmaltz Edmondson

Vgk- gusev

Edmondson will command 3mil fabbri 1mil schmaltz800k

That fills 3 positions for Vegas and adds another legit Dman to their team.

03 Jul 2019 18:22:31
The reason Vegas wants to trade Gusev is because of the cap. He’ll be traded for picks or prospects.

03 Jul 2019 18:36:51
if you look at their roster they only have 5dmen and are short on good cheap roster options. That's why I made the prop.

03 Jul 2019 18:45:35
What has Gusev accomplished to earn that much in a trade exactly?

03 Jul 2019 19:37:19
He has tremendous khl numbers.

03 Jul 2019 21:20:32
Nigel dawes has had more then a ppg last 3 seasons in khl. doesn't mean he'd get back in the nhl and tear it up. Khl numbers don't mean squat especially if not used to the ice size. And khl is a pretty big step under the nhl.

04 Jul 2019 01:22:16
Zaitsev I saw considered one of the most successful KHL signings of all time if that tells you anything. Gusev has a lot to prove before he gets anything of use in return in a trade.

04 Jul 2019 12:21:46
Can’t see saint Louis giving up on Edmonston isn’t he the top pairing LHD?

04 Jul 2019 12:24:44
Gusev could be another Panarin or a flop.
Teams like Ottawa, Colorado, NJ that have enough Cap to take that chance other Teams including Vegas just can't.
If he is another Panarin it's a steal.

04 Jul 2019 12:26:25
Shootsmcgee sure but Gusev was putting up much better numbers than Datsyuk so I can see why teams are willing to take a chance on him.

04 Jul 2019 12:29:20
Gusev already got something of use in a trade, Vegas taking Garrison in expansion. And I’d say giving him up there was a terrible decision and was only done because Tampa didn’t think he’d come over.

04 Jul 2019 20:37:41
I'd agree he's worth a chance but I'd only be wanting him to get a 2 year deal. If he's wanting long term probably wouldn't want him. Prove himself like breadman and then get the big contract.

22 Jun 2019 16:44:47
Carolina Trades
McKeown (AHL)
6th Round Pick 2019

Toronto Trades
4th Round Pick 2019 (Blues Pick)

Type of Trade the Leafs will have to make to get there Cap Space down to resign Marner and AJohnsson.

Thoughts ?

22 Jun 2019 22:50:05
Funny you say that memarcus because I don't think it's nearly as bad as Chevy's return for Trouba. A late 1st to clear 6 million in cap space and gets you very close to keeping Marner Kapanen and Johansson. I will take that and run any day. Trouba on the other hand is a top pairing dman according to you and you got pretty much nothing in return. I would take the Leafs trade any day over the Jets.

20 Jun 2019 23:58:01
Carolina Trades
JGauthier (AHL)

Toronto Trades
4th Round Pick 2019 (Blues Pick)

Carolina and Toronto I see pulling the trigger on a Trade Proposal like I have posted.
It does help both Teams for Cap Reasons and what both Teams are looking for Roster wise.

Thoughts ?

21 Jun 2019 02:03:00
No from Car.

21 Jun 2019 02:23:09
Seems fair for both teams to me.

21 Jun 2019 06:59:14
I'll still say CAR declines but this is one of your best proposals probably. I mean, it's not utterly ridiculous, so that's a nice first step.

21 Jun 2019 12:28:20
Kadri>Hamilton. Hamilton was a 3rd pairing dman on Carolina. He averaged less then 20 min a game.

20 Jun 2019 02:29:07
2 Trade Proposals.


Carolina Trades
1st Round Pick 2019
1st Round Pick 2020

Toronto Trades
4th Round Pick 2019 (Blues Pick)


LAKings Trade
6th Round Pick 2019

Toronto Trades
Timashov (AHL)
Hollowell (OHL)
1st Round Pick 2020

Thoughts ?

20 Jun 2019 02:50:48
Lol that second trade without Doughty is fair. Also no on the 1st much rather have Marner.

20 Jun 2019 02:57:32
That LA trade is AWFUL. Marleau is a 3rd liner at best. Zaitsev is a 5 or 6 d with a terrible contract. Gauthier is a mediocre prospect. Sparks is trash, hence why the Leafs lost faith in him. Timoshev and Hollowell are AHL’ers and that first will be an above average second unless the leafs rubbish the bed next year. There is NOTHING in that trade that makes the King’s even consider trading Doughty.

