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24 Apr 2019 21:28:39
4 Canadian teams don't make the playoffs and not much is said. Calgary and Winnipeg both had home ice advantage and get eliminated in 5 & 6 games, still not much is said. The leafs who did not have home ice advantage get eliminated in 7 games and the gloves are off. Myself and a few other leaf fans on here never said the leafs were going anywhere. You kids must hang on to that Toronto media stuff and let it eat away at you. I'm sure there will be no complaints about the media for a while now that they will point fingers at everyone involved. I apologize to the kids in Winnipeg that have nothing to do but curl up to a bottle of whiskey and pray for it to stop snowing and for the leafs to lose. I will also hold in my prayers that a very angry poster will stop listening to the media. Last but not least, a tired old man that knows absolutely everything, thinks Price is garbage but Danault is gold.

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24 Apr 2019 21:48:16
Oh my god. 😂🙄🤦🏼‍♂️
Drop the act, dude.
I can’t believe you are actually trying to play victim here. It takes a true leafs fan to have that sort of egotistical audacity.
Leafs are gone, who cares? I’m glad, but seriously, who cares?

24 Apr 2019 22:06:24
I guess some of us just get tired of hearing from you and the other Leaf homers how every Leaf player is elite and every Leaf player is worth more than all other players in the league combined.

Maybe if you guys were a little more realistic and not so arrogant about a Leaf team on par with the Florida Panthers. Maybe that would help?

24 Apr 2019 22:42:29
Daneult isn't gold but he's better then Kadri. And price was garbage for 2 years. i may or may not know everything lol but I do know my own team.

25 Apr 2019 00:33:52
Kadri had more goals last season ( 32 ) all of danaults combined aside from 2016-2017 ( 13 goals- career high ) season. Danault has scored 37 goals in 268 games. Goals win hockey games.

25 Apr 2019 02:06:21
Actually defence wins hockey games and daneult is much better at that. Plus setting up goals is important too. And if daneult was given the power play time Kadri gets he'd have a few more goals as well. Daneult is montreals top penalty killer while Kadri is not considered responsible enough to even be put on the ice short handed. Kadri is a dirty scumbag that someone is going to pop like a zit soon and daneult plays a clean game and don't put his team in penalty trouble in every important game he plays. But you guys can keep him if he's so great and ill gladly keep daneult.

25 Apr 2019 02:25:15
Leafs are a good team but not as good as how hyped they are. No defence & a horrible bottom 6.

25 Apr 2019 03:44:26
God have mercy, one things for certain, Edmonton, Montreal and Winnipeg fans can really pile on the hate for the Leafs.

Whats true?
The Leafs played a piss poor god awful game seven.
The leafs wasted away game four and six on home ice when they couldve put boston away.
Mike babcock made extremely stupid decisions which cost the team greatly in gm7.
Nazem kadri was selfish and chose to use his stick as a weapon resulting in a hefty suspension.

Yes. Who’s denying it? No one. Stop acting like we are. I’ll own up to it. Sure as hell. But let's get to the other stuff:

Auston Matthews had 5 goals in 7 games after 73in62. that's elite production. that's better than anything Laine did, and he peformed much bettter than Schiefele in the playoffs.
Tavares-Marner held the fort against the Bergeron line. Marchand had 9 pts mainly on the PK. however, both tavares and marner did not put up stellar points (JT had 6 points in 7, but oh well), and i will acknowledge that. However, mthey were playing head to head against Patrice Bergeron, who everyone will quickly acknowledge as the undisputed selke winner. For what they did, they did their part. And in the reg season, 94 points and 47 goals is elite.
Nylander was brutal. End of story there. there's always next year for him (and Nikolaj Ehlers)
Johnsson and Kappy played like second line scoring threats. Not elite, but they’re the depth that certainly helps. Couldve been better in the playoffs yes, but they were good imo.
Zaitsev, for all the heat he's taken as being dead weight on skates, played extremely well with Muzzin and played Bergerons line really well. Muzzin himself was excellent.
Rielly was elite, throughout the series, throughout the regular season. Easily could argue that, apart from maybe Brandon Carlo, he was the best dman in the series.
And Fred was elite, except for an absolute fart in game seven.

