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22 Apr 2019 15:23:24
The offseason for the Jets:

Laine (bridge deal) 3 years x $7.5M
Connor 8 years x $7M
Morrissey 8 years x $6.5M
Myers 4 years x $6M
Tanev 3 years x $3M
Copp 1 year x $2M
Beaulieu 1 year x $2M
Chariot 1 year x $2M
Brossoit 1 year x $1M
Hendricks 1 year x $650K
Comrie 1 year x $650K

Let walk:

WPG: Trouba, Dano
NYI: Dobson, 1st Round Pick 2019

WPG: Perrault
MON: McCarron

WPG: Kulikov, 5th Round Pick 2019
ARZ: 7th Round Pick 2019

Sign Free Agents:
Simmonds 1 year x $5M
Brassard 1 year x $4M

22 Apr 2019 17:42:59
Laine won’t take less then 10.

22 Apr 2019 18:25:22
lol wat vbvbbbvbvbvbvbvvv?

Kucherov extended for $9.5 mln last summer. I really don't see how Laine would be able to ask for anything North of that, and that would be on a long-term deal (not a 3-year as indicated above) .

22 Apr 2019 18:40:30
unsports, tampa has one of the best tax systems in the league as they are not nearly taxed as much as other teams in the league and it is incredibly unfair. Kucherov technically makes the most money (or top 2) after taxes in the entire league i read. So he did not require to sign a massive deal of 11 mil+. Laine for example if he signed a contract for around 10mil a year he's probs going to walk away with around 5mil or so, its a huge flaw in the system and it should be worked out so its fair throughout the league.

22 Apr 2019 18:42:09
Absolutely agree with vb, Laine will be around 10mil. Also you can not compare him to Kucherov as the way those cities gets taxed is completely different and it’s so unfair such a joke. Besides living in Tampa with all the nice weather they also have the lowest tax rates or something.

22 Apr 2019 20:03:24
I think that's why it's a bridge deal though, shorter term at less money.

22 Apr 2019 20:49:42
yes he stated it was a bridge deal, but laine won't take that he will want a long term contract for sure. not sure if vb also meant it that way or not (who knows with him lol) but for sure i agree with him laine will be 10 or north of it per year and i'm sure he goes that route.

22 Apr 2019 21:05:47
While you are correct in pointing out the lower tax rate in Florida, the impact is overstated. For starters, income is taxed where earned, so only the home games matter in that regard. Also, there are several ways of circumventing that (structure of contract — maximizing the bonus and minimizing the salary, and also fancy footwork from a tax accounting standpoint that I won’t delve into here) .

Anyways, if the over/ under on a 3 year deal for Laine is $10 mln, I will take the under and gladly eat crow if I am proven wrong this summer.

22 Apr 2019 21:09:38
Montreal is probably not going to resign mccarron so you can have him for free and keep Perrault or just dump him somewhere else.

22 Apr 2019 21:43:22
oh for sure man if he indeed signs a bridge contract it will be under 10mil total then unless they go let's say 4mil/ year for the bridge. But no way Laine accepts that he for sure has proved his case for a long term contract.

22 Apr 2019 21:48:43
On a 10M contract I think the most difference there could be in taxes paid is about 1.5M depending on the cities. Seen an article from Oil nation comparing state taxes and how much would be paid on a 9.5M contract when Kucherov signed his. Also have to consider exchange rate because they get paid in US dollar.

As far as Laine’s contract goes, it’s a tough one. How can you pay a player 10+ after a 50 point season? A bridge deal makes sense for both parties unless Winnipeg thinks they can get him at a bargain long term.

22 Apr 2019 23:11:32
Isnt every team issue contracts in USD? Pretty positive its all american dollars never canadian, but i could be wrong i have no idea.

22 Apr 2019 23:21:47
I believe that Laine will sign a 8 year $9 mil per deal as when it expires he is only 29 and could get another big pay day. With the collective bargaining deal set to expire soon who knows what new signing restrictions will be put into place. Teams don't want to be holding horrible contracts like Lucic's so I foresee something drastic happening. If the Jets trade Trouba at the draft then they will need money to pay the player they will get in return so I see Hendricks, Beaulieu not being offered a contract and Tanev, Broisart and Copp being offered less money to stay. Perreault and Kulikov being packaged with another player to get some extra draft picks.

