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18 Feb 2018 18:56:16
Canucks: Tanev and hutton
Leafs: Liljigren, 1st round pick, 3 round pick and leivo

Canucks: Vanek
Penguins: 2nd round pick

Canucks: Edler and Gudbranson (Retain 50% on gudbranson and 15% on edler)
Lightning: Foote

18 Feb 2018 19:00:40

14 Feb 2018 23:04:18
The Calgary Flames send Sam Bennett to the Arizona Coyotes in exchange for Max Domi.

The Calgary Flames send Rasmus Andersson, Dillon Dube & 2nd Round Pick to the Buffalo Sabres in exchange for Sam Reinhart.

The Calgary Flames send Curtis Lazar & Matt Stajan to the Pittsburgh Penguins in exchange for Carl Hagelin

J Gaudreau - S Monahan - M Ferland
M Tkachuk - M Backlund - M Frolik
M Domi - M Jankowski - S Reinhart
C Hagelin - R Lomberg - G Hathaway / T Brouwer

14 Feb 2018 23:18:45
I think 1 and 3 are good. but 2nd proposal is giving up a lot of people for one player.

14 Feb 2018 23:45:23
#1 isn’t terrible but I think arizona banks on domis potential over Bennett’s at this point.

#2 I think flames are paying a steep price, but if they really believe Reinhart can turn it around, I guess could be alright.

#3 makes Pittsburgh worse going into the playoffs. Not something Rutherford would do at all. He’s always a guy to tweak and add. Not take a disappointing prospect and a depth veteran for a key part of their team (even if he’s a bit over paid)

14 Feb 2018 23:49:50
#1 . Maybe. Pizza man has some kind of pull with Arizona.
Value is probably close

#2 Sorry, No 2nd round pick for Calgary. That is property of the New York Islanders, so #2 is impossible.

#3 Laughable. Calgary's turn to try to get something useful
for Lazar. Ottawa fans can probably feel the pain

15 Feb 2018 00:26:04
No from Arizona
Big no from Calgary
3rd is interesting, potentially from Pitt but idk.

15 Feb 2018 15:18:57
#1 - i think ARI would want more
#2 - meh, not bad but don't know if BUF would really want all those pieces.
#3 - nope, your stuck with Stajan.

14 Feb 2018 10:31:43
So if Brassard is being shipped, and Pittsburgh a likely destination

OTT: Brassard, Condon
PIT: Jarry, 2nd 2018, Hagelin,2nd 2019

Sens address goaltending issue, send Condon back, get additional second for taking the Hagelin contract.

14 Feb 2018 13:40:42
I like this one, not bad. PIT might need to add a little though if they want to dump Hagelin's contract.

14 Feb 2018 18:43:17
I can see this without the 2018 2nd though.

14 Feb 2018 05:03:33
Mtl trades Pacioretty(50%). 2018 2nd, 2018 4th.

nashville trades - eeli tolvanen, dante fabbro.

before anyone starts saying anything. pacioretty isn't a rental and he's on really good contract and mtl are keeping 50% of his contract and remember everyone what hanzal got 1st, 2nd, 4th.

then Mtl trades plekanec(50%), 2018 4th.

penguins trades 2018 2nd.

then Mtl drafts Tkachuk





14 Feb 2018 05:18:44
Consider Nashville probably wants to go in I can see this trade but that is one steep price, so I also don’t see them making this.

14 Feb 2018 07:55:26
Nashville has got a young core so I can see them willing to give up 2 young promising pieces for a guy that has scored 30 plus goals the last few years.

14 Feb 2018 10:46:41
Both are top prospects, Habs would be lucky to get one of them, no chance they get both.

14 Feb 2018 13:14:25
If not gets both does guys for Patches that's a steal imo. But realisticly one of those prospect and a second or B prospect is fair. They are both A level prospect such is equal to a top rental but since Patches has another year left the second or B prsopect males it even I believe.

14 Feb 2018 15:47:12
the reasoning is that our 2018 second is almost like a late first, would it be more fair to add a 3rd on that which is close to a second.

14 Feb 2018 15:50:20
i remember when sherback wasn't a good skater now he's hella fast and and an amazing skater so vilardi will prob learn.

