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21 Aug 2019 16:04:10
Mtl- alzner 1.5m retain- hudon - 3rd pick 2020


21 Aug 2019 16:36:14
No from Montreal:

- too much is given up for what is essentially one less year of bad salary on the books.

- Alzner has been a good influence on the kids on the farm team with his good attitude.

- Kovalchuk is not a good team mate, especially when he's not happy with something, and I don't want his attitude around all those young players in Montreal.

21 Aug 2019 16:52:45
I don't see the reason Habs would do this. I think Kovalchuck is jus done. he's no longer an elite player, with that being said. being average with small bursts of the old days is jus not enough. Obviously I don't know him, but seems like he has a me first attitude and with all the youngsters on that team, don't need that.

21 Aug 2019 01:41:38
Jets: Ehlers,Niku

MTL: Caufield,Hudon, 2rd2020

21 Aug 2019 06:16:53
Caufields size worries me, ehlers is proven and niku has really good potential. Hudon ain't nothing special and winnipeg doesn't really need the 2nd but they need cap space. Very tricky but i'd say no from winnipeg honestly

21 Aug 2019 13:54:11
What incentive is there for Winnipeg to downgrade twice? No chance from Winnipeg.

21 Aug 2019 13:56:23
Not a good deal for the Jets.

21 Aug 2019 15:33:52
I actually think Caufield will be better than Ehlers. Not sure why, but I like Caufield and wanted Edm to take him if they were taking a winger instead of Broberg. I also really like Broberg so I’m happy.

21 Aug 2019 16:29:22
I see the concerns with Caufields size, however, with that much offensive talent, it's hard to let that go. If Habs could NOW start getting some more balance if Big and Small guys, that would help . Lots of skilled forwards on the team, just easy to push the little guys around.
I'd hate to give him up without seeing what he may be. Ehlers, is a damn good player, but if Habs are going to move some of these prospects, I'd prefer to see the D get upgraded
I think they will be ok up front, it's that D that worries me.

21 Aug 2019 17:31:39
I agree with Sosa, i would prefer a LD for sure.

20 Aug 2019 13:24:16

EDM: Puljujarvi,Benson,Bear

20 Aug 2019 17:03:36
What? Hell no from MTL.

20 Aug 2019 17:25:26
No from oilers too, benson is their best forward prospect and had ppg in Ahl last, Will make the team this year or next year

Cant wait/ gamble for a player like caufield when it comes to benson.

20 Aug 2019 18:38:57
Typical overvaluing of Montreal assets. Easy no from the Oilers.

20 Aug 2019 19:08:31
Easy there Jets boys, you guys overvalued Trouba and now Liane.
Edm wouldn’t trade those three pieces for Caufield tho. And I’m a big fan of Caufield.

20 Aug 2019 19:11:39
Why would Montreal trade a player they just drafted 2 months ago?

No from Oilers too. Oilers are trying to get good NOW. Benson and Bear are fringe NHLers while Caufield is years away.

20 Aug 2019 22:48:58
Yup, I appreciate your answer makes sense, but value wise is it clost?

21 Aug 2019 00:13:07
That question can’t be answered right now, they are prospects with nice projections. I think Caufield could be the best of the four myself, I’m a fan of his, but I don’t think any GM would give up those three pieces for just one. Also, how many top end 1st round draft picks have been traded after being drafted after the draft but before the season even starts? I’m legit interested if there’s even been one. Teams draft those players top 15 ish for a reason, they really like them and see a fit.

21 Aug 2019 06:18:44
So oilers best forward prospect, a rw with elite potential and a solid rhd prospect for a player whos a big gamble due to his size. No from edmonton

20 Aug 2019 13:18:32


20 Aug 2019 16:37:44
Not a trade the Jets should even consider.

20 Aug 2019 16:59:09
Yuck. Horrible for Winnipeg. No interest whatsoever.

20 Aug 2019 17:16:25
Maybe, but that's all I'd give for Laine. The difference between Drouin and Laine isn't as big as Winnipeg fans seem to think.

21 Aug 2019 06:23:37
Laine > Drouin (not by much)

Roslovic > Brooks (not by much aswell)

1st from Montreal

Umm i honestly think that's a pretty good and fair trade but on the other hand. Winnipeg needs a center so why would they trade Roslovic, and they have no need for a LW. Brooks and the 1st would be nice but this trade doesn't really meet their needs.