22 Apr 2019 23:57:29
Guys don't start the tax thing again. It a huge advantage for cities with no state tax. It's all on google for everyone to see. tampa has a huge advantage because of this that's why all their signings look like a bargain. Now with there playoff performance it would lead you to think it's not an advantage but it is lol.

23 Apr 2019 01:43:30
I agree. The NHL needs to find a way to level out the tax advantage. I am a Habs fan and their taxes are one of the highest.

23 Apr 2019 03:41:14
If anything he’ll get offersheeted if they low ball him.

23 Apr 2019 16:45:30
If its over 10M then it’ll cost the team 4 1st round picks so depending on the team I wouldn’t match it.

13 Apr 2019 01:36:54
Ottawa Senators -
• (RW) Bobby Ryan (25% Salary Retention)
• (2020) 2nd-Round Pick
New Jersey Devils -
• (2019) 6th-Round Pick

(Bobby Ryan get's to play really close to his home, Devils add more scoring touch and Senators start their rebuild)

Ottawa Senators -
• (LW) Mikkel Boedker
Edmonton Oilers -
• (2019) 2nd-Round Pick

(Oilers add more scoring touch and acquire another winger who has 4m x 1yr remaining, Senators acquire another draft pick)

Ottawa Senators -
• (C) Chris Tierney
Calgary Flames -
• (2019) 2nd-Round Pick
• (LHD) Oliver Kylington

(Flames add a bottom six center to add to their scoring depth to possibly slot beside Sam Bennett making Mark Jankowski expandable, Senators add what could turn into a Top 4 LHD and a draft pick)

Ottawa Senators -
• (LW) Zack Smith (50% Salary Retention)
Arizona Coyotes -
• (2019) 4th-Round Pick

(Coyotes get another veteran on a cheap contract due to salary retention to play with the young guys and guide them to the playoffs and add a more scoring touch if he can stay healthy, senators add a draft pick)

Ottawa Senators -
• (RHD) Christian Jaros
• (2020) 4th-Round Pick
Toronto Maple Leafs -
• (RW) Connor Brown

(Senators adds a bottom 6 winger and toronto adds another top 6 rhd)

Ottawa Senators -
• (LHD) Mark Boroweicki
New York Islanders -
• (LW) Andrew Ladd
• (2019) 1st-Round Pick
• (C) Blade Jenkins

(Senators adds some veteran depth but taking on the contract for some future assets and islanders get some breathing room and add a top 6 physical lhd)

Free Agent Signings:
- Jordan Eberle (4.25M x 3YR)
- Jake Gardiner (5M x 3YR)
- Jordan Weal (1.75M x 2YR)
- Andrej Sustr (1.25M x 2YR)

Ottawa Senators Lines -

Brady Tkachuk - Colin White - Drake Batherson
Alex Formenton - Jean Pageau - Jordan Eberle
Andrew Ladd - Jordan Weal - Connor Brown
Brian Gibbons - Oscar Lindberg - Max Veronneau

Thomas Chabot - Dylan Demelo
Jake Gardiner - Cody Ceci
Oliver Kylington - Andrej Sustr

Quick rebuild and already look like a decent team.

13 Apr 2019 03:17:53
Flames already have c depth. like 8 0f there 12 forwards are natural centers and would think theyd want to keep kylington for cost controlled players that can legit play nhl.

15 Apr 2019 15:13:58
Gardiner will sign for more that $5M for sure.

23 Mar 2019 21:22:08
Islanders Trade
6th Round Pick 2019

Toronto Trades
4th Round Pick 2019 (Blues Pick)

This is the type of Trade the Leafs will have to make this off season, obviously with the Draft Picks it's a Draft Day Trade.
Uncle Lou knows both Kapanen and Zaitsev so see a match here, adding Pulock is a good move for the Leafs also plus getting rid of Zaitsev's Contract helps the Cap as well, as for replacing Kapanen with what Bracco has done in the AHL this year he is the obvious replacement.

Thoughts ?

24 Mar 2019 01:07:59
My thoughts are that pulock has way more value then kapenen and what you add from the leafs has very little to no value.

24 Mar 2019 14:32:01
I wouldn’t say way more value.

24 Mar 2019 18:20:05
I would and I'll use logic that some of you guys are quick to point out when comparing players. Right shot dmen have mure value then wingers right? So when a top pair rhd is compared to a 2nd/ 3rd line winger then that means the dman has way more value. Right?

