05 Nov 2018 16:36:06
edm: jesse puljujarvi and caleb jones

jets: tyler myers

1.) 05 Nov 2018
05 Nov 2018 17:13:59
I think oilers keep what they have lol.

2.) 06 Nov 2018
06 Nov 2018 10:01:55
Two 20 year olds for a UFA?
Lol. No.

3.) 06 Nov 2018
06 Nov 2018 10:02:21
I don't think that myers holds that much value anymore. he is still a top 4 defensemen but his value has dropped over the years. i don't think he'd get both pul and jones. maybe Caleb Jones plus 2nd?

4.) 06 Nov 2018
06 Nov 2018 10:48:25
I don't know why people think Puljujarvi holds next to no value. he's 20 year old for christ sake. He could still be a perennial 60+ point winger for all we know. In 2 years of he's still where he's at that's a little different but look at guys who didn't start to make an impact in the nhl until they where 24+ year old and not just defensemen. Give him time he's got skill. You don't want to see him become a star somewhere else.

5.) 06 Nov 2018
06 Nov 2018 17:58:14
Not sure why Edmonton would want Myers anyway. They have a pretty strong RHD already. Larsson and Bouchard will keep that side strong for years, and Russell isn’t exactly dog food either.

6.) 06 Nov 2018
06 Nov 2018 19:37:58
Oil definitely need another RHD to push Russell back to his natural left side and keep Benning on the third pair. I think Myers would be a really good fit but not worth it in this trade.
Jones looked really good in training camp and hopefully he has a big year in Bakersfield to bring his value up. Look at how much Montours value went up, I feel that could be Bear and Jones in the next 2ish years.
The Jones + 2nd trade is a lot closer.

7.) 08 Nov 2018
07 Nov 2018 21:19:15
There’s already been a ton of articles online on how the Jets are not trading Tyler Myers. Move on.