Great value
But doesn't meet winnipegs needs. As for Montreal i'd say it doesn't meet their needs aswell. They don't need a RW, they don't need a centermen aswell.

19 Aug 2019 19:39:30
winnipeg trades laine and little
montreal trades kotkaniemi, drouin and 2020 first round pick or juulsen
little has been an excellent leader and would be a nice 3-4 year replacement for jesperi
habs need that scorer in laine and i think ehlers will be a lot more effective playing with drouin and kotkaniemi
i also think if montreal does not want to give up jesperi they could replace with poheling and add both the first and juulsen and drouin
wpg lines
connor scheifele wheeler
drouin kotkaniemi ehlers
perreault lowry copp
appleton roslovic vesalainen
j mo buff
beaulieu pionk
niku poolman/juulsen

19 Aug 2019 19:57:00
This is an interesting trade but I'm not a fan of Drouin. If the Habs could replace him with another top end player this trade could be doable and help both teams.

19 Aug 2019 20:54:41
cmon some1 comment somethibg

19 Aug 2019 20:55:13
everyone knows it’s a good trade for both teams #jet4life

19 Aug 2019 21:07:02
I wouldn't do it from a habs perspective.

19 Aug 2019 21:25:56
I wouldn't do it as a habs fan. Rather keep the high potential centre than a Laine. Also not a big fan of Laine so maybe I'm biased.

20 Aug 2019 00:05:25
Habs say no.

20 Aug 2019 00:14:14
I have no interest in Drouin or Juulsen, but Kotkaniemi and the unprotected first is a good start for Laine. I also wouldn't be adding Little to the deal.

20 Aug 2019 00:54:13
Montreal drafted Kotkaniemi because he is a centre. A young centre with potential to be first line. He is worth as much to the Canadiens as Laine would be. For that reason I don't see this trade happening, as Winnipeg would want more than 1 for 1.

20 Aug 2019 03:36:16
. you do realize Drouin scored more points than Laine last year right?
On top of that, Drouin is signed to a team friendly deal.

Laine is going to ask around 9M+.
Drouin’s salary is 5.5 AAV.

Horrible, horrible trade.

20 Aug 2019 03:40:51
Little actually makes the deal worse from Montreal POV cause it puts them in cap hell to get a player they already have plenty of players of that caliber.

20 Aug 2019 03:49:35
No way from Habs.
Ya want a deal with Laine for Drouin, a 1st and a good prospect. ok., I think Kotkaniemi is untouchable at this point.

20 Aug 2019 13:17:46
MTL doesn't add that much to Drouin for Laine. They're actually maybe a B+ prospect and a 2 Rd pick apart in value. Like

MTL:Drouin, Phoeling,2rd2020


20 Aug 2019 17:03:39
Your counter offer is terrible Vb. Poehling is nice, but Drouin is blech and not in the same stratosphere value wise. No thanks.

20 Aug 2019 18:21:59
Actually a winger with more points and half the $ other player is asking for is pretty close value wise. Liane with what he’s asking for and what Drouin is signed to is pretty close. Biased homer you are, especially if you think they aren’t in the same “stratosphere value wise”. Wow. They are much much much closer than you make it out to be.

20 Aug 2019 19:06:14
Wow, what a convincing argument. Drouin had 3 whole points more than Laine while being 3 years older and Laine playing injured. Let's not even bring up that Laine scored more as an 18 year old than Drouin ever has. Lol. Drouin is not in Laine's stratosphere value wise. Only extremely biased posters would say otherwise.

17 Aug 2019 16:04:36


MTL gets a french player that has 50 points potential and Isles also gets a player with that potential but 2 years older so that's why the pick

17 Aug 2019 21:47:14
We already have one French player who gets 50 points no need for another at the expense of one of our better penalty killers and two way players.

18 Aug 2019 18:11:25
Because trading for players simply because they’re French worked out for the Habs before.

18 Aug 2019 20:01:46
Actually it worked out really well in the 70s but I wouldn't recommend it now just the same.

17 Aug 2019 13:41:19
MTL: Byron,2rd2020


15 Aug 2019 21:41:17


Mtl- mete

Fla - hoffman



16 Aug 2019 03:06:53

16 Aug 2019 04:02:47
No from NYI, no from Florida

16 Aug 2019 19:32:08
and NO from MTL. This is the year Drouin proves he's "only" a 50-point guy, OR, that he reaches his full potential. I'm betting on the latter.

