23 Oct 2018 10:13:03
Babcock has said he'd like a couple bigger bodies up front. Mantha is off to a slow start and Ithere's rumors of a possible change of scenery.

Kapanen plus 2019 1st for Mantha?

Kapanen 1st round 22nd OA 22 years old
Mantha 1sr round 20th OA 24 years old
Kapanen has the speed and although a small sample size, the talent to play in the top 6. He is also 2 years younger. Mantha is a proven scorer but doesn't put up big point totals. He has size but apparently lacks intensity sometimes. I added the 1st because Mantha is more proven. Is it fair value wise?

Or ignore all of this and sign Nash when he's ready.

1.) 23 Oct 2018
23 Oct 2018 13:18:32
Is there really that much a difference between the two players, a 1st round pick difference? With all the Leaf fan praise for Kapanen I'm a little surprised to see you would add a 1st to him for Mantha.

2.) 23 Oct 2018
23 Oct 2018 14:13:26
I don’t think there’s a huge difference in skills, mantra has had more time to prove himself than kappy. He’s not 6’5 like mantra but he can fly and works his ass off. The last thing Babcock wants is a guy who lacks intensity.

3.) 23 Oct 2018
23 Oct 2018 15:30:19
I’ve always been a fan of Kapanen, this is the first we’ve seen him play in the top 6. It may not be the best idea to trade him but a power forward is much needed IMO. Babcock demands intensity and I think playing on a team that is supposed to be contending would help Mantha with that. Maybe the 1st is not needed but Mantha has proven himself more, mostly because of age and Kapanen not cracking the top 6 until now. I’d rather trade Nylander + for Mantha and one of Detroit’s young RD prospects but I don’t know enough about them to make such a proposal.

4.) 24 Oct 2018
24 Oct 2018 22:08:38
I don’t think the difference is a 1st round pick. I also know that Babcock hates lack of intensity. I think he would rather Kapanens speed and look elsewhere for size. Mantha was a beast of a goal scorer in junior, bit till he shows a bit more in the NhL, I don’t think the return is a younger good player and a 1st.