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06 Jan 2019 00:47:51
Top 10 UFA's 2019-20

Rank/ Position/ Name/ Prediction

1. D - Erik Karlsson (SJS)
2. LW - Artemi Panarin (MTL)
3. G - Sergei Bobrovsky (CBJ)
4. C - Joe Pavelski (SJS)
5. C - Matt Duchene (OTT)
6. RW - Mark Stone (OTT)
7. C - Eric Staal (NYI)
8. D - Jake Gardiner (STL)
9. G - Jimmy Howard (NYI)
10. RW - Wayne Simmonds (NSH)

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06 Jan 2019 05:49:50
I don't see Panarin in Montreal, if anyone on that list, possibly Jake Gardiner and Habs.
Ottawa, I think will be able to re sign one, but not both., and that being Stone, who becomes the captain. They should trade Duchene before deadline.

08 Jan 2019 05:05:04
I think these are pretty good predictions actually

10 Jan 2019 03:45:40
Still a lot of extremely good players that didn’t make the list either. Lee, Eberle, Nelson, Hayes, Zuccarello. And that’s just the first five that popped into my head simply because thinking NY.

The free agency list this year is very impressive. Got to imagine it’s going to be a fairly active trade deadline.

05 Jan 2019 04:49:59
It’s been almost 20 games. Schmaltz and Strome are looking real good on their new teams. As seamless transition as they get. This could really be a win-win situation here for both teams. And if Perlini can bounce back, Chicago might have a homerun.

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06 Jan 2019 05:10:28
Yeah I'm still leaning toward a home run for the hawks.

06 Jan 2019 21:02:24
I haven’t watched him much but Perlini is a big power forward, energy guy and I think it was a good throw in for Chicago.

07 Jan 2019 19:25:19
I think perlini will be a 20 goal man when he gets settled into his role. nice throw in indeed.

10 Jan 2019 08:22:26
I think they had to throw Perlini in. Strome wasn’t doing much, while Schmaltz was doing great. If Strome busted in Chicago and they didn’t get the extra body as insurance, that trade could have been the last straw before Chicago post a want ad for GM.

04 Jan 2019 22:51:44
If I were the Bluejackets GM, I would stop focusing on re-signing Panarin and I would go out and get some pending UFA's. This would allow them to have the opportunity to re-sign some other players to fill the gap that Panarin would leave.

Bjorkstrand, Dubinsky, Milano, 2020 2nd, and maybe something else to compensate for Dubinsky's big contract
Hayes, Zuccarello


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04 Jan 2019 23:42:18
If I couldn't get them signed before the deadline I'd just trade him and bobrovsky.

05 Jan 2019 03:54:17
Ya but the way I look at it is then they will need to re-tool anyway so they should just push for the cup this year and worry about the rest after, again they have the cap space they can re-sign Hayes and Zuccarello if Panarin leaves to make up for the lost scoring. This would also make the NYR less appealing to Panarin since 2 of their top players would leave.

05 Jan 2019 05:01:05
Columbus has to feel like they are contenders. Whether or not they are re-signing Panarin or Bobrovsky, they should go balls to the walls and all in. They have lots of cap space to add some significant pieces, and they can ride these guys deep into the playoffs. That would really turn some heads in the league about just how serious this team is about winning. As it stands right now, there are a lot of very good players available in free agency this year. One of the best off seasons I can remember in a long time. Both Panarin and Bobrovsky have players of similar caliber in their position hitting the market. Hard to believe, but these guys actually are replaceable.

04 Jan 2019 20:57:53
Oilers: Talbot to CBJ
CBJ: Nick Foligno to Oilers

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05 Jan 2019 22:04:22
Oilers add.

04 Jan 2019 17:45:41
You know I wouldn't be terribly suprised if Ottawa gets back their 1st round pick from the avs before this years trade deadline

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04 Jan 2019 17:51:30
What exactly do you think they'll trade for a top 5 pick by the looks of things.

04 Jan 2019 20:42:31
I’m still waiting for Ottawa to make the playoffs and for the Sharks to miss the playoffs so Ottawa gets a lottery pick like genius boy wonder honour student Rambo said they would 😂.

04 Jan 2019 21:52:57
I think mark stone would have to involved for starters.

03 Jan 2019 02:12:46
It was a tough way to lose but to be honest I didn't like Canada's chances right from the get go.

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03 Jan 2019 07:27:19
Tolvanen is just to good once he has the puck he is a man amongst boys. He just can’t finish.

