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07 Jul 2020 17:12:30
Vesalainen for logan brown.

Jets get their centre, Sens get winger to play with the depth at centre they will have after draft.

07 Jul 2020 17:34:36
No thanks from Winnipeg. The Jets don't need a 3-4C.

07 Jul 2020 18:00:16
I like Brown and with his size I think he could develop into a top 3 center, given time which is what he would get with with Jets. Its just that the Jets have a few 3/ 4 centers and what they really need a #2. If trading Ves I would like the Jets to bundle him with another play (s) or draft picks to get a true #2 center. Maybe sign TB's Cirelli to a RFA offer sheet which the Jets wouldn't do. The trade is fair but would it really make the Jets better?

04 Jul 2020 06:40:15

1st Round Pick 2020 (#3)

1st Round Pick 2020 (Lowest)

2nd Round Pick 2020 (3rd Highest)

Anthony Duclair


1st Round Pick 2020 (#1)

Duclair can be top6 or top9 player, all star this year + two first round picks and second is very interesting deal for franchise who is not more needed in Laf than OTT

With #5 draft Rossi

Lafréniere - White - Batherson

Tkachuk - Rossi - C. Brown

Balcers - Tierney - Formenton

Paul - Hawryluk - Abramov

In two years this will be playoff team.

04 Jul 2020 16:46:51
This is better, but idk, I just don’t see the #1 team trading Laf unless they’re getting a big overpayment back.

04 Jul 2020 18:29:58
Vertuis, have you even seen this draft class? Anyone in the top 15 would easily be top 10 in any other draft class with exception to 2022 and 2023 classes. This here is an overpayment but more doable than 3 and 5. Byfield and Stutzle may not be where Lafreniere is now but they do have very similar ceilings. Some even say Byfield has a bigger ceiling potential.

04 Jul 2020 18:35:45
I think for a team to give up lafrenier, you need to add tkachuk or chabot instead of duclair. I personally think the sens are better off not trading for him.

As good as he is, it's not worth giving up so much.

04 Jul 2020 20:12:14
I have seen it Rambo, clearly you haven’t. It doesn’t matter how good 2 and on is when you have someone like Laf available. As much as I like Byfield, Stutzle, Rossi, Raymond etc. they aren’t Laf. Laf is the type of player that doesn’t get moved unless the package coming back is overwhelming.

05 Jul 2020 04:44:57
Theres lots of articles on a whole bunch of websites and blogs discussing valuation of picks. The number three pick plus the number five pick has greater value in any given draft year than the number one pick alone. I assume that includes this year. Especially when the draft class is as strong as this one is said to be.

So there is incentive for someone to trade down to the third and fifth picks. There would be no need for Ottawa to add anything.

05 Jul 2020 17:41:41
Laf is considered a generational talent. Take a look at previous drafts involving a generational or close to generational talent. Then look at what was picked at 3 and 5. You are never better off making that trade to move down.

07 Jul 2020 11:43:49
Yeah. It depends on who is doing the picking. If you look at picks 3-8, in every single case there are two players that are worth more than the first overall. It all depends on who is doing the picking and who they pick. Just saying the 3 and 5 didn't outperform the 1st when Matthews and McDavid were picked is meaningless. Because the draft could easily have gone a lot different (marner at 3rd instead of Strome in the year McDavid was picked for example, or Tkachuk at 5th the year Matthews was picked) .

There are a lot of studies on this subject. And they all say the same thing. The 3 and 5 are worth more in any given year than the number 1 is. Even when there is a generational talent involved.

03 Jul 2020 19:05:18
Ottawa Senators:

1st Round Pick 2020 (#3)

2nd Round Pick 2020 (Highest)

2nd Round Pick 2020 (4th Highest)

Logan Brown


1st Round Pick 2020 (#1)

Lafréniere - White - Tkachuk

Duclair - Batherson - C. Brown

Balcers - Tierney - Formenton

Paul - Hawryluk -.

03 Jul 2020 19:45:40
It will cost a lot more for the top pick this year.

03 Jul 2020 19:54:43
Not even close for getting Laf.

03 Jul 2020 21:13:52
Logan brown has little value until he contributes at nhl level. He's done very well in the ahl, but until he can produce in the nhl his value is not as high as ott fans would like.

04 Jul 2020 18:46:23
Logan Brown is considered a tier 2 prospect, a top 45 prospect, and has top 3 center potential. He's also only 22 years old so he's far from being done developing. Big guys just take longer. Don't believe those facts? See for yourself.

Like that last article says. His value is still very high for at least another year or two. The skill is there and he still can reach top 3 status with a playing style much like Quinton Byfield and Evgeny Malkin, who last I checked was pretty good at hockey.

It also says expect teams to offer big packages for him at this year's draft. So take your DISRESPECT for SENS players and shove it. Or at least offer any kind of debate that is NOT your own words And actually has legit backing like I just did. I know, you can't, because it don't exist!

05 Jul 2020 14:34:45
Logan Brown is and will be a very good AHLer just because he will never be a nhler doesn’t mean he’s a bad hockey player.

02 Jul 2020 02:30:17
TBA : 1st overall 2020

OTT : 5th overall 2020, NYI 1st 2020, Dal 2nd 2020, Conditional 1st in 2021 (becomes SJS 2nd 2021 and CBJ 2nd 2021 if either Ottawa makes lottery again in 2021 or NYI 1st in 2020 becomes top 15)

02 Jul 2020 14:02:05
When the 1st Overall is a Franchise Player like Lafreniere you don't trade it, so whoever is lucky enough to get this year's 1st Overall will not be trading it.

04 Jul 2020 18:59:24
Pinballisback if you're a team that don't necessarily need him and can get a package like this in a draft as deep as this one you don't think twice and accept it before it's off the table.

The 5th can get you 1 of Drysdale, Rossi, Raymond, or Perfetti.

The Isles pick if top 15 can get you 1 of Askarov, Lundell, Quinn, Sanderson, Jarvis, Zary, Lapierre, Mercer, or Gunler. If isles go deep you still get a shot at some of them plus Barron.

The Dallas 2nd gives you a shot at guys like Chromiak, Foerster, Nybeck, Wallinder, or Villeneuve

Then you also get either the 1st or two 2nds next year on top of that depending on conditions.

I'm sorry but even if Lafreniere were deemed better than McDavid at his age, that's STILL an overpayment and a must say yes deal for any play in team. Only Detroit, Anaheim, or Montreal I can see saying no due to their team situations. Everyone else saying no would be stupid to say the least.

29 Jun 2020 13:34:26
Ott : 5th overall, L. Brown, Dallas 2nd round pick, Chlapic

Lak : 2nd overall

La has lots of fowards and desperately needs defense. At pick 5 there's a very great chance they can still take Drysdale or Sanderson all while also adding Brown, Chlapic, and a 2nd. Meanwhile Ottawa can take the best 2 forwards after Lafreniere in Byfield and Stutzle.

29 Jun 2020 16:09:02
Eh not that bad actually I think NYI 1st + 5th overall is the better deal tho.

30 Jun 2020 02:55:54
Easy no from LA.

30 Jun 2020 20:43:11
"La has lots of fowards and desperately needs defense"

So if they have lots of forwards and desperately need defense, why would they take 2 forwards in chlapik and brown in this trade? wouldn't they ask for at least one defensive prospect from ottawa instead of chlapik or brown? i get you're saying draft one, but rather than doing this trade why not just take drysdale or sanderson 2nd overall then?

02 Jul 2020 02:10:13
PKane88 why take either of those guys at 2 when you can still get 1 of them at 5 no matter what plus add a high ceiling center prospect, role player center prospect, and a 2nd to boot on top of them. That's just smarter business.

29 Jun 2020 05:25:49
Team who gets first overall:

1ST overall 2020

Ottawa Senators:

3RD Overall 2020

5TH Overall 2020

Logan Brown.

29 Jun 2020 11:00:38
Team effort >>>> Relying on a single player.

OTT says hell no. They’ll get excellent players at 3rd and 5th overall, and retain Brown.

29 Jun 2020 13:05:09
No chance in hell Ottawa goes for this it's bad enough you got both 3rd and 5th, but brown too? You're insane.

Maybe the 3rd, Isles 1st, Dallas 2nd, and Columbus 2nd next year, and Gustafson at most.

29 Jun 2020 16:21:42
Fun game-

Taylor Hall for Eric Gubrandson and Nino Niederreiter
Ryan Nugget Hopkins for Johnathan Huberdeau and Ryan Strome
Nail Yakapov for Alex Galchenyuk and Morgan Rielly
Nathen Mackinnon for Johnathan Drouin and Elias Lindholm
Arron Eklblad for Leon Draistle and MDC
Connor McDavid for Dylan Strome and Noah Hanfin
Austin Mathews for PLD and Olli Joulevi
Nico Hischer for Miro Hieskanen and Elias Pettersson
Rasmus Dahlin for Jesperi Kotekneimi and Barett Hayton

50/ 50 split imo.

29 Jun 2020 20:10:28
For those who disagreed that’s just a list of 1st overall picks swapped for 3rd and 5th picks.

29 Jun 2020 21:51:39
They might have disagreed that you called it a 50/ 50 split when there was 9 examples lol.

29 Jun 2020 23:53:17
Ohh my lol.

30 Jun 2020 19:28:08
Also I’d say there’s only 3 for sure trades and maybe 1 or 2 that are arguable. Yakupov and Hischer would’ve been home runs! Lol.

30 Jun 2020 20:48:07
this is the most braindead trade proposal i've ever seen.

YES, lafrennier is an elite, potentially franchise level prospect, but if you have an opportunity to draft 2 high level prospects like byfield, stutzle, drysdale, raymond, rossi or askarov you do that to fill 2 positional needs instead. this year's draft is a deep one, it's not like the yakupov draft where there were only a few top prospects to choose from that draft.

