29 Jun 2014 22:26:10
I don't know if many forgot but in the 2012-2013 season the Leafs led the league in hits, blocked shots, fights, and top 3 in penalty kill which resulted them their first playoff birth in 9 years. Last season, the Leafs lost a lot of that quality, and I believe one of the main reason was the loss of Leo Komarov, Bolland's injury, ineffectiveness of Orr, and McLaren and so on. I believe bringing Polak was the right decision to bring back the quality and the style that they had that season as he creates havoc for opposing players going to the net, and he is a big tough shut down D man. I believe bringing back Komarov, signing guys like Shawn Thornton, Steve Downie and Mark Fayne and letting Orr, and McLaren go will make the Leafs a tough team to play against once again.

-Realistic Leafs Fan

1.) 29 Jun 2014
Polak will improve the d this much I know


2.) 29 Jun 2014
^Hab what do you think about this line up?

Phaneuf Boyle
Gardiner Fayne
Reilly Polak

I think getting Boyle and Fayne is realistic. They are both right handed D man and I believe will fit great with this team. The Leafs will have three left handed d man and three right handed d man. Mark Fayne is a shut down D man which we need and in my opinion better than Gleason since he is right handed and will fit better with a left handed D man than Gleason and he will be cheaper, and he is also younger. Boyle is a better support for Phaneuf than Gunnarsson ever will be. He will help Phaneuf become a better leader, he will provide veteran presence which this team desperately needs, he is also a Stanley Cup winner, and he although may not be a tough shut down D man he is great at both ends of the ice.

3.) 30 Jun 2014
I don't think the leafs would spend the cap needed to get both boyle and fayne. unless they could get rid of gleason which would be even tougher to do this year then it was last year for carolina. fayne would be a good pick up for 3 mil or less. the defence has already improved with the addition of polak.

4.) 30 Jun 2014
I agree somewhat The leafs were very hard to play at home. They were punishing. Teams hated coming to the ACC.
Lead league in fights. hits blocked shots and near top in PK like was mentioned
Why did they get away from that game plan.

5.) 30 Jun 2014
Polak for Gunner

Winner Polak straight up but the 4th and salary pick up on Gunner contract
( is this even true) if so a lot to give up for a 5-6 defenceman.
He needs to play bigger to be useful
Punish anyone who dares go near Bernier

6.) 30 Jun 2014
I think Boyle heads to Tampa

7.) 30 Jun 2014
Take out Fayne put in Franson

8.) 30 Jun 2014
But do you think that's a good line up? I think that's very balanced, a mix of experience, leadership, skill, and tough ness all through out the line up. I believe teams like Edmonton and the Islanders might be interested especially if the Oilers miss on Orpik. And we can create a bit more cap room by trading Franson. I like the guy but the Leafs need more defensive minded D man than offensive.

-Realistic Leafs Fan

9.) 30 Jun 2014
Yeah its a decent lineup it would make berniers life a little easier that's for sure