27 Apr 2018 23:35:26
Lottery winners: Col 1st + Ott 1st + Makar

Col: 1st overall, drafts Dahlin

What do you think?

1.) 28 Apr 2018
28 Apr 2018 01:37:05
Ottawa is protecting their first round pick so it wouldn't work

2.) 28 Apr 2018
28 Apr 2018 04:13:16
Colorado isn’t in a position to trade multiple 1st round picks and a top prospect. They need to continue drafting as many top end players as they can to become successful.

3.) 28 Apr 2018
28 Apr 2018 04:23:45
depends on the lottery winner. only team I could see doing this is detroit due to their lack of prospects, but most other teams would rather get Dahlin.

4.) 28 Apr 2018
28 Apr 2018 04:45:01
Well, you don’t have Ottawa’s 1st this year because it will be a top 10 pick. So they will defer and keep this years pick and you will own there 1st Round Pick next year.

5.) 28 Apr 2018
28 Apr 2018 13:18:56
Even though Ottawa will keep this year's pick, it's pretty fair from a value perspective. Call it 2nd overall, 16th overall and Makar for Dahlin - if a team has an empty cupboard, I can see making the trade.

Good post.

6.) 28 Apr 2018
28 Apr 2018 22:14:34
Only team that would trade Dahlin for 2nd overall, a mystery 1st and Makar would be Calargry, Carolina and MAYBE Arizona. Dahlin is a franchise dman and if you don’t already have one/ a wicked D core. You need to keep the pick.

7.) 29 Apr 2018
29 Apr 2018 15:01:23
Why do you want dahlin may I ask? You have no clue who he is. You heard abouthim but have you seen him play? Is it the name that you like or the fact that in this trade your payjngpeanuts for him lol.