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09 Dec 2017 23:12:16
Vancouver dahlem gagner

Caroline fleury

Canucks erikson kole Lind demko stecher 2rd pick 2rd pick

Panthers arron ekbald

Canucks Sutter vanek 3rd pick

Tampa Callahan cale Foote

Canucks delzotto gaunce

Flames Sam Bennet

Canucks Ben Hutton

Mtl 2 round pick

Canucks line
Sven.b bo.h Brock.b
Sedin sedin markus.g
Nickola.g Sam.b Jake.v
Reid.b Alex.b Ryan.c.

Fluery ekbald
Elder tanev
Puliot gudbanson

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10 Dec 2017 01:23:37
I don't think I've seen one good trade from you. All heavily favor your Cauks my friend. Your the Canuks Colt. Haha.

10 Dec 2017 14:21:06
Every team gets ripped off, especially panthers for ekblad. Just a bunch of garbage and a cap dump for a 22 year old beast Dman locked up at 50% of max money for 6 years? That’s a huge hell no.

You traded 7 players and 2 picks for both your new top pair Dmen and yet not one of the players was a top 6F, top 4D or starting G and not one of the picks was a 1st rounder lol just garbage.

09 Dec 2017 18:19:25
Barry Trotz comments about Shattenkirk, "I think everyone thought of him as a 1/ 2 guy, he really wasn't. He was lower".

Shattenkirk said yesterday before the Caps/ Rangers game that of course it doesn't sit well with you.
But then had such a terrible game. -3. Anyone see those three goals he was on the ice for? He looked so lost, terrible, no effort.
Anyone like his deal NYR signed him to?
4 years, $6.65M per. NMC and modified NTC.
Guess they should be glad it's only 4 years and not 8.

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09 Dec 2017 19:13:01
He's a good 2nd pairing and a top pair powerplay guy. 6 mil for 4 years would have been lots. but I think he was offered that by a few teams I guess the rags had to up the ante a little to get him signed.

09 Dec 2017 19:31:32
Ya second pairing is all he is. And those kind of guys shouldn't be paid $6M+
but I guess there's a lot of second pairing d man making a bit more than they should. But the ones I'm thinking about aren't close to $6.65M at all. But all were signed as UFAs, which we all know tend to get overpaid a little.
I still think they were smart to go 4 years and nothing more. So I'll give them that.

09 Dec 2017 19:35:09
I think the rangers knew what they were getting. I think everyone kinda saw what he was after the trade to Washington and in the playoffs. I know the leafs are fast and skilled, but a bunch of kids made him look like an exposed rookie for 6 games. He’s a good player, just not a real solid all round Dman. And I’m sure that’s why he was offered only 4 years. At his age and point production, if anyone else felt he was a #1 or #2 he would have got a 7 or 8 year deal at 6.5-7.5 mill.

Instead I would bet a 7-8 year deal for him had a much lower AAV, probably around 5mill and he’s betting on himself that he will be able to get another 3-4 year deal after this one.

09 Dec 2017 23:13:54
They were for sure smart to only go 4 years but I think that was a little to do with the rangers being one of his ideal landing spots as well. Do you think he is better then keith yandle? What do you think of his deal?

10 Dec 2017 01:28:50
Oh jeez. I was going to bring up Yandle too. (And Alzner, Petry and Sekera) . All being second line guys getting paid a little much, like at least $500K or so, But all UFA. I thought Yandle was like $5.5M per until I just looked now.
Yandle is $6.35M for 7 years. Shattenkirk is $6.65M for 7 years. If say Shat is a better player (better offensively onPP IMO) So would way rather pay $300K more and have 3 less years on the term.
I've always been huge on term these days as you guys know. Lots of contracts out there are "ok" but term sucks ass on them.

10 Dec 2017 03:58:37
Yes I'm suprised he settled for what he did when he could have used yandles term as a comparative.

09 Dec 2017 01:44:56
Max Pacioretty for Jordan Staal

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09 Dec 2017 01:56:48
Edmonton Oilers Trade:
(LW) Milan Lucic
(D) Matt Benning
(C) Ryan Strome
2018 2nd Round Draft Pick
2019 4th Round Draft Pick

Detroit Red Wings Trade:
(LW) Justin Abdelkader
(D) Mike Green

Lucic>Abdelkader, but Abdelkader>>Lucic on terms of contract. Abs costs 1.3 less on the same term, so it will be a better bet to take Abdelkader. Even though Benning, Strome and the 2nd> Green, it makes up for the difference in Abs>Lucic.

