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13 Dec 2018 03:50:11
Blues- vince dunn

Mtl- victor mete + 3rd

13 Dec 2018 04:11:04
Why. Why would blues do this. The pick doesn't help. Mete is not a good defenseman. Doesn't maske sense. Not at all.

13 Dec 2018 12:28:42
Saying Mete isn't a good D man is pretty funny and shows how clueless you can be Colt. We get it you wouldn't want to do this trade because your biased to your guy and all, but to say the other player just isn't good is so bad. He's got potential for sure, still young and developing and has a good projection.

Tons of reports out there saying the Blues have informed teams that everyone is available, including Senko and Petro. Get used to this. Once the Blues do make some trades it will just show how bad your evaluations of your players are, just like the Shattenkirk deal.

13 Dec 2018 12:54:04
Same thing I said about the leafs offers. If you don’t want the player or don’t think it’s enough, fine, explain it. But when everytime you just say the players are garbage or crap when they’re not, the argument is lost in a hurry.

12 Dec 2018 15:45:23
Toronto Weber Shaw
Montreal Nylander.

12 Dec 2018 17:37:07
Lol I can guess by your name what most of you proposals will be.

12 Dec 2018 18:55:55
Better then Redwings proposal.

12 Dec 2018 15:11:25
Jeff Petry + Charles Hudon + Columbus 2nd(2019) for Kevin Gravel + Ryan Nugent-Hopkins

Habs might have to had, but what...picks or prospects??

12 Dec 2018 15:48:13
Meant add not had . lol typos.

12 Dec 2018 21:04:25
petry is solid but no reason EDM does this, value isn't there.

12 Dec 2018 08:55:53
Mtl petry+shaw+fleury

Oilers- nurse+kassian+rieder

12 Dec 2018 15:00:30
Didnt the habs traded them kassian a few years ago. they would not take him back… to many 3rd and 4th line guys.

12 Dec 2018 03:40:42
Edm- nurse+rusell+rieder

Mtl- petry+shaw+fleury



10 Dec 2018 20:27:33
mtl- Benn-hudon-lindgren

fla- bjustad-malgin-Reimer (cap dump)

10 Dec 2018 20:49:35
I wouldn't want either one of those players coming back so a big fat no from me.

10 Dec 2018 23:10:04
a 6th D, 4th line F (at best) and an AHL goalie for a very solid middle 6 forward, prospect with top 9 potential and a backup. Yea I think the florida GM might throw up.

11 Dec 2018 02:23:19
Yeah not to mention montreal takes back way more of a cap hit for 3 players they don't need and already have better options of.

11 Dec 2018 21:13:06
And where are the Panthers. Dead last and no attendance.

10 Dec 2018 00:44:55
Mtl: Gallagher, Petry (1 million retain)

Ottawa: Dzingle, Lajoie, Brown

10 Dec 2018 01:12:13
take out lajoie maybe.

10 Dec 2018 04:30:24
Nice return for mtl but i would cry if gallagher would leave the team.

10 Dec 2018 18:36:05
With mtl retaining and Ottawa getting the two best players in the trade atm I don't see why Ottawa take out Lajoie.

11 Dec 2018 00:13:56
Good god no by Ottawa Gallagher is good but not worth all that plus taking on Petry contract lol replace brown and Lajoie with ceci and Paul and it more like a fair deal.

Gallagher is a net front presence sure but his best years aren't far off from what dzingles are and Petry I'm not sold on anyway so this is all I see him worth maybey add an decent but not amazing prospect like gagne to seal deal but that's it.

09 Dec 2018 18:16:54
Im only proposing this trade because of a trade proposal made by rambo.

Mtl- drouin

Ottawa- dzingle and chlapik

Now i think montreal refuses easily but i'm a montreal fan so maybe i'm a bit bias.

What the thoughs on this trade?

09 Dec 2018 19:37:14
You really didn’t have to make this post.

09 Dec 2018 23:49:40
You were right, Montreal does refuse easily.

10 Dec 2018 00:45:42
No from mtl.

10 Dec 2018 00:48:45
I was thinking the same thing after reading Rambos delusional proposal. Big no from Mtl tho.

10 Dec 2018 15:51:46
Doesn't make sense for MTL. Drouin is on a 70+ point pace and has incredible chemistry with Domi. If the sens want to pry him away from the Habs, they'll need to add on that offer

08 Dec 2018 21:07:10
Mtl: Alzner, Houde, 3rd 2019

Chi: Keith

07 Dec 2018 20:31:52
Blackhawks: Keith

Mtl: Azlner,Mete

Do Chicago consider?

