11 Mar 2019 14:20:44
ottawa: anderson

ottawa: ceci
edmonton: lucic,2nd, jones.

1.) 12 Mar 2019
12 Mar 2019 00:05:07
i put anderson to arizona for a 3rd, not sure why arizona didn't show up. but anyone needing a goaltender for 3rd would work

my thoughts with ceci deal was ceci for jones and a 3rd value wise, but upgrade the 3rd to a 2nd in order to take lucic.

2.) 12 Mar 2019
12 Mar 2019 02:59:48
Sens don’t want Lucic. Nobody wants Lucic. A 2nd and Jones isn’t worth $30M. Easy no from Ottawa.

3.) 12 Mar 2019
12 Mar 2019 07:27:04
zamboni, they are in a rebuild and they will need big contracts to make the cap floor in mean time while prospects develop until their next contracts, why not.

4.) 12 Mar 2019
12 Mar 2019 16:41:54
They might be willing to take on a bad contract to hi cap floor, but if that is the case, they should do it with someone who can at least contribute in development. I don't think Lucic would be that kind of guy, but Seabrook could be. If Chicago wanted to off load his contract, Ottawa could be a good place and he could mentor their young defense who are looking very promising.

5.) 12 Mar 2019
12 Mar 2019 17:57:41
I’m big oil fan. Watch Lucic on bench. He uninterested. Would love to dump him, but not going to happen. Ottawa can scrape together $6M easy, on shorter term deals. Better that way than five years Lucic.