24 Mar 2019 21:30:48
Pulock definitely carries more value than Kapanen, like habby said with his position and handness, but I very much am a fan of Kapanen and if he were to be traded he could be a big piece in acquiring a good rhd.

25 Mar 2019 01:53:04
I like kapenen too but you would have to add something good with him to get pulock.

25 Mar 2019 12:09:04
He’s not a top pairing dman on a good defensive team like Nashville.

25 Mar 2019 13:36:25
But he would be on the leafs and is still a solid top 4 d-man.

25 Mar 2019 14:47:31
@vbbb it could be argued that Morgan Reilly is not a top pair dman in Nashville what's your point? Fact is pulock is the number 1 dman on a team that's still in a battle for 1st place in their division and he's still developing.

25 Mar 2019 15:50:26
Habby again with the fax 👍🏻.

25 Mar 2019 16:42:31
Pulock is worth at least twice Kappy. 1 40 ish point season for Kappy on a team with 3 real solid centers dosnt mean he worth a 23 year old RHD who plays with an below average defensemen yet still manage to be a solid defensive defensemen and get 30+ point at the same time. You better package Lilijegreen with Kappy if you want to make an offer for Pulock and even then Isles prob keeps Pulock.

25 Mar 2019 16:43:14
In this trade Isles are taking a cap dump back in Zaitsev wich would take a 2nd and B prospect to dump him. But Pulock had about twice the value of Kappy so its ridiculous that Isles would be giving a 6th and a cap dump to only get a 4th as compensation.

25 Mar 2019 17:00:16
Leafs do need a defenceman but Pulock isn't what there looking for, as seen by the Muzzin trade theyd want a developed and experienced Dman.

05 Mar 2019 11:43:50
Mtl: Primeau, 5rd2019

NYI: Dal Colle

Not an offseason trade but we can't use him for playoffs.

05 Mar 2019 22:14:01
No thanks we will need a goalie before we need dal colle.

05 Mar 2019 23:22:07
If islanders really need a goalie then i'm sure they consider since Dal Colle sucks.

06 Mar 2019 00:38:42
No thnx from montreal lol.

06 Mar 2019 14:42:14
Dal Colle isn't looking like a bust. so is McCarron for Habs. flip those two guys. See if a change will help with their careers.

06 Mar 2019 21:22:46
Meant to say is looking.

06 Mar 2019 21:26:12
Dal colle looks good at time he's looking like Puljujarvi tbh.

07 Mar 2019 15:05:28
well puljujarvi is two years younger and has never played in north america before, dal colle sucks and clearly is a wasted draft pick at #5. when puljujarvi is 22 we will see where he's at and then we can compare.

08 Mar 2019 15:17:30
DalColle was developed too slowly. They should have played him AHL earlier instead of leaving him in junior so long.

09 Mar 2019 18:21:37
Zamboni they couldn’t he was ineligible to play in the ahl. He hadn’t reached the eligibility and when he did he was brought in.

10 Mar 2019 02:30:16
You got to think the potential is still there. He obviously has a lot of talent. Maybe Islanders can make a trade similar to the Strome deal?

Why was he ineligible for AHL CTC55?

10 Mar 2019 15:49:41
For a North American skater in the CHL cannot play in the AHL till he reaches a season in which he is 20 years of age or he has played 4 seasons in the CHL before hand.

10 Mar 2019 23:11:48
Interesting. I had no idea about that rule. Any idea why that is?

25 Feb 2019 11:01:16
Oilers: kassian

Nashville: 3rd round pick (2nd if they reach finals)

Oilers: chiasson

Islanders: ho-sang

25 Feb 2019 15:15:39
I wish for both.

22 Feb 2019 16:16:20
Read from Twitter:

Oil: Chiasson

Isles: Ho-Sang

Would islanders consider this? I know the asking price for Chiasson is supposedly a 2nd round pick (he’ll probs get a 3rd if that) but he’s had a career year and certainly has playoff experience from caps last season.

Oilers would accept this trade for many reasons.

Would a trade like this work out or what fixes could be made? Islanders do have an andundant or young prospects and Ho-Sang clearly hasn’t worked out and he recently went public and said he’d accept a trade. P.