27 Jun 2020 20:10:28
Ottawa: 5th 2020
Islanders 2nd 2020


Detroit: 4th 2020

Ottawa guaranteed Stutzle and Drysdale filling needs up front and at D

Detroit still gets top forward prospect Rossi/Raymond/Perfetti and another 2nd in a deep draft to help with their rebuild.

27 Jun 2020 21:58:27
What? A second round pick for a 4th round pick?

28 Jun 2020 13:25:04
Sorry 5th overall and 2nd round pick (roughly 45th overall) for 4th overall.

28 Jun 2020 13:35:19
Oh okay, I mean I guess it’s possible depending on who Ottawa and Detroit want to choose. I’m assuming Ottawa picks one of Stuzle/ Byfeild at 3 and Drysdale at 5. I think Rossi goes to Detroit because they need a Centre.

29 Jun 2020 01:41:02
We will likely stay at 4th and just make our best choice. We’re not going to move the needle to go up one spot.

30 Jun 2020 17:35:32
I don't see the point of the trade if you think Detroit is going to take players Ottawa doesn't want. wait it out at 5
both are rebuilding
I Believe Detroit wants the same guys as Ottawa.
and would counter with give us the 3rd and we give you the 4th and our 31st overall (first of the second round) (also fell all these prices are too low for rivals)

30 Jun 2020 18:55:27
LA with either Ottawa or Detroit is more likely.
Ottawa won't give up both picks for BYfield (LA price)
or Detroit would have to give up 4th OA with a top D Prospect to get Byfeild.
neither teams should do it.

27 Jun 2020 19:02:14
Couple trade offers for the 1st Overall Pick by Team TBA.

TBA: 1st Overall 2020
ANA: 6th Overall 2020, Steel

TBA: 1st Overall 2020
BUF: Eichel

TBA: 1st Overall 2020
CGY: Gaudreau, Bennett

TBA: 1st Overall 2020
CAR: Aho

TBA:1st Overall 2020
CHI: Strome, 1st Round Pick 2020

TBA: 1st Overall 2020
CLB: Jones

TBA: 1st Overall 2020
EDM: Pulujarvi, 1st Round Pick 2020

TBA: 1st Overall 2020
LA: 2nd Overall 2020, 2nd Round Pick 2020 (VGK)

TBA: 1st Overall 2020
MON: Caufield, 1st Round Pick 2020

TBA: 1st Overall 2020
NJ: Hughes

TBA: 1st Overall 2020
OTT: 3rd Overall 2020, 1st Round Pick 2020 (NYI)

TBA: 1st Overall 2020
PHI: Patrick, 1st Round Pick 2020

TBA: 1st Overall 2020
TOR: Marner

TBA: 1st Overall 2020
VGK: Glass, 1st Round 2020

TBA: 1st Overall 2020
WPG: Ehlers, 2nd Round Pick 2020

27 Jun 2020 19:54:06
Only the Leafs trade comes close.

27 Jun 2020 20:16:41
Some are decent, some are awful. I’d move a 10 million dollar Marner for him in a heartbeat.

02 Jul 2020 02:18:52
Only Ottawa, Buffalo, and Toronto trades make any kind of sense for the team that wins the pick. The rest are laughable.

24 Jun 2020 20:50:24
Tor: Anisimov 50% retained

Ott: Kerfoot Bracco 5th

24 Jun 2020 23:32:32
Why would the leafs do that?

25 Jun 2020 23:59:22
I’m not sure if Anisimov is the right guy for the leafs 3rd line.

19 Jun 2020 02:14:48
Given all the bad outbursts from Buffalo superstars got me thinking. Ottawa technically they might be better fit in Ottawa, since Ottawa does look like it has a brighter future already and both guys do fit the age requirement for the rebuild. So.

BUF : Eichel, Dahlin, Okposo, BUF 2020 2nd

Ott : 2nd Best 2020 1st (Guaranteed Top 6, possibly better), Ott 2021 1st (Not Protected), Duclair, White, Chabot, Ott 2023 1st (Top 10 Protection)

Eichel + Okposo = this year's 2nd best Lottery
Pick + White + Duclair

Dahlin + 2nd = Chabot + Ott next year's 1st
Not proteced

Ottawa takes that God awefull contract of Okposo to acquire the top 2 guys.

Buffalo still gets a very solid top 2 dman in Chabot to replace Dahlin not huge downgrade. Some solid middle 6 depth in Duclair and White to replace Eichel and Okposo. And get 2 1sts to set up their future, 1 that is a very possible lottery pick next year, and the other a guaranteed top 6 this year.

19 Jun 2020 05:02:52
I didn't know Dahlin was spouting off too. Just thought it was Eichel as usual. Anyway, I don't think Buffalo wants to rebuild. They will try to build something quickly to appeal to Eichel. Maybe go out and get Taylor Hall this year or something. I just don't see them tearing down and rebuilding once again after landing a stud center and stud defenseman.

Chabot is a #1D. Not a #2. He would be #1 on virtually every team in the league. Is it such a difference in value between Chabot and Dahlin that Ottawa throws them an u protected pick. Remember the last time they traded away an unprotected pick? I really don't think they make the same mistake again so soon.

19 Jun 2020 07:12:48
Wtf did I just read.

19 Jun 2020 08:25:51
Huge no from Buffalo oh my god that’s trash

19 Jun 2020 13:06:44
Buffalo says no for sure. Does not meet their needs at all and sets their team back even further.

19 Jun 2020 14:51:46
Yeah this is really bad for Buffalo if anything they’ll pull a Minnesota and sign Hall and Petrangelo then instantly turn into a contender. ( they’d need to pay to dump Skinner and Okposo )

19 Jun 2020 14:55:21
Why would Ottawa want a malcontent, coach and GM killer like Eichel. As good as Eichel is he's just not worth having on a team that is loaded with impressionable top end prospects. Buffalo can keep him and his me first attitude and we'll see how long Krueger lasts.

19 Jun 2020 15:40:30
As a 19 year old I can tell you if I have a someone on my team who is an ass I don’t take over him. Not everyone is as impressionable as you Islandjet I’m assuming you are if you’re saying that.

19 Jun 2020 19:55:46
This has to be one of the worst trade proposals I’ve not only seen on here, but in my life period. If the Buffalo GM made this trade you don’t just fire him, you check him into a mental hospital.

19 Jun 2020 22:39:31
Wow, LMFAO. Thunder Turkey, Vertuis, and VbbVbb still somehow think this is an offer Buffalo would have reason to say no to? Omg.

You guys are either the absolute best TROLLS ever known to man or you need to check yourselves into a mental institution lol.

Only team that would have reason to say no here is Ottawa. Buffalo would take this an run and you know it.

Chabot and Dahling careers are nearly mirror images of each other this far and while Dahling has a slightly higher ceiling, it's not like Chabot won't be far behind. Next year's 1st from Ottawa more than makes up for that difference as more likely than not that pick at best is top 3 at worst is top 15.

As for the rest of it Okposo has MORE negative value than Ryan did 3 years ago and that's NOT even a debate lol. Eichel and Okposo for white duclair and a regular 1st would be close in its own right but change that 1st to the sens 2nd best this year and Ottawa takes a loss on this and you know it!

Worst case trade result is

Ott : Chabot, White, Duclair, (Raymond/ Drysdale/ Rossi/ Holtz), and a mid 1st next year

Buf : Eichel, Okposo, Dahlin

Explain to everyone how exactly that is a bad return? Go ahead, we will wait!

Best case for Buffalo, they completely FLEECE Ottawa all together with.

Buf : Eichel, Okposo, Dahlin

Ott : Chabot, White, Duclair, (Byfield/ Stutzle), (Raty/ Power)

If best case materialises that gives Buffalo a dman who is in the conversation for 2nd best in the Dahlin generation, a recent Calder quality center, a guy who's career has been completely rejuvenated the last couple years, and a choice of 2 centers in this year's draft who could be as good or better than Eichel on day, as well as a choice of a center next year who fits same criteria as the 2 this year or a shut down dman who can be a top 2 guy right from the get go.

In NO way does either scenario set Buffalo back even a second let alone year's LMFAO. If anything both deals expedite their run back to playoffs as both deals make them so much better LONG TERM.

Your reactions prove exactly what I've been saying from day 1. You have no respect for certain teams especially Ottawa and your opinions are trash. Go back to playing EA sports gm mode because that's the only place your ripoffs work or mean anything!

19 Jun 2020 23:21:25
People on this site have already explained to you numerous times why the Ottawa assets you offer aren’t worth anywhere near what you think they are, you just repeatedly ignore us because you’re a God-Tier homer, which is fine, everyone has their favorite team, but we’re not going to keep wasting our time writing well thought out rebuttals when we know it’s in one ear and right back out the other with you.

20 Jun 2020 17:43:21
Duclair had 2 good months. White seems to be a#1 center on Ottawa, but probably 3rd line elsewhere. Draft picks are still question marks.

Chabot is good.

How about chabot, brannstrom and ryan for middlestat, risto, and buffalo's 1st?

21 Jun 2020 03:39:04
bro why are you posting this sh! t if you think ottawas going to refuse anyway then? lmfao j give up man, its so bad.

22 Jun 2020 21:43:09
Vertuis duclair had 2 good months when he was first acquired plus a full good year. Not sure what sport you have been watching but it wasn't hockey. Not 1 of you has offered any real reason why they think Ottawa players are worth nothing. Meanwhile I've given article after article plus explanation after explanation proving their worth yet a handful of morons on here continue to disrespect the sens for no good reason.