07 Dec 2018 21:04:30
No from mtl.

07 Dec 2018 23:10:13
Hard to believe it was just less than two years ago Keith came 4th in Norris trophy voting. Putting up pretty respectable numbers this year. Montreal would love to ditch Alzner’s contract, and they may have to compensate someone to do it. But they aren’t going to want old man Keith coming in return I’m sure.

It’s an interesting proposal. There’s some merit to it. Keith is still better than Alzner. At least he would be playing. In terms of actual salary payable, Keith’s co tract is very reasonable, and Montreal has the cap space they can afford Keith’s cap hit for at least the next few years anyway. Chicago gets a younger player in Mete to help with their own rebuild, and Alzner’s cap hit is smaller than Keith’s, so helps them free up a bit of cap space themselves.

Maybe if Keith was a little younger this proposal would have a bit more legs to it. But at his age and with a contract taking him until he’s 41, Keith appears to be on a rapid decline, and in a couple years, Montreal may just find themselves in a similar situation with Keith as they are currently with Alzner.

08 Dec 2018 13:56:43
does chicago consider? hell yes they jump on that and run. does montreal consider it though. sure they want to get rid of alzner and they would get an upgrade on him to keith, but would they really want to give up mete to do so?

07 Dec 2018 11:43:23
Mtl: Mete, Petry (retain 750k)

Edm: Klefbom, 4rd 2019

Petry at under 5 million for 3 years is valuable imo. Plus Mete who has potential to be better then Klefbom does Edm accept?

07 Dec 2018 17:11:27
Both Klefbomamd Petry are playing very good hockey this year. Both ranked top 50 according to NHL. Klefbom is ranked higher and is younger and is cheaper, so if Mete wasn’t thrown in here, I would say Edmonton rejects this offer. The inclusion of Mete and retention on Petry’s salary changes the whole perspective of this trade though. Imo, I don’t think there is a “winner” per se with this trade. It’s a very neutral trade. About as lateral a move as they get. Well done BoomBoom. Maybe one of the Habs or Edmonton fans can give you a better evaluation. I’m a fence sitter on this one.

07 Dec 2018 20:37:21
I think Mete has too much value at this time considering the Habs should be looking to do a rebuild and he is a good future piece.

08 Dec 2018 02:46:14
Habs can't do a rebuild with Weber and Price.

08 Dec 2018 04:49:39
Why not yupp? They are both signed long term. they are already half way through a rebuild IMO. They have a handful of real good prospects that should all be arriving over the next couple years. ( poehling, brook, suzuki etc) and now have what appears to be a legitimate 1st line center ( domi) and another potential 1st line center ( kotkaniemi) other young players such as drouin juulsen lehkonen daneault are finding their stride and the rest of the team going forward are all still in there prime years gallahger tatar shaw armia byron petry they will be ok. Plus they have lots of cap space and future draft picks.

06 Dec 2018 19:00:54
at deadline:

mtl- petry-alzner-hudon-benn-3rd pick


mtl need LHD phoenix need a RHD

coyotes D



only problem is to make petry waive is no trade clause....

06 Dec 2018 19:36:47
No the biggest problem is convincing Arizona to agree to this.

06 Dec 2018 17:42:35
habs: hudon, lingrend,3rd 2019

canes: jake bean, 5th2019.

07 Dec 2018 03:53:01
Easy no from Carolina.

05 Dec 2018 17:00:34
Montreal acquire: Jake Gardiner(UFA)

Toronto acquire: Noah Juulsen(ELC)

Toronto gets cheap help on the right side for the time being for an expiring contract. Juulsen can eat minutes and kill penalties. Maybe a potential partner for Rielly if he proves himself. He won't put up eye popping numbers in terms of points but he can be a steady presence for Them. Montreal gets a left handed defenseman that can play with Weber and Weber can give him more freedom to play offense. Montreal has a better chance of resigning him in the offseason as they have more cap than Toronto. Montreal doesn't need help on the right side with petry and Weber and Brook in a year or two plus a plethora of third pairing dmen. Does Montreal add a pick to this?

