10 Jan 2018 07:02:00
This was mentioned earlier and it was very interesting to me. But I’ll make my own little twist on it.
With OEL most likely leaving coyotes in free agency might as well get something for him now than losing him for nothing.

Oil: Klefbom + Nuge
Yotes: OEL + Duclair

Klefbom would be a great return if they were to lose OEL and he’s also on a great contract. While Nuge is playing very well right now but does carry a big cap, Coyotes have plenty of cap space for it.
Edmonton get their PP guy as well as a top dman in general, and then also add more speed and skill on LW with Duclair.
This is also not with the insurance that OEL will sign long term extension in Edmonton.
However I do believe he would sign if offered (mcdavid, new arena, potential) .
I think this trade could benefit both teams but that’s just my opinion.

1.) 10 Jan 2018
10 Jan 2018 13:38:21
I don’t see why Arizona adds to OEL, not that Duclair has a ton of value on his own at this point but I feel like oilers would be very satisfied getting a far superior defensman at the cost of a good but expensive 2nd-3rd line centre. Maybe I’m missing something but I was shocked when you said yesterday the coyotes would take those 2 in a heartbeat for OEL, so maybe it’s just me lol.

2.) 10 Jan 2018
10 Jan 2018 14:57:03
I like the base but think the oilers might have to add in a pick around the 3rd or so. Good post though!

3.) 10 Jan 2018
10 Jan 2018 17:51:21
I see where you’re coming from but like I said Coyotes May lose OEL for nothing and that’ll be atrocious for them losing a star defenseman and getting nothing in return. And I added Duclair because for one he requested a trade, and two, he’s being absolutely horrible where as Nuge has been playing like he should have been his whole career. He’s playing more like he did earlier in his career where he was playing very well. And not to mention both klef and Nuge are young and fit Coyotes age group well just like OEL and Duclair did. Keeps the core young and promising.

4.) 10 Jan 2018
10 Jan 2018 19:12:30
Okay. I know what you mean, I must be way off or a lot of oilers fans disagree with me lol. Like I said, don’t think it’s bad. I like both those oilers players and don’t think it’s a real lowball or anything, just didn’t see it as so cut and dry easy for coyotes to say yes.

5.) 10 Jan 2018
10 Jan 2018 20:29:57
Good trade for both teams but i feel like oilers add a pick either a 2nd/3rd. I like it tho!