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28 Feb 2019 04:23:09
Gardiner & Dermott out, I guess we haven't seen the end of Marincin like I was hoping, lol. The leafs are going to get burned spotting teams a goal or two and not showing up until the 2nd period. Unfortunately I missed this game but they were down 1-0 and getting out shot 13-2 when I checked in the first. This has been a pattern as of late and the top teams in the league will finish the job once ahead by a couple.

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28 Feb 2019 05:10:03
You think sandin lillegren or Rosen will get a shot?

28 Feb 2019 08:50:38
I doubt Sandin or Liljegren but that would be nice to see. Rosen or maybe even Borgman? I don’t even know if Borgman is still around but he likes to throw the body at least. I think Babcock likes Marincin for some reason I can’t figure out.

28 Feb 2019 11:42:44
NAh, problem is, both Rosen and Borgman are inmured atm. Their first choice was probably Rosen tho, but obv he's unavailable, and I don’t think Dubas is willing to bring up the kids (Lily and Sandin) so early.

27 Feb 2019 23:33:04
Hey, I was looking at NHL Stats, and.

Erik Gustafsson, signed to a 2 year, 2.4 Million Total NHL Deal last year by Chicago has 45 points in 60 games. Originally an Oilers draft pick, I guess was never signed, but holy cow, why isn't this being publicized more? This is an insane pace for, well, basically a sophomore.

I know points aren't the end-all, be-all for dmen, but when you're outscoring Erik Karlsson, you're doing pretty good, lol.

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28 Feb 2019 03:14:01
Snagged him from FA a while back for my fantasy team. He’s killin’ it. As for formerly being an Oilers prospect. yeah, sounds about right. Haha 😂🤦🏼‍♂️.

28 Feb 2019 03:50:11
Oh boy. jus seems to be one failure after another.

28 Feb 2019 05:18:26
He's not out scoring kartlson he's got the same amount of points but has played 8 more games. He's playing big minutes for the hawks this year and is having a real good year. I don't really like his defensive play but it still isn't horrible I think in all honesty this will be his career season.

01 Mar 2019 08:03:40
Tough to call because with Seabrook and Keith on the decline he’s going to continue to get top PP time as long as his play keeps up. After how he’s contributed this season he may get even more ice time next season. Maybe he flounders or maybe it’s just the opportunity he needs to show off his range of skills. Could be a diamond in the rough, who knows.

27 Feb 2019 03:24:09
On behalf of the Montreal canadiens I'd like to thank the refs for not giving them a power play tonight

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28 Feb 2019 03:17:19
Lol. Ya, pretty bad when ya cringe about having a PP.

28 Feb 2019 09:14:17
They did give us a power play but Tatat scored before we could burn it and loose the game because of it.

26 Feb 2019 09:25:36
Do you guys think most NHL team records and stats should be wiped from 1969 and before and have only 1970 till present count? Reasoning is before 1970 there wasn’t a huge amount of teams in the league and since that expansion to have many more teams, the league seems harder and more competitive. For example rather than saying the maple leafs have 11 Stanley cups, they really have 0, Canadians rather than having 24, they would have 8. And so on and so forth. I think this would make franchises seem more accurate as these 2 teams have won the most cups when it was a league of 6 teams or so for the longest time.
Just my opinion let me know what you guys think.

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26 Feb 2019 13:12:30
I understand the point you are trying to make, but your reasoning is flawed. (I'm probably one of few people old enough on this site to offer perspective) . The reason the Leafs and Habs have so many cups is not because there were only six teams back then. If your reasoning was correct, we would expect all of the original six teams to have a bunch of cups -- when in fact, the era was dominated by Montreal and Toronto, followed by Detroit. The Bruins and Rangers never won the cup during the era, and Chicago won only once.

The reason why it was a flawed system was because the rights to players was broken down geographically, not by draft (i. e., if you were a kid growing up playing hockey in Southern Ontario, the Leafs pretty much owned you from day one) . Ditto for Montreal and people growing up in French Canada.

Given that the majority of the best players in the league came from Ontario and Quebec, Toronto and Montreal had "first dibs" on the majority of the best players in the world. If the league had the same rules today, we would in all likelihood see very similar results (although probably to a lesser degree, given how the game has grown in other areas of the world) .

26 Feb 2019 16:12:45
Those teams stood the test of time and deserve to continue to be recognized for it. look at the teams who have been added by expansion who are not here anymore. Ask your self this who are the 6 less likely teams to fold their franchise? Yeah probably still those 6 teams. And because of those teams the rest of the teams in the league are here.

