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21 Sep 2017 01:02:54
Even though Demers ended up going to Arizona, the Gudbranson for Demers rumours got out showing that Vancouver does not value Gud as one of their top 4 going forward. He will also be a UFA at the end of the year.

TO TOR: Gudbranson

To VAN: Bracco and Rychel

Vancouver continues to stock prospects. Toronto gets a RD that can add some real muscle to their line up and PK. While all the talk is about who will win the #6 LD spot, I think the Leafs are also worried about Connor Carrick so they need to make a move.


1.) 21 Sep 2017 07:04:56
Pretty interesting but I don't think giving up Bracco is worth it maybe if it was Bracco straight up for him.

2.) 21 Sep 2017 11:45:47
If Demers can go for McGinn, then I'd say this is pretty fair.
Maybe a small, teeny add from the Canucks? Like a 5th?

Cause Rychel sucks. He takes way too many penalties. But teams like him because of his relative youth.



12 Jul 2017 08:31:14
To PIT: Tyler Bozak

To TOR: G Filip Gustavsson and 2018 2nd


1.) 12 Jul 2017 15:22:36
I think if they trade Bozak it is going to be for help on defense.

2.) 12 Jul 2017 17:14:40
Yeah but currently they don't even have enough money to resign Brown. They are going to have to dump some cash.

3.) 12 Jul 2017 21:38:51
They got marleau and now have 14-15 forwards that should be on the NHL roster. The fact marleau can play centre and wing tells me that they will shop both jvr and Bozak (4.25 and 4.2 mill) and move whichever one gets them the best return. Marleau can be either ones replacement. They are 3.9 mill over the cap currently but that has lupuls 5.25 on it. That goes to LTIR in October and are allowed to be 7.5 (10% of cap) over till then. Brown will get signed. Brown is a good player but there are teams with a lot better RFAs out there unsigned. Don't think leafs are worried.

4.) 12 Jul 2017 22:41:07
Actually the way offseason cap works they're roughly 450k away from the ceiling but that includes 700k? Ish already applied to Brown. there's now talk that teams can put players on LTIR before the season starts and if brown signs for under 1.1 they can get him before they even do that. Leafs cap crunch isn't starting now. they're still fine for a few years.

5.) 13 Jul 2017 03:01:13
Jbs32. I was with you till you said if he signs for less than 1.1 mill. Zach Hyman just got 2.25 mill. Brown has top six potential and scored 29 goals as a rookie. He wants to play for his hometown, but he's not playing for less than fourth liners make. He will be around 3 mill on a short term deal.

6.) 13 Jul 2017 13:28:19
Unbiased Jim I wasnt saying he would/ should sign for 1.1 or under. I was saying that's what they have in offseason cap to sign him even before they use LTIR or make a trade. With low assist numbers I would be a bit worried about regression. Johnson got 10 mill over 3 years in a similar situation but with 14 more points and already playing top 6 center. Maybe Brown gets 6/ 2.



03 Jul 2017 08:50:18
The Marleau signing seems to be the end of JVR with the Leafs

To ANA: JVR (50% retained)
To TOR: Jones, 2018 1st and Nattinen

JVRs value is probably at a good prospect and a first. It will be a late first therefore the Ducks add Nattinen to the deal so the Leafs retain salary, which gives Anaheim a little more wiggle room to go all in.

Leafs then do this deal:

To TOR: Tanev
To Van: 2018 Ana 1st rounder and SJs 2nd rounder


1.) 03 Jul 2017 16:47:05
I like it for the Leafs basically JVR for Tanev. IMO Anaheim takes it but I'm not sure about Vancouver.

2.) 03 Jul 2017 20:16:36
I think it works for everyone. Ducks potentially get the final piece they need for a cup run. Leafs get Jones who can over ripen until Marleau is done, Nattinen could become a 4th line centre down the road, and Tanev could be paired with Rielly. Vancouver gets more picks for a rebuild (are they rebuilding?! I have no idea with the signings they made. Crap or get off the pot already) .

I don't know what their asking price is for Tanev but Hamonic set the market value and he is a better player than Tanev with a cheaper contact so I think a 1st and a 2nd should be close to the right value.

3.) 03 Jul 2017 21:14:53
DL7 I honestly would hesitate to say Hamonic is the better player I'd rather have Tanev on my team then Hamonic.

4.) 04 Jul 2017 03:46:07
Not sure if DL7 has heard of sheltering the youth with stop gap players so they can ripen a little.

Can't see JVR worth that kind of return but the retention helps make it a reasonable deal.
Tanev would be a hard player to replace for Canucks but that is close.

5.) 03 Jul 2017 15:43:25
If JVR gets traded it most definitely will be for help on the backend.



