09 Oct 2018 03:39:49
Not my idea, someone on the Leafs forum has floated it a couple times, but I like it, so wanted to float it here and see what the professional armchair gms on this site think.

Leafs trade Horton, Leivo (or 3rd)
Arizona trades Bolland

Bolland contract is finished after this year, while Horton still has one more year left This clears us of Horton’s contract before we have to re-sign Matthews and Marner. For doing us this favor, we send Arizona a player and/ or pick of some sort.

1.) 09 Oct 2018
09 Oct 2018 04:10:26
Arizona probably dosent want to pay for that contract.

2.) 09 Oct 2018
09 Oct 2018 04:35:37
LTIR takes care of both those contracts for cap space so I don’t see why we would give an asset to swap them. I know that LTIR only starts at seasons start, but we are allowed to be 10% over the cap for the summer. So that’s minimum $8mill over next summer, not an issue.

Secondly, Hortons contract, due to his previous back and shoulder problems, was uninsurable at time of signing. So the leafs pay his salary fully out of pocket. Bollands contract was insured meaning that insurance company pays around 85% of it. Leafs can afford to pay $5.3 mill cash per year for a guy not to play which is why CBJ made that deal to begin with. You aren’t just asking Coyotes to take on an extra year, you are asking their ownership to pay $10.6 million (2 years at $5.3) out of their own pocket instead of $825k (15% of $5.5mill) . If I’m that owner, I’m not doing that for Josh Leivo or a 3rd rounder.

3.) 09 Oct 2018
09 Oct 2018 04:51:45

You must know LTIR only kicks in after the season starts. We want Matthews and Marner signed before then.

4.) 09 Oct 2018
09 Oct 2018 04:54:17
I said the same thing too though Jim. How much is a pick worth I’m $$ terms. So maybe a better pick or prospect player.

Because Horton counts against cap before season starts, we have issues signing M&M. With Horton off the books entirely, we have his extra $5M available to us so we don’t go over before season start and incur penalty.

5.) 09 Oct 2018
09 Oct 2018 05:09:50
Sorry Jim. I’m pretty tired and not explaining myself properly. I know you are more knowledgeable than I am at this whole cap management thing. We can be 10% over for summer, but have to be under cap before start of season yes? Which means we have to dump salary somewhere to make us fit before season start next year or we face a penalty. This seemed like an easy way to give us the room we need without pushing us over. Not sure what the $$ value of a pick is.

Lets say Arizona makes this trade next summer. We remove Bolland and insert someone else coming our way (7th) . Now Arizona is paying $5M for a pick. What round pick would you be willing to pay $5M for? A 2nd maybe?

I’m going to bed. Will read your response in morning. Again, sorry for not explaining myself properly here.

6.) 09 Oct 2018
09 Oct 2018 13:12:28
Your reasoning makes sense, however LTIR is allowed to be used on top of the 10% over during the off-season as long as the team can provide doctors proof that the player will remain injured and on LTIR for atleast 10 games (24 days) once the season starts. That wouldn’t be an issue for the leafs with Horton. S0 they will have near $12 mill space over the cap whole working out contracts with Mitch and Matthews.

7.) 09 Oct 2018
09 Oct 2018 15:32:27

Ok. I get it now. That actually clears things up. I didn’t know about the carryover into the season if the player isn't going to play for the season or, as in Horton’s case, ever again. And in this instance, Horton’s career is finished so it’s not an issue.

Thanks for the response. It makes way more sense now. It’s good to have someone like you to bounce the more complicated aspects of cap management off. Like I said before, knowledge is power.

Thanks again Jim. You’re a good man.

8.) 10 Oct 2018
10 Oct 2018 00:04:46
and don’t mind the disagrees on my explanation, it’s legit info straight from the CBA. Just a ‘bitter ex gf’ type jealousy going on lol.

9.) 10 Oct 2018
10 Oct 2018 01:22:31
I just can’t see an owner paying that kind of money to a ‘retired’ player and doing another GM a favour for anything short of a mid to high 1st rounder or a prized prospect.

Just think of it this way for a second. Josh Leivo is a UFA at seasons end. He’s a decent player but far from a proven high end commodity. And a third rounder is far from a guarantee as well. A team willing to pay $10+ million cash and absorb more cap could have overpaid A really good player like giving James Neal $8 mill for one year, and tried to work out a longer deal to keep him after. If he left in a year you had a year of James Neal instead of a year of Josh Leivo. Obviously that’s far fetched, but so is the other way. Arizona got to move up to select Chychrun for taking one year of datsyuks $7mill and got Lawson’s carouse (hasn’t worked out, but was highly touted) for taking Bolland. Want a big contract to go away, think that price.

10.) 10 Oct 2018
10 Oct 2018 06:00:00
I didn't hit disagree if that's what your getting at but anyway.

11.) 10 Oct 2018
10 Oct 2018 10:18:16
So jim I assume your blaming me for that too hey? You just can't stop can you? Do you actually think someone could possibly be jealous of you? Everyone has google man not like your writing this off the top of your head or anything lol. I guess you assume I'm the only one that could ever disagree on something you say lol. What a total mess you are. I've got to stop talking to you one here your paranoia is getting close to the dangerous level. If I hear on the news a sniper was picking people off from the top of the CN tower I'll know it was you. And no I didn't hit disagree on your post.

