12 Jul 2017 01:37:19
Nyi- taverese
Edm- draisatl

One for one trade. Islanders clearly aren't winning any time soon so this gives them a younger impact centerman to build around. Edmonton get top centerman who they could re sign for close to what draisatl is going to want. That gives Edmonton a proven 1-2 punch (possibly better than Crosby/Malkin) which gives them more depth for the playoffs.

1.) 12 Jul 2017
12 Jul 2017 15:34:05
Umm I think McDavid, Draisaitl combo would be better than McDavid Tavares.

2.) 14 Jul 2017
14 Jul 2017 12:11:17
I think Edmonton adds. Maybe toss in a goalie prospect.