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06 Dec 2018 19:00:54
at deadline:

mtl- petry-alzner-hudon-benn-3rd pick


mtl need LHD phoenix need a RHD

coyotes D



only problem is to make petry waive is no trade clause....

06 Dec 2018 19:36:47
No the biggest problem is convincing Arizona to agree to this.

27 Nov 2018 10:51:28
Calgary Flames:
• (C) Mark Jankowski (1,675,000 x 2YR)
• (C) Dillon Dubé (778,333 x 3YR)
• (G) Tyler Parsons (759,167 x 2YR)
• (2019) First Round Pick
St Louis Blues:
• (RW) Vladimir Tarasenko (7,500,000 x 5YR)

Calgary Flames:
• (LHD) TJ Brodie (4,650,400 x 2YR)
• (2019) Second Round Pick
Toronto Maple Leafs:
• (C) William Nylander (unsigned gaudreau comparable contract)

Calgary Flames:
• (RW) Michael Frolík (4,300,000 x 2YR)
Arizona Coyotes:
• (2019) Fourth Round Pick

Calgary Flames:
• (RHD) Michael Stone (3,500,000 x 2YR)
Ottawa Senators:
• (2019) Third Round Pick

Calgary Flames Projected Lines:

Johnny Gaudreau - Sean Monahan - Vladimir Tarasenko
Matthew Tkachuk - William Nylander - Elias Lindholm
Sam Bennett - Mikael Backlund - James Neal
Austin Czarnik - Derek Ryan - Garnet Hathaway

Mark Giordano - Travis Hamonic
Noah Hanifin - Rasmus Andersson
Juuso Välimäki - Oliver Kylington

27 Nov 2018 15:21:08
So 3 sheet pieces of poo and a 1st for tarasenko.

That's a solid no try your first and ktchuck+.

27 Nov 2018 17:08:41
An aging LHD with only two years left on his contract for eight years of Nylander? Not sure if I’m seeing the value there.

27 Nov 2018 20:00:36

27 Nov 2018 21:04:00
Takchuk alone would be too much for Tarasenko based on age and the fact that Tarasenko is a little overpaid for a 60 point player.

28 Nov 2018 01:08:24
40 goal scorer. Lol your a joke.

28 Nov 2018 12:42:23
Why would nylander sign for a couple mil less in Calgary then he's asking from Toronto? Holy snikies some people over rate what nylander will get in return on this site.

26 Nov 2018 23:14:53
Calgary Flames:
• (LHD) TJ Brodie (4,650,400 x 2YR)
• (C) Mark Jankowski (1,675,000 x 2YR)
• (2019) Seventh Round Pick
Toronto Maple Leafs:
• (C) William Nylander (unsigned gaudreau comparable contract)

Arizona Coyotes:
• (RHD) Jason Demers (3,937,000 x 3YR)
Toronto Maple Leafs:
• (LW) Josh Leivo (925,000 x 1YR)
• (2019) Second Round Pick

Edmonton Oilers:
• (RW) Jesse Puljujärvi (925,000 x 1YR)
• (2019) Second Round Pick
Toronto Maple Leafs:
• (LHD) Jake Gardiner (4,050,000 x 1YR)

Projected Lines -

Zach Hyman - John Tavares - Mitch Marner
Patrick Marleau - Auston Matthews - Kasperi Kapanen
Andreas Johnsson - Nazem Kadri - Jesse Puljujärvi
Tyler Ennis - Mark Jankowski - Connor Brown

Morgan Rielly - Jason Demers
TJ Brodie - Ron Hainsey
Travis Dermott - Martin Marincin

27 Nov 2018 04:59:12
Pool and a 2nd for gradiner ufa 😂😂.

27 Nov 2018 10:08:53
1) that package wouldn't get you puljujarvi
2) you have brodie on 2nd line and demers with reilly?
3) i'd think that package toronto would want at very least a 3rd in that nylander deal not a 7th.

27 Nov 2018 10:56:48
Demers is done for the season. Maybe even his career. Lol. That one is a for sure no way.

Gardiner is worth more than a bust + 2nd. Can Edmonton even afford this trade?

The Calgary trade has the most chops to it, though I personally feel Leafs Gould be targeting younger players rather than 28 year old Brodie with only 2 years left on his contract before UFA. Valimaki or Andersson maybe?

27 Nov 2018 10:57:28
Demers done for the season. Knee blown. May not be back for a long while.

Gardiner is worth more than a bust + 2nd (hard to believe sometimes, I know)

Brodie is 28 and 2 years until UFA. Leafs need someone younger with contract similar in terms to Nylander. Valimaki or Andersson maybe?

27 Nov 2018 12:31:32
Would not trade Gardiner for a huge question mark and a pick could really use him come playoff time.

27 Nov 2018 13:29:14
Question mark is fair but bust is so not true. I’d say he’s just not being developed properly, big surprise there. He’s 20 and probably should’ve been in the AHL for most if not all of his career up to this point. His first stint in the AHL points wise wasn’t the greatest but he was on a bad team and people said he was creating a lot. His last one was only 4 games yes but he had 4 points. Let him be a point a game in the AHL and see what he is next season before calling him a bust, would be my suggestion.