22 Feb 2019 17:18:53
If this was an option i'd really hope oil take it rather than a pick.

22 Feb 2019 17:19:20
But i mean i hope this could be an option haha even if oil add like a 5th or something.

22 Feb 2019 23:58:00
good change of scenery deal. i like it.

22 Feb 2019 15:40:10
OTT: Stone, Dzingel
NYI: Dobson, Bellows, Ladd, Beauvillier, Ho Sang, 2019 2nd rounder that belongs to Calgary.

22 Feb 2019 15:56:50
Hahaha holy smokes no from isle christ.

22 Feb 2019 05:35:08
CAR: Dougie Hamilton

TOR: Jake Gardiner, Connor Brown

Seems like CAR don't want him cause they got Pesce and Fault and TVR, they could use a LD as well. TOR need RD (of course) could work the D pairings well.

TOR: Zaitsev

NYI: 3rd or Scott Mayfield +pick

Lou would definitely take Zaitsev, he has value and GMs know that. Zaitsev just doesn't get the love in TO because Babcock doesn't use him the way he should be used. He will succeed on another team.


22 Feb 2019 11:53:28
Leafs homer much?

22 Feb 2019 13:29:46
Why would Carolina and the Islanders make these one sided trades? Gardiner is a UFA and Zaitsev is a cap black hole.

22 Feb 2019 15:02:04
Leaf homer indeed.

22 Feb 2019 18:40:54
TOR adds to get rid of Zaitsev's contract.
The difference in value between Hamilton and Gardiner is definitely bigger than Brown.

06 Feb 2019 01:45:19
Kings Trade: Martinez
Islanders Trade: 1st or 2nd, plus Blade Jenkins

06 Feb 2019 04:34:41
I wouldn't give a first for Martinez.

05 Feb 2019 19:28:15
To sens: Dobson, 1st, l.komorov To islanders:Stone,4th gives sens a really good prospect, roster player and a 1st. Nyi would have the cap to resign him. don't know if it's to much or not enough, fire away

30 Jan 2019 05:01:15
TOR: Connor Brown

EDM: Zach Kassian, 4th

Leafs get some grit and a pick. Edmonton get a quality winger who has some history with McDavid. Leafs also save a little bit on the cap.

Leafs: Zaitsev, pick or prospect (if necessary)

NYI: Adam Mcquad

Solid RD for the leafs on a cheaper contract that expires at the end of the year. Gives NYR a decent Defenceman who could turn it around with them or just help them lose even more. New York also get some sort of prospect if they won’t do it 1for1.


30 Jan 2019 05:16:07
Benning for Brown.

30 Jan 2019 06:56:06
I like both of deals. I suggested a Brown/ Kassian deal a while back. I’ve also talked about McQuaid because he can be had for cheap. I don’t see NY taking Zaitsev’s contract but either way McQuaid is the perfect add for the playoffs. McQuaid/ Hainsey/ Dermott can finish out the bottom pair. Good ideas.

30 Jan 2019 18:31:12
benning for brown would be amazing.

30 Jan 2019 19:25:04
Benning is a solid Dman in the ECHL. Brown is a solid 3rd liner in the NHL.

31 Jan 2019 04:31:48
And you’re a solid loser.

26 Jan 2019 19:51:51
Ana - Ryan Kesler + 2019 2nd Round Pick
Edm - Milan Lucic
(Kesler has a little bit higher salary and 1 more year)

Nyi - Andrew Ladd + 2019 2nd Round Pick
Edm - Andrej Sekera

Car - Dougie Hamilton + Curtis McEhelinny
Edm - Ryan Nugent-Hopkins + Cam Talbot

Ari - Christian Fischer + Lawson Crouse
Edm - Kailer Yamamoto

Leon Draisaitl - Connor McDavid - Jesse Puljujärvi
Andrew Ladd - Ryan Kesler - Christian Fischer
Tobias Rieder - Jujhar Khaira - Alex Chiasson
Lawson Crouse - Kyle Brodziak - Zack Kassian

Oscar Klefbom - Adam Larsson
Darnell Nurse - Dougie Hamilton
Kris Russell - Alex Petrovic

Mikko Koskinen
Curtis McEhelinny

26 Jan 2019 21:18:19
Kesler has less term [1 year], so the contracts are basically a wash. Kesler's better in his own end of the ice while Lucic is a more physical player. Straight up its pretty close.

Ladd and the 2nd for Sekera is fine imo.

I don't think Carolina does that. Mac's been playing fine, I don't think they'd be willing to swap him for Talbot. Hamilton for RNH is fine though.