L. Brown for example by experts and real hockey critics is viewed as a tier 2 prospect capable of top 3 status one day but a work in progress. You know who else was a work in progress? Michael Peca, Mats Sundin, etc so why does Brown not have value?

White is another example, yeah ok he had a bad year. That's 1 year, with no training camp due to summer injury. Nylander had a bad year, Hertl had a bad year, why do they still carry value yet a Calder candidate like white don't? It makes NO sense and you know it.

Duclair was Ottawa's leading scorer over the last year and a half or so, yet he has no value? Really? I don't think so dude.

Then you got Chabot in this one, he's arguably a top 5 minimum up and comer in the same talks as Dahlin among defense, anyone who thinks otherwise needs their head examined.

And my personal favourite and one that I'm completely perplexed on is Ottawa's 2nd best pick seemingly having Less value than a top 10 pick in last year's draft? Really? I say this because I made a proposal last year of Stone for a top 10 pick and a B Prospect to which the same handful of you said Stone wouldn't get a Top 10 pick in last year's draft straight up!

That's a joke dude. Stone is good for what? 15 to 20 less points than Eichel annually but much better defencively than Eichel and cheaper this cancelling out the value advantage or very close to it, yet a guaranteed Top 6 pick possibly 2nd overall in this year's draft which is 10x better than last year's plus a most likely mid to high pick in next year's draft on top of that isn't enough in this package for Eichel Dahlin and a garbage contract like Okposo? Okposo contract is worst than Ryans and you know it. At least Ryan produces, what does Okposo do?

And if you even try to argue that last year's draft was better just go look on u tube rankings. If both drafts combined Cozens who was what? 7th last year don't go till 26th in merger draft. That's 19 guys this year and 6 guys last year seen as better. And I'm pretty sure Kakko not even top 5 lol. So why is Ottawa's 2nd best pick plus that other 1st not carry value?

Like I said before, Eichel is solid, no question, but he's not McDavid, Crosby, Ovi, Gretzky, Malkin, Howe, etc level value. Not a chance.

So yeah PLEASE give any proof what so ever as to why this is a Buffalo No especially when both guys clearly want out of Buffalo, and clearly have a better chance to win in Ottawa?

15 Jun 2020 21:00:41
Trade proposal
To ottawa
Colorado 1st Rd 2021
Colorado 3rd Rd

To Colorado
Ottawa 1st Rd - #21
Ottawa 2nd Rd - #33

16 Jun 2020 00:01:12
Not happening dude. Ottawa don't need Zadorov first off and no way they give up a 1st and a top 2 2nd which is basically another late 1st for that. On top of that where are you getting that Ottawa has the 21st from? It's more likely 13th to 15th if you mean the isles pick they own. Especially since Florida has been playing solid hockey since the trade deadline while the Isles have yet to win a game in that same time.

15 Jun 2020 00:34:59
To ottawa
1st Rd 2020
3rd Rd 2020

to Colorado
1st Rd 2020
2nd Rd 2020

15 Jun 2020 17:31:15
Is this a joke? A top 3 pick potentially Lafranier for a late 1st, 3rd round pick and a dman who won’t even make the Avalanche roster next season.

15 Jun 2020 23:51:14
Wow. Vbbvbb actually said something intelligent lol.

Nordic just admit you're trolling lol.

11 Jun 2020 18:11:37
Here you go top shelf slappers and vbbvbb

land jack eichel in trade

ottawa senators prospect pyramid

top 100 prospects ranking

As stated in above articles. Buffalo asking price for Eichel as well as prospect ranking like Batherson and L. Brown, enjoy. That being said he is the maximum Ottawa would need to give to reach requirements.

High draft picks (NOT to be confused with TOP draft picks) all this needs to be is within 1st 3 rounds to be considered high.

Top Prospects again doesn't need to be a game changer from day 1.

And at least 1 key NHL player. So here we go.

Ott :

NYI 2020 1st, Ott 2023 1st (Top 10 Proteced) . (Both are considered high picks)

White, Duclair. (Both are Top 6 young key NHL players)

Batherson, L. Brown. (Both are considered Top prospects, number 2 and 3 respectively on Ottawa who is considered Top 3 farm systems in NHL, both are Top 50 Prospecs in the league right now, and both are considered tier 2 prospects which are top 6 potential or better)

But :


If you don't agree, too bad! Those articles are more than proof enough and are the most up to date rankings out there. If I'm not mistaken, Batherson is ranked 19th BEST league wide, and L. Brown is somewhere around 30th best. You can argue all you want, but facts DO NOT LIE!

11 Jun 2020 19:00:15
Okay man, really not going to argue, but its weird that you are so willling to throw Logan Brown into trades, if he was really a top20prospect, i'd be more reluctant you know, haha.

All is in good nature man, i ain't going to argue with you cause ik Batherson, Brown and a 2023 1st isn't going to get Jack Eichel, haha.

11 Jun 2020 20:04:15
If we don’t agree then too bad? Haha okay. Well, I still don’t agree. If buffalo got this offer they would laugh and hang up on Ottawa. And if YOU don’t like that then too bad.

11 Jun 2020 21:28:45
If I'm reading this right, Ottawa is giving 2 1st + Batherson + Brown + Duclair + White.

That's a huge package that no other team in the NHL would be able to match and Buffalo would accept simply because it will be the best package offered.

11 Jun 2020 23:51:07
I’ll teach you something very important that is common sense but obviously not for you. “Don’t believe everything you hear or read. ”.

12 Jun 2020 00:39:59
The picks and batherson are nice, but If I was buffalo I'd say isles first 2020, ott first 2021 top 10 protected, batherson and branstrom.

12 Jun 2020 09:20:24
Buffalo isn’t trading eichel.

12 Jun 2020 17:41:41
". and L. Brown is somewhere around 30th best. " as quoted from the original post which linked the article on prospects that placed Logan Brown at 43rd. He jumped 13 places from when you started writing your post?

05 Jun 2020 20:54:53
Jack Eichel Trade Offers [I tried to choose teams that are rebuilding and in dire need of a 1C; also tried quality over quantity approach] -->

Anaheim Trades: Hampus Lindholm, Rickard Rakell, Brayden Tracey, 2020 1st Round Draft Pick (Protected Top3)
Buffalo Trades: Jack Eichel, Colin Miller

Arizona Trades: Oliver Ekman-Larsson, Barrett Hayton, Antti Raanta, 2021 Unprotected 1st Round Pick
Buffalo Trades: Jack Eichel, Rasmus Ristolainen, 2020 2nd Round Pick

Columbus Trades: Pierre-Luc Dubois, David Savard, Oliver Bjorkstrand, Brandon Dubinsky, 2021 Unprotected 1st Round Draft Pick
Buffalo Trades: Jack Eichel, Kyle Okposo

Montreal Trades: Jonathan Drouin, Alex Romanov, Nick Suzuki, 2020 Unprotected 1st Round Draft Pick
Buffalo Trades: Jack Eichel

Nashville Trades: Mattias Ekholm, Ryan Johansen, 2021 Unprotected 1st Round Draft Pick
Buffalo Trades: Jack Eichel, Colin Miller

Ottawa Trades: Brady Tkachuk, Colin White, Logan Brown, 2020 1st Round Draft Pick (Lower of OTT/ SJS Picks)
Buffalo Trades: Jack Eichel, Colin Miller

Idk if any of these are close, but I do think the main premise of the deal should be at least 2 elite pieces + 1 first round pick. Eichel's trade value is one of the highest in the league, so I doubt he'd actually be traded, however, its not going to be for quantity, its likely going to be 2 big name pieces from whatever team he goes to (Tkachuk, Lindholm, Romanov, Dubois, OEL, etc. )

05 Jun 2020 21:33:01
One thing Habs one change.

05 Jun 2020 21:39:26
No thanks on the Montreal one. good post though. Well thought out.

05 Jun 2020 23:05:25
These are really good trades honestly.

05 Jun 2020 23:14:47
Didn’t even read all of them but Jack Eichel has a full NMC and wouldn’t want to go to a rebuilding team.

05 Jun 2020 23:33:02
If Dorian gave anywhere close to that he would be assassinated. Change that 1st to the Islanders 1st, maybe add Ottawa's 1st in 2021 unprotected, and change Miller for Okposo, then change Tkachuk to anything outside the top 2 1sts, Chabot, Norris, or Branstrom. It is Ottawa afterall who has 1 of the best three farm teams in the league. Plus, You already have L. Brown and C. White in here for God sakes. Eichel is a great player but he's no Gretzky or McDavid, even Gretzky himself never got that much lol.

L. Brown
Isles 1st
Sens 2021 1st unprotected
1 of Batherson, Balcers, or Davidson.



Should be far more than enough. Ottawa getting fleeced should NOT be a prerequisite for every trade.

05 Jun 2020 23:35:42
A couple good trades

A couple terrible trades

A couple meh

I can definitely tell which teams here you like, which teams you don't like, and which teams you couldn't care less either way about lol.

06 Jun 2020 17:57:57
Ding ding ding. Balboski is the winner. These are all over the map. Like is Eichel worth the fortune that Ottawa and Montreal are paying, or is he worth the junk you suggest from Arizona? I think closer to the Arizona trade. He's got a big mouth and he is a selfish player and he costs too much. For some reason he is way overvalued by most of the guys on this site.

06 Jun 2020 19:54:48
Once again Vbbbvvbb proves he knows nothing about hockey cause unless Eichel aged 4 years over night he is not eligible for a NTC/NMC. The CBA only allows players aged 27+ to have any sort of trade protection IF Eichel has a NTC it cannot kick in until he turns 27.

Also I proposed Petry + Suzuki + Norlinder + an unprotected 1st and someone said the Sabres would say don't call us we will call you but this offer is better some how than a top a coveted 4 RHD + Top 6 Centre + B+ prospect + 1st!?