27 Nov 2018 15:31:27
@ebs. Completely agree. He’s such a big guy with skill, he’s just not an NHL player yet and that’s okay. But he’s being mismanaged. As leaf fans we had little to cheer for and wanted Nylander on the big club and management said he wouldn’t come up until he has a chance to dominate in the AHL. He did and was better for it. Should be a similar approach with puli.

27 Nov 2018 15:59:09
With North American kids like marner etc leafs option was to have him in the leafs or send him back to junior again, that didn’t make sense. With these European guys, you’re given such an advantage to be allowed to have them in the AHL at 18 and 19. Why not use that? They’re learning a new game, a new rink size, a new culture, often times a new language. Use every tool you have to allow them to succeed and slower hockey and a bit weaker competition is one of them to start.

27 Nov 2018 18:35:37
Agreed Jim, it seems so obvious. Why play him 5-10 minutes a night on the 3rd or 4th line when he can go succeed in the A?

27 Nov 2018 20:04:15
Oilers are very good at screwing up developing their drafts. It’s just not possible to draft so many busts like that. They rushed virtually every one of their top picks the last ten years, and look how many succeeded. Not nearly as many should have. And the ones that did actually do anything in NHL have underperformed. I don’t think it’s coincidence that Hall had his breakout year after finally being traded.

27 Nov 2018 20:11:30
Yeah. He could be first line, be the first shot option on the PP, learn to play both sides of the puck and gain a ton of confidence. Then drop him on Mcdavids line late this season or to start next year.

27 Nov 2018 21:31:29
@LeafsGM, Bouchard- sent back to juniors.
Yamamoto- finished junior and now in the AHL.
Puljujarvi- made mistakes in his development IMO but not too late.
McDavid- not underperforming.

Draisaitl- went back to junior and now he’s doing just fine. Nurse- finished his junior and maybe slightly underperforming but he’s also a D and it’s expected. Yakupov- totally blew it and even though he has zero IQ he could’ve had a good career riding shotgun with McDavid IMO.

RNH- not the high point getting 1st overall but a good player. He was too good to go back to junior.
Hall- had an 80 point season in Edmonton and was also to good for junior. How many 1st overalls go back to junior?

27 Nov 2018 22:38:01
Calling puli a bust is funny though. He’s a 4th overall from 2016. Some of the same guys I’ve seen call him a bust on this site were also commenting that Chicago did well getting strome. He was a higher pick a year earlier than puli. Saying he’s not where you thought he would be, fair. Saying bust is laughable for a 20 year old kid.

27 Nov 2018 23:04:08
Call it what you want to call it. He’s not living up to the expectation that warranted such a high draft selection, playing with some of the world’s best players. He might still come along, but at this point he’s looking more like a Crouse and either Strome than a Marner or Nylander. The same guys saying Puljujärvi isn’t a bust are the same guys who say Crouse is. Imo they are all looking like a bust to me and would not bring anywhere close to a 1st in return. How much would you be willing to give up for any of those guys?


Klefbom sucks. Nurse will never be more than 2LHD similar to Zadorov. Yakopov was a spectacular bust. Paajarvi sucks. Gagner sucks. Petry doing ok now but sucked for a long time. Puljujärvi sucks and looking like he’s a bust. Yamamoto is so small I have a hard time seeing him doing much at NHL level. Bouchard is way too early to say.

28 Nov 2018 00:58:21
Yupp isn’t on this. I think you mean ebs.

28 Nov 2018 05:11:51
Oops. Sorry Yupp. Lol.

23 Nov 2018 08:46:46
Just ideas

Toronto Maple Leafs acquire:
• (D) Jakob Chychrun
• (D) Filip Westerlund
• (2019) 2nd-Round Pick
Arizona Coyotes acquire:
• (C) William Nylander (verbal agreement to resign with the Arizona Coyotes)

Toronto Maple Leafs acquire:
• (D) Brett Pesce
• (D) Adam Fox
• (2019) 2nd-Round Pick
Carolina Hurricanes acquire:
• (C) William Nylander

Toronto Maple Leafs acquire:
• (D) Shayne Gostisphere
Philadelphia Flyers acquire:
• (C) William Nylander

Toronto Maple Leafs acquire:
• (D) Chris Tanev
• (D) Olli Juolevi
Vancouver Canucks acquire:
• (C) William Nylander (verbal agreement to resign with the Vancouver Canucks)

20 Nov 2018 12:15:04
Just for fun:

Arizona- Keller, Strome, Chychrun 2019 1st
Leafs- Matthews, nylander (unsigned) and Gardiner.

Leafs have taveres and kadri at the moment as 1/2 punch and doing well. Keller is capable of playing center but currently plays left wing which I think leafs lack, leafs take a chance on Strome reaching his potential while adding to their center depth and get a young 2 way defenceman.

Coyotes get their hometown boy to help with ticket sales and marketing, they get a potential elite winger who they can afford and Gardiner who they could also afford to resign if he chooses to stay that is. I threw in the first from zona to make up for the lack of proven nhl talent coming from zona. Remember it's just for fun!