So please. Don’t come at me at least with ‘laffs’ or ‘67’ or ‘danault>kadri’ or whatnot. We all have our biases, and clearly a lot of you don't like the leafs. But please, dispute what I've said, just don't make it into a childish taunting game which results in ‘haha florida panthers haha’, when, i mean, you won last year, but you lost in 5 to Vegas. Don’t be tootin your horn so soon bud. Yall were out before us this year.

25 Apr 2019 05:35:04
See Topshelf, you’re trying to compare the Leafs to the Jets again and that simply isn’t fair or accurate. Yes, the Jets and Leafs both got knocked out in the first round this year. However, the Jets actually won two series last year and played in the WCF. So, the Jets at least have two playoff series wins in the salary cap era while the Leafs have zero.

That’s why a more accurate team comparison for the Leafs is the Panthers. They are the only two teams without a playoff series win in the salary cap era.

So, don’t be getting all up and arrogant about how elite the Leafs are, when the Leafs have done exactly nothing to warrant it.

25 Apr 2019 05:38:07
I guess it sucks to have the cancel the parade again hey.

25 Apr 2019 07:46:21
Top shelf provides stats, Joe provides the past. 2 series wins, that is good. However, what is fair and accurate is the leafs had more points than the jets, and a better goal differential. Andersen’s GAA and save % was better. The leafs had 7 guys with 20+ goals. 5 guys with 70+ points. Are those accurate enough? Both teams were terrible for half the year. I can’t help but feel you and Jet got beat up a lot on the school yard. My daddy can beat up your daddy, lol.

25 Apr 2019 11:06:44
4 guys with 70+ pts, my apologies.

25 Apr 2019 13:07:17
Leafs won the most playoff games of any Canadian team, so Leafs can have the title as best in Canada for what its worth. regardless, not one team made it past the first round. so which really cares about bragging rights this year.

25 Apr 2019 16:23:10
Marner>>>>>>>>>Laine And his 50 points


Kadri>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Danault. Advanced statistics show Kadri is the better player defensively.

25 Apr 2019 18:55:06
Vbb this started yesterday about how leafs fans are super biased and your just continuing to prove that point lol.

25 Apr 2019 20:32:07
I think vbb forgot a few >. There is no chance any player in the NHL is that close to any Leaf player. Let alone Jet players being that close. I mean according to vbb Zaitsev >>> McDavid. So, there is no chance a Jet player can be that close.

Try to get those > more accurate next time vbb.

25 Apr 2019 21:12:48
Well let’s compare Pts/ 82GP

Mathews 88Pts per 82GP + 45goals vs Schifele 84Pts in 88GP

On top of this Schifele plays on a top line with Kyle Connor and Blake Wheeler who are both better then Kap And Johnsson. Schifele also Averages over 2min more per game. Mathews also had a scoring slump after coming back from injury earlier before his injury he was set to out produce McDavid. Also Mathews is like 5 years younger.

Marner vs Laine

Marner put up 95 points this season Laine but up 50. Obviously Laine is a very good player and I’m a big fan but right now after that season you can compare the two.

Tavares vs Wheeler

Center is a more valuable position and Tavares scored 48 goals. Wheeler is great but isn’t in the same class as Tavares.

Trouba vs Rielly

Do I really have to explain?

Andersen vs Hellybuck and Nylander vs Ehlers


The last post was an exaggeration but the leafs definitely have better forwards.

25 Apr 2019 21:15:28
Haha this is great. I'm grabbing the popcorn.

Jets get eliminated and all six of their fans grasp the only the life rope they can reach -- ripping on the Leafs. I've never understood how people let another team occupy so much space in their heads. Is that from all the forced media exposure maybe? (don't get a ton of NHL coverage in general in my neck of the woods but if I was force fed it all the time maybe I would be just as pathetic) .

In the meantime I'm going to keep on focusing on what's important. MY HARTFORD WHALERS! (I'm semi kidding -- I stopped following the team after they moved away so I'm only sorta kinda jumping on the Canes bandwagon right now) . Enjoy the tourney fellas it's going to be hot and hockey-less in no time.

