15 Aug 2017 13:35:48
Minessota : Charlie Coyle

Montreal : Davidson - McCarron - 2nd round pic

1.) 15 Aug 2017
15 Aug 2017 14:32:19
No way from Minny.

2.) 15 Aug 2017
15 Aug 2017 15:28:51
That would be great as a Habs fan. but no way Minny does this.
As for the Habs D this year. how come when they show the projected top 6. Davidson is never on the list? Couldn't he possibly be the puck moving D that we need? Now i'm not saying he's going to be a star. but he still has some upside. and maybe being helped by Weber, this guy could be a steady 2 way D.? I dunno. what are your guys thoughts. Yup, you have seen him lots. any other Oilers fans wanna comment, McJesus? Maybe I don't knkw the whole story woth him.

3.) 15 Aug 2017
15 Aug 2017 19:29:34
He could very we'll land a spot in the habs top 6. Most of these so called experts who are projecting the habs lineup are usually wrong anyway. Julien will decide who plays where and until he sets his lineup there are several spots up for grabs.

4.) 15 Aug 2017
15 Aug 2017 20:25:46
Not even close to Coyle, try again, actually maybe just don't even bother.