23 Feb 2019 19:56:15
Alex Chiasson to Toronto in exchange for Freddy Gauthier, 2020 3rd and Conditional 2019 5th.

Condition: Becomes a 2019 4th if Toronto advances to the second round, and a 2019 3rd if Toronto advances to the third round.

@MJC, I saw you posted Chiasson for Ho-Sang, and tbh, that's a better deal than this one. However, I'm pretty sure Chiasson will go for around a 3rd+a small add if there isn't a bidding war, so you think this would be okay?

I'd like Chiasson for our fourth line, big guy with a decent point total. You guys get Goat who is basically just a 4C with relatively no skill - if he uses his body though, he could become a decent enough guy.

1.) 23 Feb 2019
23 Feb 2019 20:58:40
I agree Chiasson will probs get something similar to what Maroon got so that being a 3rd and a small add but I’m personally not a fan of Gauthier. But if that’s the best we can get then I’d take it but if Oil could make a deal to get Ho-Sang that would be ideal.

2.) 24 Feb 2019
23 Feb 2019 22:27:44
I think Mcjesus is right., I think Oilers should try and get Ho-Sang. I think he has the skill set and speed to play with McDavid.

3.) 24 Feb 2019
23 Feb 2019 23:11:21

Dw, nobodies really a fan of Goat lol. he's half a step too slow in almost all cases, I just put him in as a roster body swap. I was thinking of Holl but he's not much either, lol.

4.) 24 Feb 2019
23 Feb 2019 23:31:37
Gauthier + picks is pretty reasonable for a depth guy like Chiasson. At least we get a roster player back, though he is a little slow.

HoSang is about as close to being a bust as they get if he isn’t already. He’s 23 years old, drafted five years ago, he’s played in a whopping 53 games. Chiasson is a full time nhl roster player. Definitely worth more than HoSang.

5.) 24 Feb 2019
24 Feb 2019 01:05:01
Wondering if Dallas was ship Honka to Edmonton for Chiasson as I read they are looking for depth player and honka is slowly getting pushed out of lineup with lovejoy trade.

6.) 24 Feb 2019
24 Feb 2019 05:27:16
Ho Sang/ Honka=Puljujarvi.

7.) 24 Feb 2019
24 Feb 2019 06:48:17
I ageree vbb. All those guys are looking like busts and need a change of scenery. Maybe a three way deal cculd be made here?

8.) 24 Feb 2019
24 Feb 2019 16:23:59
Honka and Ho-Sang are 23. Puljujärvi is 20. Stfu vb you’re so annoying.

9.) 24 Feb 2019
24 Feb 2019 18:36:45
I think oilers should a least put there first round pick out there to see what would be offered . if they could send lucic and another bad contract away and get a good winger back the cap space would let them make a bigger move.

10.) 24 Feb 2019
24 Feb 2019 19:50:14
The Oil first will have way more value at the draft and Lucic’s contract would be way easier to trade after the seasons over. Probably still an immovable contract.

11.) 24 Feb 2019
24 Feb 2019 20:37:31
Hosang still had some potential just a really bad attitude.

12.) 24 Feb 2019
24 Feb 2019 20:39:37
Honka is not a bust, he's a D that is taking time to develop.

13.) 24 Feb 2019
24 Feb 2019 20:43:12
I agree with you Mcjesus to a certain extent but you also have to realize that Puljujarvi dosnt have the value that you think he as. If I remember correctly you have proposed a trade for Puljujarvi where Carolina was giving a first and top prospect for him and he's just not worth that at all. he's worth more then Yakupov was when he got traded but not a first IMO. A second and B+ prospect is as much as I could see Edm getting for him. VB is annoying but you are overvaluing Pulujarvi big time.

14.) 24 Feb 2019
24 Feb 2019 23:27:43
Ho Sang And a 2nd = Puljujarvi.