29 Jul 2018 11:42:05
Blue jackets trade: Panarin

Blues trade: Fabbri, 1st round pick 2019, 2nd round pick 2019, 4th round pick 2020

1.) 30 Jul 2018
29 Jul 2018 21:48:11
All depends on Fabbri staying healthy, but if he does, this is a really good return for a guy that has Kinda made it clear he doesn’t want to be there after this year anyway.

2.) 30 Jul 2018
30 Jul 2018 01:15:36
Yea could be other pieces added for sure but think of the blues lines.

Panarin oreilly tarasenko
Schwartz Schenn Perron
Maroon Bozak steen.

3.) 30 Jul 2018
30 Jul 2018 15:00:45
I think CBJ could get better than this, but would have to be perfect situation. This is if they are 100% he isn’t staying and need to recoup some assets. Better to get a young player that’s more of a guarantee to be impactful and a pick because jackets are ready to compete too.