27 Feb 2015 23:19:05
Could be way out of line here but I think Kessel brings back similar to Spezza trade. From what I remember Spezza only had one year left, decreasing his value and also asked for a trade. He's also a center with similar numbers and a better defensive game. And he got Chaisson (2nd liner), Guptil (former 3rd round draft pick), Paul (former 4th round) and a second round pick.

I think ProDepth had a real good Kessel proposal and that's what he should get.

1.) 28 Feb 2015
I've thought the same from the beginning. He may get a decent player in the return (SJ seems like a recent rumored interest so let's say Hertl), but beyond that I'd pin the remainder on a 3/4 young player, a B-prospect, and a 2nd. At best.

Kessel is a one-D player (deny it all you want, leafs fans, it's still true), he has a monster contract that could hurt a team down the line, and is coming off a not so great season where his value has dropped a bit. If SJ offered up Hertl and those other pieces, I'd take it as Nonis. I don't see a 2015 1st coming from a team for Kessel, and only a 2016 1st being up for grabs unless I'm a team like the Wings who really don't need a 1st round pick to build a team.

Disagree all you want, at least I defend my position.

2.) 28 Feb 2015
28 Feb 2015 10:19:08
right that's a great comparison guys! (sarcasm) a center who hasn't put up a ppg or 30 goals for a few years and with a year remaining on his contract is soo very comparable to kessel a rw who is a ppg and 30+ goal scorer with 7 years remaining aslo kessel is turning 27 and spezza was traded when he was turning 31. so no I really don't see any good reasoning behind that comparison. also your saying he's one dimensional. well no ones buying him for his two play ability haha, elite goalscorers are of a rare comodity in the nhl nowadays. and that's why he's worth more (also spezza isn't a first line player anymore and kessel is a 1line rw. )

3.) 28 Feb 2015
Everyone's entitled to their opinion. The reality is Kessel's trade value is better than some people think and not as good as others think.

4.) 28 Feb 2015
28 Feb 2015 15:05:32
kessel compared to spezza:

injury history: kessel has almost a 500 game iron man streak, spezza has missed significant time with significant injuries and surgeries

age: kessel 27, spezza 31. one entering prime, the other exiting it.

contract: right now they make essentially the same, but spezza was a pending ufa thus lowering his value

offensive skillset: spezza is a centre which makes him slightly more valuable, but kessel has outproduced him over recent years negating that.

defense: they're both equally useless.

so 5 categories and spezza does not seem to have the edge in any, and kessel has the ege in 3. not to mention spezza requested a trade while kessel has made no such request, at least publically.

5.) 28 Feb 2015
28 Feb 2015 15:08:50
also, many have made mention to kessel's apparent "lack of production" this season; yet he has only 1 fewer point than spezza this year. so yea, all in all, its a pretty far off comparison.

relatively similiar playing styles, but extremely different situations.

6.) 01 Mar 2015
Thanks for liking my proposal. Mueller, Nieto, Wingels and 2016 first for Kessel. Some of the trades are brutal, like the Strome, Dal Colle and Reinhart from the islanders or Forsberg jones +. etc. Kessels value is seen different out of Tornto then in it. His value to the maple leafs is very high, which is why he won't be dealt. The city of Toronto wants way more then anyone else wants to give. Most teams would offer a good prospect, young player and a 1st or 2nd depending on the other 2 players but Toronto expects a world class prospect, high pick and a decent or good player. I've also noticed that Toronto fans just want loads of 1st round picks. 1st round picks will Definately help your rebuild but you need to be able to draft in the lower rounds to maintain a good organization. Look at Edmonton, 3 straight 1st overalls and they're still in the bottom, because they can't draft depth. Now look at Detroit, or Tampa. they draft extremely well, which is how they got to where they are. And this is my opinion on Toronto's current state.

7.) 01 Mar 2015
Spezza was a pending UFA who requested a trade. He was also out of his prime.

Kessel is locked up at a long term deal at market value. Just about to enter his prime. Has not requested a trade.

Im not even sure why the leafs would want to trade him, they are better off trading JVR for a center to play with kessel.

Anyway kessel won't be unloaded for s*** prospects and a second round pick.