Seeing as both offers had a 1st and Suzuki let's just compare the other two

Romanov = A+ Prospect > Norlinder = B+ prospect but both project to be top 4 D

Drouin is a proven young top 6 winger 50-70 point guy

06 Jun 2020 19:58:00
Eichel's NMC doesn't kick in until the 2022-23 season so he can be traded anywhere, but would he report to a rebuilding team?

06 Jun 2020 20:59:36
Why do some people act like they know Eichel? I’m sure he’d be happy to go to almost any team that wants him. I think there all really strong proposals and I think Eichel has a ton of value so they could be close.

Also wow St. Louis fan how can you say Arizona’s offer is junk? There giving up a top 10 D in the league, a top end goalie and a really high end prospect plus a 1st. I think they’d turn down that offer honestly.

06 Jun 2020 21:49:42
Vbbbvvbb NMC and NTC do not come into effect until a player reaches 27! Therefore Eichel at 23 has NO say at all where he goes! This just once again proves how little you know about the sport! Keep trying though I am sure someone out there is naive enough to believe that you know what your talking about!

07 Jun 2020 00:22:58
So mistakenly believing a NTC is already in effect when in reality it doesn’t kick in until a few more years “prove I know nothing about hockey” I’ve been playing competitive hockey for the past 14 years I’m 19 years old and while I was ignorant about the state of Jack Eichel NMC atleast I’m not completely delusional towards the habs. I don’t think Nick Suzuki and a couple of picks is worth one of the best players in hockey.

07 Jun 2020 02:06:34
Hahaha. That's funny. Raanta is not a top end goalie and once Kuemper got hurt Raanta couldn't keep the team afloat. He's also only signed for two years. OEL is definitely not a top 10 defenceman in the league. I have never ever seen him ranked that high either on the official NHL list or on any analysts list. Hayton is a good prospect but has a long way to go and the first is a mod range first which doesn't carry much value. You talk like just because it is a 1st round pick it is a sure thing. It's not. It is far from a sure thing and more likely to be a bust than anything good at all.

07 Jun 2020 13:30:11
Yah after OELs performance this season it’s hard to call him elite. I wouldn’t even call him a top 30 dman at this point.

07 Jun 2020 15:52:04
Wow, I must have been gone for a while lol. There's actually a few smart hockey fans on here now days lol welcome to the party st. louisfan, campabee82, and absolutely, at least there is some hope for this site now haha.

07 Jun 2020 16:08:24
Vbbvbb being 19 actually makes a lot of sense actually. Let me just tell you dude that the returns you might get on your video games where you rip off other teams beyond imagining will not pass in the real world. I know because I've been following the sport since you were in diapers kid.

Also noted that the Ottawa package you have here would be enough for Eichel and Dahlin. Think about it, it is the equivalent of a young Tomas Hertl, a better Matthew Tkachuk, a top 6 guaranteed possible top 3 pick, and an A prospect with Top 3 to top 6 center potential. Way too much for Eichel alone, let alone the fact you also want Ottawa to eat that Miller contract too. No thanks!

07 Jun 2020 16:29:42
As for that God awful Arizona deal, like the other guy said before, Ranta is NO starting goalie lol he's barely a Backup goalie, Hayden is ok sure, OEL is solid but he's nearly in his twilight year's as a player, and that 2021 1st is basically a 2nd if that trade were accepted and you know it. Hall not likely to leave if they get Eichel and Kessel still there too.

So you basically trading Eichel for a high 2nd / very low 1st in a very weak draft, and old top 4 dman, a B+ prospect, and a backup goalie

Yet you expect Ottawa to give up a guaranteed top 6 winger, a guaranteed top 6 draft pick in a very deep draft, a middle 6 center who can easily bounce back to top 6 status as early as next year and is very comparable to Tomas Hertl, and an A prospect who just needs a little fine tuning and is very comparable to Nolan Patrick.

The Montreal trade all depends how they do in the play in round. A loss means this is too much for sure, a win makes it a bit closer but I would think if Montreal giving this much they would want Eichel and Jokijarju at least. I know I would.

07 Jun 2020 17:09:04
Islandjet, I can name at least 1 rebuilding team he would definitely report to. Ottawa! Reason being, if Ottawa were to get him at a reasonable price and NOT pay the fortune some of you may mistake him to be worth, they would easily have the tools necessary to go from rebuild to contender in the next 1 or 2 seasons.

All they would need to do if they got Eichel at a reasonable price is make 2 more SERIOUS signings like Taylor Hall and Alex Pietrangelo. As well as buying out the last year or 2 of Anisimov contract.

Ottawa actually does have the cap space to make all of that happen. They are cap floor now, and about to offload a number of contracts on top of that like Boadker, Hainsey, and Andy all of which are 4+ million.

Adding Hall, and Eichel as well as either Pietrangelo, or Holtby, to the 2 top 6 picks they have coming, as well as the number of young solid talents already in the system would easily make them a contender again if not next year then the year after for sure.

Most Ottawa would need to give up for Eichel I'm thinking would be.

Islanders 1st 2020
L. Brown
Ottawa's 2nd 2021.

07 Jun 2020 17:12:11
Literally everyone can easily see how biased you are towards the senators. It’s not even worth arguing.

07 Jun 2020 17:55:15
That's NOT being biased at all vbbvbb you just don't know the difference. Despite what your video games tell you the value of players are, it's NOT even close.

Top 13 in a deep draft is major value despite what team owns it.

Batherson has loads of potential and will be a top 6 forward and has even been seen as Eichel Lite potential. He also has NHL experience and looked damn good in the process.

Brown is STILL an A- prospect, a work in progress? Yes, a project? Yes, but that doesn't lower his value.

Colin White in his bad year still had 2 more points than Tomas Hertl in his bad year and under a worst team to boot, does that diminish Hertl value too? Not a chance! So why would it finish whites value? White was one of the big pieces Joe Sakic wanted in the Duchene deal, he not only lived up to what Sakic saw in him during his rookie season, he obliterated that value by competing for the Calder. That raise in value doesn't dissapear after a softcore slump. GET REAL!

Gustafson is a very solid future starting goalie with at least a B+ Potential.

Duclair had a major career resergence unlike any other player this past couple years and is considered a top 6 goal scoring wing yet again.

Plus a 2nd next year.

It's pretty obvious how biased YOU are AGAINST Ottawa. You clearly don't bother to follow the sport in general outside your favourite teams. Unlike me, who does give credit where it is deserved even on the tea I don't like. You have yet to give true value to any sens player I remember.

Look at pageau you said he wouldn't get half of what he did get. And the funny part about that is he raised the level of his game this past year but according to you his value don't raise with it because it's 1 year yet you're the 1st one to claim Whites value goes down because of 1 bad year. Lol that makes you a hypothetic if anything.

07 Jun 2020 17:57:49
U rlly can't argue w BAbs, my only thought process for ARZ is that OEL is a top30 ish dman in the league, and Hayton is def an A prospect. I don't even mind changing Raanta to Kuemper, i just thought Raanta, when not injured, is a damn good goalie.

The funny thing is, Logan Brown is an A prospect, and Barret Hayton is a B+?


07 Jun 2020 18:38:09
Okay fair enough, I didn’t realize OEL had a down year. If he can have another 45-50 point season I think he’d be in top 15 ish D. He’s really solid at both ends and can score goals. Also Raanta was in the top 10 save percentage in the league. He’s definitely a top end goalie right now. Hayton also is a way higher end prospect than Brown. At this point that one isn’t even debatable.

08 Jun 2020 14:28:54
Vbbbvvbb ignorance and age are not excuses for not fact checking your posts. Next time you want to make an argument make sure you fact check before you post it will go along way to earning you some credibility!

The package you said it would take from the Habs is equivalent to Nylander + Sandin + Robertson + 1st that is too much future for any team to give up. I originally offered Suzuki + Norlinder + 2 1sts which equals Nylander + Liljegren + 2 1sts Fair value IMHO without giving up too much of the future I then revised to Petry + Suzuki + Norlinder + 1st again equal Leafs value is Reilly + Nylander + Liljegren + 1st IMO this is a significant package and slight overpayment as both Reilly and Petry are top 4 puck moving D Petry gets a slight advantage as he is a RHD which is one of the most coveted and hardest positions to fill in the league however Reilly is younger so that balances out the value.

Nylander is equal to Suzuki because Nick is a 2 way centre which again holds more value than a scoring winger also Nick is slightly younger but Nylander has a few more years experience which offsets Nicks value as a young centre. So in conclusion Eichel is an elite Centre and will get the Sabres quite a haul but will most likely not cause the team trading for him to completely gut their future.

Eichel is getting a rep as a whiner that causes lockerroom issues as well. Is it true IDK but even just rumours can ruin a players value to other GM's just look at how bad MB devalued Patches before trading him. If MB hadn't said Patches was a cancer in the locker room he could have gotten Glass + Tatar + Suzuki + 2nd

08 Jun 2020 18:26:38
If anyone can't be argued with its you topshelf and vbbvbb. I have yet to see you give proper respect to any sens assets assure from maybe Chabot and Tkachuk, and even that is debatable.

I seem to remember someone posted a trade a few years ago when the Isles had 12th and 13th overall involving Hoffman and a few other pieces for one of those picks, back before the Hoffman EK garbage that happened and you responded like those picks were gold and that the proposal wasn't even close even though Hoffman was a perennial 40 to 60 point guy and a proven goal scorer, yet somehow the Isle pick this year, which might I add will likely be in that same area of top 13 to 15 in a 10X better draft class somehow according to you carries no value because it currently belongs to the Sens.

You also get 1 bad year of White after completing a very solid rookie campaign and losing most of the guys he played with, all of a sudden out of nowhere loses all value, yet Hertl after terrible season didn't lose any value what so ever.

