20 Jun 2018 17:30:52
Read this in an article:

Oil: Klefbom + 10th + Benson

Blues: Parayko + Kyrou.

1.) 20 Jun 2018
20 Jun 2018 19:31:00
Don’t see why blues do it unless they’re certain they need the little extra cap savings in a tavares deal or something. Kyrou would have more value than benson at this point, and parayko is a top pair RHD at 5.5 mill. Only 1.5 mill cap and No age gap between him and klefbom. Don’t see the point unless it’s got other implications in another move.

2.) 20 Jun 2018
20 Jun 2018 20:19:30
Kyrou for sure has more value than Benson I’ll agree on that. And yeah when I first saw this I wasn’t sure if that would be enough for blues to accept. But I can see klefbom being on the top pairing with petro (when healthy) and blues could have some interest getting that top 10 pick. But I agree I think oilers would need to add little something more as well.

3.) 20 Jun 2018
20 Jun 2018 20:23:42
Take out benson and add puljujarvi and it's closer but probably still not enough.

4.) 20 Jun 2018
20 Jun 2018 21:11:05
Puljujärvi for Benson could actually be just enough.

5.) 20 Jun 2018
20 Jun 2018 21:49:11
Ya, Oilers would have to add. but not sure if it is the right base. After STL traded Stasney away, i thought Kyrou was going to be on their radar for center. I was going to say take out Kyrou, but i just don't see Colt getting tradded.

6.) 20 Jun 2018
20 Jun 2018 21:50:12
Wow add Drais and it’s still not even close Paryanko is going nowhere he is the only dman with potential to be better then Dahlin. It would take someone like Mathews or Eichel to get him.

7.) 20 Jun 2018
20 Jun 2018 22:16:30
Blues fans will not part with Parayko unless they are getting Drais bacK

Also Klefboom sucked last year. Why would you put a worse offensive dman with petro
you wouldn't you would put a tough as nails Edmondson on his line. This trade does nothing for the blues
They don't need to worry about 1.5 mil in cap and get a 10oa pick and lose your second best dman and best rw prospect
your team has. So then should klef move to the right. This trade makes zero sense.

Per Blues fans if drais isn't coming back then parayko isn't leaving.

8.) 20 Jun 2018
20 Jun 2018 22:26:27
Per Blues management and Fan base the following players are not available.

Thomas, Kyrou,

NHL players:
Petro, Tarasenko, Schwartz, Schenn, Parayko, Dunn, Edmondson,

Per management Blues fan base the following are Very Unlikely to be traded

Thompson, Kostin, Walman

If the blues make a trade Gaurantee the non-availables will not be moved.

9.) 20 Jun 2018
20 Jun 2018 23:40:53
Id say Klefbom + Puljujärvi + 10th Overall would be enough for Parayko. i'd take that as a flames/blues fan

10.) 21 Jun 2018
20 Jun 2018 23:44:59
My statement was an over exaggeration if you add Drais it’s definitely Intriguing but the blues would rather trade Petro.

11.) 21 Jun 2018
21 Jun 2018 02:23:19
Parayko is really good vbbbvvbb. But he doesn't get eichel or matthews but I agree stl is not trading him any time soon.

12.) 21 Jun 2018
21 Jun 2018 03:24:24
I honestly don't see what's so special about parayko. Dougie Hamilton is better offensively and not as good defensively but the same size and handness but everybody says Hamilton couldn't fetch Marner but Parayko can fetch Matthews?! I don't get it.

Dougie Hamilton, RHD 6'6
25 Yrs Old
(Last season)
GP:81 G:13 A:37 P:50 +/- | 12
(This season)
GP:82 G:17 A:27 P:44 +/- | 1

Colton Parayko, RHD 6'6
25 Yrs Old
(Last season)
GP:81 G:4 A:31 P:35 +/- | 7
(This season)
GP:82 G:6 A:29 P:35 +/- | -7

13.) 21 Jun 2018
21 Jun 2018 03:41:54
Haha okay forgot parayko is best dman in show wow vb.

14.) 21 Jun 2018
21 Jun 2018 07:04:37
Lol what articles do you get these from? Such a joke.
Parayko > 10th
Kyrou >> Benson.

15.) 21 Jun 2018
21 Jun 2018 16:12:53
Not saying I’d trade Mathews for Paryanko as a leafs fan because Marner/ Mathews are untouchable but if I were the Blues GM the starting point for Paryanko would be a young Elite 1C. He’d be the last player on the Blues I’d trade. Paryanko is a young Shea Weber who can skate 2x as fast but just needs to utilize his shot I strongly believe Paryanko dosent excel with the Blues coaching staff. He really needs to use is shot more often on the PP and he’d be in the 50-60 Point Catagory.