03 Jan 2019 16:17:03
Although this Canada team wasn’t as good as years past. you can’t blame the team for this loss. Finland ties the game on one of the luckiest goals you’ll ever see, and Dobsons stick breaks at an awful time. Then you factor in Tim hunter let's Comtois take the OT penalty shot when you have much more skilled guys in the lineup, and doesn’t even play the team’s leading scorer (Frost) in overtime. :/

Fun fact: No one from the OHL (maybe other leagues too) on Canada has more overtime goals than frost in the last 2 seasons!

03 Jan 2019 16:57:52
Yes I wouldn't have went with comtois either glass or frost would have been better options. You can actually fault them I know the game ended in a unlucky way for canada but I feel they were out played throughout most of the game and didn't deserve the win. Lack of leadership and lack of actual high end skill is what hurt them and that was the two main things which concerned me after the team was picked.

03 Jan 2019 16:59:51
You look at the lineup and pick out the guys who have actually carried a team in a high pressure game/ series anyone? Frost had a good memorial cup playoff but even he was probably only the 3rd best on that team.

02 Jan 2019 00:20:51
Who do you guys think is the best player so far in the World Juniors? So far i feel like Eli Tolvanen is the most dominant. Quinn Hughes really stands out for the US. On Canada Tippet is a beast and Comoutouis,Glass And Frost look like they'll be pretty good. I'm very surprised that none of the big 3 on the Czech team are doing anything I thought they'd be dominanting. I haven't watched Sweden so I don't have a comment for them.

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02 Jan 2019 01:23:03
There hasn't really been a guy who has stole the show. Poehling for US has been pretty good. I like Tippetts game, and am suprised at his playmaking ability. whatever that Russian Goalies name was that beat Canada was a Beast., and put on the best 1 game performance I have seen.
Lots of talent in that tournament. Jus can't remember some of the names lol.

02 Jan 2019 03:20:13
Bemstrom and Branstrom have really stood out to me for Sweden, all I will say on Comtois is he's a good player but he needs to cut out the diving. Makes me sick watching it and don't know how he wears the C.

02 Jan 2019 03:20:42
Oh and Kurashev for the Swiss has been unreal.

02 Jan 2019 04:39:21
Tolvenen? Really the guy has been awful for someone who was suppose to dominate. Up to this point ryan poehling has been the best but that might change before it's over.

02 Jan 2019 07:31:25
Tolvanen might not be dominanting statistically but he looks out of place and dominate every time he steps on the ice from my POV.

02 Jan 2019 16:28:57
It's his 3rd world junior and he hasn't really done much at all in my opinion I see at least 4 players on his own team who have had a better tournament up to this point. Him and zadina are the two biggest disappointments so far.

01 Jan 2019 23:48:31
Time to blow things up in Ottawa and Edmonton by the looks of things. How about.

Ott : Duchene, stone, white, Ceci, chlapic,

Edm : McDavid, Lucic

Ottawa gives up its top 2 players and 3rd and 6th/ 7th best prospect / young player and a bad contract yet top 4 dman

Edmonton gives one of the best 2 players in the world and a far worst contract

As much as I hate to post trades involving stone and Duchene this I could live with and I do feel is more than fair for Edmonton as well given McDavid would require a lot to get.


Formenton McDavid Batherson
Tkechuck brown Norris
Dzingle teirney boadker
Lucic/ smith pageau paajarvi/ ryan


Nuge Duchene draisaitl
Kassian white stone
Kharia/ Yamamoto cagguilla/ chlapic Chiasson
Rattie brodziak Reider/ puljujarvi

Ottawa has the speed to keep pace with McDavid while Edmonton has the high end depth to help Duchene and stone and minimize the Ceci down side as well as the younger talent to keep white on his current up swing plus Ottawa would have a new franchise piece to build around that is actually secured long term.

Obviously though players would be signed first.

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02 Jan 2019 01:24:40
Oh boy. I'll give ya credit for posting trade proposals, however, when it comes to McDavid, jus dont. it jus isn't going to happen anytime soon.

02 Jan 2019 12:10:48
Anything for McDavid starts with Chabot and a 1st+. Duchene and Stone are in the last year or their contract right? Edmonton will need guaranteed young long term impact players back even if they include Lucic.

02 Jan 2019 14:14:32
Just, just, lol. For NcDm you tsrat with Chabot, White and Stone, then keep on adding.

02 Jan 2019 20:07:04
Lucic cancels out McDavids value. Lucic is 6 million dollar beer league grinder probably can’t even balance on the ice without a stick. No team will take him no matter what’s added.