20 Nov 2018 12:34:22
Matthews and Gardiner is more then enough, no need to throw in Nylander.

20 Nov 2018 13:01:20
Oh good times. That was fun. Thanks.

20 Nov 2018 13:52:28
Malkin, 1st for Mathews and Nylander! Just for fun!

20 Nov 2018 13:54:04
Wouldn’t get Mathews alone.

20 Nov 2018 14:15:57
I realized that leafs were slightly over paying, but my thought was that yes Matthews is a great player and will get better, but with 2 separates shoulders now he’s more prone to shoulder problems from here on out, nylander wants more than he’s worth and Gardiner is a ufa and the leafs also won’t be able to afford him if they sign Matthews and marner next year so he’s basically as good as gone too. Keller is a fantastic player who like Matthews is already producing at a good pace and hasn’t yet hit his ceiling, not to mention he doesn’t or hasn’t had a serious injury to this point plus is versitile as being a natural center who also plays the wing, Chychrun is the type of damn the leafs need with Rielly and dermott as puck moving more offensive minded which Chychrun and Zaitsev compliment nicely, Strome still has potential to be a top center at least a number 2 so with taveres they already have a bone died number 1 center and leafs also get a 1st which could be anywhere between 10-20. sure leafs give a lot but they are getting a lot in return, don’t see why it’s so far fetched as far as value for value. Matthews is not
Mcdavid or Crosby, he’s extremely good yes but in my opinion he’s not or will be in the same category as mcDavid so he’s not unreadable. maybe in a couple years when the oilers continue to miss the playoffs and mcdavid asks for a trade out!

20 Nov 2018 14:37:07
Mathews will out produce all these players combined in a full 82 game season.

20 Nov 2018 16:24:58
The daily over exaggerating by VBB.

21 Nov 2018 01:09:32
Keller gets 60-70=Nylander. So Mathews for Strome, Chychrun And 1st

Chychrun= 20 points

Strome=20 Points

Mathews=100+ points.

12 Nov 2018 08:30:40
Leafs - Nylander
Coyotes - Chychrun

12 Nov 2018 14:48:38
Yotes add.

12 Nov 2018 14:52:44
no from arizona.

12 Nov 2018 15:51:34
Something based around that could be a good deal.

13 Nov 2018 15:51:46
Always a risk taking on a guy just coming back from serious injury. Hard to believe he will ever reach full potential. Would rather if Leafs trade Nylander, they find someone who is ready now with no risks.

09 Nov 2018 23:22:17
The Edmonton Oilers send (RW) Jesse Puljujärvi to The Carolina Hurricanes in exchange for (D) Brett Pesce

The Edmonton Oilers send (2019) 2nd-Round Pick & (D) Andrej Sekera to The Ottawa Senators in exchange for (RW) Bobby Ryan

The Edmonton Oilers send (C) Ryan Strome to The Arizona Coyotes in exchange for (RW) Brendan Perlini

The Edmonton Oilers send (2019) 3rd-Round Pick & (2019) 6th-Round Pick to The Vancouver Canucks in exchange for (RW) Jake Virtanen

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins - Connor McDavid - Jake Virtanen
Tobias Rieder - Leon Draisaitl - Bobby Ryan
Milan Lucic - Drake Cagguila - Brendan Perlini
Ty Rattie - Kyle Brodziak - Alex Chiasson

Oscar Klefbom - Adam Larsson
Darnell Nurse - Brett Pesce
Kris Russell - Matt Benning

10 Nov 2018 00:18:05
Pesce for Puljujarvi. There is just no way this is considered as a starting point.

10 Nov 2018 01:04:14
If people begin to say Pulj = Pesce, but Willy can't get more than Pesce, that's a joke.

Also, i don't think edm takes Bobby even if Sekera goes th other way.

Strome doesn't come close to Perlini imo.

Virtanen has improved as a player this season, vancouver prolly doesn't want to trade him.

08 Nov 2018 22:56:34
the Calgary Flames send (C) Sam Bennett and (2019) 2nd-Round Pick to the Arizona Coyotes in exchange for (D) Jason Demers.

the Calgary Flames send (D) TJ Brodie, (C) Mark Jankowski and (2020) 1st-Round Pick to the Toronto Maple Leafs in exchange for (C) William Nylander.

Negotiate with Nylander to match contracts with Johnny Gaudreau. Nylander is also from Calgary and his dad played for Calgary, so hopefully they could meet half way, calgary then has 2 legit scoring threats with their top 2 lines and add a Top 4 D-Man to help take the heat off Smith. Demers is better defensively than Brodie and could help make a solid defensive core.

Johnny Gaudreau - Sean Monahan - Elias Lindholm
Matthew Tkachuk - William Nylander - James Neal
Dillon Dube - Mikael Backlund - Michael Frolik
Austin Czarnik - Derek Ryan - Garnet Hathaway

Mark Giordano - Jason Demers
Juuso Välimäki - Travis Hamonic
Rasmus Andersson - Michael Stone

Mike Smith
David Rittich.

09 Nov 2018 00:48:42
1 you forgot to include Hanafin in your lineup

2 Calgary probably doesn’t make that trade because they already gave up Hamilton.

09 Nov 2018 05:11:58
Easy no from flames, there's a cap limit einstein.

09 Nov 2018 12:35:03
I feel like demers is a downgrade from brodie. so i'd see that as an upgrade for forward and downgrade at defense. i can see the trades being done for sure but i don't like the "add a top 4 d man to take heat off smith" logic if you are downgrading from brodie to demers.