05 Dec 2018 17:44:13
This could potentially work but it would be a deadline deal so too early to talk about it yet. It would depend on how juulsen plays from now till then and what position montreal are in in the standings by then.

05 Dec 2018 18:49:13
If montreal wants to do that, Leafs should go for it. Gardiner is the better player, no doubt, but Juulsen is a damn good player and fills a need for us. Dubas probably won’t trade Gardiner though because he wants to have him on the team for long playoff run. Gardiner helps us with that, but is a shame to be losing all these high quality UFA’s and not bringing in futures. I mean, let’s face it, the only way Gardiner is the deciding factor in a series is for the other team.

05 Dec 2018 20:43:20
No from mtl julsen has to potential to be bettebetter then Gardiner and he's already as reliable in his own end maybe even more. He won't be a 50+ point defensemen like Gardiner but a more solid all around defensemen. Plus he's RHD wich makes him very valuable to us especially with Petey and Weber above 30 years old. We still need a LHD for the present but not a Gardiner type defensemen. More like what Karl Alzner used to be when he played for the Caps. A guy like Jonas Brodin.

05 Dec 2018 20:50:03
id rather keep juulsen, for a rental who expecting getting pay 7M a year who his hitting free market. too much of a risk for a good 2 way physical D. i'd rather work something around petry.

05 Dec 2018 21:00:32
Boom boom. I would disagree. Weber should have a partner that can excel offensively and play half decent defense. We are stuck with Weber and have Brook coming through the pipeline. Why shouldn’t we trade to our greatest position of need. A few years time and we will have Weber petry juulsen and Brook on the right side. Alzner was never a solution for the left side. I see this as a hockey trade that could have benefits for both teams.

05 Dec 2018 23:59:59
Weber is exactly the type of defenseman Gardiner needs to play with. I didn’t realize Juulsen was a 2 way, physical defenseman. Sounds good to me.

05 Dec 2018 23:20:43
When we signed Alzner he was the solution for are left side. Alzner at 24 years old was a really good defensive top 4 D. Unfortunately we got him past his prime and he's terrible now. We signed him thinking he was the solution tho that what I meant.

05 Dec 2018 23:40:59
Mtl should not trade Juulsen. Sign him to a 8 years 4.5 million contract st te end of the season.

05 Dec 2018 23:58:41
A few years time Petry will be a free agent and he will be old and ineffective. Just like Weber. Mtl needs to keep theyres best young RHD and I'm not sold on Brook yet needs to prove himself in th nhl.

06 Dec 2018 02:09:01
i'd do it from a toronto perspective, montreal on the other hand? euh depends on their mindset at the deadline, if they think they can be on the playoff side of the bubble i could see montreal taking the gamble.

06 Dec 2018 15:16:19
I would rather keep Juulsen and trade Petry. We need to think more toward the future and having Weber Juulsen on the right sounds good to me. Trade Petry to bring up the left side to a team looking to make a run at the playoffs. I always thought he would look good with the leafs.

07 Dec 2018 17:44:13
Montreal laughs at this. why trade a guy like juhlsen for an over paid guy coming up to free agency.

05 Dec 2018 16:18:21
New jersey will butcher

Montreal phoeling,mete,byron

Would new jersey consider?

05 Dec 2018 17:14:16
Possibly yes but montreal wouldn't.

05 Dec 2018 23:21:05
Mtl would never do this in 100 years.

06 Dec 2018 02:10:32
would new jersey consider this? if they were offered this i'm sure they'd take this and run. the real question is why would montreal offer this?

06 Dec 2018 03:41:22
I would like this if it was Byron and like a late 2nd for butcher but this package is definitely way to much.

04 Dec 2018 20:16:14
Montreal: lindgren + cale fleury
Florida: Matheson.

04 Dec 2018 22:44:23
I don't know if this actually could get it done but I think montreal has spoken with florida about a trade. i also think matheson would be one of the players montreal would want. I wonder if we took back luongo would we be able to pry a good draft pick or prospect from them. Cap is going up and we have lots of room.

05 Dec 2018 00:29:38
I'd take that from mtl Matheson is not only a good defensemen but he's fron Quebec.

05 Dec 2018 02:36:28
Vancouver is to hope Luongo sits on LTIR ifnhebcant pkay. Similar to the Weber thing with Nashville, Canucks get screwed with cap recapture. If he retires a year early Canucks lose over $8 mill off their cap that year. Could hurt because by then their kids will be making money.

