09 Jun 2018 15:13:31
Saw this one on a facebook post and thought it was great with all the trouble in Ontario between players management owners and coaches. it will never happen because same division rival teams but would be kind've funny to see and would affect the battle of Ontario in a way no other trade ever has.

Tor : Matthews, marner, nylander

Ott : karlsson, Hoffman, 2nd, chlapic, batherson


Ottawa trades Ryan to Arizona for future considerations then takes him back after arizona eats half his contract by giving Arizona the 22nd overall


ottawa buys out burrows and gaborik and gets MacArthur to retire


ottawa signs Carlson to replace karlsson, and also signs tavares


ottawa gets lucky as Montreal drafts tkechuck allowing ottawa to take zadina at number 4

Marner Tavares stone
Nylander Matthews zadina
Dzingle pageau Ryan (50% contract)
Pyatt Smith pajarvi

Chabot Carlson
Ceci wideman
Borowieski lajoie
Claeson Harpur


Make Smith pageau Ceci and Ryan (half price) available for the right price to make room for brown formenton and white.

1.) 09 Jun 2018
09 Jun 2018 15:31:03
That package dosent get Mathews alone and especially not Marner.

2.) 09 Jun 2018
09 Jun 2018 16:58:52
Imo Karlsson (resigned) and Matthews are close in value. But you won't get Marner and Nylander for what's left.

3.) 09 Jun 2018
09 Jun 2018 17:09:27
Vbbvbb don't make me laugh. Karlsson and the 2nd gets Matthews and nylander without a doubt. Matthews is somewhere between toews - marchand level and worth where karlsson is Crosby - mcdavid level and worth. there is a huge difference there dude. and marner and hoffman are equals out of age which is made up by chlapic and on top of all that batherson sweetened th pot for Toronto.

Clearly it would never happen but it's not because value is not there because it definately is. it's because they are divisional rivals and neither will want to risk their players dominating that many games against them.

4.) 09 Jun 2018
09 Jun 2018 18:06:59
Marner and Mathews are “ ABOUT “ equal i wouldn’t trade Marner for 10 Hoffman’s. And Karlsson resigned is worth a lot but because of age he is worth less then Mathews and Marner. As a rental he isn’t worth much. A lot of people will dissagree but I’ll take Mathews over Marner.

5.) 09 Jun 2018
09 Jun 2018 18:07:14
Marner over Mathews*.

6.) 09 Jun 2018
09 Jun 2018 19:45:49
Also I am going to get things straight with you and teach you what hockey is because you clearly haven’t watched then Sens or leafs play.

Hoffman is a 1 dimensional winger who probably is the biggest defensive liability in the NHL. He is a 25-25 second line winger that every team has and isn’t worth much. he might be worth a late first and a decent prospect. Definitely less then a younger Braydon Schenn who puts up more points, can play center and is a stud defensively.

EK is one of the best deffensman in the game but after his surgery he hasn’t looked the same. He is a pending UFA and won’t resign in Ottawa so his value is at an all time low. Definitely not worth Mathews or Marner

Nylander is a stud. He’s 20 years old and was 2nd on the leafs in points he is better then Hoffman in every way and is 7 years younger

Mathews is s top 10 player in the NHL as a 20 year old him Dahlin, McDavid, Liane and Eichel are the future of the NHL and he’s already a player teams have to build a game plan around to stop. This was quickly realized after he made Erik Karlsson and the sens look silly by scoring 4 goals in his 1st game as an 18 year old.

Marner is an offensive Dynamo who is often compared and expected to develop to a player in between Guadreau-PKane caliber.

There is no way this package gets one of them.

7.) 09 Jun 2018
09 Jun 2018 20:31:49
Wow, it’s almost sad how overvalued Matthews is here. and I thought Canucks fans were delusional sometimes.

8.) 09 Jun 2018
09 Jun 2018 20:33:40
Haha excellent troll job. Even got some Leafs fans to bite.

Unless you're delusional enough to believe this has merit.

Karlsson is 27, and about to be very expensive.

Matthews is 7 years younger, and still on an ELC. No, Karlsson and a 2nd doesn't get you Matthews, because the Leafs don't trade him for that. In fact, they probably laugh in your face.

Similarly, Nylander is 6 years younger than Hoffman. Sure, they are about the same player right now. But the fact that you did not account for age differences speaks volumes about your knowledge of their respective values, and your hockey knowledge in general.

The spare parts left over in this deal do not come close to Marner.

And what are the issues you are speaking of with management and players in Ontario? Last time I checked Melnyk was a joke the Sens management a tire fire. Pretty sure those are problems exclusive to Ottawa.

Yet another embarrassing moment for Ol' Rambo.

9.) 10 Jun 2018
09 Jun 2018 23:51:07
Ottawa gets lucky lmao.

