27 Jun 2018 11:31:47
3-Team Trade

To Montreal
• (C) Ryan Nugent-Hopkins
To Edmonton
• (LW) Max Pacioretty
• (D) Noah Juulsen
• (D) Jason Demers
To Arizona
• (D) Kris Russell
• (2019) 3rd Round Pick (EDM)

1.) 27 Jun 2018
27 Jun 2018 15:51:45
Ur not getting Juulsen sorry.

2.) 27 Jun 2018
27 Jun 2018 16:53:00
Its not horrible. however, i'd like to hang on to Juulsen. he's going to be a good Dman. not a Norris or Allstar guy, but should be a legit top 4 dman for years to come.
Would really like to see Bergevin go back to exploring a way to get O'Reilly.

3.) 27 Jun 2018
27 Jun 2018 17:04:05
Highly doubt there is a way to get O’Rielly on Montreal.

4.) 27 Jun 2018
27 Jun 2018 18:03:22
Well domi or Drouin obviously won’t be part of it. Price and Weber wouldn’t be. They missed the chance to move the high first this year and keep their roster intact. Now apparently juulsen can’t be included?! Lol he’s on the no trade list too? but you want a number 1 centre? ’ If you want to acquire a top centre but a decent young D prospect is off the table, good luck. Go sign Paul statsny for 7 years x 7 mill and your cup hopes can hinge on price/ Weber/ statsny Till they’re all 40 years old.

5.) 27 Jun 2018
27 Jun 2018 18:03:33
True. but sounds like it was nearly pulled off at the draft.
Id just like to see them exolore it before they go and sign Stastny to a ton of money for a 32 year old. that's what i'm worried about. Stastny is a decent player., but i'm not sold on him beig what the Habs try and get in FreeAgency.

6.) 27 Jun 2018
27 Jun 2018 19:09:53
I guess the question is should Montreal sign statsny to a short term contract (assuming nobody else wants to sign him long term) as a place holder for some prospects so that they have some resemblance of a top six and so they can be competitive. Or do they stay idle and suck for another year or two. I don’t see the cap being an issue considering there aren’t many contracts coming up in the next two or three years aside from pacioretty.

7.) 27 Jun 2018
27 Jun 2018 19:23:30
I didn't say he can't be included. Effin read it right.
Theres other things that can be done Jim. and I also said i didn't want to trade him in the dral proposed at thr top. if he was included in a deal for O'Reilly. well then i'd be for it. man you take things and twist it all over.

8.) 27 Jun 2018
27 Jun 2018 19:23:35
Go after tyler Johnson Tampa would probably like to clear some cap space. Plus all the pacioretty trade rumors that were reported at the draft and leading up to the draft are now being reported as false. so maybe the plan is to keep patches and resign him.

9.) 27 Jun 2018
27 Jun 2018 19:42:42
If you could pay statsny like 7.5-8 mill to convince him to take a 3 year deal, maybe not a bad plan. But I don’t see him wanting to take less than 5 and probably 6-7 years.

10.) 27 Jun 2018
27 Jun 2018 22:07:38
ROR might have a verbal trade in place to go to STL.

11.) 28 Jun 2018
28 Jun 2018 05:58:15
I hope for St. Louis sake they don't add robert Thomas in the deal.

12.) 29 Jun 2018
29 Jun 2018 18:52:40
1) that's not really a 3-team trade that's more of EDM making 2 trades as MTL and ARZ don't have a part in each other
2) Horrible for MTL they trade a consistent 30-goal scorer (yes had a down year that everyone loves to point out) and a solid RHD prospect that looks to be a good #3-4 D man for years to come for a 2nd line center. IMO take out juulsen and EDM adds a 2nd or 3rd
3) Idk much about the Russell or demers but looking at points and cap hit they are about the same so IDK why EDM does that.