14 Feb 2018 16:07:56
Retaining 50% on patches ups his value so realistically he should get those 2 A prospects no problem. Imagine a 30 goal scorer for less than 2.5 million, not bad.

14 Feb 2018 18:52:24
I wouldn't give yo Tolvonen alone for Patches let alone adding Fabbro. Think of the age gap. Ten or so years of Tolvonen or one year of Patches. I'm going with Tolvo.

15 Feb 2018 22:08:57
U wouldn't trade tolvanen straight up for pacioretty?

Might wanna get that checked.

16 Feb 2018 01:07:24
I agree with yup, nashville definitely shouldn't trade tolvanen for a year and a half of old patches that they don't need.

16 Feb 2018 03:04:26
This is brutal for nashville. Maybe if Pacioretty was scoring like a 30 goal scorer would this make sense. but even still. Nashville top 2 prospects for one year of a a guy slumping is a huge no from the preds.
1St2018, 2nd 2019 plus aberg for pacioretty.

08 Feb 2018 04:04:19
Habs trade Poehling, McCarron, 2nd 2018 and 2nd 2019 to Arizona for Domi.

Habs trade Plekanec (50% retained) to Pits for 2nd 2018.

At Draft Pacioretty (signed on extension), Shaw (25% retained) and Brooks for Hanifin.

08 Feb 2018 16:14:44
arizona fan here wouldn't give up poehling for domi u crazy.

08 Feb 2018 16:43:02
Domi. not worth that package.

09 Feb 2018 02:21:06
Domi is good and I would like to add him to either one of my teams mtl or blues but at a reasonable cost. And Phoeing could very well be are next top line center and even if he just become a solid second line center he would be worth it imo. Domi is imo good secondary scorer with means he's not a top line center but more of a second line winger or third liner center. He is however still young and could be a good gritty second line center lien Kadri. Like I said if Ari wants to trade him not should be I the race but not give up are only good center prospect for him. Maybe Julsen, Sherback and a second? Two B prospects and a second rd pivk with will be low for a decent second line center with good second line center potential. Is this fair?

06 Feb 2018 18:32:14
Mtl: sherry + sprong + 1st+

Pittsburgh: Pacioretty + pleckanek(50% salary)

That what Bergevin ask for. What do you think?

06 Feb 2018 19:20:42
In my opinion it is close to what bergevin is asking yes, but i standby on my original thought that patches stays a hab another year. There is other wingers available that could be had for less for teams looking to make a run, the habs have no reason to let go of patches this soon without getting back what they're asking for (wont happen)

06 Feb 2018 19:38:13
Boy. I hope not.

06 Feb 2018 20:49:56
montreal is not going to get what they want for patches. I agree with facelift39 - will be kept till next year. Also if they are going to go all in if JT makes free agency, they will want someone for him to play with.

05 Feb 2018 15:52:30
PIT: Jarry
ARI: Domi

Just a base for a trade. Arizona gets a good young goalie. Pens add a young top 6 winger.

05 Feb 2018 19:31:28
I'm aware that more would be involved likely from the Pens side because Jarry's numbers are good, but it was a small sample size.

04 Feb 2018 16:04:27
Via Craig Button:

OTT: Pageau

PIT: one of Jarry or Gustavsen

PIT has two young goalies behind matt murray and need a third line Centre and OTT needs goalies

personally i like it

04 Feb 2018 16:19:52
just to clarify. this was a suggestion from button. not an actual trade.

04 Feb 2018 16:30:17
Pageau isn’t much of an upgrade over Sheahan.

04 Feb 2018 16:45:48
Well. Xcing that's completely wrong.

04 Feb 2018 16:59:57
Well Pageau is an upgrade over Sheahan, Pageau is very underrated and a good third line center.

Watching a Pens game the other day the pens guys were saying Sheahan is now looking better since they put this Geuntzel-Sheahan-Kessel line together. And that they may be happy with him as a third line center and could look for a fourth line center now, Like Letestu, who they have been interested in for a while they said. Pens lines when Sheary and Hornqvist come back are very very nice. If you slot letestu in, They look scary to any team in the playoffs I think.
Sheary Crosby rust
Hagelin Malkin hornqvist
Geuntzel Sheehan Kessel
Kuhnackl letestu reaves
Dumoulin Letang
Matta Shultz
Cole Oleksiak

A few days ago pens big three had unreal stats, playing on separate lines. In 13 games Crosby had 23P. Malkin 23P. Kessel 20. Pens are looking scary again.