Quantity DOES NOT equal quality.

20 Jun 2019 03:59:45
How is an 1st an above average second? Lol the 31st pick isn’t an early second it’s a late first.

20 Jun 2019 05:49:10
LA trade is utterly ridiculous and CAR also easily declines this.
The difference between TT and Marner isn't a top 2/ 4 D and two 1st rd picks.

20 Jun 2019 12:02:55
That LA trade is an absolute joke. Take out Doighty and its closer, lmaoooooo.

20 Jun 2019 13:38:06
The_Triplets ask your self if you got offered that for Kucherov would you accept?

20 Jun 2019 15:47:42
Kucherov? Did you see the awards last night? Let us know when marner comes close to that. Also did you notice kucherov contract? If Tampa was in a situation where signing kucherov was going to put them in a potential bind like Mariners deal MIGHT do to the leafs then yes I think they might actually consider a deal like this. And that's with the fact kucherov is better then marner.

20 Jun 2019 16:17:03
Lmao. Marner = Kucherov? 😂😂😂🤯.

20 Jun 2019 18:00:59
Why would Carolina give up that much when they could just offer sheet him for 4 1sts and keep Pesce and Teravainen.

20 Jun 2019 18:37:14
I’m not saying Marner=Kucherov I’m saying a 22 year old Marner>>>>>Kucherov.

20 Jun 2019 19:40:39
marner and ehlers both are equally as great as kucherov I thought tho.

20 Jun 2019 22:06:41
Tt and Pesce easily enough for marner , take out the draft picks.

20 Jun 2019 23:57:57
Oof VB. Marner is great, but Kuch is much better and likely cheaper going forward. I know there’s an age difference but it’s not like Kucherov is old or exiting his prime.

20 Jun 2019 02:22:12
Carolina Trades
1st Round Pick 2019
1st Round Pick 2020

Toronto Trades
4th Round Pick 2019 (Blues Pick)

Thoughts ?

18 Jun 2019 02:37:04
Edmonton Trades

Toronto Trades
4th Round Pick 2019 (Blues Pick)

Thoughts ?

18 Jun 2019 03:17:14
Sorry Pinball, we’re just not done making fun of the Jets homers yet — you mind taking the night off?

Oh man, I hope Gorton at least took “Chevy” out to dinner first.

15 Jun 2019 13:17:19
Detroit Trades: Jonathan Bernier

St. Louis Trades: Jake Allen

St.Louis saves 1.35 mill for next 2 years and gets a solid backup for Binnington.

Detroit takes a chance on Allen to see if he can turn it around with change of scenery and gets a slightly younger goalie by 2 years to help transition to youth.

Who adds? How much?

15 Jun 2019 16:12:52
I think Saint Louis takes this.

15 Jun 2019 21:36:25
Honestly I wouldn't be against it but would prefer to get a pick or two. We have husso and could sign a cheaper backup.

15 Jun 2019 22:42:49

I understand your point but many teams will have a challenge taking Allen’s salary without retention.

My premise with this deal is to help them get something serviceable and save cap rather than be stuck with retained salary for longer.

16 Jun 2019 05:05:14
I understand but rather have the better goalie for the small amount being saved. If we are going to trade Allen for cap reasons we would rather bring up one of our young guys so downgrading for 1.35mil isn't worth it. Rather get a pick for him.

13 Jun 2019 14:29:16
Tor rights to marner and zietsev sorry spelling sucks. Lol.

Blues perako and petriangelo

13 Jun 2019 14:40:35
Blues just won the cup why would they trade there top 2 dman. No Matter how good Marner is there is no sense of fixing something that isn’t broken.

13 Jun 2019 19:24:26
And it took Kapanens 22 year old season to do anything. Puljujarvi has 2 more seasons. I don’t think the Leafs would make this trade though. But I think Puljujarvi has higher potential. Also are these the same rumours about the trade request that were floating around a couple weeks ago?

14 Jun 2019 18:01:42
Blues won the cup on luck, they aren't great. A lot of the top teams floundered in the first round so bottom teams had a way better chance. Worst final I can remember.

