03 Apr 2013 20:18:19
I thought Kulemin was being traded for Chris Stewart? Or was it a 1st round pick? And Yandle for Gunnarsson and a 2nd, what happened to that?

Leafers dreamt a little dream that - surprise, surprise - never came true.

1.) 03 Apr 2013
Lol. moron post. didn't every other fan on this site post what they wanted there teams to do. You are ignorant. Love the anti leaf sentiment on this site. If you have nothing contructive to say don't waste our time.

2.) 03 Apr 2013
Moron post is correct.

find me the posts that said those deals were going to happen by the deadline.

also find me a post that said gunner and a 2nd for yandle? more like gunner 2nd + +, which isn't so far fetched.

most posts I saw were saying for the leafs to stand pat, or to pick up a shut down dman. which they did.

so thanks for showing the people who use this website site how stupid you are.

3.) 03 Apr 2013
NHL rumours page, about a quarter of the way down:

Yandle for Gunnarsson and a 2013 2nd

You asked for it, there it is. That's your cue to say its a troll or a "hater".

4.) 03 Apr 2013
Wasnt a troll/hater, it was a moron.

do you see the evaluations on those trades? he grossly over pays for luongo, and puts up 2 laughable trades for 2 good players.

did you see the agree disagrees for his post? because he's a moron.

MOST of the yandle to leafs trades were gunner, 2nd frattin 2nd or equal to that, which isn't far fetched. yandles good, but he's no second coming of christ.

you got to stop letting the hate blind you, i'm a leaf fan who hates person leaf fans.

I just hate how far it gets blown out of proportion on this site. yes there are person ignorant leaf fans, but the same can be said for every team of every sport. on this forum there's more leaf fans than any other, (try denying that) thus a much higher probability that some person 13 year old kid with an xbox is going to post up giroux or malkin for macarther gunner and a 1st, its just more likely to happen and you seem to take exception to it, personally, I think douchebags like you should find another hockey forum.

or why not post rumors of your own? or create a sign-in name so I can happily converse with you some more by name.

5.) 04 Apr 2013
So lemme get this straight:
A leafs person posts a dumb proposal and I make my feelings know on how unreasonable and dumb it is and I'm a "hater" and get chewed out and called a "moron. "

But after I get chewed out for my post, I give you proof of a post that I was ragging on, and you call him a moron? Hmm, ok there chief. I'm just taking out the middle-man and taking flack for it.

But, hey, should I expect anything less than logic with holes like a sieve from a leafs fan? Kulemin for Chris Stewart is equally as bad, but I better not say that cause I'll be a "moron" again.

6.) 04 Apr 2013
They edited out half of my post, with good reason. it doesn't make any sense I know.

7.) 04 Apr 2013
Youve been making the same feelings been known for WEEKS buddy, about how kulimen is trash and gunner sucks etc etc etc saying the same thingover and over, and then when it doesn't happen, you make an ORIGINAL POST critisiing all the previous posts relating to 2 stupld trades you saw posted, in stead of just replying to those trades. its called nhl trade rumors, not nhl. com.

youre the definition of a hater. curious who you cheer for.

8.) 04 Apr 2013
Buddy I agreed with you that he was a moron, those were bad trade proposals, because you were waiting for troll/hater comments, I called him a moron, which he was for posting that debacle.

i'll rescind calling you a person for now, but your not making a good case for yourself if all you took from what I said was I called him a person and you a moron.