Idk. Cause Edmonton needs to shed Lucic in some way or another. Cause that contracts going to be bad.

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08 Dec 2017 21:40:11
Let's make a trade with Flamers way
Mtl) Lehkonen, Shaw , Dannault, Lindgren, Benn ,2×2d and 3rd picks till I get 90 years old
Cal) Gaudreau

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08 Dec 2017 18:47:08
Calgary Trades
3rd Round Pick 2018

Toronto Trades
1st Round Pick 2018

Thoughts ?

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08 Dec 2017 23:59:54
What in Gods name is that,

08 Dec 2017 18:49:17
Question for Leafs fans.

What kind of contract extensions do you think Nylander and Marner will receive? Is one worth more, Does one get a long term deal and the other a bridge deal? Do they get the exact same deals? I'm curious what the word is on this.
And with salary cap probably going up to $79-82M now, it is speculated that the Leafs could probably resign JVR as well.
What would he get for a contract, especially in comparison to the other two. Does he et more than Nylander and or Marner?

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09 Dec 2017 00:02:34
I think Ny gets 5.5 over 7 if he chooses long term, based in his season. However, I wouldn't be surprised if Ny chooses to go bridge and takes 3.5/ 2 and plays out, to see if he can play better. If he takes that, I think he can get 7million over 6 on his next deal.

Marners having a rough season. Even tho he has 16 points, its nit nearly enough. If he can have a good season next year (60+ points in 18/ 19), then when he and Matthews are up, then he may get 6.6 - 7 over 7 years.

09 Dec 2017 16:43:40
My guess would be both will end up in the 6x6-6.5 range. But lots can happen between now and when marner is due for a raise. Over a season and a half. Had a great rookie year, struggling a bit now, but luckily has another year to bounce back. Nylander has to make it count now.

08 Dec 2017 15:11:16
Have all three Subban brothers been traded now? Is there only 3?

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08 Dec 2017 16:51:47
I bet they will all be traded again too.

09 Dec 2017 18:13:22
Malcolm was claimed by vegas off waivers, not technically traded, but still change of teams.

09 Dec 2017 20:28:09
Oh right! Then they traded Pickard.
I knew that too. Thanks Jim my friend.

08 Dec 2017 05:30:47
Bennett now has 6 points in the last 5 games. Now I know I shouldn't get too excited but he shown that he has the skill and potential to be a productive player but consistency is the name of the game so hopefully he can find some. Will he be Calgary's biggest bust ever or prove himself to be a top 6 player?

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08 Dec 2017 07:24:47
I think he will get outta his funk doesn't help he's on a third line with a rookie and an old guy. When he was with Tkachuk and Brouwer that line was fire. I think putting him beside gaudreau and monahan would be the best thing for him. Putting Draisaitl beside McDavid helped him a lot so why not. Gully is so effing dumb tho

08 Dec 2017 04:10:25
Matthews locked up at 10 mil per year

Toronto has their Franchise player

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08 Dec 2017 12:52:39
He signed an endorsing deal with Scotiabank yesterday not the Leafs.
I think he gets bit more Jan $10M from the Leafs myself.

08 Dec 2017 16:45:40
He will, i'm sure he will be around $12M long term.

09 Dec 2017 18:29:27
ScotiaBank just paid $800mill to have their name on the arena for 20 years, so another few mill to have their star player be in their commercials and at their events is a good call. It’s things like this that will hopefully allow the leafs to sign Matthews (and maybe a cpl others) to lower cap hits. Same card they tried playing with stamkos. If he will sign for $11-12 mill to play, he could have near half of that again in endorsements every year probably. And leafs have so many corporate partners, that they can help set things like this up for him, although I’m sure there’s some kind of rules against it, they can get creative lol.

09 Dec 2017 20:30:57
Ya I bet if it's even talked about or hinted that that's what they want to do or do (if Mathews signs for like $9M) that it probably be considered tampering or something. I think that's the word I'm looking for. Would be a mess to prove and what not. Just like the Lupul thing.

But this endorsement deal I think is a nice treat for being in the big market like Toronto.


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