10.) 10 Jun 2018
10 Jun 2018 01:11:22
Vbbvbb get real dude Hoffman has been much better defensively since Boucher took over as coach and Alison has the ability to play center as that's where he began his career. if you even watched the sens you know all of that. marner and hoffman put up identical point totals when Hoffman is not forced to learn a new chemistry with a new line mate like he was this year. or did you forget he went for an extended period without putting up many points because he was trying to develope a chemistry with duchene but still managed 59 points on the year?

Karlsson value is far from low even on his last year especially when Matthews marner and nylander all have to resign as well. and as I've said before with other players such as Ryan 1 bad season don't define a players worth. Karlsson is the best best defenceman in the world today and whether he is the best or worst player in the world, being forced to return way too early from a career threatening injury and doing it without a training camp to boot is going to affect him no matter what. but in case you forgot the return from the Matt Cooke Achilles tendon slice it was a very similar situation and result and will end up the same after. he will reclaim top spot no matter where he ends up.

Nylander is not better than Hoffman he is also equall. he put up 5 more points this year and played with Matthews all year as opposed to switching line mates a number of times throughout the year including having to developed a new chemistry with a new team mate in Duchene.

Matthews laine and eichel. are they great players? Yes. no doubt they are. are they mcdavid Crosby level great? Not a chance! They are toews kopitar level at best. Karlsson is however mcdavid Crosby level and therefore worth a lot more.

Marner is a wild card who shows flashes of brilliance but mainly is on same level as Hoffman stone and nylander all of which are under Matthews value who is under karlsson's value.

Add 2 solid prospects 1 who dominated world junior tournament this past year and the other who proved to be a force in ahl and is more than nhl ready next season both of which have shown top 6 potential and add the pick on top of all that. sure there's an age difference but that's why the sens would add the pick and the 2 high end prospects to make it up but even then both Hoffman and karlsson are in the prime of their careers at age 28 so are not considered old!

Next time you want to teach me something about hockey can you please do me a favour and actually learn something about it yourself?

It might help you actually make sence.

11.) 10 Jun 2018
10 Jun 2018 01:18:53
Unsportsmanlike Matthews and Babcock are having issues too man. and like karlsson and hoffman the big 3 in Toronto are in contract years too. Matthews doesn't equal karlsson value. not a chance and pretty sure 2 high end prospects, a 2nd round pick, and a 60 point a year top 6 center who can play both center and wing are a lot more than spare parts. anyone with half a brain knows that!

It does have merit and you are delusional if you seriously can't see that.

12.) 10 Jun 2018
10 Jun 2018 02:24:33
hahaha matthews overvalued that's funny. Karlsson won't get you matthews. and ryan has had more then one bad season with a horrible contract that no one wants. High end prospects yea ok. High end prospects are players like zadina, svechnikov and tkachuk that are going to be drafted. Batherson is a b prspect.
Tavares will never join Ottawa and carlson neither. you're the delusionalone that doesn't have a brain.

13.) 10 Jun 2018
10 Jun 2018 03:53:36
The big three are coming up on new contracts as RFA's -- not UFA's -- there's a huge difference. Take the bath salts out of your nose and come back to reality.

"Two High End Prospects"

Chlapik who has 4 points in 20 career games?

Batherson -- a 4th round pick who may not even ever crack the Sens garbage roster?

Oh yeah I'm sure the Leafs are really eager to trade Marner for those guys. Especially since you threw in a 2nd.

That's the equivalent of the Leafs offering Ottawa Fred Gauthier, Vladislav Kara and a 2nd round pick for Mark Stone.

Do you ever get sick of wearing the duncecap around here?

14.) 10 Jun 2018
10 Jun 2018 16:39:45
You are dilusional Karlsson is closer to Jake Gardiner then McDavid. I’d rather put McDavid as a dman then Karlsson.

15.) 10 Jun 2018
10 Jun 2018 17:20:07
Zadinahabs let's give you a lesson on prospect tiers ok? We will start at the top and work our way down.

1 - generational talents

Guys like karlsson, crosby, mcdavid, and now being hyped as one dahlin guys who can carry an entire team on their backs, make a difference on a team that desperately needs it, and make everyone around them better.

2 - high end ELITE talents

Guys like stamkos, Malkin, Kane, ovechkin, Benn, and seguin guys who make those around them better, make a difference on a team than needs it, and can carry an entire team but needs a little help to do it.

3 - low end ELITE talents

This is where Matthews ranks with the likes of eichel, laine, marchand, and now being hyped svechnikov, zadina, and tkechuck guys who can make the difference on a bubble team, and while the make guys around them better they need help from those around them to change a teams misfortunes.

