04 Jul 2018 18:33:33
Habs: Max Pacioretty

Wild: Dumba

Pacioretty has lost value, last year I would have thought this deal was crazy. Montreal desperately needs D Dumba would be on the first pair. Minny has lots of good d and forwards. Pacioretty could complete the top six
Kouvi -Parise- Pacioretty ( beast line)
Coyle/ stall - niderettor- zucker ( one of best top six in the nhl.

1.) 04 Jul 2018
04 Jul 2018 19:31:06
Won't work for Habs as they need a L Shot D Dumba shoots R.

2.) 04 Jul 2018
04 Jul 2018 19:38:47
Dumba isn’t going anywhere.

3.) 04 Jul 2018
04 Jul 2018 19:47:05
I don’t know if I never appreciated how good Dumba was, or if he never played as good as he did i that first round series against the Jets. But he was really impressive. If habs could get him I think it would be a good deal for both. Only I believe he’s a RHD, a player like him to play LD with Weber would be better.

4.) 04 Jul 2018
04 Jul 2018 22:18:08
Still guys MONTREAL NEEDS D EITHER WAY😂😂 even if it’s the wrong hand.

5.) 05 Jul 2018
05 Jul 2018 04:03:44
Overvaluing Pacioretty.

6.) 05 Jul 2018
05 Jul 2018 04:44:12
@dangle, I said it was a good move for Montreal regardless, but LHD makes MORE sense. When your best d makes 7.5 mill and is RHD, common sense says “get him a partner”. Never said they can’t use a good RHD though.

7.) 05 Jul 2018
05 Jul 2018 16:49:24
Ok but still why does Minnesota do it? Dumba is younger, better, and a defenseman which Minnesota has zero in their farm system! I guess though if it helps Canadian teams you guys don’t care! Start thinking before ya guys post or respond to this garbage.

8.) 05 Jul 2018
05 Jul 2018 17:46:48
I don't understand how a lot of people undervalue pacioretty . yet will go bonkers over a guy like nylander. Makes no sense.

9.) 05 Jul 2018
05 Jul 2018 19:12:48
Probably because Nylander is 20 already more effective then Patches and on a ELC. Where as Patches is a pending UFA coming of his worst season.

10.) 05 Jul 2018
05 Jul 2018 20:09:26
Because Nylander put up 61 pts in 81 games with a +20 making 900k at 20 years old and is under team control for 7 more years. Patches put up 37 pts in 61 games with a -16 making 4.5mill and is under team control for less than a calendar year. I don’t understand how people don’t see he’s worth more lol.

11.) 06 Jul 2018
06 Jul 2018 01:39:09
Nylander plays with Matthews or Kardi. Pacioretty plays with Danualt or an even worst center. Also completely different playing styles to compare them. Nylander is a playmaker and pacioretty is goal scorer.

12.) 06 Jul 2018
06 Jul 2018 13:58:00
The funny part about people with the Pacioretty talks is you have to actually look at what he's done with who he did it with. He's been a consistent 30+ goals 60+ points (yes he had one bad year) with very little help.