03 Jan 2019 14:54:01
First off I did say all players signed jbs32. And given the fact Ottawa is just starting a rebuild, including Chabot and a 1st is not an option. It's bad enough if they have to pay this much as both Duchene and stone are long term impact players and white and chlapic will be as well, and with a more well rounded defencive minded team around him Ceci would look a lot better in Edmonton too, not to say he'll be out right amazing but better than his time in Ottawa.

Topshelfslappers McDavid is amazing but he's not Gretzky and even Gretzky didn't get the type of return your saying, this right here is more than fair value for McDavid.
2 top 3 towards, an A level prospect, a B+ level prospect, and a top 4 defenceman, all fully signed, Edmonton would be insane to say no to something like this even for McDavid.

And you can say he'll never be traded all you want but truth is anyone at anytime can be traded, Gretzky was, Karlsson was, Seguin was, Toews Kane on the block, if a team feels the only way to change their luck is to move their biggest star for multiple peices they'll likely do it. And Edmonton has been the joke of the league a lot longer than Ottawa has even in McDavid era as he's the solo shining light it seems but they also don't have any players like stone and Duchene.

Also topshelfslappers, white and stone plus Duchene and chlapic and even Ceci plus taking on Lucic is still better value than swapping out Lucic Ceci chlapic and Duchene for Chabot as good as he is, maybe read the trade in full before another ignorant comment.

03 Jan 2019 16:26:42
Omg did vbbvbb and I actually see eye to eye on something? Lol what's this world coming to lol?

03 Jan 2019 20:56:24
But Duchene and Stone signed will have a higher cap hit than McDavid, and provide less value. White and Chlapic are not A and B+ prospects they’re like a B and C. Edmonton is worse defensively than Ott, they won’t make Ceci look better, and making him look better instead of actually making him better doesn’t give him more value. Gretzky did get a better return, Carson was 20 coming off a 100 point season and drafted 2nd overall 2 years prior. Gelinas was 7th overall that summer. Carson was one of the best young players in the game, Gelinas one of the top prospects. They also got 3 first round picks (better value than white, Chlapik and Ceci) and 15 million dollars. They also didn’t have to worry about a cap environment, and this trade is not good for the oilers from a cap perspective as they would take on cap (which they can’t) and while they gain some depth it’s not a move that sets them up better really now or in the future as opposed to keeping McDavid. Starts with Chabot (young star player with lots of cheap team control) and at least 1 first for McDavid and add from there.

03 Jan 2019 23:21:30
Jbs32. Ottawa has offencive minded defenceman which despite how much Ceci tries to play defensively he'll always be better offencively as that's what he was drafted as in the first place, where Edmonton defence is better in their own end than Ottawa defence is, 40+ shots against per game in Ottawa should tell you that.

And what more does white have to do to prove he's an A level prospect? He was same value level as Chabot last year and the year before during Duchene trade talks according to sakic and every sports anylists worth mentioning, and this year the guy is literally the current 2nd best rookie in the league and in the same discussion as Petterson, dahlin, svechnikov, and his own team and line mate tkechuck in that regard, stop downplaying the players just because you hate the team.

Chlapic don't have much NHL experience to go on but based on his preseason work as well as hype from his world Juniors year, and critics statements on him he's a b level prospect whether you think he is or not.

Duchene and stone will have a higher cap hit than McDavid sure but definitely not a whole lot lower in value especially fully signed, dream on dude, McDavid is 3rd in league with 61 points currently and both Duchene and stone are not only 2 of the best defensive forwards in the game but both also top 35 with 40 and 45 points respectively 95 combined currently and Duchene fairly close speed wise too.

Sure McDavid will be between 80 and 115 points a season but both stone and Duchene consistently get between 55 and 80 points a season so the value is fairly even until you factor in age which white and chlapic more than make up for and while you might say Ceci value cancels that I counter by saying lucic value kicks Ceci value out the window and makes the value of this trade go in favour of Edmonton by quite a bit.

As bad as the Ceci value might be portrayed as, the Lucic value is far worst by a land slide, plus if Ceci don't work out, who cares? His contract is up at end of year while Lucic still has major term, so really Edmonton saves cap space long term as lucic plus McDavid costs more than a fully signed stone and Duchene as well as more than the current contracts of stone plus Duchene plus Ceci, and can just let Ceci walk if he doesn't pan out.