10 Jun 2019 19:47:36
Saw this trade in Leafs rumors wanted to see the reaction. IMO blues ay no very easily. This was posted by leafs fan

TOR- Marner Anderson

STL- Binnington, Parayko, Robert Thomas.

I think blues keep their SCF team together
Robert Thomas isn't some throw in.

10 Jun 2019 19:58:00
Does anyone else think Binnigton is an on-off type goalie? He has games where he is amazing, but then he has games where he let's up 4+ goals on less then 30 shots.

10 Jun 2019 20:06:22
Your a Detroit fan now. stick with that.

10 Jun 2019 20:16:48
I don’t think Binnington will completely fall off next year, but I don’t think he’ll be as good as he was this year.

10 Jun 2019 20:24:20
Yah leafs don’t touch that. Marner for Seth Jones or just resign him. Heck if the leafs really can’t get the cap ( they can easily) I’d rather just buyout Tavares then do that.

10 Jun 2019 20:24:31
Thunder buddy I get that you think your funny. But everyone knows why my names changed. Its called getting banned. I assume that since I have been less combative that they are allowing me to stay on here not really sure. But if it makes you happy I can change my name again.

10 Jun 2019 20:31:05
Yeah blues don't do it. I understand why Tor doesn't do it but after cwith the blues man asylum site at stltoday everyone that has responded to me asking said they wouldn't make that tradenot at all.

10 Jun 2019 20:32:18
Also everyone thought that binnington would fall of during the playoffs hadn't happened. He is a solid goalie he quick or a yourice no but he isn't inconsistent like allen.

10 Jun 2019 22:27:25
with the blues rich history of signing guys to offer sheets, I wonder if marner would be a target this summer.

11 Jun 2019 00:18:50
Colt? Are you replying to your own post?

11 Jun 2019 00:40:25
Yeah he needs that account to cheer for the Blues after he gave up on them.

11 Jun 2019 01:10:44
This post gives Wings fans a bad name, I do not feel this is fair at all or likely to happen.

11 Jun 2019 03:48:28
Yeah I gave up on blues lol.

07 Jun 2019 14:36:36
Edmonton Trades

Toronto Trades
Timashov (AHL)
4th Round Pick 2019 (Blues Pick)

Thoughts ?

07 Jun 2019 15:25:33
EDM says no. not enough from Toronto.

07 Jun 2019 16:32:10
change the 4th to a 2nd and maybe edmonton would consider it.

07 Jun 2019 21:15:26
Oilers won't trade jesse unless it isn't a first or top prospect.

08 Jun 2019 23:53:18
Puljujarvi has been another Yakupov so really it's a pretty fair Deal in fact Timashov might be the better Prospect then Puljujarvi.
Could be a steal or flop for both Teams.

08 Jun 2019 23:56:57
Puljujarvi isn't worth a 1st Round Pick or a Top Prospect at this point Swechamp.
Edmonton will not get anything close to that.
That is the reality.

07 Jun 2019 04:25:03
At the draft trade

St. Louis

J. Quenville
J. Davies

New Jersey

V. Dunn



P. Zacha
3rd round pick

New Jersey

J. Debruske

07 Jun 2019 12:33:12
No from Boston and saint Louis.

07 Jun 2019 16:34:21
not familiar with Davies, but the difference between dunn and quennville is a bit, so NJD would have to add

Zacha and Debrusk are close imo, maybe change the 3rd to a second and it would get done.

06 Jun 2019 19:04:40
I have a good idea, yes. This is the trade that must happen to make everyone happy.

Winnipeg trades the Trouba
St. Louis trades Parayko.

It makes sense, yes?

06 Jun 2019 19:42:55
I would think St. Louis would just stay with Parayko. He's under contract for 3 more years at a good cap hit.

06 Jun 2019 20:18:48
Paryanko has more value.

06 Jun 2019 20:26:59
Parayko > Truba IMO.

06 Jun 2019 21:41:34
Parayko is way better than Trouba. He and Jaybo. yes jaybo have been the best shut down dmen in the playoffs. They have been shutting down and surpressing the nhls best lines. benn/ seguin bergeron/ pasta and sharks best line. Absolutely no need to trade him LOL

Also on what earth would a Stanleycup contending and possible winner make changes to thier team.