26 Feb 2019 16:16:10
Also if there wasn't a salary cap to make it more of an even playing field for most of those expansion teams Montreal Toronto and the rangers especially would probably be after winning a lot more cups.

26 Feb 2019 18:34:10
Fair points Habby -- without revenue sharing from teams like Montreal, Toronto, the Rangers, etc. a lot of the teams in the league would be bankrupt in a matter of years.

26 Feb 2019 19:08:34
Exactly unsportsmanlike the reason a lot of these teams exist is because of those older teams. not only with revenue sharing and such but by the fact they helped create a fan base to support those other teams.

27 Feb 2019 12:02:02
You can’t just erase history but it’ll always be a point of contention. With the Lightning somewhat challenging records people want to asterix it because of OT and loser points, without considering competition, parity, and cap. I’d argue what the Lightning are doing this year is more impressive than the Habs/ Bruins regular seasons in the 60s/ 70s because there’s so much more parity and those teams never had an issue keeping their own players AND going after other teams top players they can’t afford. The reason people would want to split it is because of what you explained earlier, no parity Montreal and Toronto were essentially handed the championship every year the league was set up that they were the only competitive teams. Most leagues kinda reset after a merger as well, NHL didn’t. And ya the league wouldn’t exist without the original teams, but no league anywhere would exist without their original teams lol.

27 Feb 2019 12:12:31
Erase history?
What are you, American?

27 Feb 2019 14:48:12
@jbs Montreal and Toronto were not the only good teams in any era they were in and the fact you had to play the teams so often each year made for like playoff game atmosphere every game. Tampa is impressive but I'd like to see which players would still be there if they actually had to pay the taxes teams like Montreal and Toronto do. that lineup wouldn't look exactly like it does now no matter how much You think it would. also the culture and how engaged in their teams at the time people were built a fan base much greater then the city all those teams played in which reached every city of North America. i doubt if Tampa had been an original six team would it have made many headlines. considering they don't now unless they are 1st in the league. and even then they still don't get the publicity of either of those original six.

28 Feb 2019 12:00:28
They don’t get publicity because they weren’t original 6. NHL is built on a basis that history and legacy are most important and no team outside the original 6 gets much from the league comparatively that’s not even debatable. Chicago gets an outdoor game every year. You would think the league would focus on new and struggling teams to try to build those bases but they don’t, they give all their attention to the original 6. Tax benefit is not nearly as big as you guys think it is, does it exist sure but it’s probably 1 player difference max and it’s a huge risk taking a tax related cut when you could be traded at any time. You will never convince me that teams with exclusive rights to the best players and who are able to resign all their players (and other teams best players) don’t have a much bigger advantage than a tax break for half the games in a season. Tampa also isn’t the only team with no or low state tax but they’re the only ones people complain about because they’re doing well. Again can’t erase history, but things need to be held in context a bit it’s not the same game as it was when the Leafs and Habs were winning championships. Unsportsmanlike literally pointed out the parity and player rights issues above the only reason I’m getting flack for the same points is I support a non original 6 team.

28 Feb 2019 16:06:49
I'm sorry but I think those struggling teams have got a bit too much attention from the league. A few of them should have already folded IMO but the more prominent franchise still continue to keep them going. also I have mentioned the advantage of no taxes about other places on here several times like yesterday when I said mark stone signed the deal with Vegas because of it and when radulov signed in Dallas because of it so it's not just a tampa thing to me.

28 Feb 2019 16:33:05
53% tax in Montreal and Toronto compared to 36% in Tampa what does that equal? About 13 mil on the total payroll? So what would that mean no stamkos and no Tyler Johnson? You can say it doesn't make a difference all you want but it does. And it's not so much of being able to sign ufas but making it much easier to resign your current players.

26 Feb 2019 03:51:33
Hey Sosa is it too late to lose for Hughes? Or go wacko for kakko? Lol

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26 Feb 2019 06:12:48
I still think Montreal makes the playoffs habby. They play with heart which is more than I can say for my team. I didn’t expect the leafs to change the course and mortgage the future, but McQuaid was cheap. A Brown/ Kassian move would’ve been beneficial for both teams IMO. I just want to see a little grit. We got Petan though and we all no he’s a stud.

26 Feb 2019 14:22:31
They are starting to slide, that's forsure. I have a feeling blowing that 3 goal lead against Leafs is going to be more meaningful that it should be. I hope they can put it behind em and keep pushing for the playoffs, I am starting to have some doubts however.

26 Feb 2019 15:40:04
They haven't played well since the previous loss to the leafs the 6 to 3 loss wasn't the issue. Price stole the Columbus game and they got a early jump on Philly but the other 5 games they have only looked good for very short periods of those games. seems like the old habit of only showing up for 20 mins or so each game is creeping back in. You need a 60 min effort in every game from here on to make the playoffs.