04 Jan 2019 03:09:21
Also white is a former 1st rounder himself who's currently exceeding what was expected of of the year he was drafted, and chlapic though drafted mid 2nd round 3 years ago is well on his ways to exceeding what is expected of him and quite frankly most first 1st round draftees as well.

On top of that Duchene and stone put up high end numbers every season and are 2 of the best end to end players in the game today despite what you think of Ottawa and Ceci though hated in Ottawa is still a top 4 dman.

Now here's what separates that Gretzky trade, it never had a massively overpayed trash can signed long term like Lucic involved in the deal to begin with, where as this trade serves 2 purposes,

1 - it gets top dollar or more for McDavid that much is a sure thing

2 - it also gives them a funnel they won't find elsewhere to offload Lucic and his long term 6 mill+

It also gives them back a little depth after those horrible hall and Eberle trades and though the fans might be angry at first after losing McDavid I believe stone white and Duchene will ease that anger quite quickly and chlapic will be a super pleasant surprise down the road while McDavid will fit in nicely in Ottawa and find a handful of guys who can actually keep up to his speed in guys like formenton, boadker, dzingle, and Batherson. Plus Chabot feeding McDavid would be so sikk. Plus it opens the possibility of Karlsson returbing in offseason at a discount for the opportunity to play with McDavid assuming Gaborik is bought out and smith is shipped out.

04 Jan 2019 03:31:34
Letting a guy walk is counter intuitive to acquiring him. Ceci still isn’t good. You don’t seem to grasp how prospect grades work, there are maybe 5-10 A prospects at any given time. White isn’t one of them. A means generational/ superstar and White isn’t that. I don’t have Ottawa, because people don’t over value players the same way you do doesn’t mean they hate the team. Chlapik is putting up a decent but not extraordinary season in the AHL, his numbers are worse than Tampa AHL rookies Barre-Boulet and Raddysh who I’m sure you would agree would be a stretch to call B prospects. The package just isn’t right for McDavid without someone like Chabot going back. I understand where McDavid is in the points race I also understand he’s played 3 seasons (2 full) won 2 Art Ross trophies and hasn’t even reached his prime yet. He could very well put up 120+ points annually and he’s not even getting any help.

04 Jan 2019 05:35:20
Brady Tkachuk is an A prospect. White is a B+ prospect.

04 Jan 2019 07:17:09
Oh Rambone.

04 Jan 2019 12:46:41
White is not a prospect he's a very soon to be 22 year old. He should be producing even more so then he has if he was ever considered an A prospect. its not right to compare him to teenagers. there are a lot of players in the last two drafts that I'd take over him in a heartbeat. You want to see an A prospect check out what pettersson is doing as a 19 year old.

04 Jan 2019 15:45:27
I’d give White prospect status, I feel comfortable calling non established players prospects until about 24. Chlapik falls in the same boat he’s only 5 months younger. McDavid is 2 weeks older than White, meaning he’s the same age as the prospects being acquired in this deal. I don’t have time to argue everything Rambo is saying here today, so I’ll just leave it at if all of Ottawa’s players and prospects are as good as you say why is Ottawa last in their division, 31 points out of first, and their AHL team 6th in their division 10 points out of first despite being middle of the pack in terms of average age in the developmental league?

04 Jan 2019 22:00:37
I just find it hard to rank a player at 21 or 22 the same as a 18 year old. Like in 3 years every player in the top 20 of last years draft could be putting up better numbers then white has this season. But they are not all A prospects like Rambo said white is. a 22 year old who has 60 plus nhl games played should be ranked on his nhl performance not on a prospect basis IMO.

04 Jan 2019 23:56:10
Pettersson is an A+ prospect.

05 Jan 2019 07:09:21
I disagree petterson is an A nhler. He will never be going back to prospect status.

05 Jan 2019 18:04:50
Eh I don’t mind the term prospect on a player until it’s unreasonable to expect more development or they are firmly established. White is very much not an A prospect, and comparing him to guys like Petterson is a joke, but he’s still a prospect in my mind. A non-affiliated Lightning prospect site I enjoy and respect uses under 24, under 41 games in a season and under 82 game career as benchmarks. So White would be close to graduating. But Young NHL players still have that growth to be considered when evaluating. Also keep in mind when Rambo calls White the second best rookie he’s only talking points (not taking into account games played, defensive ability, TOI, or position)

06 Jan 2019 18:33:56
Fair point about Petterson I can respect that but white is still better than a B+ prospect, he's A- at worst and a 2 year age gap don't seperate him from prospect status when the kid is only 21, if that's considered old this world is in the gutter. Chlapic is easily a B to a B+ prospect himself.