04 Feb 2018 17:02:55
But I myself think they should go after Pageau. Put him third line. And move Sheahan to fourth. I wouldn't give up Jarry tho, Unless Condon is coming back. I like condone a lot myself.
Pageau, Condon for Jarry and 5th?
Jarry becomes Sens hopeful future starter or what? I'm not sure Sens goalie situation behind Anderson at the moment. But if they are giving up Pageau I would think it would be for one of those younger goalies they see potential possible starter quality in.

04 Feb 2018 17:15:38
I stand by my statement that Pagaeu isn’t much of an upgrade over Sheahan. Pageau is only one year younger but doesn’t have as many points despite averaging more ice time. Also Sheahan has better advanced stats event though he starts nearly 70% of shifts in the D zone. Not to mention he’s been hot lately since the Pens shuffled up the lines. If I was the penguins I’d rather keep those goalies cause it’s not much of an upgrade. (PS Pageau also makes more money)

04 Feb 2018 18:30:39
Xcing, Pageau's opposition every single night is the other teams top line. most nights playing against Mcdavid, Crosby. etc. Obviously Pageau is having a down year. you also have to look at who they're playing for and who they're with.

Ottawa - 29th
Smith - Pageau - Pyatt

Pittsburgh - 14th
Guentzel - Sheahan - Kessel

Also, Pageau is absolute money in the playoffs.

04 Feb 2018 18:32:08
And again. this isn't my opinion or suggestion, this is from a professional who does this rubbish for a living . Craig Button.

06 Feb 2018 23:26:39
Ottawa don't need a goalie especially not for pageau.

04 Feb 2018 08:53:51
Pittsburgh: Hutton, Vanek, 2nd, 4th

Vancouver: Maata, 1st

Close? Nucks need more young D

What do y'all think?

04 Feb 2018 05:54:58
according to craig button of tsn, ottawa could possibly trade with pittsburgh for a goalie. their suggested trade was the following.

Ottawa: pageau
Pittsburgh: gustavsson or jarry

so my question is do you guys think this is realistic? also what one do you think would be closer? who would add?

04 Feb 2018 09:25:53
Yeah, maybe Condon gets involved too so Pittsburgh has a reliable backup for Murray.

02 Feb 2018 02:02:32
Ott: 2nd and 3rd round pics
Pit: J. G. and Dion

Pit gets cheap 3rd line centre for next 3 years but swallows Dions contract.

02 Feb 2018 02:09:15
Cap hit makes it impossible.

02 Feb 2018 02:38:53
Lol this is dumb sorry. No from Pitt. If there was a trade for just JG maybe but not this.

02 Feb 2018 04:26:58
Yes and yes from Pitt.

02 Feb 2018 05:22:04
Lol. Pitts says no
Take out Phanuef and maybe.

03 Feb 2018 10:12:37
Cap hit doesn't make anything impossible. If spezza can find a trade destination like he did from ottawa to Dallas without retention and more term and dollars on his contract than Pheneuf has now then there is no reason they can't do the same with Phaneuf. get over it people!

29 Jan 2018 23:45:04
Canucks: Gudbranson, Hutton and Vanek

Kings: Valardi

Canucks: Dowd, Chaput and Weirchoch
Vegas: 6th round pick

Canucks: Tanev and gagner
Penguins: Maata and first round pick

30 Jan 2018 00:02:37
lol ok dream on bud.

30 Jan 2018 00:46:16
Why would Vegas want those three contracts?
Haven't all three those guys been on waivers at some point this or last year. You can't just dump off players to them, They aren't stupid. Dream on.

30 Jan 2018 03:43:53
Lol 0% chance.

30 Jan 2018 10:46:35
Vegas doesn’t have the high end talent of most teams, but they have more and better depth players than almost anyone. Why would they take 3 players that couldn’t play every night on a lot of teams?! They have veteran forwards and D better than those 3 that they have tried trading away all year.