25 Apr 2019 22:45:13
I'm just going to end my participation in this . if leaf fans want to think they have the best players in the world just go ahead. I'm not arguing all off season this year about it like I did with Jim and a few others last year. Lol same result this year with the addition of Tavares which last summer was suppose to make them a contender and virtually unstoppable but so be it I guess. Congrats on being only slightly worse then last year.

26 Apr 2019 00:29:27
joe with more jibberish, no facts. Sosa is right about no Canadian team getting out of the 1st round, so who really cares. It’s also nice to hear from a neutral fan in unsportsmanlike.

26 Apr 2019 04:09:12
But habby I like arguing with you, lol. I think you know I don’t think the leafs have the best players in the world. I bash them quite often. I knew they weren’t built for the playoffs and we discussed that. However they got my hopes up once again. Until a Canadian team actually does something, 90% of the people on this site should tone it down a notch.

26 Apr 2019 06:48:35
I don't mind arguing either lol. But this is going down the same path as last year and I'm just not interested enough to bother with it this year lol. If a different topic comes up I might get back in the arguing mood.

26 Apr 2019 07:25:14
Mcdavid > Marner
Draisaitl > Matthews
Gaudreau > Tavares
Giordano > Rielly
Tkachuk > Nylander
Lindholm > Kadri

Stats don't lie

26 Apr 2019 08:48:15
Sounds good. I’m sure I’ll think of something to piss you off, lol. It can be a long off season when everyone only wants to bitch.

26 Apr 2019 11:06:27
Lol you’re right Seanmoneyhands if you combine the Flames and the oilers they have a better team then the Leafs. But when’s the last time Guadreau scored 48 goals and Drais is not better then Mathews. The rest I agree with tho.

24 Apr 2019 14:02:03
There are only two teams that have not won a playoff series in the salary cap era.   Florida and Toronto.

I find it amazing that Toronto, a team with (just ask any Leaf fan here) the 23 most valuable players in the NHL.   Including the top 4 forwards currently playing in the league, 3 centers that would be 1C's on every other team in the league, at least one generational player, the "real" Norris trophy winning defenseman and the best goalie in the history of hockey.   How? How? How is THAT team continuous first round fodder?

Could it be that the Leaf fans here massively overrate every single player and prospect in their system?   Nah, they wouldn't do that would they?

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24 Apr 2019 14:33:18
Not to mention a the best coach and Gm in sports history.

24 Apr 2019 15:04:12
Unfortunately for the Leaf fans this happens way too often and the only thing it does is inflates their player sense of worth so they eventually over pay for their so called star. Also because every player is a potential all-star and award winner when that player plays like they really are and makes mistakes then some fans and Toronto's media monster drive the kid out of town. Then posters here make ridiculous trade posts, overvaluing their players and when they'er told it isn't a fair trade they retort by calling anyone who doesn't agree with their fantasy post a homer. How sad. No wonder the Leafs haven't won the cup for 52 years. memarcusjoe expect to be lambasted over this post.

24 Apr 2019 18:33:18
I’m not sure anyone implied that leafs players have much value.

Mathews and Tavares top 10 Cs- Facts undebatable

Marner is one of the best up and coming players in the game- fact undebatable

Rielly was a top 5 defence man in the NHL this year- he was top 3 in scoring for dman

Nylander is a bad season separated from a star in the making ( still think he’s better then Ehlers but very close in value ) - it’s much more likely he bounces back rather then having another bad season.

Kadri is a 2C on most teams and is probably the best 3C in the game.

Andersen’s stats show that he is a top 5 goalie- fact

Kappanen, Johnsson, Lilijgren, Sandin are all worth 1st round picks.

Dermotte is worth more to the leafs than to any other team.

It is logically impossible to disprove any of these points thank you goodnight.