Last ones intriguing but I feel Edmonton shouldn't do that since Yamamoto could end up being a real good player.

26 Jan 2019 22:12:24
Kesler has one less year.

27 Jan 2019 00:17:37
I don’t think from this current year Hamilton for Nuge is fine. With how both are playing i'd say I’d rather keep Nuge easily over trading for just Hamilton.
Also why on earth would oilers trade Sekera for Ladd who has 4 more years left on his contract and also is in his decline no thanks.

27 Jan 2019 21:12:13
Everything is comin' up Edmonton.

Lucic for Kesler AND A 2019 2ND?!

26 Jan 2019 14:51:58
Edmonton Oilers - Leon Draisaitl
Florida Panthers - Aaron Ekblad
(Panthers get a top 6 f, oilers get a top 4 dman)

Edmonton Oilers - Ryan Nugent-Hopkins
Carolina Hurricanes - Dougie Hamilton
(Canes get a top 6 f, oilers get a top 4 dman)

Edmonton Oilers - Darnell Nurse
Toronto Maple Leafs - William Nylander
(Oilers get solid top 6 f, leafs get a top 4 d)

Edmonton Oilers - Jesse Puljujärvi + 2019 1st-Round Pick + Matt Benning
New York Rangers - Mats Zuccarello (agreement to resign)
(Oilers get a winger to play with mcdavid, rangers get a potential top 6, top 6 dman, shed cap and get pick)

Edmonton Oilers - Kailer Yamamoto + Ethan Bear + 2020 1st-Round Pick
Ottawa Senators - Mark Stone (agreement to resign)
(Oilers get a winger to play with mcdavid, sens get cap space, good prospect, potential top 6 and a pick)

Edmonton Oilers - Cam Talbot + Ryan Spooner
Arizona Coyotes - Christian Fischer + Lawson Crouse
(Oilers get needed wingers, arizona gets veteran winger and a decent goalie)

Edmonton Oilers - Andrej Sekera
New York Islanders - Andrew Ladd + 2019 1st-Round Pick 
(Oilers get needed winger and a pick, islanders get cap space)

Edmonton Oilers - Milan Lucic + 2019 2nd-Round Pick + Tyler Benson
Los Angeles Kings - Dustin Brown
(Oilers shed some cap and term and kings get grit, pick and prospect)

Edmonton Oilers - Zack Kassian
Las Vegas Golden Knights - 2019 7th-Round Pick
(Vegas gets grit, oilers shed cap)

Edmonton Oilers - Kris Russell
Calgary Flames - Austin Czarnik + 2019 4th-Round Pick
(Flames get needed defence depth, oilers get a needed winger)

Mats Zuccarello - Connor McDavid - Mark Stone
Andrew Ladd - William Nylander - Austin Czarnik
Dustin Brown - Jujhar Khaira - Alex Chiasson
Lawson Crouse - Kyle Brodziak - Christian Fischer

Aaron Ekblad - Dougie Hamilton
Oscar Klefbom - Adam Larsson
Brandon Manning - Alex Petrovic

26 Jan 2019 16:18:59
I can't tell if all this makes Oilers better, it does right now, but sacrificing too much of the future.

Most of these trades are a no though.
Florida says no, the passed on draisaitl to take ekblad and I think there's no regret.

I like nuge for Hamilton, but Oilers might add a little.

Don't gamble nurse for nylander.

Too much for zucc. Just try to sign him
Same as stone. If they hit free agency playing with McDavid is a big draw.

Not sure how you convince the other 5 teams to help by taking a bad contract away.

26 Jan 2019 16:31:40
I can’t tell if this was all a joke or not because these are effed up.

26 Jan 2019 17:23:41
First one, idk if either team makes it. Florida has enough good centers and Edmonton imo needs Drais more than Ek.

Second, honestky, i don't think its terrible, but then you’ve got to bring in some scoring help if RNH is gone.

Nurse for Nylander isn't bad either imo, i can't see Toronto doing it because of the whole ‘promise’ thing, but valuewise isn't bad.

The Zucc trade is brutal for Edmonton.

Idk ifnthe Stone trade is decent, cause i feel like its too many good young pieces to give up.

Arizona doesn't touch the Fischer deal.

Dont think the Isles give up a 1st to take essentially identical contracts.

