29 Jun 2018 18:51:29
Base of the trade:

Evgeni Svechnikov

Justin Faulk

Carolina adds. Not sure how much.

Svechnikov is obviously a brother of Andrei who the Canes have just drafted. He took a step back last season but could benefit from a change of scenery and maybe playing with his bro.

Faulk is the Top4 RHD the Wings desperately need. He also didn't have a good season but can turn it around.

Since Faulk is a hot commodity as a RHD, the plus could be too much from Detroit's perspective to pull the trigger. They have two second round picks in 2019 though.

1.) 29 Jun 2018
29 Jun 2018 20:12:32
Good deal I like it.

2.) 29 Jun 2018
29 Jun 2018 21:56:35
You're crazy.
Faulk could get much more than a prospect who has so far been a failure.

Faulk is a top 2 NHL right handed defenceman.

3.) 29 Jun 2018
29 Jun 2018 22:23:41
Wtf lol Faulk can get more.

4.) 29 Jun 2018
29 Jun 2018 22:32:36
What's with all the crazy over exaggerations lately.
Faulk a top 2 RHD in the NHL?
Karlsson, Doughty, Letang, Peitrangelo, Subban, Byfuglin, Carlson, Burns. Even Hamilton.

Faulk is not a top 2 RHD.

5.) 29 Jun 2018
29 Jun 2018 23:04:57
Faulk is a good PP player probably 2nd line on a lot of teams. He’s a good 6th dman and he’ll probably be spending time in the press box for the Canes this year as he moved down the depth chart ( 3rd pairing but Ronald McKewoen is posed to take over. ) He’s terrible defensively, offensively he hasn’t been great as of recently and he’s to small to play physical. Because of his PP ability’s I’d say he’s worth a 2nd and Project Prospect like Micheal Del Colle. Probably the most overrated player in the NHL.

6.) 30 Jun 2018
30 Jun 2018 02:59:57

You're mentioning elite defencemen. Not top 2 defencemen. You mentioned big named players.

Faulk excels in all areas of the game. The only reason he is not a big name player is because he doesn't score 50+ points. He's an excellent defenceman, just not a 50+ point producer.

Most teams have their ''star'' defenceman that play top 2. And most have that defenceman that IS a top 2 and plays well but isn't a #1 defender on a team (even though Faulk can easily be #1 on 50% of teams)

You have forgotten what ''TOP 2'' means. You're thinking it means elite. It doesn't.

If none of you guys have realized, VB doesn't know hockey values.
Faulk is a top 2 defender on 70% of teams. Saying William Nylander will score 20 points next year is more believable than saying Faulk will be a 6th d-man on a team. Never will happen. Roland McKeown is an AHL defender.

7.) 30 Jun 2018
30 Jun 2018 04:15:55
Vb doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about ever lol.

8.) 30 Jun 2018
30 Jun 2018 04:56:14
Well Faulk was like what last year? -30 far below team average he’s terrible defensively you can’t argue that. All he can do is quarter back a pp even then he still dosent produce much offensively. And above him on the Carolina depth chart on the right side is Pesce on the top pair and Hamilton on the 2nd pair. So he’s the 5th I guess anyways he’s on the 3rd pair and 2nd PP ( Hamilton on 1st )

McJesus you think Nuge is a top 3 selke Canidate And Lucic is worth a 1st and a top prospect you may be the most biased person on this site.

2707 Faulk wouldn’t be the top dman on ANY team not even Vancouver I’ll take a defensively safe Tanev over a 1 dimensional Faulk.

9.) 30 Jun 2018
30 Jun 2018 18:40:52
Lol not once have I ever said those things about nuge or Lucic so pretty sad when you have to lie and make things up you’re such a moron lol please stop.

10.) 30 Jun 2018
30 Jun 2018 19:16:00
Exaggerating about Lucic but the fact is you overrate him draistcly. you did say Nuge was a top 3 Selke canidate but the reality he’s a good 2c I’ll even take Kadri over him.

11.) 30 Jun 2018
30 Jun 2018 20:08:52
what the hell hahaha you’re so lost I have never said that 😂 clearly you’re continuing to make this up or clearly mistaken me for another person bud.

12.) 30 Jun 2018
30 Jun 2018 21:08:19
Either you or yup said something about Nuge being a top 3 Selke Canidate but regardless you are biased towards the oilers as am I towards Marner but I really find the valueation of Faulk scewed he hasn’t done anything special sense 3 or 4 years ago a change of scenery would be beneficial but he’s nothing more then a 2nd pairing Dman and 3rd pairing on the canes.

13.) 01 Jul 2018
01 Jul 2018 05:18:39
You're mixing us both up with someone man.