24 Apr 2019 19:24:41
Lol okay elite Bryan Little truther. Auston&JT are first liners on almost any team, don't try and tell anyone they aren’t. Rielly is still an elite dman, he had the most goals and T3 in points. Marner is an elite RW. Our defence isn't great but it was shored. Our 3L got exposed and our goalie had a garbGe game7, and our coach is extremely stuborn.

24 Apr 2019 19:57:08
Wow. I guess you were glued to game 7 just like chirpy and all the others. Your team of untouchables that even non leaf fans comment on are out as well. Not sure if you noticed that. It seems that Canadian teams are sh*t. Maybe if we had Danault Habby, or had Dubas not replied to Marchand’s tweet, lol.

24 Apr 2019 19:59:05
Lol at vbbb and topshelf. Even in the face of epic ineptness by the Laffs, their overvaluing of their players continues.

The Laffs motto should be:

Toronto Maple Leafs: Golfing in April - A Tradition Since 1967!

24 Apr 2019 20:49:38
Holy Mackinaw, Johnny Toronto had a great season as he finally made the playoffs.

24 Apr 2019 20:50:45
Yes leafs17 if you had daneult you guys probably would have won game 6 instead of Nazem Cooke watching from the press box again.

24 Apr 2019 21:01:37
You’re right again habby. The best 2 way center in the game has never been mentioned by anyone in the league, other than an old man with too much time on his hands. I also like how the Winnipeg cheer leaders kept it bottled up until now. The leafs must have had you gals worried. For a jets fan to talk trash is pretty comical. You guys still seem to forget your history of being bottom feeders. Either that or you’re young and naive.

24 Apr 2019 21:06:01
@Habby, I agree. That has to be a real kick in the butt for leaf fans. Kadri could actually have made a difference yesterday by providing some secondary offence since the top 4 players in the NHL all playing for the Leafs were their typical no show selves again. But instead the idiot is in the press box, suspended for a selfish play. AGAIN.

I hope Kadri remains a Leaf for a long, long time. He'll go down as one of the most costly morons of all time.

24 Apr 2019 21:17:53
Memarcusjoe rationality must not be a trait you’re familiar with. You can throw all the shots you like but the reality is the jets are in the exact same position as the leafs only difference is the leafs actually made it to 7 games played a more formidable opponent.

24 Apr 2019 21:25:20
Habby and memarcusjoe we should be more sensitive to these Leaf fans as having their team not winning a cup in 52 years, 5 plus decades, over a half a century, would make a fan of a perennial loser like the Leafs crazy. Don't worry as in a week they will be planning the parade for next season as they tell us they have the greatest team ever assembled, on paper.

24 Apr 2019 21:33:31
Vbbb and Leafs17, you guys can try to compare yourselves to the Jets all you want, but you know the Leafs aren't close. The Jets have actually won a playoff series or two while the Laffs are still fighting to remain winless.

As my original post notes, the Laffs have far more in common with a bottom feeder like Florida than they do with real teams like the Jets.

So, I'll ask again. With all this supposed elite talent the Leafs have, how come they're out once again?

I know losing is what makes the Leafs the Leafs, it's their heritage, but do you guys always want to stay on that path?

24 Apr 2019 21:45:41
You’re an angry young boy Joe. You guys were the 2nd best team in the NHL I thought? We were all told that many times. Even old man habby would agree if his memory serves him.

24 Apr 2019 21:53:42
Uh, leafs17, please don’t presume to know me and please don’t talk about what I’m doing. It’s weird and off-putting, you stalker. I didn’t see the game because I was at work.

24 Apr 2019 22:02:02
I understand Leafs17, it's easier to keep deflecting than to try and explain how your $11 million dollar center, tied for the best center in the league, scored 1 yes 1 whole goal in a 7 game series.

Now that money was well spent!

24 Apr 2019 22:29:06
I wonder if we have to be forced fed that stupid commercial with Matthews and Marner holding hands while they do anything but learn how to win a hockey game or the one with kids playing hockey that want to be Matthews. Only in Toronto. Its not like the rest of the country is infatuated with these commercials. What a joke.

