27 Feb 2015 01:09:27
At the 2012 draft every body fought that it was chucky the injury prone but in the end Murray is the injury prone and has not done much in the nhl

1.) 27 Feb 2015
Rielly>>>>>>>>>>>>Murray, yakapov, reinhart

2.) 27 Feb 2015
@88 Reilly

3.) 27 Feb 2015
It was a super weak draft but Burke was right when he said Reilly is the guy he had ranked number 1.

redo that one and its a competition between Galchenyuk and Reilly for 1st overall. Lindholm should have went top 5 as well.

4.) 27 Feb 2015
27 Feb 2015 21:00:48
Redo that and Forsberg, Trouba and Vasilevski are top 3. Galchenyuk maybe.

5.) 28 Feb 2015
Draisaitl94 I know you are a tbay fan but

6.) 28 Feb 2015
Im sorry drais. the fact that you put vasilevski above rielly is just ignorant. taking off your lightning bolt shaped glasses for 1 minute to realize its not even close. rielly is blossoming into something special. vas is still a rookie with a very solid team in front of him. yes he's put up good numbers in the khl, world juniors and in the world championship last year, but is a rookie.

jim carey was awesome as a rookie too.

to say he's top 3 right now is a bit of an over statement.

7.) 28 Feb 2015
I don't think vasilevski would go top 3 because he hasn't proven himself as much as the others. A year ago I would've said Hertl top 3 but he's been a 3rd liner this season. Galchenyuk, Forsberg, Reilly, vasilevski, Hertl and trouba as the top 5 though IMO

8.) 28 Feb 2015
Definitely wasn't a weak draft