03 Apr 2013 22:01:37
Deadline winners: Columbus blue jackets

Columbus managed to pick up gabborik, a decent depth player and dumped mason without giving up anything of real value. My only question is will trading guys like brassard, Dorset and other roster players mess with the great team chemistry and positive attitude happening right now there. Sometimes the Bert thing to do is nothing but we'll have to wait and see if this pans out

Deadline losers: Calgary Flames

With a ton of oppourtunites Calgary only traded comeau. I think they had little leverage in talks with boumeester and iginla so they got what they got. What makes the flames the loser is the amount of upcoming ufas that weren't traded. Sarich, babchuk, possibly stempniak. These guy could have go e for 2nd rounders each. And reports had them getting offers so my question is why didn't they do the deal.

Deadline steal: Cory conacher

I don't know why Tampa traded him, they already had lindback. What they need is an elite vet goalie. Louongo was a major possibility and I would rather trade Cory for Lou then bishop. Cory conacher was beginning to look like tampas comparable to a Logan couture during his rookie year. I think he will turn into a good 35 goal scorer with the sens great pickup

1.) 03 Apr 2013
OTT definitely stole one from TB. Essentially a 2nd (what they traded for Bishop) for Conacher and a 4th. But another deal that really sticks out for me is Jason Pominville. Sabres get Hackett, Larsson, a 1st and a 2nd for Pominville and a 4th. That's a dynamite return. Compare that to the returns Feaster got for Iginla and JayBo. Wow. Regier showed Feaster how it's done.

2.) 03 Apr 2013
Stempniak and sarich each have a year left after this one I don't think anyone really wanted babchuck


3.) 03 Apr 2013
IMO the sabres addition of hackett means millers getting traded at the draft

also, sens stole conacher.

4.) 03 Apr 2013
Lol. feaster is the worst gm, closely follwed by regier.

5.) 03 Apr 2013
Miller will certainly be available (he's been available for a few weeks now) but whether he moves or not remains to be seen. He's got some control in the situation and his price tag will be high so we will have to wait and see who wants to pay up for him and if he will agree to it.

New Jersey might be interested since Brodeur will almost certainly retire after this season.


6.) 03 Apr 2013
You must be a vancouver fan. There is a reason nobody traded for luongo and its called contract. He cannot be moved unless the canucks really decrease there demands or are willing to add good prospects as an incentive to take him. Schneider will end up being the goalie traded this summer, orcluongo gets bought out.

7.) 03 Apr 2013
The reason why buffalo got more for pomminville is because he only had a limited no trade while Calgarys iginla and boumeester had had a full no trade clause. Pittsburg knew iggy wanted to go there and due to his Ntc they had more leverage in negotiations. Boumeester was a similar story just not sure how many teams were in on him

8.) 04 Apr 2013
Wouldnt be shocked to see the flames take a run at miller at the draft, they'll have a boatload of picks and buffalo has 3 capable goalies for next season.

9.) 04 Apr 2013
It would make so much more sense to go after Bernier, but this is Feaster we are talking about so, yeah, there's a good chance of that.