24 Apr 2019 22:54:44
@vbbb everyone of those statements are debatable except the one about marner.

25 Apr 2019 00:37:04
Debut them then.

24 Apr 2019 23:51:36
I said the jets had the best roster as they have the ability to play any way. But we will see how formidable of an opponent Boston is when they play the 8th seed blue jackets. If the Bruins actually win that series I'll come back on here and admit the leafs are closer then I thought. With regards to daneult if you listened to anything other then leaf media plenty of unbiased sites were talking about him and how his line was one of the better 2 way lines in the nhl. But again torontonet or the Toronto sports network don't talk about it much. So I can understand you being brainwashed. But in leaf land nazem Kadri is the only top defensive centre in the history of the league who doesn't kill penalties lol.

25 Apr 2019 02:10:26
@vbbb keep in mind I didn't say I didn't agree with your statements but I could realistically see an argument for all of them except the marner one.

25 Apr 2019 02:25:34
But I'll ask you this just for fun do you think Anderson would be one of the top 5 goalies picked to start a playoff series by anyone? Other then leaf fans?
Do you think it's possible that Tavares or Matthews wouldn't be one of the first 10 picked to start a playoff series keep in mind even though they don't put up incredible regular season numbers Washington has 2 centres that a lot of people would take before them not to mention the two in Pittsburgh and Patrice Bergeron would get more votes then either Matthews or Tavares. I think it's rather easy to find 5 more who are arguably better.
Same thing for Reilly if a gm had his choice of picking any 5 dman to start the playoffs with could you see the scenario where reily may not be picked?

25 Apr 2019 02:34:11
When was the last time the jets/ thrashers won the Stanley cup? Who cares about how far they made it the last few years if you don’t win how’s that any better than losing in the first round or 3rd round? It’s still losing. As hockey fans we shouldn’t be fighting we should be cheering each other on. Every Canadian team has elite players or soon to be elite players and have bright futures all at the same time. “If you’re not first your last” no point in bitching about it. it’s just a game!

25 Apr 2019 02:57:44
You failed to debut any of the points I’ve made.

25 Apr 2019 04:16:34
I forget how many cups the Jets have? Maybe we should be discussing how sh*t Canadian teams are. I’m willing to admit the leafs are not contenders. Joe and Jet continue to group all leaf fans together. Maybe you guys go to many other sites, I’m not sure. I for one have a busy life and barely make time to argue with you guys, lol. There is one person on this site that makes ridiculous leaf proposals and one person that likes to pump the tires of leafs players. There are 3 maybe 4 jets fans in the world and 50% are delusional. Good average. The blackAlpaca is very respectable.

25 Apr 2019 05:40:39
I didn't fail to debut anything lol cause I didn't try I just tried to show you how debatable most of those statements actually are vbbb.

25 Apr 2019 21:17:05
Don Cherry stated that Andersen was the best goalie in the NHL. I don’t agree but I’d say he’s top 5 he played great in the playoffs and if you watched him you’d agree. Also at the Mid way Point of the season Rielly was the favourite to win the Norris.

25 Apr 2019 21:18:15
Sports net also ranked Mathews the 4 best C in the NHL last offseason and Tavares 7th. Statistically they only got better.

25 Apr 2019 22:48:02
Don cherry and sports net are your sources? The two biggest leaf homers on the planet lol.

26 Apr 2019 11:06:57
Don Cherry is a Bruins fan.

26 Apr 2019 22:46:19
Don cherry is a leaf fan who also likes Boston cause he coached there for a few years. His allegiance is to the leafs though that's pretty common knowledge.

24 Apr 2019 04:17:58
My prediction: (not including colorado and islanders or the winner of sharks/vegas) or (caps/hurricanes)

Sharks Advance
Capitals Advance
Blues V Stars [ Blues in 7 ]
Bruins V Blue Jackets [Blue Jackets in 6 ]

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24 Apr 2019 17:50:01
I think it will be blues in 6.

24 Apr 2019 04:06:52
Fun Question: Who Would You Guys' Build A Team Around?

Connor McDavid
Sidney Crosby
Alex Ovechkin
Steven Stamkos
Auston Matthews

The trick is tho, all these players on the list at the age of 19.