Brown > Lucic, no from LA (contract and player)

Vegas doesn't need more grit, their fourth line is Carrier/ NBellemRe/ Reaves.

And Calgary doesn't need defensive depth, espeically at that price. Calgarys defence is solid.

26 Jan 2019 19:30:40
Sekera's salary and term if half of ladds, so the 1st does make sense. And flames need the depth going into the playoffs, a lot of news saying they need a backup goalie and defensive depth. Smith and Prout won't cut it.

26 Jan 2019 23:48:38
Hanifin/ Brodie/ Gio/ Hamonic/ Andersson/ Stone/ Kly

They can bring in anyone for dirt cheap, hell, Chris Wideman from Florida or so if they really wanted. They don't need or want a 4 million Russell.

26 Jan 2019 09:49:59
Edmonton - Leon Draisaitl
Carolina - Dougie Hamilton + 2019 1st-Round Pick

Edmonton - Oscar Klefbom
Toronto - William Nylander

Edmonton - Ryan Nugent-Hopkins
Ottawa - Mark Stone (verbal agreement with Mark Stone to resign with The Edmonton Oilers)

Edmonton - Milan Lucic + 2019 3rd-Round Pick  + Matt Benning
Los Angeles - Dustin Brown

Edmonton - Andrej Sekera
New York Islanders - Andrew Ladd + 2019 1st-Round Pick

Edmonton - Jesse Puljujärvi + 2019 1st-Round Pick + Ryan Spooner
New York Rangers - Mats Zuccarello

Projected Line-Up :

Mats Zuccarello - Connor McDavid - Mark Stone
Andrew Ladd - William Nylander - Alex Chiasson
Kailer Yamamoto - Jujhar Khaira - Dustin Brown
Ty Rattie - Kyle Brodziak - Zack Kassian

Darnell Nurse - Dougie Hamilton
Kris Russell - Adam Larsson
Brandon Manning - Alex Petrovic

Mikko Koskinen
Cam Talbot

Lucic & Brown are similar in salary and term.
Sekera takes half of Ladd's term.
I think it's a very good idea.

If you wanna just say no without reading. Go look at Lucic's money and term and compare it to Brown's then see who is better offensively. And look at Sekera & Ladd and do the same thing before you say unbelievable.

26 Jan 2019 22:49:30
Brown is better offensively and defensively what's your point?

27 Jan 2019 10:21:49
In no world does Nylander get you Klefbom straight up. Why would the Oilers trade their best D anyways.

11 Dec 2018 01:52:27
In the off-season

WPG: Trouba, Nogier
NYI: Pulock, Dobson

Jets get two decent RHD for the price of one really good one. Islanders get a #1 RHD.

11 Dec 2018 03:25:17
Jets want to contend now, no.

11 Dec 2018 03:27:39
Something like this might work if Trouba won't sign. The Isles may want something a bit better than Nogier though. We'll have to see what Islandjet says.

11 Dec 2018 12:30:24
Is he a UFA or RFA in the offseason?

11 Dec 2018 15:33:51
Trouba is still RFA at season's end.

11 Dec 2018 16:39:29
This would be good trade value for Trouba, but at the draft if he doesn't re-sign with the Jets by then. There will be at least a dozen teams that will make good offers to get Trouba.

18 Dec 2018 07:21:51
I’m a huge Jacob Trouba fan and even I would take this trade in a second for the Jets. I would think the Jets would have to give up someone better than Nogier or add something to the trade.

On another note I’m disturbed at how Dobson’s season is going. He’s gone from over a point per game and +30 last year to only 0.5 pets a game and -33 this year

30 Nov 2018 20:30:55
Toronto trades: Nylander

Islanders trade: cizikas, Pulock, 2nd rounder 2019

01 Dec 2018 00:21:36
i'd say it's fair.

01 Dec 2018 03:57:35
Pulock is a real minute muncher. Didn’t do a whole lot until last year when he came out of nowhere and had that outstanding breakout season. I’m pretty sure with both Dobson and Wilde in the system, Isles may be willing to part with Pulock. At this point, I think it would be in Leafs best interest to make a trade for a guy like Pulock. They obviously aren’t going to get that elite 1RHD they are seeking, and will have to settle for someone a tier or two down. Pukock is a good choice.

24 Nov 2018 22:41:13
NY Islanders Trade

Toronto Trades
1st Round Pick 2019
4th Round Pick 2019

Thoughts ?

