04 Dec 2017 20:29:11
Montreal: Max Pacioretty

Philadelphia: Wayne Simmonds, Robert Hagg

Montreal gets a player who has averaged 30 goals a season for the past 4 years who gives some size and grit and a defense prospect, while philly gets a different kind of player who also scores slightly more, but is less physical. By trading a member of their leadership group, philly can shake it up to give them a boost.

1.) 04 Dec 2017
04 Dec 2017 22:16:14
Wayne Simmonds is worth way more then patch lol.

2.) 05 Dec 2017
05 Dec 2017 03:00:46
No from Philly. Both guys are good goal scorers, since 2011-12 Simmonds has 170g in 473 games, and patches has 197 in 467 games. Where the difference for me is that when patches isn’t scoring, he floats around a bit and can become discouraged and ineffective as where Simmonds finds so many different ways to make an impact. He will just grind it out defensively, block a shot, hit everything that moves or fight. He won’t let a game pass him by that he doesn’t make an impact. That more than makes up the small goal total difference for me. And add in the fact they’re the same age, and Simmonds makes 3 mill, he’s the more valuable guy. Patches is on a good contract too, but philly would never add a prospect like hagg to Simmonds for him.

3.) 05 Dec 2017
05 Dec 2017 04:08:46
That's a fair assessment I guess Jim but you also have to take in account the fact simmonds has played most of his games in Philly with giroux or vorachek while pacioretty had desharnais.

4.) 05 Dec 2017
05 Dec 2017 09:31:00
you'd be lucky to get simmons alone for patches, montreal adds.