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05 Jul 2018 11:06:02
Alright leafs fans, what do you realistically expect to get back if they were going to trade Nylander

I’d say guys like doughty, Subban, Josi, OEL, Hamilton, mcavoy, Sergachev, burns, Fowler, Karlsson, Hedman, letang, klingerb, suter, byfuglein, Werenski, Provorov, Pietrangelo McDonagh, Giordano Ellis, Carlson and Barrie are all way out of his value, now maybe a guy like Demers, Tanev, Larsson, Klefbom, Dumba, Leddy, Myers, Ekholm, shattenkirk and Weber are all at his alum or just a very small kinda like a 3rd round pick away from it working out.

But I’m interest in seeing what the leafs fans have to say and try to keep in unbiased cause no he’s not worth Erik Karlsson.

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05 Jul 2018 11:45:21
Ooie let's see, Letang, McD and Barrie don't belong in that first group at all. Nylander could get any of them tbh.


And stop with your Tanev nonsense, apart from Demers, he's by far the worst of that group and we aren't trading an elite potential winger for an oft injured #3 dman.

Imo, what i’d see for Nylander is a player like:
- josh manson
- dougie hamilton (prior to the trade; with an add from TO)
- shea theodore (unlikely, but w a small add from TO)
- slavvin/ pesce from Carolina

Not Tanev. Not Tanev. Not Demers🤣🤣🤣.

05 Jul 2018 12:14:45
I’m not sure who he could get straight up, probably a name top shelf mentioned. I’d like to see a 1st and maybe a prospect added to get the best return possible, if they were trading him.

05 Jul 2018 15:47:14
When you put Tyson Barrie in the same group as drew doughty I know it’s a joke already. I’d say both teams should be happy with a swap of Nylander or barrie though. Nylander may be a better player at his peak than barrie, but there’s still a bigger question mark around him than barrie. barrie is what he is. A good puck mover.

05 Jul 2018 16:23:48
@Topshelf don’t think the canes trade Slavin. I wouldn’t trade him for Nylander if I were canes. Maybe Marner but the leafs wouldn’t.

@UnbiasedJim don’t think the leafs are looking for a puck mover more of a Physical Defensive presence who can take a shot off the 1st PP ( not nessiarly quarterback) and can be a presance on the PK.

@A099 you’re obviously super petty the leafs put together a good team and Nylanders a big piece this post destroyed your credibility to just about anyone. Nylander=Demers?
Barrie>Nylander I’m done talking to you.

@everyone else Nylander is 20 and already a first line winger. When he’s in his prime imo he’ll have similar value to Kessel. But because he’s so young and already debatably Elite he has tremendous value.

One for one value I’d say Paryanko but Saint Louis isn’t in position to trade him for Nylander.

Maybe something around Orlov.

I think McAvoi, Sergachev, Fowler, Letang, Byfugliegn, McDonagh, Gio, Ellis, Carlson and Barrie. Don’t really have anymore value then Nylander.

06 Jul 2018 11:08:47
@jim I put Barrie on the first group cause he just came off a 57 point season and to what it’s worth he is a rhd that is going to turn 27 in a couple weeks and is about to enter his prime, that will not come cheap plus he had a a very reasonable cap hit so that adds a bit of value

Also I added demers because he is a guy that can do very well in a top 4 playing good defense and can score over 20 points, he’s got a over 51% CF% and he starts about 55% of his shifts in the defensive zone and that’s what the leafs need, a better defensive player, their offends is as good as anyone but their defense isn’t and for the people that don’t want Tanev cause he can barely stay healthy, this guy has played over 60 games in the all of the past 4 seasons while having an 81 games played aswell,

Lastly I said straight up for Nylander, not close and small adds just his value straight up for someone else and for whatever reason being a right shot dman adds value.

06 Jul 2018 16:08:29
Very hard to find an exact straight up value.

Also, I’m not putting down Barrie. I’m a fan. But having him in a group with those others is hilarious, especially when your reasoning is “57 pts, only 27 and 5.5 mill” Jake Gardiner just had 52 pts, almost exactly 1 year older and only makes 4 mill. I like Jake too. But if someone tried putting him in a ‘group’ of Dmen with doughty, Josi, Karlsson, hedman, burns etc they would be absolutely roasted and rightfully so lol give that head a shake.

05 Jul 2018 01:09:17
I don’t watch much Blues games, but I just had an idea:

(RD) Jordan Schmaltz [RFA - Extension: 2.25 Million x 4 Years] to the Toronto Maple Leafs in exchange for (G) Garrett Sparks [875K x 1 Year] + (LD) Andreas Borgman [900K x 1 Year] + 2020 2nd Round Draft Selection.