25 Nov 2018 00:03:54
Of the three big name IFA’s in NY this year, Lee is the one I have the hardest time seeing Islander’s move. They just named him their new captain, so I suspect they plan on keeping him around for a while.

25 Nov 2018 03:22:41
Why would leafs spend assets like that on forwards?! Have you been watching them play? That’s not their issue, unless it’s a gritty bottom 6 guy, Spend assets on D or keep the assets.

If Tavares was having a hard time finding chemistry with players here, then I could see the logic in getting someone he had success with in the past. But him and marner look like they have played together their whole lives. They’re money. Don’t mess with it.

18 Nov 2018 00:52:57
Mtl: Sherback

Isles: Dal Colle

Sherback is actually more nhl proven then Dal Colle but neither player has really break threw at mhl leve yet. Need change of scenery

18 Nov 2018 02:37:38
Rather keep Sherbac, I don't think DalColle is ever going to pan out. future for him is KHL. might be Sherbac as well, I think there is a little more hope for him still .

18 Nov 2018 23:48:52
Couple good candidates in need of a change of scenery for sure. Neither one is doing much for their current team, and it would be in both teams best interest to consider moving these guys while they can still get a return. DalColle looking pretty good in AHL this year. Maybe he can bring his A-game to Montreal?

19 Nov 2018 15:28:00
What has sherbak done to warrant being anything better than a low B prospect. He was drafted in 2014 the kids a career 4th liner at this point.

19 Nov 2018 17:43:37
He hasn't done anything Mclarty, I think DalColle hasn't done anything either. I jus think if one of those 2 can still get it together, its Sherbac . But I'm not really expecting it at this point.

17 Nov 2018 09:13:11
Worst GM in the league - Peter Chiarelli

EDM: Hall (2018 MVP)
NJ: Larsson

EDM: 15th Overall Pick 2015 (Barzal), 33rd Overall Pick 2015 (NYI moves up a bit but basically it was Beauvillier)
NYI: Reinhard (bust and taken by Vegas in the expansion draft)

EDM: Eberle
NYI: Strome (just got traded for Spooner)

2016: Signed Lucic to a 7 year $42M contract

I feel bad for Oilers fans - McDavid is great but your team won't get any better until Chiarelli is fired

17 Nov 2018 11:19:15
So which Gm do they hire to replace him that automatically makes the team better?

17 Nov 2018 12:04:10
Certainly Makes you wounder what could have been. can also add “what if Yakupov wasn’t a total bust” to that conversation.

17 Nov 2018 13:21:52
Nuge McDavid Barzel
Hall Drai _____
Would have been amazing

You forgot to mention part of the Eberle deal Was to free up a couple mil to over pay a few guys $500K each.
The 2018 MVP was actually McDavid. The MVP to his team was Hall tho. That's just the literal definition of the trophy not my words. Not down playing it just calling it what it is.

Since this topic has been beaten to death. Can anyone name all the good deal he has made? Or do we only focus on the bad deals. Petty sure we only focus on the bad tho.

17 Nov 2018 15:17:08
I agree I’d hire Dean Lombardi can’t be any worse then Charlie.

17 Nov 2018 15:43:21
I'd call up Yzerman and Coach Q. Ask if they're interested. Lol. Dream team there.

17 Nov 2018 17:32:53
Chiarelli is the reason why Bergevin even after the Weber trade is not the worst GM in the league imo.

17 Nov 2018 17:56:25
Even when I was on this topic before I said the Talbot deal was good. He hasn’t been great lately but never gave up roster players, good prospects or a 1st round pick and got a prime aged goalie who really looked like the solution for a while. Was fantastic in year 1.

Beyond that, I’m really not sure on any good ones. Lots of okay signings and small moves that never really made a big impact good or bad.

And for a replacement, Dean Lombardi is an obvious one, also Mike Futa has been on pretty much every short list of interviews I've seen for the last cpl years, but hasn’t been hired so I dunno what to think of that. He has been in LAs front office for a long time but only an AGM for a year or 2.

17 Nov 2018 18:39:44
Idk what the point of this post was so? But oilers need to hire some young wiz to be our gm similar to what Toronto has in Dubas.

17 Nov 2018 22:03:23
The same dean Lombardi who traded wayne simmonds and brayden schern for mike Richards or martin jones colin miller and a 1st for milan lucic?