09 Nov 2018 12:37:29
Frick i knew i was missing someone thank u.

Giordano - Demers
Hanifin - Hamonic
Valimaki - Stone / Andersson

Thanks for being polite about it

01 Nov 2018 02:17:12

Phoenix:2rd 2019,3rd 2019

01 Nov 2018 03:17:16
If Detriot is offering up AA for draft picks. I would consider him. Maybe a good fot with Drai.

01 Nov 2018 03:24:02
Ya honestly I don't think he's worth a first because his stats are not so great and it's not like he's 21 and will get significantly better but I think in his prime he can be a consistent 35 to 45 point winger or center I know he has the capability of playing either position. Atm he's a center right?

01 Nov 2018 13:33:22
Athanasiou is young, fast, versatile, inexpensive, and will be on the team for years. Detroit won’t be trading him for picks.

01 Nov 2018 13:59:22
He's listed as a center. Injured right now. Left handed. Can play both center and wing tho, Not sure what he's played more of over the years. I think When I've noticed, he was on the wing.

01 Nov 2018 14:00:51
Drafted 110th overall in the 2012 drafts tho. Already 24 years old. got to break out any time now. I think he's got a good skill set and could be a 40-50 point winger year in year out. That's pretty solid.

10 Sep 2018 12:21:29
Mathieu Perreault (C - 4.15 Million x 3 Years) + Marko Dano (RW - 0.80 Million x 1 Year) to the Arizona Coyotes in exchange for Lawson Crouse (LW - 0.85 Million x 1 Year) + Laurent Dauphin (C - 0.70 Million x 1 Year) + 2019 3rd Round Draft Selection.

- Winnipeg trades away 4 million in cap space, and although Perreault is a good 40 point man, for 4 million as a 3C with Adam Lowry and a top heavy team, he seems like an accessory. In order to resign Laine/ Trouba/ Myers, etc. the Jets will need to shed cap. Crouse hasn’t developed as expected, but he's a top10 pick from only 3 years ago - could become a decent 3rd Liner for WPG at cheap. Perreault may be able to get more, but teams may see WPG as needy for cap space, and valuations for guys like him may lower.
- Arizona acquires a really good 3C who can move up the lineup, as the total transition on the team continues. Unlike WPG, ARZ is more of an offence by committee, and can afford to have a higher cap player lower in the lineup. Crouse may hurt as a loss, but with many younger stars, Crouse, who hasn't fully developed, may be a viable trade piece.

Arizona Lineup:

Clayton Keller - Derek Stepan - Christian Dvorak
Mathieu Perreault - Alex Galchenyuk - Richard Panik
Brendan Perlini - Dylan Strome - Michael Grabner
Vinnie Hinostroza - Brad Richardson - Christian Fischer
(Marko Dano, Nick Cousins)

Oliver Ekman-Larsson - Jason Demers
Niklas Hjalmarsson- Jakob Chychuryn
Alex Goligoski - Jordan Oesterle
(Kevin Connauton)

Winnipeg Lineup:

Kyle Connor - Mark Schiefele - Blake Wheeler
Nikolaj Ehlers - Bryan Little - Patrik Laine
Lawson Crouse - Adam Lowry - Jack Roslovic
Brandon Tanev - Laurent Dauphin - Andrew Copp
(Nic Petan, Mason Appleton)

Ben Chiarot - Dustin Byfuglien
Josh Morrissey - Jacob Trouba
Dmitry Kulikov - Tyler Myers
(Sami Niku)

10 Sep 2018 15:45:28
Winnipeg would say no. This trade makes them worse this year and they don't need to move Perreault this year. Next year might be a different story.

10 Sep 2018 16:56:32
I believe that both Crouse and Dauphin would have a hard time making the Jets as they have Petan, Appleton, Vesalainen and Lemieux fighting for spots on the team. However I do think Crouse could be a good addition if he was the type of player that would use his size on the 4th line, but Perreault is one of Maurices favorites. Interesting trade though.

11 Sep 2018 14:22:06
I personally would do this trade, it would be hard for me to let Dano go as he is still a fairly young piece with some potential though. as joe said it would make jets worse this year and they only need the cap next year if they did a trade. Island also made a valid point of crouse and dauphin potentially not being able to make the team with other players fighting for spots.
I do like your explanations for why each sides to this, but maybe add a prospect or pick from jets as arizona is taking on all the extra salary?

11 Sep 2018 16:10:46
@pkane, how do you agree with both jets fans that jets shouldn’t make this trade as it is presented and then end by saying “jets add a prospect or pick”?! If you think it doesn’t make sense for Winnipeg as it sits, why would them adding more valuable pieces make it better?

11 Sep 2018 18:50:36
Pkane on some whack stuff.

12 Sep 2018 09:20:55
what i was saying was from a jets point of view i would do it, from arizona point of view i'd want something extra for taking on the extra salary.

23 Sep 2018 00:13:42
im a wpg jets fan who lives in winnipeg 6 blocks from the rink accross the street from laine's. he plays hockey with all the kids mine included.