05 Dec 2018 03:44:09
Yes jim that was one of the reasons I wouldn't mind taking him on. he might just retire before that deal is up then we would possibly have the chance to fleece the canucks lol I could also see a possible situation where a team might put him on waivers in the last year or two of his deal and vancouver would feel forced to claim him.

05 Dec 2018 05:50:10
I really feel like I’m missing something here. I mean, Lindgren is fairly highly rated goalie prospect, sure, but Florida already has Montembleaut, who is ranked just as highly. And Fleury is major downgrade from Matheson, who is signed for 8 years at less than $5M per.

I just feel like this is an underwhelming offer for a top 4 defenseman signed long term like Matheson. Florida doesn’t even get a roster player back to help replace Matheson, no picks at all, and the prospects are lukewarm at best. I am missing something aren’t I? Cause otherwise I’m just not seeing the value there for Florida to even consider this trade.

05 Dec 2018 17:20:45
Lindgren has a real good contract so the salary and cap hit the panthers are saving makes the trade closer but like I said I don't know if it would be enough. Taking back luongo and getting another add from florida might help balance things out. Habs farm team still sucks and lindgren stats are not really wowing anyone at the moment because of this so probably florida may not even be interested at all. i'm pretty sure montreal talked with florida this summer about a deal involving pacioretty for matheson + so maybe something happens between the two clubs just not sure it would be anything close to this deal but ya never know.

05 Dec 2018 20:31:25
Fleury is not luckwarm. He has the potential to be a Roman Josi type defensemen.

05 Dec 2018 20:56:28
No he doesn't lol.

06 Dec 2018 15:34:13
If that is true, don't trade him.

03 Dec 2018 13:02:41
Mtl: Byron, Rielly, Benn, Fleury, 2rd2019

Clb: Murray

Club gets a second rd pick(the earliest one, Paul Byron who's a top 9 cheap player, Mike Rielly who has top 4 potential still and Benn. Clb is giving a guy a chance to maybe improve his game somewhere but they still get some assets and I think Fleury could be a good top 4 as well. he's a B+ prospect. Is this clost?

03 Dec 2018 15:43:33
Not a chance from either side especially not montreal though.

03 Dec 2018 16:21:34
Bryon, Fluery probs aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

30 Nov 2018 09:03:27
Mtl: Petry

Toronto: Gardiner(UFA)

1 for 1 position need based trade. Imo the fact that Petry is two years older but a RHD and he's on a good contract for another 4 years equals out the fact that Gardiner is a really good defensemen as well

30 Nov 2018 11:24:06
I don't.

30 Nov 2018 11:24:25
No way Montreal does this deal.

30 Nov 2018 11:25:38
No way Montreal gives petry on a good contract for a defenseman who's an adventure in his own end.

30 Nov 2018 12:46:48
THe leafs don’t need any more American pricks.

30 Nov 2018 14:20:42
why would leafs do this and downgrade? gardiner>petry.

30 Nov 2018 14:48:40

30 Nov 2018 16:09:20
Gardiner is a ufa. We can sign him in the off-season. Toronto might not be able to. No rush for Montreal to trade for him. Toronto would rather keep him for the playoff run however marginally better he is. Petry is pretty under rated. Gardiner might be over rated.

30 Nov 2018 16:41:02
@FireBergevin, you could sign him in the offseason, if him and his agent even grant Bergevin a meeting or return a phone call, but we all know that’s been a lot to ask lately lol.

30 Nov 2018 17:00:55
He actually a humble one Leafs17.

30 Nov 2018 17:09:35
You’re right Jim. But on that note. If we trade a defenseman on a contract for a ufa that wouldn’t sign with us in free agency. He would just go to free agency anyways. Either way no point of giving up an asset for him.

30 Nov 2018 17:54:48
I agree lol I’m just busting balls on that. Makes no sense for you guys, makes a bit of sense for leafs, but if we are tying up $5+ mill on a Dman for 3 more years I would either want him to be better than Petry or younger where he could be effective for longer and maybe grow to outperform his contract. Not saying Petrys not good, just we would have to be stingy with cap which is why we would let a Dman like Jake walk in the first place.

30 Nov 2018 18:01:32
@pkane, the logic in leafs doing this would be our RHD is a lot weaker than LHD and also it would be a cost controlled asset. It’s like why hawks traded panarin for saad. Hawks were up against the cap and panarin was due for a massive raise soon and saad isn’t as good but had term left at a manageable number, it’s the cost of having good players in a hard cap league.