29 Jan 2018 22:46:25
Just a thought.

Pittsburgh Trades:
Ian Cole
2018 4th Round Draft Pick

Toronto Trades:
2018 2nd Round Draft Pick (Higher of SJ/ TOR)
2019 6th Round Draft Pick
Roman Polak

Vancouver Trades:
Thomas Vanek


Pittsburgh Acquires:
Thomas Vanek
Roman Polak
2019 6th Round Draft Pick (TOR)

Toronto Acquires:
Ian Cole

Vancouver Acquires:
2018 2nd Round Draft Pick (TOR/ SJ)
2018 4th Round Draft Pick

- Pittsburgh acquires a top six winger in Vanek, who (as Sosa said) could be marvellous alongside Crosby. This allows Kessel, Malkin and Crosby to be spread across all three lines, and gives for more balanced scoring in Pittsburgh. They still are looking for a centre, however, they keep their first, second and third in the upcoming draft, meaning that they can continue to shop with those assets. Plus, Ian Cole has become a 7th dman in Pittsburgh now, not because he's bad, but because they know they won't be able to keep him after this year. To get a piece of value back for him is good (plus, Polak can be a press box guy too) .

- Toronto acquires a shutdown dman to compliment any of Gardiner, Zaitsev or Rielly. This gives them a top 6 of Rielly/ Hainsey/ Gardiner/ Zaitsev/ Cole/ Dermott. They give up a second, but they have two in the upcoming draft, so it doesn't hurt. Plus, both Cole and Hainsey know how to play true playoff defence, so both could help the Leafs win a round or two. Plus, Cole seems like a guy who Toronto would want to sign via free agency - giving him an early audition doesn't hurt.

- Vancouver acquires two picks for a guy who was supposed to be an expirement, that had all the makings of failure. If I'm them, I take it and run.

24 Jan 2018 11:10:42
Pittsburgh Penguins:
• Carl Hagelin

Edmonton Oilers:
• Patrick Maroon

C Hagelin - C McDavid - J Puljujarvi

Solid McDavid gets a fast winger to play with.

24 Jan 2018 13:30:13
Hagelin isn't a top line winger. And has a terrible contract. Not interested at all in him and that contract.

24 Jan 2018 07:46:49
Canucks: Vanek
Islanders: dal colle

Canucks: gudbranson and chaput
Leafs 1st round pick

Canucks: Hutton
Penguins conditional pick if they win the cup canucks get a first if not canucks get a 2nd round pick

24 Jan 2018 11:24:04
I’d pass on all 3. quickly.

24 Jan 2018 13:31:14
Lol. All very very good for Vancouver and not good for the other team. Is this High247?

24 Jan 2018 06:05:58
Canucks: Vanek, gudbranson, hutton, dowd, chaput and weirchoch

Penguins: Sprong, 1st round pick and sheary

24 Jan 2018 06:30:33
Bruh stop.

24 Jan 2018 13:02:43
There’s not a lot teams want from the Canucks. The ones people would want, like boeser or horvat etc, Canucks won’t trade. Only player that might actually be available and is worth much of anything is tanev. But adding 3-4 undesirable pieces doesn’t all of a sudden make it desireable and worth good prospects and 1sts lol.

20 Jan 2018 20:54:07
Possible trade deadline deals:

Mark Letestu and Mike Cammalleri to the Pittsburgh Penguins in exchange for Tom Kuhnhackl, Andrey Pedan and a 2018 3rd Round Draft Pick.

Antti Raanta and Luke Schenn to the New York Islanders in exchange for Jaroslav Halak, Mitch Vande Sompel and a 2019 2nd Round Draft Pick.

Marco Scandella and Jordan Nolan to the Toronto Maple Leafs in exchange for Leo Komarov, Jeremy Bracco and a 2018 2nd Round Draft Pick.

Evander Kane and Benoit Pouliot to the Los Angeles Kings in exchange for Michael Amadio, a 2018 1st Round Round Draft Pick and a 2019 2nd Round Draft Pick.