1. dano is a center and the forth on copper lowry tanev line all puck hogs were not trading any of them

2. mp 85 that's his tag here nope not going anywhere just yet like u said to easy to play anywhere in line up

3. most of the jets are signing team freindly long term contracts
the has been built 1 player at a time by drafting them

4. just because you believe these trades are posted is because everyone wants a part of them. wake up we loaded see is win a cup or 2 then we will take trade.

27 Jul 2018 19:28:11
Columbus Blue Jackets -
• Artemi Panarin (verbal agreement to resign with the coyotes)

Arizona Coyotes -
• Jakob Chychrun
• (2019) 2nd-Round Pick

Then arizona then takes on Parise's contract

Minnesota Wild -
• Zach Parise (cap dump)
• Jonas Brodin

Arizona Coyotes -
• Alex Goligoski
• (2019) 3rd-Round Pick
• Christian Fischer

Artemi Panarin - Derek Stepan - Richard Panik
Zach Parise - Clayton Keller - Michael Grabner
Brendan Perlini - Alex Galchenyuk - Vince Hinostroza
Dylan Strome - Brad Richardson - Christian Dvorak

Oliver Ekman-Larsson - Niklas Hjarlmarsson
Jonas Brodin - Jason Demers
Trevor Murphy - Kevin Connauton

27 Jul 2018 20:50:52
no way for Panarin trade! I'd say 1st and 2nd round plus that prospect.

27 Jul 2018 22:04:24
Arizona does not touch Parise ( 33 ) at 7.1 mil for 7 more seasons.

27 Jul 2018 23:19:03
Holy Christ no from Columbus.

28 Jul 2018 01:41:03
Don't think panarin wants to resign in zona, apparently he wants to go to a big market team for his girlfriends model career.

20 Jul 2018 12:47:51
Flames -
• (RW) Troy Brouwer
• (2019) 2nd-Round Pick
• Rights to (D) Brett Kulak
Coyotes -
• (2019) 4th-Round Pick

Calgary relieves cap and Arizona gets a 2nd round pick, a decent top 6/7 defencemen and a veteran RW.

03 Jul 2018 06:22:36
Ottawa Senators -
• (C) Cody Glass
• (D) Shea Theodore
• (2019) 1st-Round Pick
• (C) Nick Suzuki
Vegas Golden Knights -
• Erik Karlsson

Ottawa Senators -
• (2019) 6th-Round Pick
Arizona Coyotes -
• (RW) Bobby Ryan (25% Salary Retention)
• (2019) 2nd-Round Pick

Ottawa Senators -
• (C) Kailer Yamamoto
• (D) Ethan Bear
• (2019) 1st-Round Pick
Edmonton Oilers -
• (RW) Mark Stone

Ottawa Senators -
• (2019) 1st-Round Pick
• (RW) Josh Ho-Sang
New York Islanders -
• (C) Matt Duchene

Ottawa Senators -
• (2019) 1st-Round Pick
• (C) Connor Brown
Toronto Maple Leafs -
• (D) Cody Ceci

The sends go in full rebuild mode and head to the draft with 4 1st-Round Picks.

Mikkel Boedker - Cody Glass - Kailer Yamamoto
Nick Suzuki - Jean Pageau - Ryan Dzingel
Magnus Paajarvi - Zack Smith - Josh Ho-Sang
Connor Brown - Marian Gaborik - Colin White

Shea Theodore - Ethan Bear
Thomas Chabot - Ben Harpur
Fredrik Claesson - Mark Borowiecki

03 Jul 2018 09:01:10
Overpayment from VGK
Prolly not enough to take on Ryan
Somewhat solid
TOR would be stupid to do that.

03 Jul 2018 12:42:30
aren't white and suzuki centers and gaborik a winger?

03 Jul 2018 16:14:07
Omg wow is that ever an overpayment. He’s a UFA next year and it’s all but a forgone conclusion he’s leaving the Organization. Ottawa has zero leverage he won’t return half of that. He’ll probably just end up signing in Colorado or San Jose as a UFA especially if that’s what the sens are asking for.

Also not a chance Ceci brings that back he might be worth a 2nd his advanced statistics are up there with the worst in the NHL.

03 Jul 2018 22:22:15
Lol sens fan? Just asking, i would take any of these trades and run with it never looking back.

29 Jun 2018 06:00:00
We all heard the rumours about Lucic. His family is in LA. He wants to be close to them. Kings, Sharks, and Ducks won’t want him. Coyotes are the best option.

Coyotes: Strome
Oilers: Lucic and 1st 2019

Oilers get good cap space. Also, Strome isn’t working out with the coyotes. Maybe with his brother and his friend, McDavid, things would be better for him. He is also a first round pick with good potential.
Arizona gets good leadership for the young talented players and they get a 1st rounder.

29 Jun 2018 06:28:51
I saw the article you got this from and as I don’t think coyotes would part with Strome for that, I do believe they would consider moving him if oilers added another piece that makes it interesting. Just idk what they’d add.

29 Jun 2018 16:43:03
Yah no way the Yotes touch that Strome still has potential imo Lucic just about cancels out all the value the 1st holds.