Most importantly, I want nothing to do with toxic Hoffman OR his sideshow of a girlfriend.

11 Aug 2019 14:58:17
Mtl:Josh Brooks

Arizona:Lawson Crouse

11 Aug 2019 15:44:17
I wouldn't mind adding crouse but not for one of the teams top dman prospect. Also it's brook not brooks.

13 Aug 2019 02:54:25
Crouse is a bust. If Montreal trades for him it’s busy for a bust. McCarron for Crouse sounds about right. Something like that.

13 Aug 2019 03:35:00
Crouse has proven to be capable of holding down a 4th line job at least so Montreal would be adding to mccarron but I do get your point.

10 Aug 2019 14:37:08
Toronto: Marner


10 Aug 2019 18:15:40
And the Leafs make this trade because?
There isn't even a 1st Round Pick in your Proposal.
You honestly think that gets you Marner?
How about let's switch it up.

Montreal Trades

Toronto Trades

Similar trade the other way.

10 Aug 2019 17:37:10
Pinballs comparative is way way way more lopsided.

10 Aug 2019 17:51:57
If you want Marner you have to start with Kotkiniemi+.

10 Aug 2019 20:07:15
Nobody is going to want Marner if it's going to cost them 11M+ every year AND an arm and a leg just to get his rights.

Say what you want, but an RFA Marner has much less value then when he's signed.

10 Aug 2019 22:54:34
RFAs have more value then even the best of contracts because GMs get the ability to negotiate their terms.

11 Aug 2019 00:10:19
I love how pinball just thinks ahl players are the same as A level prospects and top 9 nhl players. Don’t get me wrong Ik the original trade is not going to get marner but dude? The only guy with value you countered with is hyman. And he and Byron is a wash.

13 Aug 2019 03:11:10
Who said there isn’t even a 1st round pick coming back? Suzuki is far better than a 1st round pick. He’s a virtual lock to make the nhl.

14 Aug 2019 14:54:33
Marner along with Mathews are flashes in the pan. Enough that Toronto has something to offer when the can't even get by The Bruins. we, ll see how the do this year behind the Habs.

08 Aug 2019 18:13:10
Mtl-drouin-juulsen-suzuki-1st pick 2021



08 Aug 2019 18:18:03
No thanks. Start with Kotkaniemi and add.

08 Aug 2019 18:45:20
Laine has 50 goal potential, no question about that, but why ransack your team to get him?

The reason star or superstar players rarely get traded for is because you have to decimate your team to do it and it doesn’t make your team better because yeah you’ve got a star now, but you have no supporting cast.

08 Aug 2019 18:54:05
You telling me San Jose had no supporting cast after they acquired Karlsson.

08 Aug 2019 19:08:22
Too much for him I’d rather keep all those players then trade for a streaky scorer.

08 Aug 2019 19:45:02
San Jose doesn’t count cause they robbed Ottawa blind. That was Dorian’s own fault.

08 Aug 2019 20:01:51
No interest in the entitled Drouin, Juulsen is broken, so carries very little value, Suzuki and the first are nice.

Overall though the deal would need to be built around Kotkaniemi plus.

08 Aug 2019 20:40:18
Kotkaniemi plus? I've heard that joke before but can't quite remember it. it was something involving Trouba tho.

08 Aug 2019 20:52:09
Lol. I knew you didn't understand hockey very well unsportsmanlike, but you don't even know the difference between the Laine situation and Trouba. Wow.

08 Aug 2019 21:58:06
Joe Thornton, PK Subban, Phil Kessel, Jagar, Stone, Taylor Hall And Seguin.

09 Aug 2019 00:00:29
Everything aside I’d take Laine over Kotkaniemi all day. I like him but I like Laine more?

09 Aug 2019 00:47:57
Jesperi Kotkaniemi=Patrick Laine.

09 Aug 2019 02:17:56
Well history verified that I did understand the Trouba situation while you did not.

Intelligent people learn from their mistakes.

It would appear you have not.

