19 Jan 2018 16:27:08
Calgary Flames:
• TJ Brodie (D)
• Mark Jankowski (C)
• Oliver Kylington (D)

Montreal Canadiens:
• Brendan Gallagher (RW)
• Alex Galchenyuk (C)

Projected Line-Up Flames & Canadiens

J Gaudreau - S Monahan - B Gallagher
M Tkachuk - M Backlund - M Frolik
S Bennett - A Galchenyuk - M Ferland
G Hathaway - M Stajan - T Brouwer

M Giordano - D Hamilton
R Andersson - T Hamonic
B Kulak - M Stone

M Pacioretty - J Drouin - C Hudon
A Lehkonen - P Danault - D Carr
P Byron - M Jankowski - A Shaw
N Deslauries - T Plekanec - A Hemsky

T Brodie - S Weber
V Mete - J Petry
K Alzner - J Benn

1.) 19 Jan 2018
19 Jan 2018 17:58:58
Doesn’t make sense for Calgary and idk if Montreal would take that.

2.) 19 Jan 2018
19 Jan 2018 18:05:09
Lol aging Brodie + top 9 f at worst player
For Galchenyuk + Gallagher
What a joke.

3.) 19 Jan 2018
19 Jan 2018 18:18:17
Brodie is 27 just saying.

4.) 19 Jan 2018
19 Jan 2018 18:37:43
Brodie isn’t that old.

5.) 19 Jan 2018
19 Jan 2018 19:02:44
That is not a good trade for MTL.

6.) 19 Jan 2018
19 Jan 2018 20:38:08
Brodie almost produces as much offence as Gallagher as a D. It fills needs for both teams. Calgary doesn’t necessarily need Galchenyuk though. But I think Brodie and Gallagher as a base is solid.

7.) 19 Jan 2018
19 Jan 2018 21:39:11
Why would Calgary trade Brodie for Gallagher? They break up their top 4 for a 3rd liner? I say 3rd liner because he wouldn’t take Froliks spot when he gets back (at least it’s very unlikely) and he wouldn’t replace Ferland cause Ferland has chemistry on the top line and is producing more offence than Gallagher, I’d rather keep Brodie.

8.) 19 Jan 2018
19 Jan 2018 23:09:14
Galchenyuk has more skills than Brodie
And Brodie isn’t getting better
So now your awfuls trades victim is Mtl
Galchenyuk could be a 65 + player
The last thing Mtl wants to do right now is making older the team
And add Gallagher because you added two prospect its the fisrt time I heard about
Oh yeah and Stajan. absolutely makes up the difference.

9.) 20 Jan 2018
19 Jan 2018 23:09:04
Yet they trade Subban for Weber and sign Alzner. And you say aging Brodie lol

10.) 20 Jan 2018
20 Jan 2018 02:00:45
just the fact that you mainly offer Brodie for both Galchenuk and Gallagher pisses me off
As I said go find another victim to your stupid trades
Thank you.

11.) 20 Jan 2018
20 Jan 2018 03:06:35
So farmers, your justifying your trade by naming the terrible trade/ signing that MB made. By that logic why not trade Chuck for Gio.

12.) 20 Jan 2018
20 Jan 2018 05:02:41
Brodie is not leaving Calgary for 1 and it seems like they're trading away they're future have u nof seen how jankowski has been playing he could easily play 2nd line by next year.

13.) 20 Jan 2018
20 Jan 2018 17:02:55
Marc Bergevin is a bad GM but at least he’s not too crazy about trading his young players for 27+ players
And he said to the media he will do reset
I don’t think Mtl wants to make their core older
But younger instead
What you are proposing is going opposite of what habs fan AND habs GM want
Its not like Mtl is going to rebuild their core with Jankowski and Klimchuk.