13 Feb 2018 06:32:04
Mtl/habs patch 3 rd pick

Tamapa bay tyler johnson

1.) 13 Feb 2018
13 Feb 2018 07:34:27
Bruh wtf.

2.) 13 Feb 2018
13 Feb 2018 16:14:37
Makes no sense for habs. If they’re trading a really good goal scorer in his late 20s, why are they adding the pick and getting back a good C/ W with underwhelming #’s in the same age range? If they can’t get a package of picks and prospects, or a much younger C with Atleast an above average chance of becoming a first liner, they keep paccioretty.

3.) 13 Feb 2018
13 Feb 2018 19:04:21
My guess would be because they have the same number of goals this year, so amazing goal scorer to underwhelming numbers seems like a bit of a stretch even taking into account who they play with. Johnson is 2 years younger, plays center, can anchor a pk unit and is signed long term. Not saying its a trade that would happen or its fair but that's likely the reasoning behind Montreal adding the pick.

4.) 13 Feb 2018
13 Feb 2018 19:15:18
Cause johnson as 4 years left on his deal and is a much better overall player and a center.

5.) 13 Feb 2018
13 Feb 2018 21:34:10
I didn’t mean it as a shot at Johnson. What I mean is that it’s not the type of deal habs would want at all. If they’re doing it for a player that much older than their target age (a centre for drouin to develop with) then I’d think it would have to be someone better than Johnson has been over the last cpl years. Patches is having a down year for sure, but Johnson had 2-3 down years after he set his career highs. I like his game, just don't see Habs wanting to add to their best player for a guy that while playing pretty well, is matching patches in a down year. Could be wrong tho.

6.) 13 Feb 2018
13 Feb 2018 21:37:39
P. s I didn’t call patches “an amazing goal scorer” as you quoted me lol ovie is an amazing goal scorer. I said patches was a really good one which I stick by. Scoring between 30 and 40 every year is really good in the NHL.

7.) 14 Feb 2018
14 Feb 2018 02:08:48
lol no from montreal.

8.) 14 Feb 2018
14 Feb 2018 10:47:51
underwhelming numbers? Havent checked but fairly sure Johnson has better numbers this year than Patches, no?

9.) 14 Feb 2018
14 Feb 2018 13:00:46
I’m not only talking about the last 50 last games lol read the whole post again. I said Johnson hasn’t been great since he set the bar really high. Has he played as well as patches this year, sure. But patches is having a bad year in his terms and Johnson put up 14g 24a ans then 19g26a in his last 2 seasons (while missing some games to be fair) but for a player that put up 72pts before that, and dominated the playoffs a few years ago, I call it underwhelming. 38 pts while missing 15 games is not 70+ pts. He’s on pace to be somewhere between his best and his last cpl seasons. I would not be happy if I was a habs fan and we traded our best player (not named price) and had to add assets to him to bring back a guy who has 4 years left, hasn’t been as productive as he should be in 2-3 years and has zero chance of being our long term big cente. He’s a good player, but if habs trade patches, they have to believe Atleast one piece is something they can build around. Don’t see Tyler Johnson as being any team in the leagues centrepiece.

10.) 14 Feb 2018
14 Feb 2018 14:33:45
And I was going off brocks info that he was signed for 4 more years. He’s actually signed for 6 more after this year. Tampa will need to move that contract soon probably anyway and won’t get full value down the road. It’s not a bad cap hit at all but his $5 mill will be needed for kucherov and vasilevskiys massive raises.

11.) 14 Feb 2018
14 Feb 2018 17:23:31
I haven't heard one thing from brock that's been accurate ever.