30 Nov 2018 18:20:34

I thought Panarin was signed first and then traded? I always just figured Chicago traded him for the same reason Columbus wants to trade him now: because he would only take 2 year deals?

30 Nov 2018 18:50:32
Panarin was signed Dec 28, 2016, and was traded June 2017. He was signed for $6M, same as Saad. So saving money couldn’t have been the reason Panarin was traded.

30 Nov 2018 21:49:46
I was just f’n with you Sosa, I like Petry.

30 Nov 2018 23:09:34
Lol. I know buddy. Plus. Would jus be trading one Yankee for another.

30 Nov 2018 23:46:04
It was a trade to save money. I’m not just saying that, it was known at the time. They traded him knowing that 2 year deal walked him into UFA when they couldn’t keep him. He made the same as saad now, but saad still makes that going forward as where panarin is making far more starting July 1 and some people saying 10mill range. It was a move for cap situation and cost certainty. Not saying it was a good move, just that was atleast part of the thought process at the time.

01 Dec 2018 04:06:27

Do you think Panarin only wanting to accept short term deals is so he can maximize his return? Or is it because he sees too much uncertainty in Chicago and Columbus that he is unwilling to tie himself long term to these teams?

I mean, most guys are looking for the security of a long term deal. And at his age, Panarin is now over the average age in NHL. It’s a bit of a gamble not taking that multi-year long term deal to secure his future?

01 Dec 2018 05:30:41
A 2 year deal walked him into free agency and yeah, shorter term makes him more money as long as he stays healthy and productive. I’m sure this time if he gets offers from a team he’s interested in (apparently a city with modelling opportunity for his girlfriend) then he will take the security and massive pay day.

01 Dec 2018 21:33:34
Jim is right, Saad and panarin make the same, but saad signed for think 3-4 years longer, thought was kane could play with anyone and be productive but needed toews a linemate and had previously had success with saad, horrible trade imo, rumored that he'd like a trade back to Chicago so maybe would take a little pay cut to stay, never know now.

03 Dec 2018 12:53:12
Leafs wouldn't go for it. Petry i think would look good for them, but he is too old. Gardner could do well with Weber and hopefully learn from him as well.

28 Nov 2018 17:22:39
Carolina: Fleury

Mtl: Mcshane, 2rd2018, Benn

Mtl gets a young left defensemen with lots of potential Carolina gets a good center and prospect ad a pick plus a decent top 6 D at cheap price and who is a good leader in dressing room.

28 Nov 2018 18:06:29
I like how you say “top 6 d”. There’s only 6 on a team. Where in top 6 would he be? On Carolina he would be bottom pairing. Doesn’t sound as sexy I know, but is also a more accurate portrayal.

Can’t see Benn being re-signed by Carolina. So basically they get 2nd + McShane for Fleury, which still isn’t a bad return. McShane is so young still, putting up very respectable numbers in the minors. He may work out for Carolina.

26 Nov 2018 20:58:31
Toronto should pickup Karl Alzner off waivers from Montreal. When Nikita Zaitsev comes off injury send him down. Karl Alzner would be a got pairing with Ron Hainsey.

Toronto trades Jake Gardiner and Connor Brown to Jake Muzzin and 3rd 2019.


Reilly - Muzzin
Hainsey - Alzner
Dermott - Ozhiganov

26 Nov 2018 21:23:11
That d looks worse than now lol muzzin is good, but Gardiner and zaitsev for muzzin and Alzner is a backwards step.

26 Nov 2018 22:43:37
That looks very old and slow.

27 Nov 2018 00:28:16
I disagree! Gardiner is a defensive liability. He has proven this over and over for years. Alzner has shown that he can be a solid dman when given the an opportunity like when he played in Washington.

Muzzin > Gardiner
Alzner > zaitsev.

27 Nov 2018 02:26:41
Hainsey is playing fantastic top line with Rielly. Outstanding actually. We definitely getting our money worth there. As long as he can keep it up the whole year. I actually hope we re-sign him.

27 Nov 2018 03:54:15
You want to trade Alzner for Zaitsev? I'm down with that.

27 Nov 2018 06:13:06
I bet you would be down with that Sosa. Lol. And maybe Rielly for Weber while we’re at it?

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