4 - high end prospects

Guys like guentzel, stone, Hoffman, marner, nylander, and now days batherson, formenton, chlapic, Dobson, bouchard, boqvist etc who are highly hyped because the dominated or are dominating the junior or AHL scenes and or are nhl ready and or will no doubt be an nhl player in the future at some point

5 - mid to low end prospects / busts

Guys who have little to no chance of ever amounting to anything only maybe 5 to 10 % of these actually reach the nhl level and maybe half of those who do actually remain in nhl without guzzling away.

16.) 10 Jun 2018
10 Jun 2018 17:32:35
Unsportsmanlike yes chlapic who had 4 points in 20 games playing 4th line minutes on a team who's line up was filled with Boucher guys at the time so he didn't get much chance to crack it full time in a better spot but considering it was still a good job what he did do with his time there.

And yes batherson, you remember those 2 guys batherson and formenton who also is a sen by the way who practically dominated for team Canada in the world juniors this past year and are dominating in junior league's as well? You don't make any version of team Canada let alone both on the top line unless you have a high level of skill or potential.

Sorry to stomp on you're think you know it all parade again but you'll need to start following hockey a little closer if you want to give me your dunce cap lol.

17.) 10 Jun 2018
10 Jun 2018 18:27:08
Marner>the extra pieces

Now that that's out of the way. Let's address the Matthews Karlsson dilemma. I'm taking Matthews all day long for the very simple reason that his extension will be much much less than Karlsson's. Karlsson is going to get paid next summer. Likely more than McDavid. Absolutely silly trade. 0 out of 10 would not recommend.

18.) 10 Jun 2018
10 Jun 2018 18:41:36
Those two guys you mentioned dominated world juniors? Settle down man.

19.) 10 Jun 2018
10 Jun 2018 18:55:37
Hahaha this guy just digs himself in deeper with every post. Quality laughs for the whole site!

I definitely don't know it all. But when fans from all different fanbases call out your consistently biased and unrealistic trades that coincidentally always favour the Senators, it's pretty evident you're the punchline.

Keep posting; we'll keep laughing and calling you out.

20.) 10 Jun 2018
10 Jun 2018 19:00:28
Rambo you are bias

21.) 10 Jun 2018
10 Jun 2018 21:18:59
LOL Hoffman a high end prospect. He’s 27. Mathews is definitely on the high end elite talent Catagory this was shown when he single hanededly destroyed the sens in his 1st nhl game. This shows he’s 2x the player as Karlsson and the sens. You can make a argument he's on the top Catagory considering he won that game by him self scoring all of Toronto’s goals. Karlsson did a great job leading his team to bottom 3 in the nhl what a great talent. If Mathews is level 3 he’s a bust.

22.) 11 Jun 2018
11 Jun 2018 15:43:24
Vbbvbb what game were you watching? Yes Matthews scored 4 in his debut but leafs lost the did not win. at least not in this reality. and the over value on Matthews is hysterically laughable at best he is not even stamkos level and it's painfully obvious. when he hits top 15 in scoring then he can be classified as high end ELITE until then he's 3rd level at best karlsson actually hit top 5 in scoring all of 2 to 3 seasons ago and the following season his defensive stats improved to nearly match his offensive stats. only trolls will say his value diminishes because of this past season espessially with all the variables involved. with Hoffman prospect comments in case you are not smart enough to understand I was using players in the league in comparison to rookies prospects and picks and how they rank in terms of level of skill or what they are projected to become genious.

Unsportsmanlike it's the same 6 or 7 fools trying to argue the facts every time I post and the 2 guys that used to back me up don't post anymore. they prob left the site because of the unbelievable ignorance and bias against the sens.

23.) 11 Jun 2018
11 Jun 2018 15:55:55
Mg 69

Reality check

Nylander skill wise = Hoffman skill wise

Nylander value = Hoffman value + 2nd pick value

Matthews or marner value.

24.) 11 Jun 2018
11 Jun 2018 16:56:57
Vvvbbb or what ever calls someone delusional (spells it wrong) and goes on to say Karlsson is closer to Jake Gardiner then McDavid . like I remember when Gardiner is top 3 Norris candidate year in and out. and has been high in the hart trophy conversation, oh, nope, I'm thinking of Karlsson. And can I point out that there's literally 3 people on this sight that can spell simple words correctly so most of you I understand where your outrageous trade proposals come from.

25.) 11 Jun 2018
11 Jun 2018 20:53:50
Sens fan here. Rambo you are looking at this one through Sens colored glasses.

Talent Karlsson > Matthews

Contract Karlsson.

26.) 11 Jun 2018
11 Jun 2018 22:54:49
Wow Rambo not even your fellow Sens fan frippers is backing you up?

Bummer, I thought there was unbelievable bias against the Sens.

Or maybe, like always, you're biased, and frippers, despite also being a Sens fan, is not.

I'll give you this -- your ability to withstand public shaming and embarassment is off the charts. Kudos.