Idk. Was debating adding Jeremy Bracco, or substituting Bracco in for Borgman, but I felt that with all the moves St. Louis made, I don’t think STL needs more forwards. However, I could be wrong, and I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to adding Bracco, who actually has played decently well and could be someone in the future.

Schmaltz seems redundant in St. Louis, especially with D like Joel Edmundson, Alex Pietrangelo and Colton Parayko, plus others such as Jay Bouwmeester, Vince Dunn, Jake Walman and Robert Bortuzzo. Schmatlz could be useful in Toronto as a RHD alongside Gardiner now, or Dermott in the future. As for St. Louis, Sparks gives them goalie depth, as Chad Johnson was not excellent for Buffalo, and Sparks could become a solid option for STL if Allen falters. And Borgman becomes the spare/ replacement for Schmaltz.

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05 Jul 2018 02:15:53
Generally speaking, trades are supposed to benefit both teams, not just the leafs.

05 Jul 2018 04:53:47
Don’t really see the benefit of doing this from blues to be honest. Need to make it more worth their while.

05 Jul 2018 05:49:11
I love Chirp.
Ever since I first laid eyes on him in 2013.

{Ed001's Note - is that because he is such a ray of sunshine, with a kind word for all?}

05 Jul 2018 08:57:57
Not true. Oilers traded Hall for Larsson, Eberle for Strome. I guess you’re right in that they are supposed to benefit both teams.

05 Jul 2018 11:47:09

Legit said ‘i don't watch the blues’.

Some suggestions could be helpful? Like look at the Blues depth chart, what would it take to get Schmaltz out? He hasn’t proved enough to warrant a 1st++, by his stats.

05 Jul 2018 11:49:17

Who would do that tbh? Kapanen or Johnsson instead of the pick? Since they’re more qualified? Bc I do think that other than the Islanders, the Bkues could use Sparks, cause Johnsons numbees last year weren't very good, and Allen has been known to falter. Idk.

05 Jul 2018 17:52:48
I’m not really sure, I haven’t watched him much either so my response Wasn’t directly related to his value but more to an incentive to make a change at all. He’s a cheap controllable asset that they invested a first round pick in and have developed. And he’s in a sought after position at RD. Sparks has been great as a marlie, very below average in his brief NHL stint which was almost 2 years ago. Borgman was a free agent 12 months ago anyone could have had for free, and he couldn’t stay in the leafs top 7 D which on paper is in the bottom 3rd of the league. And then a 2nd. Value wise, it might not be bad because schmaltz hasn’t proved much in the NHL either (good AHL numbers) but I think they would want someone guaranteed to help them now if they were to move a guy who’s close to making an impact. So yeah, maybe a Johnson+ or kapanen. Maybe even a more proven derivable guy to compliment a 3rd line like brown.

05 Jul 2018 19:03:07
MAKes sense @UBJ

i just felt that STL has an abudance of defense so they could afford to shell away. But yeah, i wouldn't be opposed to a guy like Brown or whatnot for Schamltz, whatever really makes it fair, cause idrk Schamltz vakue and am basing assumptions of stats.

04 Jul 2018 23:25:45
Mainly to leafs fans, but anyone can obviously comment.

Babcock has said that he’s going to keep Nylander and Matthews together and play marner on Tavares wing. 4 very talented players and I’m sure any pairing would work but,

Matthews is a prolific goal scorer, he wants the puck in a shooting position. So does Nylander. Marner uses his vision and soft hands primarily as a set up man. Tavares, can obviously score 30+ goals also, but has been a great set up man to get guys like Opkposo, Moulson ans Lee goal totals they have never reached playing with anyone else.

Would it not make more sense to maybe put marner with Matthews and feed him the puck and tavares could make Nylander the 35-40 goal man he should be.?

They put the ice back in the ACC.

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05 Jul 2018 07:19:59
Your reasoning sounds good but I’m sure either way will work. I think there will be many different line combinations.

05 Jul 2018 16:30:25
Nylander and Mathews already have Chemistry. Marner and JVR had even better chemistry. Marner and Mathews like to both drive the play and hold the puck so that’s why I don’t think they’d work out well.

05 Jul 2018 18:01:45
Yeah. Makes sense and I’m not going to doubt Babcock. He doesn’t get paid the big bucks because I’m smarter lol just seems like you have 2 natural goal scorers and 2 natural playmakers. I know they said that part of the pitch to JT was he would have marner on his wing and he wanted that, so they have to atleast start it that way and see.

