14 Apr 2018 00:30:01
Would this be legal

Blackhawks toew kane

Canucks 7 rd pick

Canucks toews kane retain 2.5 each for 3 years

Blackhawks 1 rd pick ?

1.) 14 Apr 2018
14 Apr 2018 07:20:32
No. If you retain money on a players salary it is for entire contract.

And let me get this right, Did you just try to trade a 7th for two players. Then turn around and try to trade them back to that same team for a 1st but retain salary for only 3 years? W. T. F. 😳😳😳😳

You think the Blackhawks would trade a 1sr round draft pick for $5M in cap space for 3 years. You really are some kind of special.

2.) 14 Apr 2018
14 Apr 2018 08:47:24
Also just from a owner view that's 15 million dollas for a player of 30 percent of having a nhl career so yeah.

3.) 14 Apr 2018
14 Apr 2018 13:37:19
A. You can not retain salaries for a portion of the contract.
B. The Canucks can not leagally take on 21 million dollars
C. This is a huge violation of the CBA
D. Johnathan Towes and Patrick Kane for a 7th round pick? Really

My mind is blown this is ridiculous.

4.) 14 Apr 2018
14 Apr 2018 13:49:18
Hopefully this is a troll. Please Brock, just admit your trolling. I mean, like there's no other explanation.

5.) 14 Apr 2018
14 Apr 2018 16:16:52
Wow . I'm not even sure what I just read.?

6.) 14 Apr 2018
14 Apr 2018 17:26:42
Hahaha this is good.

7.) 14 Apr 2018
14 Apr 2018 17:36:38
Every time i think we have hit rock bottom, someone comes along and says “you think that’s Rock bottom? Read this! ”.