04 Oct 2018 17:44:12
Zach Weirinski and a 2nd round pick
For William Nylander.


1.) 04 Oct 2018
04 Oct 2018 18:31:20
I could get behind that deal. Don’t think many outside leaf nation will appreciate it lol.

2.) 04 Oct 2018
04 Oct 2018 19:19:40
Lmao Leafs would be the ones adding heartly, not CBJ.

3.) 04 Oct 2018
04 Oct 2018 19:20:44
Even if CLB wanted to trade Werenski then the pick would be added to Nylander not Werenski. But I didn't believe CLB should or are thinking about reading Werenski.
Jones and Werenski should be untouchable.

4.) 04 Oct 2018
04 Oct 2018 21:10:17
Like Johanssen and Jones. One for one! Nylander for Werenski!

5.) 04 Oct 2018
04 Oct 2018 21:23:33
i agree wereniskis (probably spelt wrong) is worth more than nyolander.

6.) 04 Oct 2018
04 Oct 2018 21:32:25
@Ricky, pretty similar except CBJ knows they came out way on top for that one and don’t want to be on the wrong end of one now.

7.) 05 Oct 2018
04 Oct 2018 23:17:50
Werenski would make Reilly expendable. We could trade Reilly in two years before his NTC kicks in. Depending on what Werenski signs for, would be a real cost saving manoeuvre.

8.) 05 Oct 2018
05 Oct 2018 05:26:11
Rielly makes $5mill. If werenski stays on pace for how good he should be, definitely not a cost saving move.

9.) 05 Oct 2018
05 Oct 2018 06:40:06

In four years Reilly will be making close to $8M+ (I’m using OEL’s contract as comparable. And they are very comparable players) . Werenski is to going to get $8M. At least I have a very hard time seeing that being offered up his first contract. You would also be dumping Nylander’s salary here as well. I think if you look at it that way, it actually is a big cost saving manoeuvre.

10.) 05 Oct 2018
05 Oct 2018 06:40:39
Leafs already have Reilly and Gardiner for puckmovers. you guys need an all around guy. Think Tanev. or Muzzin., or the guy in Pheonix. who won with Hawks. Kjamalson, or something like that?
That's kinda Dman ya need. And if ya trade Nylander for that kinda guy. Ya should be able to get a 2nd rounder as well.

11.) 05 Oct 2018
05 Oct 2018 06:58:56
Werenski *won’t* be getting $8M. Typo there changes the whole sentence.

The way I see it is in 3-4 years: Nylander ($7M) + Reilly ($8M) - Werenski ($6M) = $9M in savings. A very sizeable amount indeed. Right when we need to re-sign Ladri, Dermott, Liljegren, Sandin, Andersen, and probably a couple other that will have been playing on bridge contracts.

12.) 05 Oct 2018
05 Oct 2018 08:01:35
Even if the 2nd goes the other way, not a chance CBJ does that.