Then you got Brown who absolutely has a much higher ceiling than Hayden, that is NOT debatable, anyone can put up numbers playing with Lafreniere and Cozins for God sakes. You bad mouth the guy because he taking longer to hit potential yet guys like Nolan Patrick and Nico Hishier get the pass even though they are in the same predicament, why?

I have plenty more but I'll just end with Gustafson. He is 100% a future STARTING GOALIE yet according to you guys has no value because goalies are a dime a dozen, yet time and time again in your posts as well as vbbvbb posts I see you both include GOALIE PROSPECTS as the big part of a big trade. And half the time the goalies you include are not near as good as Gus nor do they have the potential he does.

Just look at that dumb offer you have for Eichel here for the sens, it's ridiculous to say the least. Not a chance in hell Eichel is worth half that. It's bad enough you include Tkachuk, with White, and L. Brown, but then you think that's still not enough you still add a top 6 pick possibly top 2 on top of that in deepest draft since 03.

To clear that up for everyone that is a guaranteed top 6 possible top 2 pick in a deep draft, plus a former 4th overall pick and recent Calder nominee Brady Tkachuk, a former 11th overall pick who yes is a project but does have an A grade ceiling and could be a top 3 center will be top 6 Logan Brown, and another recent Calder nominee and 21st overall pick Colin White for a guy who is already frustrated with the team he's on.

Yes Eichel is a great player, but that kind of haul? Not a chance! If that pick is top 4 that alone with maybe Gustafson and Balcers would be more than enough. Top 6 pick plus maybe Brown, and Davidson, and a 2nd next year tops, this package you have, Ottawa BETTER be getting Dahlin too, that is just insane. Even the Gretzky trade wasn't that crazy and he carried far more value than Eichel ever will and you know it.

08 Jun 2020 18:45:03
Campabee82 I do agree with most of what you said up till the Petry to Rielly comparison lol. Don't know if I'd go that far lol Reilly is solid and more like Chabot who I would personally rank a lot higher that Petry lol no offense to Petry I just don't see him on that level. The rest though I do agree and I'm NOT a habs or leafs fan obviously lol.

If you want a bigger idea of how nuts these 2 guys are just look at some of my earlier Eichel proposals they bad mouthed lol specifically this one they said was nowhere near enough lol.

Eichel and Okposo


White, Gustafson, L. Brown, Dallas 2nd in 2020, Columbus 2nd in 2021, Ottawa's 1st in 2021, Islanders 1st in 2020, Rudolfs Balcers, and Filip Chlapic

They called it nowhere near enough for Eichel LMFAO

I mean seriously? All 5 of those players will be in the NHL no question, at least 2 will be top 6 guys, and at least 1 a starting goalie. Plus they get not 1 but 2 2nds, as well as a possible 13 to 15th overall pick in a deep draft, as well as an unprotected pick in next year's draft coming from Ottawa who is expected to be bad for a few more years at least making that pick a possible top 3.

And apperently that is NOT ENOUGH lol like really? Not enough? Do they want Chabot, Tkachuk, the top 2 picks this year, Branstrom, Docker, Thompson, Batherson, and Formenton too? That's just hockey ignorance and Bias.

09 Jun 2020 10:42:03
The Real Balboski, oh I know that your offer had both quantity and quality for me it was too much from the Sens especially with taking back Okposo.

As for Petry he really is a lot better than he gets credit for. He plays more even strength minutes than Weber per game by almost a full minute, has a shot that is almost as hard as Weber's. Skates as Well as Reilly and can quarterback the power play without giving up anything is size or his defensive play.

Everyone says that Weber is the Habs number one Dman but the reality is more like Petry is 1A and Weber 1B. The Habs should and really could trade Weber and resign Petry and be no worse off on the right side but MB has a man crush on him so he will never be moved.

09 Jun 2020 18:22:32
Oh no doubt he's solid and has played his best hockey since joining Habs, that's not even a debate, it is a fact. I'm not saying he's not skilled because he is.

I just can't justify him having equal value to guys like Chabot or Reilly. Those to not only have a better offensive output annually and are roughly the same as him defensively, but they are also 10 years younger and have yet to hit their prime, while he has been in his prime all along and is closing in on his twilight years. And despite what these guys say twilight, value is less than both Prime and potential values.

Example if Detroit offered Pittsburgh the 1st overall pick in this draft, Alexis Lafreniere, for Sydney Crosby, I say Pittsburgh would be dumb to refuse because they only got so many years of Crosby left and Lafreniere has an entire career length.

09 Jun 2020 18:56:08
Oh and yeah I agree that that is a large price for Ottawa to pay but the reason I posted it is because of all teams Ottawa is probably in the best shape to do a trade like that without hurting their own future.

With guys like Pinto, Thompson, Soogard, Branstrom, Tkachuck, Batherson, Gustafson, Wolanin, Chabot, White, C. Brown, Norris, Balcers, Docker, Formenton, Tychonic, Abramov, Davidson, L. Brown, Chlapic, Hogberg, Duclair, and Daccord in their system now, and 14 picks over the 1st 3 rounds of the next 2 years worth of drafts, they can offer a large package like that to upgrade White as long as it don't include a top 6 pick, Chabot, Tkachuk, Branstrom, Thompson, Docker, or Norris, and as long as it only takes one of Batherson or Formenton, can't have both.

I say this because even if they had to give that much, bringing in Eichel who is still signed 6 years longer, and Drafting 2 top 6 picks would not only solidify the rebuild and give them that top line center they have needed for a while and some star power to play with, especially if Ottawa wins 1st overall pick as well as 2nd or 3rd overall pick. All of this together with Ottawa being a cap floor team now and bout to lose a bunch of dumb contracts, gives them the cap space, the money, and the bait to sign a big free agent or 2 that might actually make a difference. Say Taylor Hall, and/ or Alex Pietrangelo for 3 to 5 years or so. And that is while they keep Ryan contract too which will be gone by the time the kids need to be signed, so they would still have money there too if needed.

That is a literal possible mix of veterans and young guys involving,

Tkachuk Eichel Lafreniere
Hall (Rossi/ Stutzle) (Formenton/ Batherson)

Chabot Pietrangelo
Branstrom Docker


That's a scary thought for most teams to play against don't you think?

10 Jun 2020 14:42:39
Yes that would be a great lineup however I think the Blues resign Pietrangelo and trade one or two other assets to make the contract fit. Possibly Dunn or Schenn. Hall I think wants a cup now and as much as I would love to have him he probably signs with a team that is either near the end of a rebuild or who is competitive now. Both have complete control over where they go next. The only thing the Habs have over the Sens is Price and Weber are still considered two of the best players in the league by other players so someone might want to play with them doubtful though.

The Sens after this draft I think will be light years ahead of the Habs as far as the rebuild goes though unless by some miracle MB gets his head out of his butt and actually does something more than fringe moves this summer again it's unlikely though.

11 Jun 2020 17:21:52
Oh definitely Habs got price and webs as intrigue for future signees no doubt, that's why I'm saying sens should pursue Eichel. Because between him and the 2 high picks plus Tkachuk and Chabot plus the current system, I think it would be tough for a free agent to pass on.

I mean even before the offseason sens are a cap floor team. So moving white even and letting boadker go to europe while bringing in Eichel still keeps them at cap floor. So with hainsey and Anderson contracts also expiring this year and anisimov and Ryan in the next year or 2, plus the cap going up. Sens are in a prime spot to lure in a quality veteran like that for a few years to not only mentor the kids but also put them in contention if the right guys. Without going over the cap, and still be in good position for future kids contracts. on top of all that, they could out bid other teams with price tag on short term deals, say over pay hall for 1st 3 years at 10 million a season then see if he will take a discount to like 5.5 or 6 million on next deal, if not, trade him in the end of the 2nd year for more high picks or top prospects. Win win for everyone.

04 Jun 2020 14:26:18
Let's say Eichel asks for a trade there is very few teams that could realistically acquire him and be a true cup contender. By cup contender I mean top 10 team in NHL so no Ottawa, Montreal, etc are not fits he has a full NMC. If he's moved he wants to win a cup. Two teams I see realistically having the cap space/potential to win are the Rangers and Flyers.

Trade #1

Flyers: Jack Eichel

Buffalo: JVR (cap), Travis Sanhiem, Nolan Patrick, Joel Farbree and 1st 2021

Trade #2
Rangers: Jack Eichel

Buffalo: Fllip Chytil, Vitaly Kravstov, Mark Staal( cap ), 1st 2020 and 1st 2021

To obtain a top 10 player in the game you'll have to give something that hurts while still remaining competitive.

05 Jun 2020 01:27:01
You are on great drugs. Ottawa has a lot more to offer and my proposal earlier was absolutely better than this garbage, let's compare shall we?

Nolan Patrick hasn't had much more success than Logan Brown thus far and he was a former number 2 overall, that's sad, and white has better career numbers on a worst team. I've at this point carries value equal to Bobby Ryan lol he's a cap dump and that is it. Farabee is a B+ prospect vs Logan Brown who yes, is an A prospect. The only difference is Brown might take bit longer to get there. He has shown the signs in his game just needs to put it all together. The sens conditional pick in 2023 carries more value than the phyers 2021 1st for a few reasons, first, 2021 is deemed the weekest draft since Yakapov, while the 2023 draft is expected to be a strong class sporting the likes of Connor Bedard. Second Phylly is a strong team, Ottawa is a weaker team meaning their pick is higher. And the Isles pick this year is likely to be top 13 to 15 in the deepest draft since 03, where guys like Askarov, Sanderson, Quinn, Gunler, Zary, Jarvis, etc will be available. That plus chlapic who fills a roll in middle to bottom 6 are equal to or greater than sanhiem. Plus pretty sure I also had a B+ goalie prospect in Gustafson involved in mine. Something that qualifies as a NEED for Buffalo.