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24 Apr 2019 07:11:32
As much as I don't like him you probably still have to go with Crosby. But ovie is the only one there I like so I'll go with him lol.

24 Apr 2019 13:43:09

24 Apr 2019 15:05:14

24 Apr 2019 18:34:59
Why is Mathews And Stamkos in there? I like Ovie out of the 3 more but definitely Crosby.

24 Apr 2019 18:18:48
If they're all 19, my order would be

1A McDavid
1B Crosby (could be vice versa as well)
2 Ovechkin
3 Matthews/ Stamkos.

24 Apr 2019 04:03:41
Here's a fun question. Who would you guys' rather have on your team.
All pesky players with a suspension history.

Matthew Tkachuk, Tom Wilson or Nazem Kadri?

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24 Apr 2019 07:13:08
Matthew tkachuk but in a 7 game playoff series right now Tom Wilson could make a case too.

24 Apr 2019 12:40:26
Wilson, hands down.

24 Apr 2019 13:45:56
Wilson because he will fight. I don’t think Tkachuck fights and Kadri shouldn’t, lol. Congrats to your team chirpy.

24 Apr 2019 18:36:50
Is it even a question Tkachuk for sure he’s the youngest and most talented. He might not hit as hard as Wilson but he’ll kill the other team on the scoresheet.

25 Apr 2019 02:33:22
I agree vbb

23 Apr 2019 06:54:10
So most if not all the pre season favourites are knocked out already. So who are the cup favourites now? Are we possibly looking at a blues and blue jackets final?

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23 Apr 2019 13:29:46
Winner of the Leafs/ Bruins will win the cup unless if the Islanders 4th line can shut down Marchand-Bergeron-Pasta line. A team from the east will win.

23 Apr 2019 15:22:40
I think Blues/ Jackets Habby.

23 Apr 2019 16:42:17
It's tough to say at this point cause teams can look good or bad a lot of times depending on the team they are playing. But judging totally on looks I don't think Boston or Toronto have a chance of making the finals.

23 Apr 2019 17:18:26
well vvbbvvbb

I can say that Blues have leafs number. We easily defeated them twice. Our bigger defenceman and forwards will give them trouble. If we played boston i think it would be more difficult.

Blues need to beat dallas first.

23 Apr 2019 19:28:00
Bishop could take Dallas to the cup final possibly as well.

23 Apr 2019 20:06:30
Bruins/ Leafs on Sunday was one of the most boring games i have seen in a while. No effort or heart was put into it. They looked like they were playing in slow motion compared to SJS. I'll go out and say SJS for the cup so Joe gets his name up there.

23 Apr 2019 21:16:48
San Jose last game they couldn’t make a pass. Jones was the only reason they won that game. Now the Dallas and Nashville game was back and forth with lots of speed and chances.

23 Apr 2019 22:24:08
Dallas looks like they are on a mission. Bishop is on a role. so I agree with Ebsolutley.
CLB vs Dallas? Blues look tough.
It's so wide open. any team remaining has a great shot.

23 Apr 2019 23:54:58
I think San Jose will/ Should win the west. Also I’m not sold on binnington unlike most others.

24 Apr 2019 01:33:09
Dallas Stars v New York Islanders imo

24 Apr 2019 18:25:01
so 25 wins in 30 games with 5 shut outs and .927 adn 1.80 gaa.

was amazing in our defeat of WPG. So I Guess what i am saying is you being convinced doesn't mean dinky doo. I beat you were not convinced of Murray either.

24 Apr 2019 21:20:21
Is he Matt Murray or Andrew Hammond.

21 Apr 2019 01:42:48
What do you guys think about that first goal Toronto scored last night? Was it goalie interference or not?

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21 Apr 2019 02:46:09
I thought it was, but if anything the calls have been very inconsistent all year long when they review for goalie interference. the nhl should clarify what the rule is. similar play in the flames game and they called that one a no goal.

21 Apr 2019 05:15:34
There was contract but barely any. Didn’t look like it affected him.

21 Apr 2019 07:14:06
I thought it should have been interference just because he pushed off of a Bruins player and fell into Rask. But those calls are never consistent.

