11 Apr 2019 17:39:43
8th overall
Brodziak (1.15m cap for one season)


Edmonton gets its speedy winger

Jets get good pick and cap relief for Laine, Trouba signings

Edm can make this work cap wise if they can move brodziak

1.) 11 Apr 2019
11 Apr 2019 18:17:19
No from the Jets as Ehlers is a young, very talented player that is signed long term on a very reasonable contract. The 8th pick would be good but the player selected would not be ready to step into the Jets lineup for 2/ 3 years and this team is built to win now.

2.) 11 Apr 2019
11 Apr 2019 18:29:01
No thanks. There is no reason to trade Ehlers for cap relief. We have other guys that can move before him to clear cap.

3.) 11 Apr 2019
11 Apr 2019 19:37:10
besides the fact winnipeg declines, oilers do not have the cap space.

4.) 11 Apr 2019
11 Apr 2019 19:51:39
Honestly just can’t work for either team, Winnipeg is in win now mode and oilers don’t have the cap space.

5.) 13 Apr 2019
13 Apr 2019 13:49:08
Ehlers took a step back this year because of injuries so his value can't be high atm.