26 Feb 2015 16:06:46
looking at the trades to this point I think if your toronto you have to be a little upset you jumped the gun with the franson and santorelli trade.

being able to get a second for winnik makes you feel that if toronto waited they would have easily be able to get a 2nd for santorelli because he has more of a scoring punch

as for franson looking at the sekara trade you got to think that if they waited they might have got the same package from the preds without adding santorelli and without taking jokinen back. LA's first is likely going to be lower then Nashville's and Liepsic and mckeown seem like similar valued prospects. Franson is stronger offensively and has more playoff experience then sekara but is not a fast or as strong defensively. Also both these deals leave Petry along with a couple others alone on the market which has to boost their stock a little bit.

all in all I still think toronto did well to get the 1st, 2nd, and leipsic but maybe if they waited they could have attained more. Hard to fault them at this point though because the market during this time of the year is impossible to predict.

1.) 26 Feb 2015
That's Toronto for you. I think they should have waited too

2.) 26 Feb 2015
I had a similar thought too(I posted about it below). However, I think it is unfair to compare the Sekera and Franson trades for a few reasons.

1) LA had been after Sekera for a long time. He was clearly #1 on their list. In that sense there may have been more of a willingness to pay top dollar for him, versus what they would pay for someone else.

2) while I generally think waiting till closer to the deadline will yield the "better" deals, there is also the possibility that you wait too long and the teams who would have been the most interested have acquired other assets or are less willing to pay the big price to add the player. Take note of that for Jeff Petry.

3) trade value is so dependent on the market, that it's nearly impossible to assume that a) every team would pony up the same assets as another team in the same trade and b) the market for your player would remain constant throughout the process. So let's say Franson was still available today, how many of the teams looking 2 weeks ago would still be looking today AND would be wanting to pay top dollar for a player. my guess is that more teams will have dropped out/spent those assets already.

4) it's always tough to be the first one out of the gate. Franson basically set the value for the rental d-man market. However, even though being first out doesn't guarantee the best return, it also means you're not running the risk of missing the market all together, which maybe the case for some of the remaining options.

This is all to say that TO may have been able to do "better", but I don't think it's correct to compare the trades without considering the mitigating factors as well.