12.) 10 Oct 2018
10 Oct 2018 12:41:53
😂 lol.

13.) 10 Oct 2018
10 Oct 2018 12:52:04
Habby are you low key in love with him or something man?

14.) 10 Oct 2018
10 Oct 2018 13:19:10
You denied it was you. I didn’t respond for a cpl hours so you send an angry rant lol don’t know how else to describe that then ‘angry ex girlfriend’. If my tires are slashed in the morning I’m going to be pissed hahaha.

15.) 10 Oct 2018
10 Oct 2018 16:24:51
No actually the angry rant was sent first probably about 6 hours before but for some reason was not posted till I wrote the other one,

16.) 10 Oct 2018
10 Oct 2018 16:27:43
I just wanted to make sure you knew someone else other then me could possibly disagree with you. That way maybe your head will explode before you get the rifle out.

17.) 10 Oct 2018
10 Oct 2018 17:20:44
Just take a break, remember it’s a hockey forum and there’s no need to talk about me shooting people from a tower lol I don’t mind you or anyone else disagreeing with me if you can justify it. Ppl have disagreed with me on lots of things, like Nylanders value (including the jets guys) and I responded explaining where I felt it’s similar to Trouba next year. Disagreed. Responded. Conversation continues and stayed civil. With you, it’s not disagreeing on merit. It’s disagreeing for the sake of disagreeing. And not sometimes. But on Everything lol I put up that praise of kotkaniemi almost as a test (it was true, I feel he’s going to be a great player and their best soon as other guys age) but just to see how you would respond and how you could possibly disagree with me saying he was going to be their best player soon. You found a way lol apparently soon wasn’t soon enough. I was wrong because he already is their best player apparently. In 3 periods he was already better than a Vezina and hart trophy winning goalie. And a Norris Caliber Dman. I was so wrong lol and that’s when others on here started noticing what a clown you were being. Just relax. Have your opinion but don’t get so riled up and angry. Read over my comments and read yours and see who is still having fun and who is hostile. Clock tower shootouts, really? Lol 😂.

18.) 10 Oct 2018
10 Oct 2018 19:49:37
Your taking my response to your comments too much to heart man I already explained why I said that about kotkaniemi and told you I wasn't the one who clicked disagree on your post but that's not good enough for you. and your throwing your slurs every chance you get. please don't pretend to be the victim again man. I'm really trying to cling to the little bit of respect I have left for you. But if you want to call it a truce and move on that's fine with me. But again like last time forgive me if I'm skeptical. But I guess we will see.

19.) 10 Oct 2018
10 Oct 2018 20:35:42
There’s no slurs being hurled lol you called me a baby a few times and told me to cry to mommy and that was fine, but then I call you old and tell you to tell your grandkids how it really is and that’s a slur? Lol your reply denying hypocrisy is hypocritical! Lol 😂 simply incredible, can’t write this stuff. You even admitted that you only write stuff on here to annoy, meaning I was right saying others are here for the right reasons, but not you.

And don’t cling too tight, if I fall off the list of people you respect (drug addicts, thieves, cowards and people that profit from murder) I’ll survive lol I know what you call honorable and I’m not really looking for it anyway. You keep saying I think I’m perfect but I have pointed out for 2 weeks how you change every time it benefits you. I’ll take being stubborn and sticking to my belief over flip flopping on every issue by the second to try to attack someone. Stay classy Habby.

20.) 10 Oct 2018
10 Oct 2018 20:49:20
Also you constantly claim I’m a habs hater and am biased against them when we argue. However looking back, you argue and put down all the leafs fans on here, not just me. And you don’t get along with any of them. Obviously more with me, but not exclusively me. You’re the only hab fan I don’t get along with. I do with the others. That’s hard to explain if you’re the unbiased, open minded one and I’m the biased hater of all things Montreal. So as crazy as this is, try to think if maybe you’re the biased one with a leaf hate, not the other way around. But you can’t admit it. 🤔.

21.) 11 Oct 2018
10 Oct 2018 23:30:48
Again it's impossible to deal with you cause you only hear what you want to hear to continue the argument. I've said countless time I'm biased. I'm a habs fan the habs are my team and I really don't care what happens to the other teams. Sure I like players from other teams and I root for teams over other teams on a very moderate level. But I really don't care. So again i'm BIASED! Please listen for the 20th time i'm BIASED lol. I don't hate the leafs they are just another team I cheer for montreal and montreal only cause again I'm biased. I'm biased I'm biased! . You are too Sosa is leafs17 is vbbb is everybody in the world is biased about something. But wait for it. Your unbiased jim. lol.

22.) 11 Oct 2018
11 Oct 2018 01:09:06
My name shouldn’t bother you as much as it does lol is the world perfect besides my name and that’s where you have to focus and until it changes, you won’t be okay? Lol and what slurs did i send your way then? Haha I have said you’re acting like a clown and implied you’re a grandfather and also agreed with someone else who called you a grumpy old man. You say I take things too seriously and those are ‘slurs’ to you? Lol ask Joel Ward what a slur is. You call me a baby and then say “stop calling me grandpa” just pick a set of rules and play by them.

23.) 11 Oct 2018
11 Oct 2018 01:37:13
Just admit your biased. That's my one and only rule lol but do it at the top of the page so everyone can see it.