12 Jan 2018 17:22:35
Read this idea:

Oil: Maroon + Benning + Slepyshev

Isles: Ho Sang + Nelson

Reason behind the trade is that Nelson is RFA after this season and is struggling this year and Snow might be done waiting on Ho Sang to grow up and get rid of him already. Isles have injuries on the backend and Benning could be of service (or Davidson even) and Slepyshev and Maroon could plug in as serviceable wingers on islanders. I personally like Slepyshev and no clue why oilers don’t play him more.
Reason for Oilers is they get a big centerman back and then Ho Sang can be the skill put with Mcdavid (they played together when they were younger and are good friends) and surely that would make Ho Sang grow up a bit getting the chance to play with connor. But this is what I read. Thoughts?

1.) 12 Jan 2018
12 Jan 2018 17:48:46
Also reasoning for all Oilers players up there is they are all on cheap contracts as well.

2.) 12 Jan 2018
12 Jan 2018 18:13:46
I'd rather have both the Isles wingers than the Oilers wingers tbh. And imo Benning doesn't make the diffference. and my reasoning is simply cause nelson is more proven, he's had 50 pts before and his contract is better than maroon, and between slep and ho sang, i think ho sang has more potential.

3.) 12 Jan 2018
12 Jan 2018 18:54:10
My bad. Nelsons highs are 24/ 45. Still rather have him than maroon, espec since he can play dual position (w/ c)

4.) 12 Jan 2018
12 Jan 2018 21:18:33
I'm staying far far away from Ho-Sang. Read what his coach just said about him
Bridgeport sound tigers head coach called him a baby and immature. After he was a healthy scratch earlier his week.
That's a huge red flag. I'd rather have E Kane in my team cause at least you can somewhat maybe tolerate the BS cause he puts up goals and points.
"He's a baby, he's immature, he's got a lot of growing up to do" Right from his head coaches mouth in the AHL.

5.) 12 Jan 2018
12 Jan 2018 21:19:46
What? Maroon has less cap than Nelson right now haha and both are RFA after this season. And totally Ho Sang has that potential but his AHL coach just recently called him a baby and that’s defs not a good sign for that organization.
But ya I read this so not my idea but I think Ho Sang will be moved he’s hasn’t nothing but issues there unfortunately.

6.) 12 Jan 2018
12 Jan 2018 21:28:16
Isn't maroon ufa? that's the reason why, if Nelson is RFA, more control over him.

I do agree with you though. Ho Sang could very well be moved.

I could see Slep + Benning for Ho Sang as a base tbh. I just like Nelson more than Maroon tbh.

7.) 12 Jan 2018
12 Jan 2018 21:46:10
Ya ooops my bad.

8.) 12 Jan 2018
12 Jan 2018 21:46:44
And yup throw him with mcdavid and I bet he’s not immature anymore he’ll know that’s his last chance.

9.) 13 Jan 2018
13 Jan 2018 00:23:43
I bet he's maybe even more immature. He has done nothing to earn being on the best player in the leagues line. That's my opinion. Can't just hand him this opportunity when he's acted the way he has, He would just feel so entitled I would hate it.
They should target someone else. But bats just me, I can't stand the way Ho-Sang is. A healthy scratch in the AHL with the skill set he has? No wonder the coach said what he did. I've never heard of that.
I would stay so far away from him.