28 Jun 2018 17:59:37
Oilers; Kruger

Coyotes; Lucic, 2019 2rdp

Oilers; Nylander

Leafs; Puljujarvi, Benning

(clears up cap space for the Leafs)

Oilers; Faulk

Hurricanes; Sekera, 2019 3rdp

(Canes get a RHD which they need and Oilers get the LHD they need)

28 Jun 2018 18:29:07
Coyotes one is the only one that's fair.

Both other ones are just downgrades, Nylander to Pulj who hasn't proved much, and FAulk to SEkera who is not nearly as good.

28 Jun 2018 18:38:26
1) Can’t see lucic waiving NMC for coyotes.

2) I would want a better piece than Benning to go from Nylander to Puli (even considering cap space)

3) Canes will get better offers all day long. I know Faulk is polarizing on his site, and people have very different opinions of him, but bottom line is he’s a mid to late 20s puck moving RHD on a good contract. Too many suitors to settle for that!

28 Jun 2018 18:42:32
Coyotes one is interesting but no way Lucic waives to go there.
No from leafs they’d want more capable proven player and easy easy no from hurricanes.

28 Jun 2018 19:24:12
Well I have read that his family is living in LA and he wants to be closer to them. So getting traded to the Coyotes would have him very close to his family and they can afford him.

Coyotes are really the best trade partner for the Oilers.

28 Jun 2018 20:19:16
It's rumored that Lucic would be willing to go to LAK, Ducks, Sharks or Bruins.
No mention of Arizona, I think he does want to be back closer to LA but still on a decent team.

29 Jun 2018 18:57:57
Yah that’s a huge no from leafs. EDM can keep Pulj and bennig. Try Larsson +.

18 Jun 2018 11:52:20
Contingent on Devils signing John Carlson:

RD Damon Severson
LD Mirco Mueller
2019 3rd round pick

LD Jakob Chychrun

Hjalmarsson is probably gone after next year, Demers isn't very good. They need a young RD (Severson). At LD they have Goligoski and OEL they need someone who can play good defense and play the left side on the PK (Mueller).

Devils need a 1LD and even if Chychrun isn't that right now he has the potential to be.

Chychrun - Carlson
Butcher - Vatanen
Greene - Santini

OEL - Hjalmarsson
Mueller - Severson
Goligoski - Demers

18 Jun 2018 13:54:46
Lol start with McLeod.

18 Jun 2018 16:21:57
Lol not even close for Chychrun, laughable offer.

18 Jun 2018 17:48:12
Lol wtf when did chychrun get so much value?

18 Jun 2018 23:32:23
bj, you're just jelly.

17 Jun 2018 15:28:47
• Dylan Strome
• 5th Overall
• Jakob Chychrun
• Erik Karlsson

• Christian Fischer
• (2018) 3rd Round Pick
• Sam Bennett

• 55th Overall
• 65th Overall
• Nick Merkley
• Chris Tanev

• Jason Demers
• Brendan Perlini
• Milan Lucic
• 10th Overall

Free Agent Signings:
• James Van Riemsdyk 6M x 4YR
• Michael Grabner 2M x 1YR

Coyotes Line-Up

James van Riemsdyk - Derek Stepan - Clayton Keller
Richard Panik - Alex Galchenyuk - Nick Cousins
Milan Lucic - Sam Bennett - Michael Grabner
Josh Archibald - Marcus Kruger - Zac Rinaldo

Oliver Ekman-Larsson - Erik Karlsson
Kevin Connauton - Chris Tanev
Trevor Murphy - Alex Goligoski

17 Jun 2018 16:00:36
First trade- I feel you maybe have the value but it just doesn’t feel to me like it would go ahead

Second trade- not happen Calgary won’t trade Bennett even if they do i'd say they’d ask for more

Third trade- yes I agree with that trade though it would be better if Tanev is younger the 30 but I still agree

Fourth trade- again I agree coyotes get power with Lucic and the 10th pick and Edmonton got their defensive man and they did want to trade the 10th pick

With the signings- their always up in the air but I agree with the jvr helps any teams 2nd or 1st line
Grabner - I don’t know he’s a good player but yeah he’s add experience to the coyotes.

17 Jun 2018 17:03:37
Karlsson to a rebuilding Coyotes make zero sense.

17 Jun 2018 17:35:06
Demers would be a really good contract to take back in a Lucic trade. 4.5 million for 3 more years. At 10 there’ll be a really good player and unless they think Perlini will have a breakout season it’s a slight overpayment IMO.

17 Jun 2018 19:04:02
I think that Demers and Perlini is overpayment for Lucic and the 10th. Lucic is negative value while Demers isn't as yet, and could actually be decent on Edmonton, albeit a bit overpaid, but vastly less than Lucic. I'd think something would need to be added from Edmonton.

17 Jun 2018 20:07:00
I know a draft pick is unpredictable for the most part but what if the 10th was Sergachev, Trouba, McAvoy or someone of that caliber? I know the 10th doesn’t have that value but from what I’ve read the top 10 will be really good players.
Also say the Oil retained 1 million of Lucics contract, (I know 5 years is a long time and they probably wouldn’t do it) do you think the contracts would look to be about the same value? Lucic has clearly been the better player throughout his career while not putting up crazy high offensive numbers. If he can bounce back to a 45 point guy, he’ll have teams wanting him I think.

17 Jun 2018 21:53:06
Actually it makes great sense EK to totes makes perfect sense. they have the value needed in young assets to aquire him and his interest should see him wanting to go there as they have been making strides in recent years to get better from getting stepan and company last year and now with Galchenyuk trade plus he's get a chance to pair up with his buddy from Sweden oel.

