15 May 2018 18:50:55
I know this may be a long shot but both these players aren't worth their contract imo Shaw has value because of his attitude on ice and grid but Rask just isn't putting enough points.

Montreal trades:
Andrew shaw +?

Carolina trades:
Victor Rask

I'm pretty sure montreal needs to add to it but what should they add.
Plz don't say something like Galchenyuk for Rask because its never going to happen just need to know what should be added and this is the base of the trade

1.) 15 May 2018
15 May 2018 20:12:35
Carolina would need something more than shaw plus parts to trade rask. that team is trying to upgrade its quality not quantity so I don't know why they'd trade a good player for multiple less good things.

2.) 15 May 2018
15 May 2018 20:14:30
Don’t see shaw as someone that many teams value. Especially not with multi years left at $4mill. They traded 2 2nds for him and gave him that contract to be playoff ready because his big game success in Chicago and at the same time traded Lars Eller for 2 2nds because he wasn’t competitive enough to play in the tougher games. Now shaw is a paperweight and eller is going beast mode in the playoffs! Lol when does it stop being the player and start being the team/ atmosphere?!