09 Aug 2019 03:32:24
I'm not the one who doesn't understand the difference between the Trouba situation and the Laine situation, unsportsmanlike. You are. Lol. So I guess you're saying you haven't learned anything?

09 Aug 2019 06:59:17
Guys i actually think it would be Kotkaniemi + for Laine. But Drouin is a really good piece, Drouin, Suzuki & low pick would easily get the deal done but Laine is incosistent

09 Aug 2019 11:37:43
For Montreal, Kotka has more value then Laine.

09 Aug 2019 12:29:00
Habs and jets fans have the most entertaining and frustrating conversations. Narcissist comes to mind. Saying kotka has more value is very funny. A hawks fan was pissed at the return for belfour and roenick, you never get back trading a star for what you give in very rare situations. Iginla is one but can't think of many others.

09 Aug 2019 13:25:40
It’s always tough to trade a good young players. But comparing the young player in value is even harder. Kotkaniemi is a well rounded player and can develop into a Kopitar type center while, Laine is a pure goal scorer. It all comes down to team view and I think both teams would value what they have more then the piece coming back. So saying player + is a opinion that is valid but not necessarily true. There is always stuff we don’t know that gms do. Personally for a team that hasn’t had a star center in a long time I’d take Kotkaniemi over Laine. But both have high value to there own team.

09 Aug 2019 13:55:49
I would have to decline this trade.
As much as I like Laine., I jus can't stand the thought of depleting the team that much.
Obviously I'm being biased, however, I believe that Suzuki and Juulsen can become top 6, and a top 4 d, I also believe we haven't seen the best of Drouin yet.

As for KK vs Laine. well obviously Laine atm. he's going to win some Rocket trophies. however, at the e d of their careers , it is possible that KK was the better player. it's to early to tell, they are both still very young.
So for now. Laine is dynamic, however streaky., but he is a top 5 goal scorer in the league , KK. is very promising, however, that is all he has shown . Promise, and potential.

09 Aug 2019 17:37:10
If MTL adds Kotkaniemi, they're stoping right they're. At 900k/ year for another 2 years and the fact he's a center and has 70+ point potential is as valuable as a 21 year old winger who just had a 54 point season. Kotkaniemi has the potential to be just as good as Austin Matthews if not better.

09 Aug 2019 17:38:48
Unless you trade Hall for Larsson. No need to decimate your team.

11 Aug 2019 22:22:36
@VBisclueless09 I want to hear how good you can make Laine sound by pumping his tires as much as you pump KK's haha.

07 Aug 2019 12:27:40
Buffalo: Ristolainen
Nashville: Turris + 2nd
Buffalo: ristolainen
NJD: Zacha
Buffalo: Ristolainen
Montreal: Danault + 3rd

Buffalo then signs Jake Gardiner.

07 Aug 2019 14:59:25
1. Nobody should trade for Kyle Turris right now. The fact that he scored only 23P in 55 games and has 5 more years left at 6 AAV should scare teams away.
Buffalo loses the first trade. Also, where would Turris even play? Mittelstadt is pretty much locked for the 2nd line centre. Evan Rodriguez is a lock for the third line. The 2nd round pick doesn't help them whatsoever as they are trying to get good right now. If they trade for Turris, they would be 500k over the salary cap.

2. Buffalo loses the second trade by a lot. Say what you want, Pavel Zacha is a bust. Never played a full season and never scored more than 25 points. He is a solid third liner right now. Nothing more. Ristolainen for a 3rd liner? Come on now.

3. Don't see why Montreal does this tbh. Value might be close, but there is very little reason for Montreal. Their right side is locked up with Shea Weber (7.8x7yrs) and Jeff Petry (5.5x2yrs) .

Also, explain to me with what salary cap is Buffalo going to sign Jake Gardiner? As of right now, they literally have 0 in cap space left. Some of their players' bonuses will mean that they will need like 2M in cap space left over.

08 Aug 2019 00:12:28
As much as I like Danault, theyres no way he gets a stud RHD in his prime who has multiple 40 point s season already.

08 Aug 2019 02:58:21
Is it Turris, or is it the team and how they play him? Turris’s atoi is way down compared to what it was when he was in Ottawa. He’s not being used in nearly the same way. Number of face offs is way down, despite being over 50% win. He’s getting less offensive zone starts and power play time. Nashville didn’t use him as much as Ottawa did. And when they did use him, they didn’t use him in a way that would get the most out of him. On top of that, the whole injury thing didn’t help.

