28 Aug 2017 15:00:44
Detroit is in cap hell.

A few of their bad contracts include;

- Darren Helm
- Justin Abdelkader
- Jimmy Howard
- Jonathan Ericsson
- Johan Franzen

They also have some decent players who make too much, over too much time:

- Niklas Kronwall
- Danny DeKeyser
- Mike Green
- Frans Nielsen


The team needs to understand that they need to rebuild, and start dumping these anchor contracts. By the end of this year, a few of these should be moved; as hard as it may be. Some may need to be traded for other anchor contracts, but those at less term.

Couple of trade ideas:


Carl Soderberg to the Detroit Red Wings in exchange for Justin Abdelkader and a 2018 2nd Round Pick and a 2019 3rd Round Pick,

Both are anchors, but I believe that Abdelkader brings more value than Soderberg. Abdelkader has been good before, but his contract is bad. They are about the same contract dollar value, but Abdelkader has three extra years. that's why the second is involved. If Abdelkader turns himself around this year (something that most likely won't happen with Soderberg), the Avs may be able to retain money and deal him to a willing team) .


Gustav Nyquist and Jonathan Ericsson and Johan Franzen and a 2018 3rd Round Pick to the Vancouver Canucks in exchange for Erik Gudbranson and Derek Dorsett.

Gudbranson in exchange for Nyquist and Ericsson and 3rd.
Dorsett in exchange for Franzen.

Detroit unloads a ton of cap (4 for Gustav, 4 for Ericsson, 3 for Johan) and takes only 5 between Gudbranson and Dorsett. Obviously they lose Nyquist, which is big, but they unload a lot of cap. Plus, they get Gudbranson, who they may trade at the deadline for some sort of value. Nyquist is worth more than him, and that is how Ericssons contract balances the weight out.


Frans Nielsen to the Montreal Canadiens in exchange for Tomas Plekanec and Jacob De La Rose.

Frans Nielsen is OBVIOUSLY much better than Plekanec. However, Nielsen has an ENORMOUS contract ahead. However, due to his skill set and Montreals need for a decent centre (Nielsen scored 40 last year and could bounce up to 50). Trading him now would be the best bet for Detroit, as he is not considered to be an anchor of a contract. If they were to keep him, his contract may only get worse and worse. By making this deal, Montreal takes an incredible risk, as they bank on Nielsen staying healthy and good for at least the next three-four seasons.


Mike Green and Darren Helm to the Las Vegas Golden Knights in exchange for Luca Sbisa and a 2018 5th Round Pick.

Green is a better dman than Sbisa, however, Helm WILL become a cap dump within his current contract. Green could be traded for a 1st at the deadline (if he produces), so that will make the trade worth it for Vegas. Sbisa isn't much honestly, but he may get like a 3rd/ 4th at the deadline.


Idk. Something needs to give for Detroit. Are one or two of these deals plausible? Cause I do know that they all won't happen. But a few ARE possible. Idk.

1.) 28 Aug 2017
28 Aug 2017 21:53:36
I see the trade with montreal possible, but idk what Nielsens contract looks like. but the other 3 trades are with teams that are in somewhat the same position as Detroit in terms of rebuilding, why would they want to take on bad contracts like these?

2.) 29 Aug 2017
28 Aug 2017 23:36:06
Wow no from Vancouver, we don't want useless players in Ericsson and Franzen, just stop doing Canucks trades please. Also Soderberg is as much of a cap dump as abdelkader at this point, kinda useless trade.

3.) 30 Aug 2017
30 Aug 2017 16:04:21
Well, for starters Johan is going on LTIR every year so you aren't getting anything for him and he's not really a hit on cap. For a rebuilding team, you don't really want to be giving up assets to unload bad contracts, in fact its likely the opposite. Look at what Arizona has been able to do. The beauty of rebuilding is you can wait out the bad deals because you don't need to gve anyone big raises, rebuilding teams shouldn't be giving up 2nds to dump a few extra years on a deal, wait to move the deal until you have to and wear down the negative value.