Then you got that aweful rangers deal, isn't Staal a bottom 4 demand on his best day and in his twilight year's at a high price tag? Lol kravsov has more issues than Brown and chytil don't make up for that lol. The Rangers 1st is no better than the Islanders 1st, and the 1st in 2021 is equal value to Chlapic, Gustafson, and the two 2nds at absolute best due to weak draft class.

That makes my proposal of

L. Brown
C. White
F. Chlapic
Isles 1st in 2020
Sens 1st in 2023 (Top 5 protected)
Cbj 2nd in 2021
Ott 2nd in 2021
F. Gustafson

Much greater value than both these trash deals. Don't bad mouth my proposals then go post garbage like this lol you will get caught.

05 Jun 2020 01:29:47
Oh yeah, plus the fact my proposal also had sens taking that dumb Okposo contract and neither of yours even does that hahahaha get real.

05 Jun 2020 02:55:20
Lol this is where we dissagree no one and I mean absolutely no one sees Logan Brown as anything more then a potential 3C he is not an A prospect. he is similarly valued to Jesse Puljujarvi and i'd actually take Puljujarvi over him. It’s not just me who thinks that absolutely no one thinks Logan Brown is good. Travis Sanhiem is a young 2way cheap top 4 dman and is more valuable then anyone in your offer. Farabee is 1st in the Calder trophy race for Forwards ( only behind Makar and Q. Hughes ) . Nolan Patrick is young and is already a solid 2way NHL player on his ELC.


05 Jun 2020 03:49:33
Brown was an A-prospect when he was drafted. I wouldn't call him that now. Though I guess that depends on your definition of prospect.

If you define a prospect as someine who can get in the NHL one day, then sure Brown is an A-prospect that way, because there is a very good chance he will be in the NHL full time for at least 5-7 years. Maybe more.

If you define prospects based on potential points production, then Brown is not an A-prospect like Zegras or Byfield. He is more like a C-prospect. Someone like DelColle or Milano or Ratcliffe. They should all make the NHL in die time, but will be in bottom line roles. I don't see Brown as a leader that will carry the first line. He is more like Gauthier in Toronto.

05 Jun 2020 14:20:24
St . Louis fan wow I couldn’t agree more I was going to compare him to Gauthier before you did.

05 Jun 2020 23:58:52
Dude, Patrick has not done any more than Brown has and he was drafted number 2 overall as opposed to 11th overall. And isn't he like 20 to 21 years old too? He was drafted in the hisher draft afterall. The fact he's still putting up iffy numbers on a pretty good team speaks for itself.

And sure farabee in Calder race this year but he's losing to 2 defensemen. Colin white what's right in the Calder race as well in his rookie season. If I'm not mistaken there was only Tkachuk, Dahlin, and Petterson ahead of him, and that was just last year. Softcore slumps DO happen, just look at Tomas Hertl. Does that honestly take away from his value? Not a chance.

As for sanhiem he is a bottom 4 dman at best, he's not capable of top 2 minutes even on his best day, don't kid yourself. And he and JVR together carry less value than an Ottawa 1st even top 10 protected in 2023, plus chlapic, plus 2 2nds, all of which have positive values unlike JVR who at this point is nothing but a cap dump.

Then you got Philly's 1st in a weak 2021 draft (most likely to be a late one due to Philly being a great team) vs isles 1st in the strongest draft class Since 03, that can potentially be top 15? Yeah not even a comparison how much better the isles pick is!

Then you have Gustafson vs . Oh yeah yours has nothing else to compare to a future starting goalie so I'll include his value with Brown to easily over throw Patrick's value alone.

Do your research before you undervalue solid players, prospects, and picks!
You lose this debate dude, NO QUESTION!

03 Jun 2020 18:59:35
Ok to make everyone happy I'll even throw more sens assets it this proposal and see what you guys say.

Just not I saw an article on Facebook that got me thinking of this, it was one that said malkins wife would like him to play on another team where he's the number 1 center and not in Crosby's shadow, and I kindve agree with what she had to say, so I came up with a 3 way deal between Ottawa, Buffalo, and Pittsburgh as I can't see Eichel wanting to play second fiddle to Crosby either, so.

Ottawa : Eichel, Okposo

Buffalo : Malkin, Islanders 1st in 2020, Gustafson, Duclair, Ottawa's 2nd in 2021

Pittsburgh : L. Brown, Ryan, Wolanin, White, Chlapic, Columbus 2nd in 2021

Buffalo doesn't exactly downgrade much with Malkin as he's proven even at his age he can still put up crazy numbers when he's not Crosby's shadow. Buffalo also gets another solid winger for the top 6 with duclair, a future starting goalie, and a couple picks for the future one of which could be as high as 13th overall in a deep class. Pretty solid haul for Eichel plus they get rid of Okposo to boot, win win right?

Pittsburgh would likely want at least some players who can help them now and with Ryan's contract nearly up, he would be perfect as renewing him if they wanted to would actually save them some cap, plus playing with Crosby could easily rejuvenate his career. Adding White who can take over that 2nd line center spot in Pittsburgh or even 3rd line don't hurt either. Wolanin would fit nicely on pens Blueline and would be a ton cheaper than resigning Schultz. Chlapic is a bit of a project but makes for a great role player in bottom 6 plus already has NHL experience. They also get a 2nd next year that could be something good. And finally Brown, under Crosby's guidence and mentorship I have no doubt he could finally break out and become the stud Ottawa expected him to be when they drafted him. All in all that's also a very solid haul for a guy in his twilight year's like Malkin should he want to listen to his wife and be "The Guy"

As for Ottawa, yes, I do believe that is an insane amount to give up for Eichel, especially if they also take Okposo, but, if any team can afford to give up a haul like that it probably is Ottawa at this point, considering the rest of the young guys they have in the system as well as the picks on their way in this year's draft as well. Yes they get that dumb contract by at least Okposo can serve as veteran presence for now. Meanwhile Ottawa Finally lands that number 1 center who is still locked up for 6 more years in Eichel, plus have the means to draft his future line mates as well.

Say Ottawa wins the lottery and picks Lafreniere with San Jose pick and gets 2nd or 3rd drafting Byfield or Stutzle with their own pick. That means either a 1 - 2 punch of

Lafreniere Eichel Batherson
Tkachuk Byfield Formenton

Or straight up

Lafreniere Eichel Stutzle

If you think this isn't enough by Ottawa you're crazy!

03 Jun 2020 19:31:46
Pittsburgh would never do that lol.

03 Jun 2020 19:43:00
No. If you think that IS enough you’re crazy.

03 Jun 2020 21:21:16
“ Just not I saw an article on Facebook that got me thinking of this, it was one that said malkins wife would like him to play on another team where he's the number 1 center and not in Crosby's shadow“


03 Jun 2020 21:22:19
Oh and this is a great example for Quantity for Quality, zero chance Pitty touches this offer.

03 Jun 2020 21:40:43
Vertius you are trolling right? If not, maybe hockey isn't the sport you should follow dude, as you clearly don't know value.

A middle 6 goal scoring forward, a top 15 pick in the deepest draft since 2003, a 2nd rounder the following year, a future starting goalie, and a 33 year old who has a good 5 years or so left in him and is still putting up a point a game and is a solid back checker for a top line center who's not a lot better if at all and has gone without a playoff game in his entire 5 year career, as well as a bad contract they desperately need to move. On what planet is that NOT great value for Buffalo? I seriously want to know?

And then you got the Pittsburgh deal where I'm going on malkins wife's comments. Pittsburgh moves a superstar in his twilight years, which might I add still carries value just NOT PRIME VALUE! Getting a a middle 6 center with top 6 potential in White (yes he had a softcore slump but his rookie year he was competing for the Calder just like Hertl so who's to say he can't bounce back? ), A middle 6 overpriced winger in the last year of a bad contract in Ryan who can get back to top 6 status beside Crosby like Dupuis and Kunitz and Hornqvist before him, and would be half the dollar amount to keep, so current contract status is null and void in debates. A guaranteed top 6 potential kid who under Crosby could blossom into top 3 center status when Crosby retires in Brown. Justin Shultz 2.0 at a fraction of his price tag in Wolanin. A serviceable bottom 6 center in chlapic. And a draft pick in the early rounds next year. Yeah that damn good value for a top guy in his twilight years.

What do you honestly expect? McDavid Draisaitl and Nuge for Malkin and Mackinnon Landeskog Rantanen Makar and Byram for Eichel? Like seriously dude? Get real!

03 Jun 2020 21:59:13
EP 40

https:/ / hockeytroll. ca/ 2020/ 06/ 03/ evgeni-malkins-wife-would-be-ready-to-leave-pittsburgh-so-that-her-husband-becomes-the-best-center-in-the-world/

Proof of his wife's comments.

Also your comments are proof that you massively underestimate Ottawa assets. I'm MOT repeating value again, go Google it if you don't agree. If Brown, Gustafson, White, Duclair and that top 15 pick this year were owned by another team like say the Rangers you wouldn't question their value so I'm not sure why a location like Ottawa makes much of a difference? I honestly think you know these proposals are great value for everyone involved and just make dumb comments like this to troll me and some others on here. Especially when I go away for a while and come back to some of the piss poor proposals you guys post, like before pageau was traded and someone posted pageau for a nobody prospect, enforcer, a 4th and a 6th. Your irritating at best.

04 Jun 2020 00:30:39
Instead of insulting my hockey knowledge, you should look at your own.

Logan Brown is 22 with 9 points in 29 career NHL games. Sorry to break it to you, but his value isn't much of anything.