08 Aug 2019 15:01:45
Turris got his chance to play on the top 6 and in most of other situations early in the year. He failed to impress and then his ATOI started to fall. If he has any sort of good value, he would have made do with the time of ice he did have, and the only way to get more time on the ice is to score which he failed to do even though he was still on the PP.

Even though he didn't get used as much, he should have scored with the opportunities he was given. His injury has nothing to do with this as he failed to be relevant in the 50+ games he was healthy.

08 Aug 2019 18:43:33
I don’t think Buffalo even needs Gardiner. They have a lot of D signed. Bogo, Dahlin, Collin Miller, McCabe, Scandella, Montour, Hunwick, and Jokiharju and Risto. That’s 9 pretty capable NHL D men. They can trade Riso for F help if I was them. Or picks or something.

14 Aug 2019 14:55:43
Gardiner is usless in his own end .

04 Aug 2019 16:00:50
Mtl- hudon- 3rd pick 2020

Pittsburgh- bjugstad

Habs play bjugstad on the right wing with domi and drouin. Habs need a big rhd shot on the pp. Bjugstad contract have 2 more year and his a good fit for the habs

Pittsburgh gets a cap relief and gamble on hudon and get a decent pick

04 Aug 2019 20:26:21
Habs need a big rhd shot on the power Plays? Did weber get traded? Lol.

27 Jul 2019 17:43:29
MTL: Hudon, 2rd2020

Buff: Rodrigues

MTL then signs Rodrigues for 6 years @ 3.7 million

27 Jul 2019 18:41:05
Number 1 Rodrigues has already signed a new contract with Buffalo
Number 2 and this is a big one why would the habs give up a 2nd pick for Rodrigues and sign him to a major overpayment when they already just signed nick cousins who is just as good.

27 Jul 2019 03:29:15
Tor: Kasperi Kapanen for Mtl: Mike Reilley + 2nd 2020, 4th 2020

For a team like toronto who can outscore any given night. I think mike reilly has huge upside.

27 Jul 2019 12:10:51
Reilly is already 26 and has probably hit his ceiling. The leafs won’t trade Kapanen at least until the Mitch Marner situation is resolved. He likely won’t be traded at all.

27 Jul 2019 14:27:35
I agree with tml33 . Would love to have Kappanen. but Reilly is nothing special. not good defensive at all.

27 Jul 2019 17:44:20
No from MTL, we need Reilly more then Toronto does.

27 Jul 2019 17:52:19
MTL should not trade Reilly, he's the best left handed defensemen in mtl atm.

27 Jul 2019 18:32:00
He is not the best left hand dman on Montreal but I will say this about him. Imo if he was put in a situation where he was allowed to play the game he wanted to and wasn't being forced to be a defensive dman like he has been in Montreal and to a slightly lesser extent when he was in minny he might surprise with his offensive production. He doesn't have a cannon for a shot or anything but the rest of his skill set is comparable to jake gardiner and Justin Shultz.

24 Jul 2019 13:15:09
LA- Tyler Tofoli And Alec Martinez

Montreal- 1st 2020 and an okay prospect

LA- gets rid of 2 veteran players to allow the a rebuild to occur while acquiring a 1st.

Montreal- gets 2 solid veteran players who both fill needs.

Montreal then signs Gardiner to a cheaper contract most likely.


24 Jul 2019 13:35:19
that'd be a pretty solid D core. made even better with price in net too.

24 Jul 2019 14:14:03
Bergevin has never traded a 1st round pick and with the draft in Montreal next year I'd be thinking they would really like to keep this one. If they were to trade it it would be for someone younger I believe. Also this gives Montreal 27 nhl contracts. now when Weise and alzner get sent to Laval it will be down to 25 but they would still have to give away 2 more players to make this work. Also with the contracts of toffoli and Martinez I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have the cap to sign gardiner.

