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24 Jan 2018 17:38:10
Oilers: RNH + Strome
Sens: Hoffman + Pageau.


1.) 24 Jan 2018 17:54:15

2.) 24 Jan 2018 18:11:48
Dont think Ottawa will do this. They have pretty good depth in center, so I don't understand why they will trade one of their best wingers for 2 centers

3.) 24 Jan 2018 18:33:40
Oilers add imo.

4.) 24 Jan 2018 19:41:23
I think RNH and Hoffman are close, centres worth a bit more, but Hoffman makes a million less. I’d call them pretty much a wash. I’d take Pageau over strome every day of the year tho.



21 Jan 2018 19:42:06
This trade could benefit both teams.
Oilers: Drai + Benning
Canes: Faulk + Teravainen + V. Rask

Oilers get RHD for PP + LW to play with Mcdavid + 3rd line Centre
Canes get #1 centre that they need and RHD as #5 as the canes are already deep enough on Defence.

*Maybe Oilers add a B prospect or a 3rd.


1.) 21 Jan 2018 20:01:23
Lol. No from Edm.
They will trade Nuge + before they trade Drai.

2.) 21 Jan 2018 20:38:20
Lol we’re not trading Drat especially for that what kinda oilers fan are you bud.

3.) 21 Jan 2018 21:50:44
Do u think RNH could get a #1 PP dman?
Drai’s trade would bring back #1 PP RHD who has a great contract and is not even 26 + 3rd line centre (Strome is better on wing and not as a centre) + a young left wing (Oilers don’t have any in system other than Benson, who is a couple of years away) . All positions oilers need.

4.) 21 Jan 2018 22:30:10
Drai is pretty much untouchable.
They would figure out another way. Nuge, Klefbom + 1st is a pretty good package for someone. For a RHD. Haven't though about who but that's just an example.

5.) 21 Jan 2018 22:31:33
I'd value Drais a bit higher than the offer, considering the season Faulk's had, but considering position and all, its not too far off. Really good RHD don't come often, and Teuvo actually could be a decent bid on McDavids wing - could easily be the best winger on Edmonton, and put up 60+ puts alongside Connor. And Rask, despite having a hefty contract, can put up decent numbers (40 point years) .

Honestly, if you take out Benning and maybe add in Gryba, i think this a fairly plausible deal. Carolina gets the best player in the deal for sure, but Faulk has been a capable top 2 dman, and is a #2 dman on most teams, and considering Teuvos upside and age, I think hell be a real good addition. Not too bad man.

& @Yup/ MJC
I do agree that Nuge is almost certainly going to be traded before Drais. But considering Drais' immense value, he'd bring in much more than Nuge ever could. Nuge could get Hoffman (most people on the side agree about that), but Drais brings in a slight downgrade from Hoff + a capable top 2 dman. I'd argue that with this return, its better to keep Nuge and trade Drais.

6.) 21 Jan 2018 22:31:49
I like it. Fits both team needs, quality for quality. if I was a oilers fan I think I’d be cool with it. As much as it’d suck to trade draisatl at least they’re getting back a legitimate right handed top 2 d man, and we all know they come at a hefty price. given oilers center depth I think this is a trade that fans could swallow.

7.) 21 Jan 2018 23:36:28
If oilers are trading Drat they are getting somebody better than Faulk give me a break. I love Faulk but Drat for him straight up Edmonton loses big time. Nuge for Faulk especially with how both their years have gone this year is a legitimate trade. Oilers will not trade Draisaitl, and definitely not for that package. You out Nuge instead and then it gets interesting.

8.) 21 Jan 2018 23:44:05
My preference would be to keep most pieces.
Now if oilers could grab Trouba from Jets for Klefbom + pick or decent prospect, that would be great. Jets need left dman and oilers need a righty. Trouba and nurse together would be sick. This would solve most Oilers issues.

9.) 22 Jan 2018 01:05:53
What’s so great about Trouba I still don’t understand why oil would add to klefbom. That’s just not a thing.

10.) 22 Jan 2018 01:22:33
Lol. Draisitl is pretty much untouchable. He's not being traded.

11.) 22 Jan 2018 01:31:11

Just wondering, who would you suppose whos better than Faulk? Hanifin possibly?

12.) 22 Jan 2018 01:35:52
Carolina laughs at this. 3 very good players for a guy sheltered by the games best player who shows up about 1 every three games? No!

13.) 22 Jan 2018 04:07:38
Honestly imo nobody on the roster because most of them are left handed and oilers need a RHD.
What I was saying is Drat for Faulk is another loss for Edmonton.
Like I said, Nuge straight up or Nuge + for faulk is better. Draisaitl can get a better player than Faulk straight up imo. He’s 22 and is a #1 centerman yenno.

14.) 22 Jan 2018 05:53:14
But besides that, like yup said, Drat is untouchable and him and mcdavid are locked up long term and they are the backbone to this team. They aren’t going anywhere.

15.) 22 Jan 2018 06:11:51
I like the Klefbom for Trouba deal.



20 Jan 2018 19:53:45
What do the oilers need for next season?
1. New support coaching staff. This one ain’t working.
2. RH dman who can play PP.
3. RH Center who plays on 3rd line.
4. A scoring winger to play with Mcdavid
5. A good winger for the second line

Trade: Maroon for a NHL prospect for the
Oilers: RNH + Benning
Sens: Hoffman + Pageau
(Oilers get the scoring winger and centre and Sens get #2 centerman behind Duchene. Brassard is better fit for 3rd line. Also, Sens get a RHD to push Ceci. )

Oilers: Klefbom + 3rd Rd
Jets: Trouba
(Jets are good on Right with Big Buf and Myers. Oilers get their RHD. Klefbom is better than he is showing this season. He must be hurt) .