02 Jul 2018 23:33:15
Your basically trying to stop the rebuild in Arizona. Trading all the young guys for veterans doesn’t work 🤔.

17 Jun 2018 15:27:54
OTT: Erik Karlsson (Verbal Agreement to resign with the Coyotes before July 1st)

ARI: Dylan Strome, 5th Overall & Jakob Chychrun

Arizona Coyotes Projected Line-Up 2018/19

Richard Panik - Derek Stepan - Clayton Keller
Brendan Perlini - Alex Galchenyuk - Christian Fischer
Josh Archibald - Marcus Kruger - Nick Cousins
Laurent Dauphin - Brad Richardson - Zac Rinaldo

Oliver Ekman-Larsson - Erik Karlsson
Kevin Connauton - Jason Demers
Trevor Murphy - Alex Goligoski

17 Jun 2018 16:02:36
Those players haven’t made a name for themselves to get a star like Karlsson so it just a 5th overall for him basically.

17 Jun 2018 17:04:17
No from Arizona Karlsson dosent make them a Contender.

17 Jun 2018 21:55:05
Why doesn't he? Top defenceman in the world on a team that has made improvements already.

18 Jun 2018 02:13:35
jeez. i'd take that . don't think Arizona would though. if they draft Wahlstrom, watch out for Arizona's future first line of

Keller - Strome - Wahlstrom.

01 Jun 2018 04:52:49
Ott : chlapic, Hoffman, Ceci, gaborik
Ari : 5th overall

Ott : 5th overall, 22nd overall, Ryan, Smith
Mon : 3rd overall, pacioretty

Ott : karlsson, batherson
Buf : 1st overall

Ottawa drafts Dahlin, zadina, and boqvist

Ottawa buys out burrows

Ottawa signs free agents Tavares and Bailey

Bailey Tavares stone
Zadina Duchene pacioretty
Formenton pageau dzingle
Brown white pajarvi

Dahlin boqvist
Chabot Wideman
Borowieski lajoie
Harpur claeson


Phoenix has the cap to take on gabby and a need for scoring that Hoffman provides. They also have a need for a decent defence partner for oel and ceci is capable if filling that role. Add a solid prospect with top 6 potential like chlapic who's ready for the nhl as early as next season and it's a no brainer yes by Arizona even with the gabby contract

Patches and Ryan have been linked to each other trade wise for a while now and Montreal would be crazy not to move 2 spots down to gain an extra pick in the 1st round espessially when kachuck still available 2 picks later. At the same time ottawa does this as a means to move up plus move Ryan for a shorter term bad contract

If Dorian really is serious about full rebuild and moving karlsson then you go for the best possible return which in this case is dahlin. And since you guys like ottawa overpaying they add highly hyped prospect batherson to sweeten the deal. Karlsson alone is enough by any means but by adding batherson buffalo would be foolish to decline as karlsson has already proven to be the best defenceman in the world while dahlin and as much of an up side as he has still only put up just over 20 points in just over 40 games in the khl which while it has great high level players it doesn't have full teams at the same level as an nil team therefore dahlin cannot possibly be worth more than karlsson is right now! Adding batherson should be enough to guarentee that deal.

All this being said it's hypethetical based upon whether dorion is serious about a rebuild or not. This would be a rebuild I personally could support!

01 Jun 2018 05:24:26
Nice trade but you still only end up with two picks so can not draft three dalphin. Zadina boquist

Montreal would proably need more patch is worth a late 1st on his own
Ryan and smith is nowhere near enough to move up ryan contract is horrible.

01 Jun 2018 07:29:16
Wtf lmao oh god.

01 Jun 2018 08:29:47
Lol not like Bailey has already resigned with NYI.

01 Jun 2018 10:47:18
Much like the Senators management this proposal is an absolute tire fire.

And there is ZERO chance Tavares would sign with Ottawa. If he leaves the Island it will be to go to a contender, and he's not interested in getting paid in Melnyk IOU's.

01 Jun 2018 11:00:51
Yah I’m sure buffalo would trade debatable the most valuable player in the NHL for UFA rights that probably won’t even sign with the team and a decent prospect. There is no player in the NHL buffalo would trade the generational talent for not Crosby, not McDavid and not Mathews. Buffalo needs a dman to take that next step.

01 Jun 2018 16:58:24
Ok 1st off I did forget to put the karlsson part as a sign and trade so that's my bad. And dahlin is worth a ton but karlsson is a top 3 player in the league at this point vbbvbb so no way dahlin is worth more when he only has 20+ points in 40 + games in khl. Batherson is also highly enough hyped that he should more than make up the difference the age comparison provides.

And unsportsmanlikeconduct there is always a chance that any player can sign anywhere, it's called money talks! And buying out burrows 2 million and moving hoffman 4.25 million Karlsson 7.5 million Smith 3.25 million Ceci 2.75 million gaborik 4.85 million and changing Ryan's 7 million to patches 4.85 million thus saving 2.15 million I'd have to say they'd have more than enough to entice him to come there and still provide a competitive team with what's left and can be drafted.