28 Feb 2019 09:15:25
Go wacko for Kakko. Lol.

25 Feb 2019 23:53:27
Can anybody explain to me why mtl got almost twice as much for Pacioretty from the knights then Ottaw got for a younger better Mark Stone?

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26 Feb 2019 01:32:43
W. Stone woulda been gone fo nothing at end of season. Habs still had control of Patches for this season if I'm correct? So where Montreal woulda had all year to weigh out the best option, Ottawa was at the last minute . can't afford to let Stone walk in FA.

26 Feb 2019 03:53:35
We'll patches did have a full year left on his contract but that really doesn't make up the difference IMO. maybe Marc bergevin is the best gm in the world.

26 Feb 2019 04:00:36
I think that vegas’ perspective, Tatar was a throw in. Also pacioretty still had a year on his contract, not a couple months, so that plays a small factor as well. But I agree. In comparison it looks like a good deal for Vegas by getting stone.

26 Feb 2019 04:58:07
Brannstrom is much better than any piece Ottawa got for Stone. It was still a fairly light return, probably sparked by them frustrating teams like Calgary and Winnipeg and I wouldn’t be surprised if they limited the market refusing to trade him to the Atlantic/ East since that’s what they did with Hoffman and Karlsson. But don’t sleep on Brannstrom he’s one of the games top prospects.

26 Feb 2019 15:42:38
Don't jump on the branstrom bandwagon yet. He's got skill and I think he will be an nhl dman but a lot of scouts don't predict him to be the bobby Orr type Craig button has him compared to. still a lot of question marks with him yet.

27 Feb 2019 12:19:28
I feel like Stone kept it positive on the front but wanted out. because why wouldn’t OTT match that offer he got from Vegas? They’d already shed Duchene and Dzingel, they have tons of cap. So they knew they couldn’t keep him and got the best they could. Brunstromm sounds like a very solid prospect tho, he could be their next big player (aside from Chabot who I think is only going to get better) .

Considering, I think OTT did good. They didn’t kill it in returns but this season was far from rescue anyway. I think they’ll be much better next season with a few off-season moves and with their prospect pool going forward.

As for trade differential, that variation differs year by year. Overpayment one year, underpayment the next. Just how it goes. Market dictation.

27 Feb 2019 21:26:13
I'd bet Ottawa at least offered the same deal. But again a no tax state made a huge difference and the fact he was going to a team not in the middle of a rebuild also played a part.

28 Feb 2019 09:00:36
Branstrom looks good but him and Suzuki can't be that far off. Then a second round pick wich is what Ottawa got too but Tatar is 3 times better then Lindberg will ever be.

28 Feb 2019 09:03:41
Ya Dorion ia saying he's the top defensive prospct in the game. That an exagaration imo. If he's that good why was he drafted 15th overall and not top 5. isn't Hughes better?

28 Feb 2019 09:16:31
No Habby from what I read from are local papers Melnyl gave Dorion a limit of 7 million a year for Stone wich is quite a long way apart. He does not want to pay his guys. Maybe if he stayed in Ottawa and dint have like 20 empty houses around the world he'd have more money to pay his guys lol.

28 Feb 2019 18:59:20
I'd be shocked if Ottawa didn't offer stone at least 9 mil per year regardless of what the local newspaper said I'd also be surprised if they didn't offer duchesse 8 mil per. you have to ask yourself who would come out and say those things? Stone hasn't and I'm assuming Dorian or melynk didn't unless there goal is to fold the franchise.

25 Feb 2019 23:41:17
Who was biggest winner.. Biggest Loser.?
For me , I'd say biggest winner was probably Nashville, the Granlund/Fiala was really lopsided IMO., and Simmonds was a good pickup.
They may not be now, but biggest loser could be Columbus in the long run.. if they lose Dzingel, Duchene,Panarin,Bobrovsky all for nothing in off season. Even with those guys, I don't see them competing with Tampa,Boston Toronto or Washington to come put of the East
I woulda cashed in on Panarin , and Bobrovsky .

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26 Feb 2019 01:41:10
I agree Sosa that Columbus could have got a boat load for Panarin and Bobrovsky. They’re obviously hoping for a parade before losing them.

26 Feb 2019 05:15:09
I like what Nashville did too. i thought the leafs would at least add some depth pieces and they did nothing really but considering the cost on some of the players can't really fault em that much. what really happened for the most part was the west loaded up on players from the east. this leads me to believe eastern teams bid on a few of those players but the team decided to trade them out west to get them out of the conference.

