12 Feb 2018 00:55:54
Tor: Gardiner,Marner

Ari:Scheen,Oliver E Larson, Domi

Would this be Fair?

1.) 12 Feb 2018
12 Feb 2018 02:57:02
Not at all wtf bro.

2.) 12 Feb 2018
12 Feb 2018 03:22:58
No, need more for OEL. T. O would have to add Nylander, and they won't want both Marner and Nylander out. so. instead of going for both OEL and Domi., concentrate on only OEL.
Remember. this is same guy they wouldn't trade to TO for the first overall a couple years ago. (bit of a mistake) however. going to take a lot to get him out of Arizona.

3.) 12 Feb 2018
12 Feb 2018 19:15:31
Why everything I read from colt making me dizzy? Think I just slake my head to much without realizing.