And the reason Ottawa is doing bad is because of poor coaching, terrible management decisions, and a cheap owner. Arguably some would say the AHL top line of balcers, Batherson and yes, chlapic are more dangerous than the NHL top line this season the way they've played. On top of that how's a team supposed to win consistently when you're fighting that, plus has the most bad or missed calls by refs every game of any other team costing them games, plus half the main stars being injured most of the season?

Pageau, Ryan, Chabot, tkechuck, Duchene, demelo, Ceci, etc all injured at some point, you don't think that plays a factor in winning or losing games?

As for McDavid production which I agree could likely reach 120 in a season at some point what do you think stone + Duchene + white + chlapic will reach? Stone and Duchene alone get 55 + points anually each working out to combined 110 add white to that who's getting better every year and likely will be a top 6 forward himself with between 40 and 60 points a season and chlapic who will likely be between 25 and 45 points a season (and that's just spirit balling predictions) I'd say McDavid is more than paid for, add in the Ceci for Lucic part and it's guaranteed paid for.

You asked why acquire Ceci only to drop him? Simple.

Lucic - long term terrible contract

Ceci - end of bad contract

Ceci is better player, better contract, shorter term contract, and a contract they can either sign at a lower rate or let go without worry or backlash of a buyout penalty while Lucic they either forced to keep, works against their cap, does nothing to earn his keep, and only way they likely to get rid of him is to buy him out or retain half his salary in any other deal both of which work against their cap.

06 Jan 2019 21:48:58
Rambo the Lightning have played most the season missing one or more of Hedman Stralman Miller Palat injuries happen to every team. The Barre Boulet-Conacher-Verhaeghe line is just one line that has been better than any line in Belleville. I’m not saying White isn’t a good prospect and Chlapik isn’t decent but A prospect means superstar, white isn’t that. He’s likely a middle 6 guy that might be able to play up if needed. What does moving Lucic have anything to do with acquiring Ceci? Just because one isn’t as bad as the other doesn’t mean you need to take one to move the other in a trade involving Connor McDavid.

09 Jan 2019 11:23:14
Taking Ceci is to basically even out the cap hits if you want to look at it that way and still provide possible value if he works out jbs. If he don't, who cares as his contract is up at year's end anyway. Edmonton gets more than enough value for McDavid with everything else plus offloads and immovable long term contract. I don't see how you don't see that?

Both stone and Duchene are amazing 2 way players that are consistently among leagues best, white will be up there too and is along the way now, chlapic will also be solid, where as Ceci is a means to move Lucic but could be a risk reward player.

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02 Jan 2019 00:12:47
Jeez Jim and I are pretty dedicated lol I try to go on this site atleast once every day.

02 Jan 2019 00:21:30
Looks like jim is the argument leader lol. I wonder how many of his alter egos made the list.

02 Jan 2019 04:41:15
Actually vbb considering I was Habby and Habby2 I have you beat in both categories. Just saying lol.

02 Jan 2019 14:15:27
Holayy a lot of us post a lot, but hey, good enough, keeps the arguments fresh lol.

04 Jan 2019 07:16:41
I knew I fell off a little. I was 1 and 2 on these lists last year. Combine my two accounts on the one and I'm up there again.

04 Jan 2019 21:31:58
Combine my two accounts and I'm ahead of him in both as well Habby. Lol.

04 Jan 2019 23:43:23
@yup yes this is true lol.

01 Jan 2019 20:09:56
Did anyone see Sam Bennett's hit on the shark's Radim Simek lastnight?

I'm not complaining there was no suspension, cause it was barely a late hit and looked clean. But how disrespectful can Bennett be? Final minute of an 8-5 game that his team is about to win, and he decides to level the smallest guy on the ice on the losing team who simply dumped the puck behind his own net which would've killed the clock and ended the game.

If it was a tight game about to go to overtime, I get it, you want to hype the crowd. Yet there was 20/30 seconds left and his team had scored 8 goals in the game. Looking forward to seeing the rematch in February, should be a heavy hitting game

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01 Jan 2019 22:19:39
Like you said I dídnt mind the hit as much as the time he did it.

02 Jan 2019 00:14:26
Hockey is an emotional game it was probably done for personal reasons.


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