08 Oct 2018 23:20:07
Canucks guddy retain 1.5
Lieapic lind 3 rd pick

Tor nylander

Liespic mathew kadri
Marlue tavars marner
Johnnson hyman brown

Horvat nylander boeser
Goldobin petterson erikson
Sven sutter virtanen

1.) 09 Oct 2018
09 Oct 2018 01:39:29
Ew that’s terrible for the leafs. I’d rather a 2nd round pick then that whole package. The fact you moved Hovat a proven Center to LW to put Nylander at C destroyed the credibility of this post. Nylander could atleast get back one of Q. Hughs, Demko or 1st. 2019.

2.) 09 Oct 2018
09 Oct 2018 01:59:08
I like Gudbranson but he can’t be the big part coming back in a Nylander deal. We already had leipsic, didn’t protect him in expansion and Vegas got rid of him within months. Don’t need bottom 6 wingers. Need a RHD that’s a top 4. Not a bottom pair.

3.) 09 Oct 2018
09 Oct 2018 02:09:39
Ya man good post.

4.) 09 Oct 2018
09 Oct 2018 02:47:04
I’m not smelling what you’re stepping in. This trade stinks as bad as your name.

Leipzig sucks. We don’t want him back. Gudbranson sucks. We don’t want him either. Lind is a risk who is 2-3 years from making the team, and the 3rd is nothing to get excited about.

Mis-using Nylander as center (ahead of Petterson at that) doesn’t seem like a good idea for Vancouver to pursue. If it was a biable option, Leafs would have initiated it already. Nylander failed to impress in his stint at center last year and is more suited as winger.

5.) 09 Oct 2018
09 Oct 2018 03:22:07
Typical crazy lopsided Canuks trade from Brock.
Get a clue man.
If they do decide to trade Nylander it will be for a lot better a package or one D man than this. Wow.

6.) 09 Oct 2018
09 Oct 2018 07:02:02
Guddy at 2.5 million for 3 year that has some good vaule. just because they didn't protect him doesn't mean they don't like him. Tuch karlson ect. His been playing good for the canucks good 5 on 5 3 on 3 with his speed and goes can also play on the pk but with vegas he was avg 8 min a game lind is in the top 50 prospect and maybe 2 not 3 pick pretty good they don't get much sallary back to sign mathews and marner likely going to be over 20 for them then gradneir and reilly they and they get a guy for the future.

7.) 09 Oct 2018
09 Oct 2018 13:16:11
Tuch and Karlsson weren’t just unprotected though Brock. They were part of bigger deals like getting rid of Clarksons contract and protecting minnys top 4 Dmen. Not the same situation as Gudbranson at all.

8.) 09 Oct 2018
09 Oct 2018 15:13:49
Not same as leipsic either.