Rick Nash (25% Retained) and Michael Grabner to the Boston Bruins in exchange for Matt Beleskey, Anders Bjork and a 2019 2nd Round Draft Pick.

Max Pacioretty (50% Salary Retention) and David Schlemko to the St. Louis Blues in exchange for Robert Thomas, Dmitrij Jaskin, Robert Bortuzzo and a 2017 2nd Round Draft Pick.

Any of these close?

20 Jan 2018 23:03:19
If pitt gave a right handed dman Instead i think that would work better.
idk if that’s worth it for Toronto maybe just go for scandella don’t see a reason to go for Nolan.

According to buffalo gm I don’t think that’ll be enough lol but I’d say that’s fine.
Can’t see why rangers would want Belesky but that’s a good trade for Boston if they are going all in.

For Montreal I could see wanting one more piece or a better piece back than bortuzzo If patches is 50%.

21 Jan 2018 00:01:51
Ty @MJ.

21 Jan 2018 00:38:33
Stl one is bad. They are not trading robert thomas, jordan kyrou, tage thompson or Klim kostin for A RENTAL! . I get that patches has value. don't get me wrong. But he holds no value to a team where their weakness is centers and right wings and absolute strength is LW players. Blues are not 1 player away from a cup. So in this instance 3 of the 4 players are Center/ right wingers and 1 is lw/ rw. SO it doesn't make sense to deal your only prospects (with thomas being the closest) that cover a position of need. Especially with Paul Statsny being a ufa at end of the season. SO once again this will and should not happen.

21 Jan 2018 02:58:46
Redwing. You're Colt aren't you!
You're more a Blue homer than a redwing fan. Your name is a funny disguise tho.

21 Jan 2018 06:33:10
Yeah. I’m 99% sure redwing is colt.

21 Jan 2018 23:42:59
I like blues and redwings. But no one ever post about redwing trades on this board. I'm from Michigan moved to stl after highschool. All my friends are blues fans. I watch both teams but let's be honest since Babcock left they are aweful. Hard to watch.

13 Jan 2018 20:58:26
MTL: Plekanec
PIT: 2nd or 3rd (will most likely be later round picks so the 2nd is in fact closer to a third. This might be a bit much for him but he is one of the best shutdown centers in the league although he doesn't give anything offensively) .

MTL: Byron
To any team willing to give up a 2nd (because he scored 20 goals last year, is crazy fast and great on the PK) . Would go great with any team needing secondary scoring.

MTL: Benn
CHI: 3rd

Benn has been playing way above his pay grade recently and can fetch a 3rd-4th.

I might be overvaluing my Habs players though, let me know.

13 Jan 2018 21:15:42
Gotta retain on Plek to get anything decent. If you retain like %50 then could probably get a 3rd. Not sure a 2nd.
Byron should get you a 3rd for sure and ya maybe a 2nd.

13 Jan 2018 22:05:42
As a sens fan, I am willing to give up nick paul and a 3rd for Byron. Would that suffice?

13 Jan 2018 22:06:26
As for your trades, value seems there except for the first one. Plek is a cap dump. The most he's worth is a 4th-5th

13 Jan 2018 22:41:01
So Paul byron a guy who scored 20 goals last season will probably score 20 goals again this season and is great on the pk like you said who gets paid hen scratch compared to a lot of 20 goal scorers who can't kill penalties. And you want to trade him for a2nd round pick. We got two 2nds for lars eller and gave up 2 2nds for andrew shaw. I would value byron above both of these guys especially when you consider his contract.

13 Jan 2018 23:47:42
I'm ok with Plek and Benn deals., however. I don't want to see Byron go. And if he were to go, only as a good add on peice to say a Pacioretty or Galchenyuk to bring back a significant peice.
I do see Plek as an attractive option for a contender as a good 3rd line Center. If he isn't traded, I would offer him 3 mill for 2 years to be Habs 4th line Center and on the PK, cause he has been a good Canadien .

