07 Mar 2019 23:18:32
Edmonton Trades

Toronto Trades

With this Trade the Leafs save 4million in Summer Cap Space, yes Horton can be put on LTIR but not until the Season starts and with Marner as well as AJohnsson and Kapanen having to be resigned the Leafs don't want to play out a WNylander replay with any of those key RFAs, I believe Lucic on a line with Tavares and Marner will bring Lucic back to being a Top 6, it just hasn't worked in Edmonton, and Hyman moving down to the Bottom 6 just makes a stronger forward group, Benning just adds to improving the Defense until the 2 Swedish Kids are ready, for Edmonton they have wanted CBrown and Zaitsev isn't a bad Defenceman just has a bad Contract, and because the Oilers won't be players for any UFAs having the Horton Contract for only one more Season won't hurt them for the Cap.

Thoughts ?

1.) 08 Mar 2019
08 Mar 2019 05:19:31
F no from oil dude.

2.) 08 Mar 2019
08 Mar 2019 11:37:32
HEll nah from Toronto, Zaitsevs abysmal but I don’t want/ need Lucic’s slow a** anywhere on this team. I’m not going to exaggerate, but Toronto IS NOT the right fir him. Sure Benning/ Brown is a wash, but I’d easily, easily easily take a RHD on a bad contract than a slow LW on a bad contract. Horton is relatively nothing, he could easily be packaged w a 2nd/ 3rd to a bottom feeder like OTT.

3.) 08 Mar 2019
08 Mar 2019 15:13:28
How come I don't read analyst saying it’s urgent we trade Horton? Is it because he’s permanent LTIR maybe? So his salary don’t count toward cap anyway?

4.) 08 Mar 2019
08 Mar 2019 21:19:30
Like Pinball said he counts towards the cap until the season starts so it’s a big obstacle for a team about to sign 2 guys to 10+ contracts.

5.) 09 Mar 2019
09 Mar 2019 05:54:59
Anyone who says oilers don’t take this is an idiot you can put Horton on LTIR. You can’t put Lucic on the LTIR. 40% of Beer league players are better then Lucic it must be a conspiracy he’s in the nhl he can’t skate he basically has to crawl around on the ice and hope McDavid banks one in off of him. You could add the oilers next 5 years of 1st round picks and no team would take Lucic unless buying him out.

Maybe Seabrook for Drais And Lucic gets him off the oilers.

6.) 09 Mar 2019
09 Mar 2019 18:29:26
vbbb are you sure you are not exaggerating a little maybe?

7.) 10 Mar 2019
09 Mar 2019 21:46:42
Vb was dropped on his head.

8.) 10 Mar 2019
10 Mar 2019 02:22:47

I got this right front CapFriendly. It comes straight from the CBA:

“Can LTIR be used in the off-season?
Yes, LTIR can be used in the off-season while the 10% off-season cushion is active. LTIR in the off-season is calculated using the basic equation outlined above, which permits a team to exceed the off-season salary cap. To use off-season LTIR the team must provide doctors proof that the player in question will continue to be injured at the beginning of the regular season for 10 NHL games and 24 calendar days. ”

Hortons contract don’t ever count toward salary cap, so we don’t need to trade him.

9.) 10 Mar 2019
10 Mar 2019 20:00:08
Is that what that means? Lol if so, I didn’t know that. So really no point in having Horton in a trade. No from Toronto I’d say.