06 Jul 2018 16:28:04
Marleau is also a natural goal scorer ( similar style to Pacioretty ) I think Him and Tavares would have great chemistry.

04 Jul 2018 20:00:33
Ok so at the moment the bruins have 8 NHL defensemen with a plethora of prospects that may even be ready for the big leagues this year or next. The Moore signing just screamed trade Krug to me. As much as I love Krug and think he's a top 3 defenseman offensively speaking, I think Mccavoy is ready to be the PP QB and Gryz had a great year last year so Krug is expendable at this point. The Bruins need another top 6 F to keep up w the other 2 powerhouses in the Atlantic, while Simmonds would be a good fit, I've heard the Flyers actually want to resign him so that leaves Panarin.

To Columbus

To Boston

CBJ don't want what happened to the Isles happen to them, capitalize on this by getting a great power play defenseman at a very fair contract and a kid who scored 45+ points on the 3rd line (played with riley nash too so some chemistry there)

Bruins need to get another stud to keep their top 6 as fluid as the rest of the East

LMK what y'all think, (first post)

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04 Jul 2018 22:03:18
Not too bad, depends on what columbus thoughts are on krug. with the blue jackets parting ways with jack johnson, i see the base of this trade believable. good post!

04 Jul 2018 12:58:42
Flames look weak so i tweaked their roster a bit.

To Flames
• (2019) 6th-Round Pick
To Coyotes
• (RW) Troy Brouwer
• (D) Oliver Kylington
• (2019) 3rd-Round Pick

To Flames
• (2019) 3rd-Round Pick
To Canadiens
• (D) Michael Stone

Gaudreau - Monahan - Neal
Tkachuk - Jankowski - Lindholm
Bennett - Backlund - Frolik
Czarnik - Ryan - Quine

Giordano - Brodie
Hanifin - Hamonic
Andersson - Healey

(Bennett, Neal, Tkachuk, Quine, Hamonic, Healey) grit players who also have skill.

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04 Jul 2018 12:16:11
The leafs are going to be super good with

Tavares - Marner
Matthews - Nylander

Jeez, they still need defence though. Without touching those 4, what are good options?

Jason Demers, Brandon Montour, Cody Ceci, Jonas Brodin, Travis Hamonic, Chris Tanev?

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04 Jul 2018 12:28:45
Out of those 6 Tanev is probably the best fit but Brodin is the best player.

03 Jul 2018 20:37:28
A very important stat to deciding whether or not a forward is good is his takeaways to giveaway ratio. Like all stats though it isn't 100% but for the most part if you look at the guys who are considered top notch and those who have had success they are usually pretty good in both stats.

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03 Jul 2018 19:57:05
Matt Martin "in demand". Imagine if a leaf fan posted something like this on here, they'd be crucified. I understand that it has to do with Toronto paying his bonus which makes his contract look better. If they can get somebody to take him that would be great. I still think there is a need for players like him but obviously Babcock does not. I was very surprised, and disappointed that Martin was not put in the lineup against the Bruins at some point.

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03 Jul 2018 20:24:26
Martin for an AHL tendy confirmed.

Good trade imo for Toronto. 0 retention for a team that could use the extra cap space. Isles tho.

Ladd, Boychuk, Komarov, Cizikas, Clutterbuck, Leddy and now Martin all have term. Eerk.

03 Jul 2018 20:41:59
Nice trade for the leafs to get rid of his cap hit but I wouldn't exactly call it in demand with what they got back lol. Must have been dreger started that rumor.

03 Jul 2018 20:44:46
So who’s stepping in to protect Tavares when Lou sends Martin after him? I’m a believer in balance of speed and grit. I’d like to see them bring in a couple guys who can play the game but will protect their teammates if need be. Maroon, Bieksa?

03 Jul 2018 21:09:26
Tavares didn't ever really need anyone protecting him I wouldn't worry about that if I were you. Plus tavares and martin were always good friends so I doubt martin would intentionally hurt him even in some bizarro world where lou would tell him to.

03 Jul 2018 21:17:32
It wasn’t just Tavares I’m worried about habby. There’s just nobody to step in, especially in the playoffs when the going gets tough.

03 Jul 2018 21:29:35
Lou goes to Long Island first he let's the leafs nab tavares then he helps them out by taking a plug like martins contract off the books for them. you sure he still not working for you guys? Lol. Lots of time to add an enforcer if they need one which I'm thinking they won't.