I'm not sure which Ryan you're talking about, but I genuinely hope it isn't Bobby because as much as I love the guy, his contract means his value is negative.

Again, I'm not sure what Wolanen you're talking about, but I'm praying it isn't Christian Wolanin because he's 25 with a grand total of 15 points in 43 NHL games and, with that little success by 25 means his value is next to nothing. He's a bust.

Colin White had one semi-decent year before falling back this current year, that with the fact he's in the first year of a SIX year deal with an AAV of 4.475, and his value is really low as well. Even if he did get 41 points again this year, I'd still say he's moderately overpaid, but he only managed 23 which is much worse.

I like Filip Chlapik a lot, he put up really good numbers in the AHL this year, but considering he's 23 with little NHL success (11 points in 56 games) much like those above him, his value isn't anywhere near what you'd like it to be.

Unfortunately, it isn't that I, or anyone else, is undervaluing the Senator players like your narrative would suggest, it's that you're over-valuing them, quite heavily. You offered a bunch of potential busts considering their lack of success compared to their age, one guy who got overpaid for one decent year and then immediately fell back the year after, and a second. So, I don't know what you're think that package is worth, but I can promise you it's nothing close to what you're hoping for.

04 Jun 2020 01:21:32
Yes Malkin wife says he should be traded, I’m sure Rutherford is getting right to the phones to make her wishes come true. It’s also not enough, I like White and Brown could be good but Ryan is negative value, Wolanin is nothing special, Chlapik is meh, would say nothing special as well and the 2nd doesn’t do a lot in this trade. Penguins are contending, this deal pushes them towards a rebuild when they’re ready to win now.

04 Jun 2020 05:34:30
Pittsburgh would never make this deal. And Malkin would never accept a trade from a Stanley cup contender to a basement dweller. If Malkin wanted to escape from under Crosby's shadow he should have done it a long time ago. Too late now. He's on the tail end of his career. Another four or five good ones left to go for it all again. He isn't going to a rebuilding buffalo.

05 Jun 2020 02:02:30
Ryan is going into the last year of that contract, the NEGATIVE VALUE is long long gone now finishing the last year and signing at half that pricetag or less can only be a GOOD THING! ESPECIALLY when paired with Crosby!

Brown is still a 22 year old. NOT ALL A level prospects are amazing right out of the gates. That doesn't mean he can't still get there and that doesn't deter his value what so ever till he gets closer to 26. Look at Stone, Hoffman, Foligno, Yandle, Callaghan, Byfuglien, Letang, hek even Carey Price took a bit longer than normal, does that make them busts? Noooo.

White has only played 2 full seasons one of which he was absolutely deep in the Calder trophy race with team mate Tkachuk and Pettersson among others. The couple games in previous 2 seasons hardly count lol and yeah, he had a softmore slump, who cares? Does that really deter his value? Absolutely NOT! you know who else had a similar start to his career? Tomas Hertl. It's not like he doesn't have the tools to rebound next season like Hertl did.

And wolanin is a solid bottom 4 dman on any team and chlapic a solid bottom 6 guy that makes the smart moves.

And it's funny you don't even mention the value of Gustafson who is a future starting goalie, duclair who had a massive career resurgence since debuting in Ottawa and has earned the upgrade in value the same way Pageau did, or even the Isles pick which is very likely to be 13th to 15th overall in the deepest draft since 03 When Bergeron and Weber were drafted I believe both in round 2. And there is STILL 2 more 2nds coming from Ottawa, and Ottawa is eating a contract that is officially much worst than Bobby Ryan contract.

It is far from over exaggerated when I say you under value sens players, it is the truth EP40!

I seen some of the newest proposals and they don't Harry half the value this 1 does. That's NOT an exaggeration, it's a FACT!

05 Jun 2020 16:07:32
Pittsburgh is in win now mode. Malkin's wife isn't Malkin. If he doesn't ask for a trade, it's not happening. They won back to back cups just 3-4 years ago, and this trade makes them less likely to win a cup now. Logan brown does not replace Malkin. I'd he's a guaranteed top 6 talent, then ottawa would be stupid to trade him. Not like their centre depth is stopping him.

If eichel doesn't like buffalo, why in the world would he like Ottawa?

31 May 2020 18:53:01
Disgruntled Jack Eichel rumors ok cool here we go.

Buf :


Ott :

Isles 2020 1st,
Ott 2022 Conditional 1st (Top 5 Protected, if it becomes Top 5 Buffalo gets 2023 1st instead),
Cbj 2021 2nd,
Ott 2021 2nd,
L. Brown,

Reasoning. Buffalo gets a middle 6 to top 6 center in White, a bottom 6 center in Chlapic, a center with top 6 potential in brown, a mid 1st round pick this year possibly 13th overall, two 2nds next year, and a 1st in 2022/ 2023. Buffalo also rids themselves of a garbage Okposo contract to boot.

Ottawa lands a top line center to play with the top 2 picks that they recieve in this year's draft. Eichel Lafreniere Stutzle could easily force Ottawa back to contention early.

01 Jun 2020 14:37:44
Islanders wouldn't be able to add Eichel and Okposo even if Buffalo agreed to make that Trade because of Salary Cap.

01 Jun 2020 15:56:29
This is a trade between Ottawa and Buffalo lol. And awful for buffalo.

01 Jun 2020 18:45:50
I believe that any trade for Eichel has to include at least 1 top line player or top 2 d-man plus picks and top prospects in return. Buyer beware as Eichel is a malcontent that needs strong teammates and solid coach to keep him in line so he can't be sent to a rebuilding team.

01 Jun 2020 19:59:21
Hahahaha that doesn’t get you Eichel, jeez.

02 Jun 2020 00:44:21
Straight from the link I shared.

3. Ottawa Senators
First off, I’m only mentioning this because there was talk about Eichel to the Sens during the season. I don’t think there is any way that Ottawa trades for Eichel. But I’ll entertain the option for this article, I also think it’s unlikely because Ottawa is not much better in the standings than Buffalo. So no, I don’t think this happens.

Anyways, if Ottawa could find a way to get Eichel for cheaper by acquiring a bad contract like Kyle Okposo, then it would be interesting. Ottawa could give up someone like Logan Brown and their New York Islanders first-round pick, and maybe a few other assets. I believe that, if the price is right, it would be interesting. I doubt it happens. I don’t think it should happen, but it would be interesting nonetheless.

This whole fiasco is unfortunate for both the Sabres and Eichel, I honestly hope they find a way to make things work, I want to see Eichel lead the Sabres to victory one day. But if a trade is needed, I’d love to see what happens.

The fact I added another 1st on top of the Isles as well as 2nds and chlapic and white is a crazy overpayment.

And noone in their right mind would ever give the kind of price you suggested of top 3 or top 2 anything plus picks and top prospects lol he's NOT McDavid or young Crosby. You're looking at much closer to Stone / Duchene value but a smidge higher.

Brown is a top prospect, isles 1st is likely top 15, white is easily a middle 6 center now but on Buffalo will be top 6 forward, chlapic will definitely be bottom 6 on Buffalo, plus they still get a conditional 1st as well as not one but two 2nds on top of all of that, plus they eat the garbage contract of Okposo Wich is huge for Buffalo going forward.

02 Jun 2020 00:48:07
And Pinballisback lol

I guess it's a good thing the Islanders are NOT involved in this trade what soever then huh? Lol and also good that Ottawa is a cap floor team right now about tho lose a couple 4+ million dollar contracts in Boadker and Anderson huh?

Trust me, Ottawa can handle the big contracts lol.

02 Jun 2020 02:49:55
@islandjet he’s 100000% worth the baggage.

02 Jun 2020 08:34:03

I proved you wrong when I posted a more legit article like concerning Pageau value earlier this year and he got even more than that post said. Do I honestly need to keep posting these articles to show you how wrong you are on values of these players before you GET IT? It's a bit annoying but ok fine, here you go lads.

See for yourselves. My proposal is actually quite a lot more generous than actual value to be quite honest. I will post continuation in next thread. Lol.

jack eichel trade rumours

02 Jun 2020 16:00:43
Anyone can write an article that doesn’t mean it has any credibility.

03 Jun 2020 18:22:54
You said that about pageau article too vbbvbb and look how that turned out. You just massively overvalue Eichel and massively underrate sens assets, it brutal.

28 May 2020 16:41:50
Ok guys I sort've seen this on social media discussions recently and wanted to get some thoughts as it does sound kind of interesting to me.

Now keep in mind these are completely hypothetical situations depending on how the lottery and play in round of playoffs go.

Say the bottom 4 seeds in the east all win their matchups. That leaves Ottawa with the 13th overall pick via the New York Islanders.

Now say Ottawa gets extremely lucky and wins both the 1st and the 2nd overall picks in the lottery while Detroit drops to 4th (since I don't think they would do the trade I'm bout to post), and say Buffalo wins 3rd overall.

Now say Ottawa wants to use some current assets to move up in the draft from 13th to 6th or 7th and again from there to 3rd.

Ott : 13th overall in 2020, 2021 2nd, 2020 3rd, Chlapic, Duclair

Lak or Ana : 2020 6th overall or 20207th overall


Ott : 2020 6th or 7th overall, L. Brown, zaitsev, Gustafson, 3rd best 2020 2nd

Keep in mind the move up only happens if Ottawa were to win the other 2 outright in lottery giving them all 3 and the chance to make history.

The reason I have Detroit drop to 4th here is because the too desperately need the star power and I doubt for that reason they would move at all given how high they are on stutzle. But Buffalo I can see doing this trade because on paper they are loaded with talent but lack a true starting goalie. What this trade does for them is it gives them a top 6 potential center anyway in brown so losing out on stutzle or Byfield won't hurt as much, plus they get a potential starting goalie in Gustafson, a NHL bottom 6 dman, and they add a late 2nd rounder just to move down 4 to 4 spots in the draft. It's a no brainer for Buffalo as even by that point there is guaranteed to be a stud left. They would end up with either Raymond, Rossi, Drysdale, Holtz, or Askarov, all of which would be amazing for them.

