22 Jul 2018 03:50:46

Flames - TJ Brodie
Canucks - Chris Tanev
Leafs - 1st-Round Pick + Travis Dermott + Kasperi Kapanen + Connor Brown

Breakdown -

Flames - 1st-Round Pick + Kasperi Kapanen

Canucks - Connor Brown + Travis Dermott

Leafs - TJ Brodie + Chris Tanev

TJ Brodie - Morgan Rielly
Jake Gardiner - Chris Tanev
Nikita Zaitsev - Connor Carrick

1.) 22 Jul 2018
22 Jul 2018 06:03:30
No thanks. Brown, dermott and kapanen combined make what Tanev makes. I would rather find out what dermott is and keep the cheap assets.

2.) 22 Jul 2018
22 Jul 2018 06:22:13
That's not a 3 way trade proposal it's 2 separate trades.

3.) 22 Jul 2018
22 Jul 2018 13:04:43
Genuinelly, i don't think its that bad of a trade. Maybe VAncouver wants a tad more, but I think CGY gets what they want and TOR gets two solid dmen.

My only concern is that I think in terms of TOR’s cap situation, we woukdnt be able to keep both Brodie and Tanev. I’d rather go for one than both, imo.

4.) 22 Jul 2018
22 Jul 2018 16:26:50
Good trade for Calgary imo.

5.) 22 Jul 2018
22 Jul 2018 16:49:04
I hope the leafs go into the season as is. Like Jim said, I’d like to see a full season of Dermott and also see if Liljegren becomes a top 4. Next year is when they have to decide who’s getting paid and who’s getting traded. Maybe sign Bieksa or Hamhuis for a year, maybe both. They have money this year for one year signings and those 2 are still serviceable veterans IMO.

6.) 22 Jul 2018
22 Jul 2018 20:43:05
Yeah. I watched a lot of marlies through the playoffs this year and I’d be shocked if Liljegren makes he leafs this year. Was the youngest player in the AHL this season and looked really good at times, but I don’t think he looked confident enough in the AHL to be a full time guy this season. Full season with no dermott and maybe no Holl down there could let him be the go to guy for the marlies and really grow.

I would have liked to see Rielly, Gardiner, zaitsev, dermott, carrick, ozighanov and for them to sign orpik for a year after his buyout. We still have $25 mill cap space for this one year. Give him $4-5 mill even, who cares. More than he’s worth but be a nice addition.

7.) 22 Jul 2018
22 Jul 2018 21:27:46
25mil cap space?

8.) 23 Jul 2018
22 Jul 2018 23:45:00
Yes Habby. Well $24,616,664, (sorry for exaggerating) with only Nylander to sign this season. Obviously we can go crazy with it because it needs to be there next season for Matthews and Marner, but to pay a decent upgrade on D on a one year deal. He’s already being paid by Avs for his buyout. If we give him $4 mill he will have a chance to win again and actually makes a lot more than he did last season.

9.) 23 Jul 2018
22 Jul 2018 23:48:34
Orpik would be a nice addition too. Any one of those veteran d man would work. I definitely didn’t think Liljegren would be ready this year.

10.) 23 Jul 2018
23 Jul 2018 00:01:40
NHLnumbers shows $24+ But missed a cpl small signings.
Cap friendly shows $14.7mill. But still has Horton on active roster. So his $5.3 goes on LTIR like every other year and we have $20 mill cap space.

11.) 23 Jul 2018
23 Jul 2018 03:05:36
Ya habby, but they still have to sign nylander.