03 Jul 2018 23:09:09
Don’t forget he ‘stole’ Leo Komarov from us for 4 years and 12mill lol

Okay Lou, you got us back, let’s call a truce and leave Matthews, marner and Nylander alone now! Haha.

04 Jul 2018 16:56:00
But some fans had Martin going for an actually return of more value. Look at what he was actually worth.

By the way, it's actually one of the best trades I remember Toronto making in recent history. To dump that contract and not have to bring another one in is so good for you guys. Guys an overpaid plug. Islanders seem to have a fit and familiarity for him.

04 Jul 2018 19:01:38
@yupp. I don’t remember anyone on here ever predicting a good return for Martin lol. Everything I saw was either a 7th rounder, or conditional pick or us giving a 7th.

And getting rid of a 2.5mill cap hit for 2 years is a good move. But leafs best trade? Not getting a 26 year old top 10 goalie for a 30th overall pick? Or getting out of 5 years of phaneufs $7mill without retaining a penny and actually ending up with a 2nd rounder and prospect (then flipped him forCalvin Pickard)? Or getting David Clarksons 5x5.25 off the cap without giving a single asset or retaining a penny? This Martin deal is small beans compared to those lol.

04 Jul 2018 19:09:34
The phaneuf one would be about the equivalent of oilers getting out of these 5 years of lucic without retaining and ending up with a first rounder. Tell me you wouldn’t call that a great trade lol.

03 Jul 2018 19:42:57
What a career for Yakupov. I really think the Oilers could've given him another chance considering they need wingers. He must have been offered more than he's worth in the KHL. Would any Oiler fans have taken him for say $1 million?

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03 Jul 2018 19:55:53
I don't think he's a fit with the current bottom six guys we have. Third line is where he needs to be. But with the right team and line mates. He just couldn't learn a defensively sound game at all. Great person on and off the ice tho, I was a fan, and I don't like many Russians in the NHL. Tarasenko is another super great guy on and off the ice.

03 Jul 2018 20:54:15
Yakupov could’ve bought the Oil more time for Puljujarvi and Yamamoto to develop in the AHL. Unless there both making the team the Oil don’t have much skill on the right wing. Put him with McDavid and RNH, two good defensive guys and he can be as one dimensional as he wants.

03 Jul 2018 21:08:25
Yakapov has all the skills to be 1st line forward but has the hockey IQ of a 12 year old.

03 Jul 2018 23:14:54
He’s still never learned how to use teammates and how to play the pro game. Sometimes it takes kids coming from junior a year or two to do that because they were so much better than everyone else on their team in junior, they had to do more on their own. But top picks generally make that adjustment faster than others. When a guy has been pro for 5 years and is 23-24 years old and hasn't made an ounce of progress in that regard, eventually patience wears thin. Learning a system is simple. It’s following instructions which is why guys like hyman or brown (used leafs examples, but every team has those guys) who have a third of the skill of yakupov can be effective in the NHL. Keep it simple.

04 Jul 2018 06:04:34
On top of that jim the way he produced offense in junior which was mainly perimeter play and beating guys down the wing who would never make the nhl. Just doesn't work in the big show where every goalie is good and defenseman don't get out skated as easy.

04 Jul 2018 06:07:04
Plus he couldn't build a career being a glue guy like brown and hyman cause he didn't have the work ethic or toughness to do so. It was top line or bust for him and people even said that when he was drafted.

03 Jul 2018 17:36:35
Last week I said I’d leafs shot genes tavares, I thought there was a good chance Islanders would offer sheet Nylander.

Now Elliott Friedman says that a GM told him yesterday “I would bet my house on Lou offer sheeting a Leaf”

First thought is Nylander because he’s an RFA that’s good and young and that we would be trying to sign. But no it’s been shown that islanders don’t have their own 2nd or 3rd pick next year. The only offer sheets that they are allowed to do is on under 1.3 mill (no compensation) or over $10 mill (4 - 1st round picks)

Andreas Johnsson could be a target but we would just match it rather than lose him for nothing, and Lou can have anyone on the roster besides Matthews for 4 1st round picks at 10+ mill lol

Watch for islanders to try to re-acquire their own 2nd and 3rd rounders.

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03 Jul 2018 20:56:05
Is Nylander going to be a center? They have Bailey, Eberle, Wahlstrom and Ho Sang on the right wing I’m pretty sure.

03 Jul 2018 23:16:29
Babcock has indicated a few times that he saw Nylander as a centre long term for this team along with Matthews and Kadri. Obviously that changes with tavares, but Lou was here when that was the plan, so maybe he still views him as that in another situation?!


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