24 Jul 2019 15:06:58
Right I forgot yah that pick won’t be traded and they could make room fairly easily.

24 Jul 2019 15:48:29
I like the players and it would make habs a better team but I don’t see room on the roster for either as there top 9 is already solid and wingers aren’t really what they need as they have a bunch. And for D they have an ok D core but I think you forgot about how many they have already as they have lots of NHL D they might be 4-7 D on teams but still lots that won’t make it through waivers.

24 Jul 2019 17:44:37
Some room could be made easily vbbbb but I don't think enough could be made to make a gardiner signing worthwhile. Like peca and Hudon and Reilly or folin could be moved or put on waivers but it still wouldn't create the space to sign gardiner.

25 Jul 2019 01:29:50
Martinez>Muzzin but still no from mtl.

25 Jul 2019 01:55:25
I kinda think Toffoli is worth a 1st on his own. Maybe even Martinez too. Muzzin brought a first and he’s not really a whole lot bettter than Martinez, if at all. LA would want more.

23 Jul 2019 10:29:10
MTL: 2rd 2020,Hudon

LAK: Kempe

23 Jul 2019 02:51:43
Montreal and Edmonton deal

Habs send Hudon, Lindgren and 2nd

Oilers send Pulllyourweiner.. whatever his name is??

23 Jul 2019 18:12:07
Why do the Oilers need Lindgren?
For the fourth time, Oilers do NOT NEED DEPTH GOALIES. WE HAVE PLENTY.

23 Jul 2019 20:47:00
They also have too many depth forwards.

24 Jul 2019 00:03:11
TyBa4? One more time please?

24 Jul 2019 02:50:55
Sure Soso, just for you because you asked nicely.
O I L E R S D O N ‘ T N E E D G O A L I E D E P T H.

24 Jul 2019 14:46:01
Lol. Thanks buddy.

20 Jul 2019 16:36:47
MTL:Suzuki,Kotkaniemi,,Brooks Alzner

Toronto: Marner

Leafs save a lot of money and gets 2 upcoming stars

20 Jul 2019 20:13:39
I’d probably do that from a leafs POV but I’d demand Juulsen over Brooke and ask for Pahling over Suzuki.

21 Jul 2019 06:08:28
@Vb, too bad you wouldn’t get any of that.

21 Jul 2019 18:32:35
Then what would Elias Pettersson/ Marner get?

22 Jul 2019 10:48:33
You Can't believe Toronto will trade Marner. Move on. Some of these so called trade rumors about Tkachuk, Marner and Pettersson are ridiculous and not happening.

22 Jul 2019 18:22:52
your dreaming. Why would the Habs give up that. How about a 2020 second round for marner.

31 Jul 2019 19:07:23
No from habs. Marner is not that good.

20 Jul 2019 10:38:50
Habs - Karl Alzner

Ducks - Ryan Kesler & 2nd-Round Draft Pick

Alzner Cap Hit ( 4.625M @ 3YR )

Kesler Cap Hit ( 6.875M @ 3YR )

Reasoning : Canadiens gets a more servicable player who can play a nice shutdown role in Montreal. Ducks shed a decent amount of cap space for wiggle room to improve their rosters' needs.

Montreal Canadiens Lines -

Max Domi - Phillip Danault - Brendan Gallagher

Jonathan Drouin - Jesper Kotkaniemi - Joel Armia

Tomas Tatar - Ryan Kesler - Artturi Lehkonen

Paul Byron - Ryan Poehling - Jordan Weal

Victor Mete - Shea Weber

Brett Kulak - Jeff Petry

Ben Chariot - Noah Juulsen

20 Jul 2019 12:49:01
Kessler is on LTIR so Montreal would be adding not Anaheim.

20 Jul 2019 14:32:28
Yeah but from everything I've been hearing is he intends to come back so Montreal would not be adding they would just keep alzner and not make this deal at all. Considering it has the potential to put them in a much worse cap situation and they still don't get anything worth putting in the line up.

20 Jul 2019 14:54:37
Didn’t read all your post until now but you do realize Kessler will never play hockey again right?

20 Jul 2019 18:19:50
that's not a fact vb.

20 Jul 2019 18:33:46
I heard that too vbb but from what I've heard since is he plans to return asap.

20 Jul 2019 19:52:05
it's a hip surgery and it's a lengthy recovery process, he's unlikely to play at all next season but you never know. with the possibility of a locked out season after that and kesler's age it could be the last of him, but that's not factual.

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