28 Jun 2017 18:56:28
I don't believe that the young top four RHD that Leaf fans have been begging for exists in the market but after the draft it no longer matters. Drafting Liljegren and Rasanen changes things and the Leafs should now be looking for a RHD that can be the bridge for four years.

To FLA: JVR and Valiev

To TOR: Demers ($500,000 per year retained) and 2018 PHX 2nd rounder

Florida needs scoring wingers after the expansion draft so JVR is a great fit. Leafs get Demers for four years and pair him with Rielly so that Rielly's development continues. Liljegren won't be ready for two years, Rasanen probably for four so Demers term works perfectly


1.) 28 Jun 2017 21:32:24
That's a pretty low ball offer I think can't see Toronto taking that since Demers was a UFA.

2.) 28 Jun 2017 23:00:01
I may sound stupid, but i'd probabky rather trade JVR for picks that can be used to pick up a better defender than Demers. Just my opinion tho.

3.) 28 Jun 2017 23:24:07
Why are people posting the same garbage on both pages? We know you want a Demers/ JVR deal and we know McDavid is worth 17% of the teams cap, because yup said so.

4.) 29 Jun 2017 00:54:33
Demers=nothing he's an overpaid UFA pick up.

5.) 29 Jun 2017 02:03:06
I wouldn't do jvr for demers 1 for 1 if he was 50% retained. He's never going to live up to that contract. I wouldn't add valiev to jvr for the right to take floridas mistake. The guy was just left exposed when 4 other d on the team were protected. He's not valued on his own team that highly and I doubt he is around the league. He just cashed in at the right time and good for him.



19 Jun 2017 07:45:39
Draft Day Trade

To TOR: Jason Demers ($500,000 per year retained), and the 10th overall pick

To FLR: JVR (50% retained), and the 17th overall pick.

I think Leaf fans have to give up on the idea of the big sexy trade for that young top pairing RD and look for an efficient pairing RD who has good possession numbers and can play some D. Its doubtful that Vegas takes Demers as Florida has exposed some really talented wingers. With one of those wingers gone, JVR fulfills a really important need as the Panthers wingers are their weakness. The money retention balances out as it gives Florida a cheaper scoring option this year and Toronto gets a bit of cash shaved off of that four year contract. JVR is by far the more talented player hence the swap of draft picks


1.) 19 Jun 2017 15:02:25
I could actually see Gardiner and Demers being a good pairing together.

2.) 19 Jun 2017 16:10:47
I think Florida needs to add abit. IMO 10th and JVR are close and Demers is a cap dump.

3.) 19 Jun 2017 16:24:45
Good deal honestly.

4.) 19 Jun 2017 20:55:13
Demers might get taken by LV.

5.) 21 Jun 2017 01:49:26
I like it.

Only question i have is, is it really neccessary to move up to 10? Cause there are some decent dmen at 17. Imo, i'd rather do something like this (Demers for JVR), and Florida adds like a second. No swap of firsts. Idk. I just don't like the leafs history of trading up in drafts (Biggs for Rakell/ Gibson, ughhh) .

But good idea ✔
I do agree that JVR isn't going to get a Fowler or a Brodin or a top pairing guy, but getting a servicable guy like Demers is definetly feasable.




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27 Jun 2017 00:50:59
I don't believe that the Top young pairing RHD that Leaf fans have been begging for exists in the market right now but with the success of past draft it no longer matters. Picking up Liljegren and Rasanen fills some major holes in the system but they will need some time (probably 2 and 4 years respectively). The Leafs need to pick up a D man that can fill the gap


To TOR: Demers ($500,000 retained per) and 2018 PHX 2nd round

This solves problems for both teams. Florida is desperate for some scoring wingers after losing Smith and Marchessault. Leafs have to find a player to pair with Rielly so that he can further his development and I think Demers could be that guy. His contract lasts four more years so it fits the Leafs development timeline


1.) 27 Jun 2017 12:39:09
Don't think Florida is too desperate considering they could have easily protected those guys/ not given up two of them for nothing.



12 Jun 2017 20:22:29
Before the craziness of this week begins, I just want to list my ideal three weeks for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Trade #1

To TOR: Josh Manson, Clayton Stoner ($3.25 mill cap dump), and Max Jones

To ANA: JVR (50% retained), Andreas Johnsson, Tobias Lindberg

Trade #2

To TOR: Niemi ($4.5 mill), #39th overall

To DAL: Rinat Valiev

Trade # 3 - Draft day scenario IF Liljegren falls to #11

To TOR: #11 overall (Liljegren)

To LA: #17 and Jeremy Bracco (I would only trade Bracco to a Western Conference team)

Leafs draft Liljegren at 11, Oettinger at 39 (or best available G), and Mattheos at 50

Leafs sign Boyle @ 3 years x 2.2 mill
Leafs sign Darren Raddysh at ELC

Once again, this is just my hopes so I imagine I will take a lot of slack for it, though I do not think I have said anything too outlandish


1.) 12 jun 2017 21:53:49
dont trade future all star andreas johnson, i love the guy don't trade him.