26 Feb 2019 06:27:51
San Jose getting Nyquist for a very reasonable price could be a big add. Also if Hayes resigns / gets Laine going than there big winners.

26 Feb 2019 06:38:06
Oilers were kind of big losers IMO. They have a few UFA’s they should’ve dealt. Petrovic is useless to them so I would’ve been happy getting anything for him, keep in mind they gave up a 3rd+. Rieder could’ve been a decent depth guy for a playoff team that the Oil could’ve replaced with DSP. And Chiasson could’ve gotten a decent pick I think. The pick would’ve helped the Oil in the off season and I don’t see why they wouldn’t have a strong chance at signing him again. They didn’t help the team by doing nothing that’s for sure.

27 Feb 2019 12:23:49
Nashville and Columbus winners.

Isles losers. Lots of teams didn’t make trades but they didn’t boost anything while in the position they are and I think they should’ve. They struck out. Was really hoping they could’ve gotten Hoffman from FLA. I think he would have been a HUGE boon for them.

25 Feb 2019 22:03:34
Curious as to what others think about what Vegas is doing? I understand that they're trying for another deep playoff push but to this point they've basically traded all of their good prospects. I think this latest trade for stone giving up brannstrom, what are they planning on building on? Their a 2nd year franchise and have now traded away, 2 of their 3 first round picks... doesn't seem smart asset management to me.

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25 Feb 2019 23:55:50
I don't like it either. They have a real heavy team there now which would have been ideal for the playoffs 7 or 8 years ago but I don't think they are as fast a team as they were last year. A speedy team might them look silly.

25 Feb 2019 23:55:50
Ya, I'm not sure what they are planning on for the future, I guess they are living in the moment . however, locking up Stone for next years, not a bad thing for your future.

26 Feb 2019 05:01:16
Both the trades giving up those prospects brought back really good NHLers with extensions. Nothing about prospects is guaranteed, and even though those guys have a good chance of turning out they for sure things for the foreseeable future in return. It’s the kind of deals you trade those prospects for, just trying to compete now instead of maybe in 5 years, and they seem to be competitive.

26 Feb 2019 06:15:22
Vegas is going to be a very tough team for years to come.

27 Feb 2019 12:29:01
They have a solid and already legit top-6, Glass is still a top prospect along with some other prospects, and they did it all while being playoff contenders during both years of existence made of a team of toss-aways. Plus cap space to play with.

They’re solid on all fronts and will be until Fleury retires or faulters at which point they’d need to snag another goalie but that’s about it.

How can anyone speak detrimental of how they’ve been managed without being laughed out of the room?! 😂.

27 Feb 2019 14:55:28
It's still left to be seen chirp if what they have done will be a good thing or a bad thing for them. i guess I could see them having a 3 or 4 year window if they get the goaltending. But I honestly don't think they will be a contender and when those big contracts to players like pacioretty and stone who are already not the fastest players in a league focusing on speed start to slow down and there is nothing coming in to the fold on entry level deals to pick up the slack then they will have a problem. i don't see any sure fire nhlers in the pipeline other then glass.

25 Feb 2019 21:07:20
I think Nashville really improved today. Simmons is a big upgrade over Hartman and granlund is a massive upgrade over fiala.

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25 Feb 2019 21:16:21
Yeah am I wrong in saying Minnesota got fleeced?

25 Feb 2019 21:25:18
I agree with Granlund over Fiala. Then a little while ago, Niederreiter for Rask. What is Minnesota thinking? Those are two lopsided trades IMO.

26 Feb 2019 00:00:23
In my honest opinion granlund was The top player on the wild. he is one of the most underrated players in the league to trade him for fiala is plain stupid. Fiala is ok but I don't think he will ever come close to being as good as granlund is right now. And yeah the rask neideteittet trade was awful too. the only thing I can figure is they are losing a lot of money and are trying to shed some salary to make up for it.

26 Feb 2019 06:33:27
Fiala put up decent numbers last year and is 5 years younger but I do agree Granlund is very underrated. Should have been a pick included maybe.

26 Feb 2019 15:44:01
Yeah it should have been a top 10 1st round pick to make it close to even.

27 Feb 2019 12:30:35
I like Fiala but don’t really see how he isn’t a carbon copy of Zucker. Confusing trade in my mind. That said, nice move by Nashville.

25 Feb 2019 20:53:14
Petan to the Leafs for Par Lindholm. think Jets fans will finally admit how worthless he is now that he didn’t bring in Stone? Lol.

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27 Feb 2019 12:31:55
I actually never minded Petan as a 4th liner. I think leafs made a good move with that one.


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