And Ottawa would make history and get the bonified best 3 in the draft in Lafreniere, Byfield, and Stutzle. But I would leave all 3 develope 1 more year in junior while the main team has 1 more horrible year and go for Owen Power in next year's draft before bringing all 4 up together with the likes of Docker, Branstrom, Formenton, Norris, Thompson, Balcers, and Batherson.

What do you all think? Is this realistic or would I have to add to the first trade? 2nd trade I believe should be more than enough to get the job done as there is a lot of good stuff there. Again remember this is hypothetical if those scenerios go as stated.

28 May 2020 17:25:48
I wish I could delete this post, lol.

28 May 2020 18:58:34
Why would they even want to acquire the 3rd overall pick if they win 1st and 2nd? Also you’d have to give up a lot more to move up.

28 May 2020 19:09:50
Loooool not even close bud, sorry try again.

29 May 2020 04:10:10
If Ottawa gets #1 and #2, they have no need to move up to #3. The problem would be 3 years after they bring them up, they're probably paying 3 almost identical contracts, which will be ridiculous or bridges.

Usually when players play together and get contracts together, they're close. Kane and Toews did it. Monahan and Gadreau got super close deals. Ottawa would have a Male leafs problem, too much cap % to a couple stars.

31 May 2020 01:35:47
Ok monkeyful that is understandable but it's not like they will need those contracts right away though. Entry contracts are 3 years long. When those 3 years are up Ryan, anismov, Anderson, boadker, zaitsev, and hainsey contracts will be off the books by then, and the cap will be up a bit too. With those contracts sens are at the floor now. That's like 35 million right there roughly which would be more than enough for all 3. And they wouldn't even be back at the floor yet, with tkachuck they'd be near the floor.

31 May 2020 01:55:25
Vbbvbb When you say it would take a lot more I'm assuming you mean the 13th to 6th or 7th could use more? Maybe a little bit but not as much as you like to think. And the 6th or 7th to 3rd trade, if you think that needs more I really want to know your dealers phone number? Or did you buy all the good stuff already?

Logan Brown is a future top 6 center

Gustafson is a future starting goalie

The 6th or 7th pick is not far from the value of the 3rd pick this year. Byfield and Lafreniere sure but Stutzle, Raymond, Drysdale, Rossi, And Holtz, the difference is so small it's nearly non existent. Stutzle has a slight edge but that is it.

Throwing in a 2nd in the deepest draft since 03, plus Brown, Gustafson, and a serviceable NHL dman in zaitsev. There's not 1 thing wrong with that trade. Infact anyone with half a brain would say that is what we call an overpayment!

As for the 13th look how deep this draft is dude you got Perfetti, Gunler, Sanderson, Askarov, Holloway, Quinn, Mercer, and Lindell all of which have top 10 skill level and would be top 10 ay other year. So the difference between any of them and the 6th or 7th pick is not much bigger than the gap between 7th and 3rd.

So adding a 2nd, a 3rd, a depth prospect, and a middle 6 goal scorer with speed to again should be more than enough. Maybe add what? Nick Paul? Or Christian Jarod? Or maybe Johnny Tychonic? Anymore than that is way too much, so please, lay off the drugs dude, they mess with your head.

31 May 2020 02:09:37
EP, how is that not close? Please tell me. Top 20 guys mostly have top 6 potential. Guaranteed top 15 do. Moving up 4 to 6 spots each time and adding the pieces I did helps all teams involved. It don't take a kings ransom to get that done dude. Rossi is not much better than Lundell, and Stutzle is not that much better than Rossi. So why would the picks where they are projected to go be worth more than the price I mentioned above?

Duclair was Ottawa's second best player this year and adding him to the 13th overall, as well as a b- to b prospect in chlapic, and a 2nd, and a 3rd should be enough to move to at least 7th.

And considering Lafreniere >> Byfield > Stutzle =/ > Drysdale = Raymond = Rossi = Holtz

7th to 3rd is NOT a huge leap in skill, so adding a B+ to A- prospect like Brown, a B to B+ prospect like Gustafson, a serviceable defense man like Zaitsev, and 2nd round pick in a massively deep draft class is well more than enough to get that deal done. Team that owns the 3rd would be insane to refuse all that and if they did they deserve to be fired no question!

27 May 2020 02:12:33
To Ottawa

To Peg

Aside from being the better offensive player, Tierney is also the better defensive player. Other than cf%, Tierney has Copp beat in every single category worth mentioning. Same goes for Tierney vs Lowry or Roslovic as well. No doubt about it. Tierney is the better player and would be Jets second line center


47.8cf%, 47.8xgf%, 49.01HDCF%, 46.15HDGF%, 43.1%OZSt


51.79cf%, 46.0xgf%, 42.6HDCF%, 32.43HDGF%, 46.2%OZSt


46.3cf%, 40.94xgf%, 34.5HDCF%, 33.3HDGF%, 33.6OZSt


51.5cf%, 43.91xgf%, 36.8HDCF%, 40.0HDGF%, 53.3OZSt.

27 May 2020 13:50:44
No from Winnipeg. Tierney will likely be looking for $3.5 mil a year on his next contract. Too much money for a 3C.

27 May 2020 15:11:38
But Joe. Right now Lowry is making 3 million. So you wouldn't give Tierney the extra 0.5 million to do a better job?

Also, Copp and Lowry and Roslovic are all due raises this summer or next. What do you think they will be asking for? If any of them ask for over 3 million, then Tierney is not only the better player, he will be cheaper for what he does too.

27 May 2020 15:21:36
And that's why I said when this was brought up 2 or 3 posts down. Maybe after next year if Tierney signs a decent contract and if Lowry and Copp price themselves out, then we could look at bringing him in. Right now it would be wasting a 3rd round pick on a player that won't make a difference.

27 May 2020 15:22:15
Looking at these numbers again, it's actually not surprising that Winnipeg did so bad this year. Like, all three of Winnipeg's players had HDGF% of 40 and under. That is terrible for a full time NHL player that is supposedly a defence first style player.

27 May 2020 15:42:55
Tierney may be better center than Copp but what the Jets really need is a true #2 center. Tierney, Copp, Lowry and Eakin, are a collection of 3/ 4 centers while Roslovic has never been given a chance to be a #2. All this trade would do is exchange similar centers, with similar signing problems and the Jets also give up a 3rd. The Jet would be better off trading for a true #2 center and if Copp, the 3rd and extra pieces could be part of a package to get a 2nd it would be to the Jets advantage to wait.

27 May 2020 16:29:23
Exactly Islandjet. A slightly better 3C doesn't really make any difference and would just be a waste of a 3rd round pick in a deep draft. As we've said all along, if the Jets are going to spend assets it would be on something they need, like a real 2C, not paying a hefty price to marginally upgrade the bottom 6.

27 May 2020 19:10:51
So. we all know that the Jets need a 2C. who do you think they would be able to target Island and Joe?

27 May 2020 19:45:58
Unfortunately, it doesn't look like there are any available, so the Jets will likely have to make do in-house. Maybe with Chevy's ties to Chicago they take a look at Strome if he is really available, or if Tampa can't find a way to move salary to keep Cirelli they can look at that, but he would probably be to costly to acquire. Possibly an NHL ready 2C falls to us in the draft or a 2C that none of us know is available becomes available at a reasonable cost.

Most likely the Jets roll with what they have and use a mix of Little (if he comes back), Wheeler, Copp and finally give Roslovic a chance at 2C. I'm also figuring that the Jets likely won't re-sign Eakin.

27 May 2020 22:53:39
Right now Little is the Jets best option as a #2 center. Its just unfortunate that he has very little chemistry playing with Laine and Ehlers. If Roslovic is given a fair chance to play between Laine and Ehlers Little would be a great #3 center. So there is no need to trade for an unproven Tierney as they still have Lowry and Copp. The Jets should possibly look to make an RFA an offer if they still think they need a #2 center.

28 May 2020 03:44:50
Unproven Tierney? He's played 436 games and has averaged over 40 points in each of the last three seasons. His numbers are very good for a #2C. He's a lot more proven than Roslovic and has been playing top six in Ottawa already so is more than capable of running his own line against top competition.

I don't know what you guys expect. You had Stastny and Hayes and lost them both. You aren't going to get a 1b center for the trash you guys offer up as quality players.

28 May 2020 08:59:56
I'm not sold on Tierney. I see him more as a really good 4th line ctr on a good team. He gets more ice time in Ottawa by default.

28 May 2020 16:20:15
He had a 40 point season in San Jose, his stats are actually super underrated. I don’t know anything about him but he’s put up solid numbers.

28 May 2020 16:23:28
Stastny and Hayes wanted too much money for too long a term and the Jets already have Little with that type of contract. The Jets have too many 3/ 4 centers of their own so why add another in Tierney?

06 May 2020 21:31:30
WPG: Berdin, 1st Round Pick 2020 (around 12)
OTT: 2nd or 3rd Overall Pick 2020

Jets draft either a #1C or a #1RHD. Sens move down in the draft and pick up the goalie of their future. Maybe a small add for the Jets too

06 May 2020 21:50:30
Goalies aren't worth that much. Ottawa would say no.

06 May 2020 22:50:32
Lmao not even close add Kaprizov and A 1st 2021 and they still probably decline.

07 May 2020 00:34:00
Ottawa wouldn't do this trade.

09 May 2020 17:41:05
LMFAO Ottawa has lots of future goalies. No way they give up a top pick like that. You can have Colin white for your 12th pick.

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