21 Oct 2018 09:56:12
Might be a little biased as a Habs fan but this works for both teams.

Leafs - Nylander

Habs - Petry (50% retained), Scherbak, Brooks, 4th

Petry = number 2-3 dman on most teams (if you disagree then please watch a habs game), and is a steal at 2.25 million for 3 years
Scherbak = very talented but can't seem to make it work in Montreal
Brooks = decent prospect, won't be anything special but will most likely make the NHL
4th = throw in

Hyman - Tavares - Marner
Marleau - Matthews - Scherbak
Johnsson - Kadri - Kapanen
Brown - Lindholm - Ennis

Reilly - Petry
Gardiner - Zaitsev
Dermott - Hainsey.

1.) 21 Oct 2018
21 Oct 2018 10:00:32
Habs lines:

Drouin - Domi - Nylander
Tatar - Danault - Gallagher
Lehkonen - Kotka - Armia
Byron - Pleky - Hudon

Reilly - Weber
Mete - Juulsen
Ouellet - Benn

Byron on the 4th is rough, but it gives the team scoring options on all 4 lines.

2.) 21 Oct 2018
21 Oct 2018 12:27:11
Dump the 4th to a2nd imo. Brook (the dman right) is good, Scherbak is basically Kapanen 2.0 which i don't mind and Petry at 50% is solid for our blueline. Just bump that pick. You might need a little more because teams normally don’t trade young blossoming players to rivals.

3.) 21 Oct 2018
21 Oct 2018 14:00:57
There is no way Leafs Trade Nylander within their division.

4.) 21 Oct 2018
21 Oct 2018 15:52:07
Although I like Nylander. I still don't like him at 8+million per.
I also am reluctant to deal Brook,

5.) 21 Oct 2018
21 Oct 2018 16:09:45

Petry sucks, but he’s better than Hainsey, and is worth the $2.25. Scherbak can’t even make Montreal, so I have a very hard time seeing him crack Leafs lineups. It’s still too early to say for sure, but Brook looks to be like he is going to make it as top 4 RHD. He’d be a real nice prospect player to add.

I’m not seeing anything here that would turn Dubas on. It’s a mediocre defenseman and some mediocre prospects. Nylander is 1RW and would have an immediate impact on Montreal. He’s worth more.

6.) 21 Oct 2018
21 Oct 2018 21:30:08
change the 4th to a 1st at minimum, for nylander to get traded to a rival it would take overpayment. and even that package with 1st would be a steal.

7.) 21 Oct 2018
21 Oct 2018 22:38:51
Petry a #2/3 on "most" teams. Lol 😂😂. Talk about a VBB over exaggeration here.

"Some"* teams.

8.) 22 Oct 2018
22 Oct 2018 04:24:25
Too much for nylander.

9.) 22 Oct 2018
22 Oct 2018 13:40:09
Sherbak is not kappanen 2.0, not sure how you came to that and petry is a 5-6 on the leafs d. Leafs pass and to trade nylander in the division would cost Montreal a lot, more than they would be willing to pay. Even though nylander would be there best player.

10.) 22 Oct 2018
22 Oct 2018 18:13:01
I think Petry is a lot better than people give him credit for on this site. He would be nice on the leafs blue line, especially at that price.
My problem is i don't want to pay Nylander $8M+ and to be honest, without a star lining up beside him we don't know what his production would really be. His value to the habs would be his ability to C, also something we haven't really seen.
My guess - He will be on a bridge deal soon with the leafs and a NTC i would imagine.

11.) 22 Oct 2018
22 Oct 2018 19:06:41
Number 5 or 6 on leafs D that's a good one lol.