2.) 13 Jun 2017 01:10:32
I heard that Ottawa would want to draft Oettinger in the first round.

3.) 13 Jun 2017 01:41:55
Agree with BigZ maybe not star part but rather trade someone else. Hyman?

4.) 13 Jun 2017 02:47:06
I don't know about the first two prospects but I think if they were swapped with the 17th pick it would be closer on the first trade.



21 May 2017 21:46:27
I really think that Carolina needs to make a play for Duchene and they have the D men to pull the trade off before the draft.

To CAR: Matt Duchene

To COL: Jacob Slavin and Jake Bean

Caroline also has three 2nd round picks if they need an additional carrot. Duchene would solidify Carolina's centres moving Rask and Staal to their ideal lines. Hadyn Fleury can move up and take Slavins spot

For Colorado this would completely round out their D core with Slavin pairing with Barrie and Bean with Johnson. Bean and Barrie can run their PP, and Slavin and Johnson provide defensive anchors


1.) 21 May 2017 23:48:10
Take out Bean then it's Fair.

2.) 22 May 2017 05:31:22
No VB. Duchene >> Slavin straight up.



12 May 2016 22:48:50
Alright Leaf fans, not to totally quash the trading up to the top 10 rumours but the Leafs probably do not have the assets to do it. Pittsburg is continuing to win, greatly diminishing the value of their 1st round pick. Leafs are now looking at a bottom four pick and in this draft players from the 25-40 range are all very equal in talent.

Using a chart that was recommended by Elliot Friedman, which looks at the relative value of each pick in the draft I have come up with what it will take for the Leafs to trade up.

The three most likely candidates to trade are MIN, NYI, and FLA as they are all missing their second and third round picks this more (and even more in some cases)

To get the 15th overall from the Wild, it will cost: PIT 1st, SJ 2017 2nd, Leafs 3rd and NJ 3rd or PIT 1st and Leafs 2nd

To get the 19th overall from the Islanders, it will cost: PIT 1st, SJ 2017 2nd and NJ 3rd or PIT 1st, WAS 2nd and Leafs 3rd

To get the 23rd overall pick from FLA, it will cost: PIT 1st and WAS 2nd

There we have it folks, those are the traded pick value according to that chart. See which one you like best

(To get the values right I made some assumptions like the Pens losing in the Stanley Cup which mean their pick is the 29th and that SJ's 2017 2nd round pick would be around 45, meaning that they squeak in to the playoffs and lose first round)



1.) 13 May 2016 02:01:26
I like the 15th overall idea but we also have JVR, Kappnen, Bozak and Komarov as trade chips.



12 Feb 2016 16:06:52
What about this deal:

To OTT - Drouin
To TB - Chabot

At first glance, this might be a bit of an under payment for Drouin but it's probably the max I would give if I were the Sens. He's a top puck moving d man prospect that TB covets. I think they have moved past trying to get someone who can help them this year.

I have heard other deals like Paul + 1st for Drouin but I feel that is way to much for a projected 2nd liner and/ or possible bust, as Ottawa could draft someone like Keller with their 1st who is a similar player.


1.) 12 Feb 2016 18:18:02
Drouin is a second liner. He's still a projected elite/ superstar talent. Don't kid yourself that because he's throwing a tantrum he's a bust. Could effect his value but it does not effect his skill level.

2.) 12 Feb 2016 18:41:02
Drouin isn't a 2nd liner. If he was he wouldn't be sitting on his couch in Quebec.

3.) 12 Feb 2016 21:00:59
Bud do you follow the Lightning at all? He wasn't getting top 6 minutes in tampa because they have too many top 6 forwards. He was coming odd injury so they sent him down to condition/ get those minutes. Then he made the decision to go public so they couldn't bring him back up and the decision to sit on a couch in Quebec. He currently has the skill to play in the top 6 on most nhl teams that's evident to anyone whose watched him play.




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09 Oct 2017 22:15:09
He's the exact type of player they would go after but that is a bit too much.




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15 Sep 2017 18:47:36
Thet are both pretty equal. Gal is bigger and more of a scorer, while Hub is better defensively and more of playmaker. Both are LWs though so really just a sideways move.




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15 Sep 2017 18:43:41
Switch the offers around (ie Landry for Bennett, etc) and it might be more realistic.




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17 Jul 2017 20:43:53
Waaayyyy too much for Maatta.




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17 Jul 2017 16:41:19
I really want RNH and JVR to be traded so people will stop putting them in ever other trade.





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