1.) 20 Jan 2018 20:07:01
Sorry but why are oilers adding to Trouba?

2.) 20 Jan 2018 20:07:01
You're overvaluing edmontons players slightly.

3.) 20 Jan 2018 20:19:17
Why would the Jets downgrade to Klefbom just for a 3rd round pick?

4.) 21 Jan 2018 22:20:15
I'd change pageau to Smith as he'd fit better in edmonton than pageau he's easier for ottawa to move because of his contract seeing as how big nuges contract is and how he has had history with injuries and inconsistency. other than that I don't mind it.

Wheres the maroon part come in? And with what team? It's just sortve floating there

Brassard will most likely end up in pitsbergh or go back to Columbus.



09 Jan 2018 17:29:01
Oilers: Strome
Coyotes: Duclair.


1.) 09 Jan 2018 17:44:13
I’d do it yup lol.

2.) 09 Jan 2018 21:30:04
Loll you guys says that Lehkonen can't get Duc
Lehkonen>>>>the mighty Strome.

3.) 09 Jan 2018 22:54:13
Lehkonen with 6 points and -7 in 26 GP
Strome with 17 point and +- 0 in 41 GP
How is Lehkonen >>>>> Strome?

4.) 10 Jan 2018 05:25:25
I’ll take Lehkonen over strome and also take in consideration Montreal is a mess.

5.) 10 Jan 2018 19:23:49
Ya but no one takes anything you say anymore seriously Nylander.



09 Jan 2018 17:26:36
Oilers: Klefbom + RNH
Coyotes: OEL.


1.) 09 Jan 2018 17:43:55
That’d be awesome.

2.) 09 Jan 2018 18:31:00
OEL has got one year left before being a free agent. He probably won’t resign in Arizona. Arizona get a #2 centre and a top 4 dman.

3.) 09 Jan 2018 18:52:31
I mean ya if I’m arizona and I’m offered that I’d take that in a heart beat, but Edmonton should only if OEL is guarenteed to sign in Edmonton.

4.) 09 Jan 2018 20:46:13
You would take that in a heartbeat if you’re arizona? I sit through no it’s completely insulting like a lot of proposals are, but I don’t think that puts them in. Sit where they can’t say yes fast enough. A legit #1 Dman for a good top 4 and a decent 2nd centre or great 3rd centre? Don’t see this as any steal for coyotes lol.

5.) 10 Jan 2018 05:29:46
I agree with Unbiased Jim if Arizona can sign him they should. He’s a top 6 dman in the NHL. Karlsson, Doughty, Hedman, Burns, Alex Pietrangelo, and then OEL and argument can also be made for Suter, Josi and Subban.

6.) 10 Jan 2018 05:31:45
If I’m Arizona I’m not trading OEL unless I’m getting Drais back. Obviously Edmonton would need contract certainty.




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20 Jan 2018 20:29:50
Things oilers need for next season.
1. New support coaching staff
2. RHD to play PP
3. RHC for 3rd line
4. Scoring winger with McDavid
5. A good winger for 2nd line


Trade deadline:
Maroon for a NHL ready prospect to play wing.

Oilers: Letestu + Dman like Avuitu
Pens: Hagelin
(Pens need Center and dman. It seems like Pens keep needing Dman. Oilers need Hagelin’s speed) .

Off season:
Oilers: Klefbom + 3rd Rd Pk
Jets: Trouba
(Oilers get RHD. Jets are fine on Right side: Big Buf and Myers) .

Oilers: RNH + Benning
Sens: Hoffman + Pageau
(Oilers get the scoring winger and 3rd line Center. Sens get #2 Center after Duchene. Brassard is better fitting for 3rd line now. Also, get RHD to push Ceci) .

Sign in off season a winger. Could be Kane (1 year), or JVR, Hornquist, Neal, or anyone else. A lot available in Free Agency. Preferably short term with good deal.

Have a good draft this season. Oilers need prospects and sign college free agents.

Hoffman - McDavid - Pully
Kane - Drai - Prospect (Maroon’s trade)
Hagelin - Pageau - Strome
Caggiula- Khaira - Kassian

Nurse - Trouba
Sekera - Larson
Davidson - Russel



1.) 20 Jan 2018 20:33:24
Really? You want hags? Hags is at least 2 million overpaid. he's basically a cap dump. I wouldn't do Letestu for him from an Oil perspective tbh.

2.) 20 Jan 2018 21:28:59
A lot wrong with this. But I'll point out the biggest two.
Salary cap, you don't state some contracts and that's a big things. You aren't getting E Kane for 1 year. It would be a lot. Trouba will be a lot. Hagelin is a big contract.
And where'd Lucic go?
You aren't getting a prospect worthy of top six role right off the hop coming back in a Maroon trade. Lol. I bet they go with Yamamoto before that prospect.

3.) 20 Jan 2018 22:49:25
Where’s Lucic and his 6 mill lol.

4.) 21 Jan 2018 00:41:30
Don't worry V. Lucic would be in there instead of one year E Kane. It's all good bro!




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02 Feb 2018 20:33:50
This is something the leafs would benefit a lot from in the playoffs, but the rangers would want more than that and could get more than that.




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02 Feb 2018 16:02:18
You must be bored!




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31 Jan 2018 23:29:27
Canucks are asking for too much.




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26 Jan 2018 23:13:41
NJ says no thanks. Not Habs. Severson is a good RHD.




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24 Jan 2018 17:37:31
They can’t afford Lehner with their cap issues.





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