21 Apr 2018 21:18:09
Toronto: Connor Brown and 3rd 2018

Calargry: Sam Bennet

Toronto: Gets a high potential replacement for bozak. With the fallout floor being similar to browns production.

Calargry: gives a stuggling player a change of scenery and gets back a young cost controlled player who would get more minutes in Calargry.

1.) 21 Apr 2018
21 Apr 2018 21:27:45
I think if toronto trades it's for D.

2.) 21 Apr 2018
21 Apr 2018 22:14:17
Calgary has enough Bottom 6 players.

3.) 21 Apr 2018
21 Apr 2018 23:40:59
Not the worst, but Babcock loves browns game and they just locked him up on a cheap deal. Don’t think they trade brown for Bennett, but doubt even more they add a pick to do it.

4.) 22 Apr 2018
22 Apr 2018 00:58:55

Your not upgrading from a bottom 6 forward to a top 6 forward if your omly trading away a bottom 6 forward.

5.) 22 Apr 2018
22 Apr 2018 13:34:05
I know what people say but Bennett still has potential and I’d rather have him than Brown because of that potential and if Calgary were to trade him they’d be better off putting him in a package to get a higher end player than to get another sure fire career bottom 6 player. Calgary has way to many of those, we either need better players or players that could eventually move into the top 6.

6.) 22 Apr 2018
22 Apr 2018 14:07:05
Brown would be first line on Calargry lol. He’s better then Ferland, Brouwer and Versteeg. He certainly has potential to be a top 6 player.

7.) 22 Apr 2018
22 Apr 2018 15:42:35
Brown hasn’t shown that he’s more than a bottom 6 player. They can play him 1st line but he’ll never be a true first line player. Like I said better to package Bennett to get a real first liner.

8.) 22 Apr 2018
22 Apr 2018 16:18:35

Well I don't know how you would expect Brown to show he's a top 6 player when the two RW ahead of him are Nylander and Marner. Besides, Toronto doesn't really have a top 6, they roll 3 strong lines pretty equally and their fourth is their fourth. Its also Browns 2nd year in the league and he scored 20 in his rookie season, then got bounced around all over the place this season and played substantial portion of the season on the 4th line because Babcock refused to demote or even sit Komarov, yet he still managed to score 14 goals. Too early to make a comment that he's not proven. He needs consistent linemates next year and then we should have a better idea of what he is and isn't.

9.) 22 Apr 2018
22 Apr 2018 16:25:03
Similar players ones 21 and one is 24 that's the reason leafs would add and I think it would have to be more then a 3rd tbh.

10.) 23 Apr 2018
23 Apr 2018 14:18:12
Brown and Bennett aren't close in value, Bennett is in the same boat as Jesse Puljarvi. Both really talented, drafted 4th overall but need more time to develop. Funny how people value Puljuravi like crazy comparing to Perry in his prime, but Bennett is a surefire bust and bottom 6 forward? At least he had 1 decent season so far with 36 points. Not sure what's in the water out west, but as a plumber I am intrigued.

11.) 23 Apr 2018
23 Apr 2018 14:29:37
The difference between Bennett and Brown is a second at the very least.