And cosmic you're wrong dude sens would have the 1st from karlsson trade, the 3rd from Arizona + Montreal trades, and the 4th that belonged to them in the 1st place.
And patches not worth much more than Ryan at this point. Rumors have been putting their names together in straight up deals for a number of months now and I'm not talking about rumors from this site I'm talking credible ones. Patches is coming off
All stats are nearly equal this past season with ryan having the edge over patches. On top of that patches has 1 year leaft and will be wanting a hefty raise so contract differences essentially mean nothing. and fyi ryan is still a 5 million dollar player for what he provides so contract is bad but not as bad as you let on it is.

Oh and back to vbbvbb if buffalo was offered mcdavid straight up for dahlin they'd lick there lips force the biggest smile you've ever seen pull out the silver platter and say yes please yes please yes please until they were blue in the face don't kid yourself!

And triplets when did Bailey sign? I have yet to see a single report on that. if he did then that part is out but I don't think he did.

01 Jun 2018 17:28:24
I am curious though as to how you all would change these to make them work? Please humor me.

To me -

The Arizona trade = massive over payment to move gaborik contract while picking up a high pick

The Montreal trade = very slight overpayment to move up in draft and move Ryan contract for pretty much a 1 year rental player, possibly could take out Smith bit Montreal has inquired about him a number of times too and could use his size and defensive game which is why I added him in the 1st place.

And finally.

Buffalo trade = overpayment for sure as karlsson is a proven top 3 player in the world and dahlin still has to prove himself at the highest level.

So yes I believe all 3 are overpayments yet somehow with all of you more is still needed which is crazy when you think about it. if this was any other team with these players involves it'd be hands down let's do it but because it's ottawa you seem to think it'll cost them their entire team? Either you all really are that ignorant to the sport or this is the biggest group trolling in history. kudos if that's what it is. you definately got me.

01 Jun 2018 17:44:50
Jack Eichel is an Elite Center in the mold of a better Tyler Seguin ( for his age ) there deffense is horrendous. They need Dahlin way more then McDavid. McDavid is worth more tho. I’ll value Dahlin at the Mathews level.

01 Jun 2018 17:45:10
Sure Rambo, if all of those completely biased and unbelievable trades go through Ottawa would have lots of cap room for Tavares.

Except Melnyk would still get blown out of the water by offers from other teams because he is cheap.

And Tavares will want to go to a team with a chance to contend, which is not the Sens. Sorry.

01 Jun 2018 17:48:57
You are right i forgot about 4oa. But patches has way more value than ryan
Patches has scored 30 goals 4/ 5 years and had an off year only getting 17 ryan has 11 and 12 the last 2 years and only 1 2o goal season in the last 5 years patches is much cheaper on the cap this year
Ryan makes 7plus a year patches values is much higher.

01 Jun 2018 18:36:34
I don't have time to explain to you why all three are preposterous so I'll pick on one:

You proposed Ottawa trades the 5th overall, the 22nd overall, Ryan and Smith to Montreal for the 3rd overall and Pacioretty.

Pacioretty is worth at least the 22nd overall. A playoff bound team would give a first for him at minimum at the deadline, almost certainly more.

Smith has very little value. A career 0.3 ppg guy and a lifetime minus. He's worth a mid round pick at best, and would be the kind of guy who'd be thrown into a deal for a guy like Pacioretty as a warm body.

So basically you are suggesting Ottawa can move up from 5th overall to 3rd overall by trading Ryan, a guy who has NEGATIVE VALUE with his brutal contract. A guy they would have to include a valuable asset with, just to dump his cap. This is why this trade, like all of your proposals, is biased.

School's out kiddo.

02 Jun 2018 08:09:29
Lol Rambo I'm not your butler, use google yourself, Bailey did sign.

02 Jun 2018 11:38:15
This is hilarious. Why you even post your Sens buses homer BS is beyond me. None of this is believable. Why would Montreal take Ryan and worse picks for a better pick and Pacioretty who has more value than Ryan alone. These are just awful for a team not named Ottawa. Compete dream land.

05 Jun 2018 00:24:53
Omg people. enough with this Ryan has negative value nonsense. the guy puts up 50 to 60 points a year or 0.6 points per game annually outside of the regular season they went to conference finals. 2 million more than he's worth never has and never will constitute negative value. if it did then you better add toews getzlaff Perry kopitar couture etc to that list otherwise shut your pie holes and value the guy how he deserves to be valued, without your nonsense biass.

26 May 2018 23:47:49
Lightning send:
• Alex Killorn
Oilers send:
• 2018 Second Round Pick
• Kris Russell

Coyotes send:
• Nick Hjarlmarsson
• Jakob Chychrun
Oilers send:
• Jesse Puljujärvi
• 10th Overall

27 May 2018 08:06:09
Lightning don't want Russell already have Girardi. Killorn won't waive his NTC. i'm sure theyd love to move him though.

27 May 2018 08:27:56
coyotes trade is weird; oilers need defense but it's not like the coyotes have a surplus so to move what are essentially their two best d-men isn't something I think they do.

28 May 2018 11:13:29
Jeez even if Pul - Chychrun
10th >>>>>>>> Hjalmerson.
And Pul probably a little more valuable than Chych at the moment. See how the season goes. That's sooo bad for Edm.

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