13 Jan 2018 23:47:57
Are you kidding me with all of these. Especially the first one. Absolute garbage.

14 Jan 2018 02:14:19
McJesus. what do u think then?

14 Jan 2018 14:13:38
No Crazy Attack, that won't suffice. That's good if you want Michael Mcaron but since Byron is cheap, very fast, good on pk and get around 20 goal/ 40 points a second round pick it will take more to get him. Beside Dorion gave up Dahlen who was drafted second round but looks far more promising then his rank, for an old, slow and overpaid Burrows who's maybe half has good as Byron. So I wouldn't be surprise if Dorion offers White for Byron. lol.

14 Jan 2018 18:17:20
The fact he thinks a team will be willing to give up a 2nd for Plek blows my mind.

14 Jan 2018 19:15:04
It's deffinetley a stretch McJesus
. however, that pick is probably around 50th to 62nd overall. it's not totally outta the question. who knows. i'd prefer to get a deal similar to the Weiss, Flieshman deal to Chicago when we received Danault. but. I also know that's a big stretch as well. Lol. maybe Benn and Plek? I dunno.

14 Jan 2018 19:17:51
The only thing Mvjesus think nowadays is to critize people instead of explain why trades are bad. Kinna lazy. It's sad tho because you used to have very good post but now all you posts are either a critic or an insult.

13 Jan 2018 20:48:00
I know the Letang rumours have died down but is this close? I saw a similar one posted around a week ago

PIT: Letang, conditional 4th
TOR: JVR, Bozak, conditional 2nd

PIT trades 4th if they resign JVR.
TOR trades 2nd if they reach the conference finals and if Letang doesn't get injured once.

TOR gets the top pairing defenceman they need while PIT gets another top 6 scorer and the 3rd line center they need. This is a major shakeup in PIT, and gets the team going again.

13 Jan 2018 20:55:09
Yeah, two free agents for Letang . Great idea.

13 Jan 2018 23:03:55
hahah why would they want Letang he is a walking talkking injury in the waiting with a huge cap hit.

13 Jan 2018 23:48:40
Hey! Your back! Glad to see Shankar.

13 Jan 2018 23:48:22
This is so bad and pitt adds a pick to lmao.

13 Jan 2018 12:46:41
My proposition, if the Islanders look to be lagging behind in the Metro, and the Ducks want to make a deep playoff run:

Josh Bailey + Joshua Ho-Sang + Dennis Seidenberg + 3rd Round Draft Pick to the Anaheim Ducks in exchange for Kevin Bieksa (agrees to this trade because of impending deal) + Sam Steel + Jacob Larsson + 1st Round Draft Pick (lottery protected) .

- It's a lot to give up for Anaheim. No doubt. But, they alleviate Bieksa's contract, and get two top six wingers.
- New York gets a big haul for a enigmatic player in Ho-Sang, and a pending UFA in Bailey. New York may be fed up with Ho-Sang, but many teams would want him for sure, and honestly, a swap of him for Sam Steel is pretty fair. Larsson, Bieksa and the 1st for Bailey is more than fair, provided Bailey keeps up his stellar pace. If he does, basically two firsts for an 80-85 point guy is worth it.

Then NYI does:

Kevin Bieksa (50% Retained) to the Pittsburgh Penguins in exchange for a 3rd Round Draft Pick.

This future deal would be the reason why Bieksa waives his NTC. And Bieksa at 2 million is a good price to pay for a Penguins team that has been in favour of acquiring bottom pairing dman and turning them good. As well, if Cole is dealt, Bieksa makes sense as a replacement.

13 Jan 2018 18:07:33
TSS. do you think it that were to happens, Snow is basically writing off the chance to resign Tavares. trading away Bailey especially?

13 Jan 2018 18:16:47
Yeah, possible. It possibly sets up a big change for the Islanders tho. Like maybe this happens before the deadline, and on the deadline Snow ships Tavares off for a boatload of picks/ prospects (St. louis looks like a spot) . Cause idk, the current bunch in NY simply doesn't have it in them. they're defence is okay, their forwards are good, but they need something of a goalie if they want to get deep. I think they have too many bloated contracts for them to be in the realm of contention. that's why i'd think that they trade away Bailey and JT, but for a very good return on both. They could stack up on this years draft class and become a solid team. Cause imo, this Islanders team, headed by JT just doesn't seem like a true cup contender, even if moves are made.

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