06 Jun 2019 21:48:24
Also Zambonehead

Get in line. I Gaurantee there are 29 other teams willing to make a way better offer for Parayko Than Trouba. Especially since he has been pretty much the best defenseman in the playoffs. He may not get the points like other defenseman but he is norris quality dman who actually plays D. He also killed a guy (bishop)

in his last 5 games his toi has been as follows
5/ 21 26:41
5/ 27 26:11
5/ 29 27:40
6/ 1 26:54
6/ 3 27:53

TOI: 24:55

06 Jun 2019 22:11:53
Why would the Blues want to trade Parayko?

06 Jun 2019 22:40:52
Take it easy redwing. i'm pretty sure he is joking. Also, you changed your name so many times, abandoned your team and changed your name to follow another team. You have to stick to Detroit now.

06 Jun 2019 23:03:48
The Trouba is younger and cheaper in the long run. He puts up many more points than Parayko. St. Louis can have him now and Parayko to the Jets is good replacement. I do not think St. Louis will be able to keep both Parayko and Pietrangelo. In three years he will want so much more money. More than the Trouba.

06 Jun 2019 23:07:03
But why do you call me names Mr. Redwing? Is very childish, yes. I do not call you names. If you do not like the proposal is no reason to call names. Is so very very immature. Yes. You are very childish.

06 Jun 2019 23:50:22
Paryanko And Slavin would be a fair swap IMO. Both dman both do so much in their zone.

06 Jun 2019 23:52:32
I have a better idea zamboni stop pretending to be yoda when posting and just type the way you did a few months ago.

07 Jun 2019 02:55:52
Couple funny comments on this one. Habby, never really notice but zamboni does talk like Yoda. and thunder turkeys comment. Laughed at both those.

07 Jun 2019 10:56:04
would take parayko everyday over trouba.

07 Jun 2019 11:10:18
I think Troubas 50 point season is making people believe he's a stud. He's still a top 4 D imo. Not top 2. His defensive game is not top 2 quality so unless he gets 50 points every year and works on taking the body not going for the puck, then we are for sure talking top 2. I think if he gets traded atm he should get the return of a young RHD top4 defensemen. Parayko is top 2 so it does not work.

08 Jun 2019 04:46:47
atta boy habby.

09 Jun 2019 21:35:56
Mr zamboni.

Trouba is 1 year younger. Does not have the killer slap shot or the defensive shut down skills of parayko.

Also parayko is signed for 3 more years at 5.5 million. Trouba has 1 year at 5.5 million aav. So he is going to get a raise. So let's go over the following facts.

Most points trouba
Most goals parayko
Top pairing Dman parayko
Best actual defender parayko
Longer contract term parayko
Contract value 5.5 the same
Defender still in playoffs parayko.
Actually killed a man ( bishop) parayko.

22 May 2019 04:20:04
ANA: 29th Overall Pick 2019 (STL)
WPG: 51st Overall Pick 2019, Comrie

Jets move up to the first round. Ducks use one of two 1st Round Picks to move back to the 2nd Round and get a backup goalie to Gibson.

22 May 2019 13:49:13
yeah that will STL pick will either be a 30 or 31st pick


22 May 2019 15:15:19
Jets would do this trade as Comrie needs a chance to be a backup in the NHL and he won't get it with Maurice as coach. However I don't believe that the Ducks would as there will be lot of proven backups available on July 1st.

23 May 2019 00:28:20
I was surprised the Jets picked up broissoit last off season, I figured comrie to be nhl ready a year ago. although goalies do usually take longer to develop, I kinda like this trade tbh.

23 May 2019 03:46:53
I do not think backup goalies are worth a 1st round pick. Did not Anaheim trade a starting goalie for a 1st? So why would they trade a 1st for a backup? They can get a backup for much less. Oh yes, is true. Goalies do not have so very much in trade value.

23 May 2019 06:38:16
Again way to much.

23 May 2019 22:09:05
Interesting trade but is Myers a 2nd pairing d-man? I think that this trade gives the Jets a great center and 2 unknown futures for 3 roster players. The Jets don't do this as they are in a win now mode, not in 3 years.

09 Jun 2019 21:37:21
Also blues have jake Allen 1b goalie. Would like to get in first rpund.

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