21 Apr 2019 16:34:50
Hyman definitely made accidental contact but there was not a chance he was saving that. I also think Boston's goal was offside. However, that’s why they have a situation room. I’ll trust their opinion whether I feel it’s right or wrong.

21 Apr 2019 16:56:30
It doesn't matter whether you think he was going to save it or not. I think it should be a goal but I've seen a lot less called back this year.

22 Apr 2019 04:38:38
No it doesn’t matter whether I think he was going to save it or not. They have video replay for a reason so I’ll trust them.

22 Apr 2019 07:59:11
The Leafs goal was a good goal imo and the Flames goal was obviously a goal. The refs in the flames and colorado series were brutal but doesn't mean anything cause flames were also brutal. No heart at all

23 Apr 2019 02:21:27
I didn't mean it toward you leafs17 I just meant it in general that saying he wouldn't make the save as judgement call on whether or not it was interference doesn't matter when making the decision.

23 Apr 2019 22:34:20
all i will say on that matter is hymans skates never entered the blue ice.

24 Apr 2019 15:13:18
Well you can say that I guess ovie but anyone who is not completely blind could see both of his skates were in the blue paint.

19 Apr 2019 19:39:43
Worries around Vasili Podkolzin:

Podkolzin is a high regarded prospect in this draft and for some a lock in at 3rd overall. Problem is, he is signed with his KHL team until the 2020-21 season and there are rumours that he wants to stay in Russia even longer.

If you were the Blackhawks, would you select him at #3? Or pick up somebody like Byram? Where do you see him going?

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19 Apr 2019 20:33:52
If that's the case that he wants to stay longer, then I'd 100% stay away. There are some guys just as good at 3 spot . . Maybe they won't be immediately NHLers, however, they will he safe.

19 Apr 2019 21:23:12
Buffalo should take the risk at 7 if he falls there he has tremendous potential and is worth the risk especially for teams with already deep prospect pools. He’s a top 3 talent for sure.

21 Apr 2019 02:01:38
Valeri Nichuakin.

18 Apr 2019 23:15:37
Been a few days now..thought someone else would maybe comment about it, no one did , so I will.... what does everyone think of Ovi beating up a kid?

I would like to see the return of the Goon.. I'm seeing way to many dirty hits, stick work, and then the Ovi smack down.. If I was Brindamour,I have someone take on Ovi right away , however, he is a big man, who can hold his own, but.. I'd make a statement,, that isn't tolerated.. I thought it was a disgrace.. beating up a kid

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19 Apr 2019 03:00:10
Really? Would’ve thought you would be on the other side of the argument. Lol
The kid started the fight did he not? Ovi did absolutely nothing wrong. It’s not the first time an 18 year old has fought, I don’t know why that’s the issue.
I feel like goons would pick there spot and going after a star player for accepting a fight wouldn’t be the right spot.

19 Apr 2019 03:15:51
But when the kid asks for it is it still a disgrace? I mean if this was Brady tkachuk would you feel different?

19 Apr 2019 03:44:46
In ovechkins defense, he isn’t typically fighting. I believe I read that he hadn’t fought in like 9 years or something. So clearly there was no malice in it because he obviously doesn’t need to fight to make a difference every night. Also from what I’ve read and watched, Svechnikov consented to the fight, ovechkin even said that svechnikov is the one that wanted to fight, which wouldn’t surprise me because ovechkin doesn’t have a history of fighting. I don’t believe that younger skilled players should be targeted just to make sure they can’t play, but I don’t see anything wrong with this particular instance.

19 Apr 2019 05:25:25
Lol wat? The kid started it. Should ovi just eat some punches because, reasons? That’s not how fights work.

19 Apr 2019 14:41:33
The kid may have chirped. But he is still a kid. Any of you guys in your 30s or 40s, ask yourself., would you knockout a kid. I know I wouldnt. Ovi coulda jus wrestled him to the ground. gave him a warning. I don't know, I have a problem with a 33 year old knocking out a barely 19 year old . bigger issue I have, no one did anything. why I'd like to see a Goon back in the game.
I think players would be a little more responsible with the stick work. the dirty hits, and situations like the Ovi fight, if they knew they would maybe have to answer to a John Scott, or a Colton Orr type.