17 Nov 2018 22:34:03
@habby, to be fair that dean lombardi won 2 cups after trading for mike Richards and he was a big part of them. With the lucic one, he was trying to milk Another cup out of that core and missed the mark for sure but had the sense to let him walk rather than give him the term he got. He wanted to keep him, lucic wanted to stay but he wouldn’t go more than 4 years, something I’m sure oilers fans wish PC said too.

Most fan basis would be okay making a bad deal here or there if the trade off was cups. He traded for gavorik and signed him there too, but he lead the league in scoring when they won the second cup. PC can’t say that with any of the bad moves in Edmonton and doesn’t look like he will be able to soon either. That’s the big difference I see.

18 Nov 2018 10:12:07
@ jim yeah Lombardi was a good Gm I'm just trying to show every gm has made bad moves. Even the almighty Stevie y made that Coburn trade. let's just say PC didn't make the eberle and hall trades then they would be about 5 mil over the cap now would have probably meant not being able to resign nurse. so I guess nurse and larsson for hall looks a little better lol.

18 Nov 2018 14:06:40
Yea and if he didn’t sign lucic to a boat anchor of a contract he could have kept them all.

18 Nov 2018 18:42:16
All GMs have good and bad moves, you’re right. It’s just the ratio with him that puts him in the conversation of worst. He’s had a cpl small wins, a bunch of close to evens and more than a handful of catastrophic losses. And then when it’s a known thing that he’s ‘easy to deal with’ from agents in the league apparently, that makes more sense. Was probably easy for Lucics agent to talk him into 7 years when that same dean lombardi said max 3 and then went a little outside his comfort zone to 4 years. All I do to judge a guys job is look what they had when they arrived, and look what they have today. He has a far less talented team, less high end assets to correct that and far less cap space than when he arrived. The only sure fire thing he has that’s better than anyone else is Mcdavid and you get no credit for drafting him or signing him because someone who never followed the NHL in their lives would have done that. Just like shanahan and Lou get no credit for Matthews. Pens GM gets no credit for Sid etc. It’s the other stuff that matters and it’s not good with him.

16 Nov 2018 05:18:23
New York Islanders:
RW - Jordan Eberle $6.00
LW - Brock Nelson $4.25
G - Thomas Greiss 3.33
1st Round Draft Pick 2019
2nd Round Draft Pick 2020

G - Sergei Bobrovsky $7.34
RW - Artemi Panarin $6.00
C - Nathan Gerbe $0.675

16 Nov 2018 14:48:02
Not even close for both Bob and Pan.

16 Nov 2018 19:54:09
I think if you’re talking about a resigned Panarin and Bob than this is way off, but if CBJ knows they’re going to lose both and are desperate to get SOMETHING, then it isn’t too bad.

17 Nov 2018 06:22:59
Kinda wierd proposal here. Most teams trade their UFA’s for picks/ prospects, not for another teams pending UFA’s.

Columbus definitely says no. If they are going for a cup this year, they will be wanting Bobrovsky in net. A hot goalie can take a team all the way, and who better to take a chance on than the goalie who is widely regarded by most to be the best in the league right now, and just so happens to be your own starting goalie?

17 Nov 2018 15:46:08
CLB is currently sitting 1st in their division and T5 in overall league standings. Think they will just roll with Pan man and Goalie Bob for the season now? Unless they take a huge stumble and are well out of the playoffs at deadline?

Think they trade ether then two or one of them during the season IF they continue to be top 3 in their division?
Interesting to watch how that goes down. Both have big value as rentals. 1st++ for both.

17 Nov 2018 15:46:27
1++ each I meant.

17 Nov 2018 18:59:26
I think letting those 2 walk for free, even if you’re a playoff team, is crazy. Trading your 2 best players (or 2 of the best 3 with Seth Jones) when you’re a playoff team would suck, but getting knocked out in the first or second round and get nothing would be far worse to me. I truly believe the Tavares signing is going to change a lot of GMs thinking on this kind of thing. Unless you’re a legit contender and can afford to see a guy like that walk, stars will be traded if an extension isn’t done by the trade deadline. With the leafs roster we were able to use guys like JVr and bozak as ‘own rentals’ but the jackets don’t have the leafs depth and JVR and Bozak are not Panarin/ Bobrovsky. Seguin would have been in the same boat and I bet he would have been traded come February if he didn’t sign.

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