19 Apr 2019 16:17:47
I wish there was 3 or 4 fights every game.

19 Apr 2019 17:30:41
Again, not how fights work. Any adult — young or old — can inflict a lot of damage with one well-placed punch (let alone a professional athlete who is in way better shape than your average male) . All it takes is one shot and it could have been Ovi unconscious on the ice. You can’t expect him to take that chance and try and “wrestle him to the ground”, especially in the heat of the moment.

19 Apr 2019 19:34:00
Well unfortunately, I have done a lot of fighting in my day. some sanctioned. others bar brawls. so I kinda know how it works lol.
However I just don't see what Superstar like Ovi needs to knock out a kid. I jus would like to see some teammates stick up for the kid. like they use to back in the day.

19 Apr 2019 20:43:47
Have you? because based on what you’ve been saying it sounds a lot like you’ve never been in so much as a dustup before.

19 Apr 2019 20:50:07
I can't help but feel if it was Crosby instead of ovechkin you would feel differently. I may be wrong I love fights in hockey I feel players should try and stick to there weight class but when someone is looking for a fight I couldn't care less if a 50 year old beats up an 18 year old. Now I wouldn't have agreed with this as much if Tom Wilson beat up svechnikov but if he went looking for it I still wouldn't give him a lot of pity.

19 Apr 2019 21:21:04
Lol. ya Unsportsmanlike. like I said, unfortunately I have been, was in MMA, then A collector In an organized crime outfit then in Federal Corrections for 5 years. so yes. I've been in a few. However, even in that. never beat up kids. Lol.

19 Apr 2019 21:22:43
My main thing. is why hasn't anyone done anything for the kid.?

19 Apr 2019 21:28:33
It’s the playoffs Svechnikov got exactly what he wanted. He’s also like 6.3 200+ pounds not your average 19 year old and even if he was 5.3 120 pounds he’s still in the NHL and he should be treated equal to everyone else.

19 Apr 2019 22:08:01
I would think the reason the canes haven't done anything is because if they did they would probably have to face Tom Wilson also they may be thinking it was a fair fight and svechnikov was looking for trouble.

17 Apr 2019 23:24:49
Apparently it is "100% certain" Subban is moved this offseason according to multiple sources. 29 years old with a 9 million cap hit. Reasons are due to cap concerns but some speculate it is due to injuries/locker room interactions.

Probably won't return much who do you guys think will be interested? He probably wants to go to a big market team. Pittsburgh something around Kessel? Toronto around Nylander? ( hopefully not ). New Jersey could fit him in cap wise and would be a fit but what would NJ give? Either New York?

Agree0 Disagree2

18 Apr 2019 06:24:42

18 Apr 2019 14:08:12
Subban in a Yotes Jersey would be greasy but him and OEL would make a dirty pairing. + they have the cap.

18 Apr 2019 14:08:27

18 Apr 2019 16:24:01
@sosa I'd trade alzner for him lol.

18 Apr 2019 17:52:47
I don't want him back in MTL. We need LD more than Subban. He was a defensive liability most of the time.

18 Apr 2019 19:10:20
How about we add McCarron to sweeten the deal . lol.

18 Apr 2019 21:11:54
Even though I don't really want him back i'd go as high as alzner and Weise but that's my final offer lol.

18 Apr 2019 22:14:06
On another note wasn't his hit on Benn very similar to the one kucherov was suspended for?

18 Apr 2019 23:11:22
I didn't see the hit .

19 Apr 2019 03:46:03
It seems like Subban is gaining a reputation as a dirty player, which I hate to see since he was a favourite of mine.

19 Apr 2019 17:31:02
when he hits someone he falls on top of them and just lays there or sits there on them not letting them up to get back into the play he is a tool.

20 Apr 2019 22:38:46
I doubt its 100% guarantee since Subban needs to waive to go anywhere they want him to go.


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